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  1. She's gone to Belfast for repairs.
  2. Was down there yesterday photographing Cotentins arrival and was wondering why Blue Star 1 was there in the middle of the afternoon! Shes still alongside there tonight
  3. Few pics of Cotentin arriving at Rosslare earlier today. More here https://flic.kr/s/aHsjUZ2Jao And one of Connemara heading for Bilbao
  4. Rosslare to Le Havre route to begin Friday 12th November using Cotentin https://brittanyferriesnewsroom.com/demand-surge-drives-opening-of-new-freight-link-connecting-le-havre-with-rosslare/
  5. According to NI Ferry site Tallink Riga/Stockholm service will reopen in spring 2022 using Isabelle. https://www.niferry.co.uk/netherlands-norway-startup-secures-tallink-cruiseferry/ https://hollandnorwaylines.com/PDF-romantika-charter-press-release/
  6. DFDS replaces Kerry with Regina Seaways on Rosslare-Dunkirk route. https://www.niferry.co.uk/dfds-shuffles-ferry-fleet-to-replace-kerry-at-rosslare/
  7. The customs lady asked if we had any wine? I answered a couple of dozen. She then asked "Bottles or boxes?" I replied bottles and she waved us on!
  8. Why would they do all their lettings through Holiday France Direct? Are owners contracted to only deal through HFD? These days its not unusual to see a property advertised on a number of different sites.
  9. We hadn't sailed out of Ringaskiddy to France since May 2013. The main reason being that in recent years we usually holiday no more than a couple of hours drive from Roscoff so the early morning arrival there isn't much benefit to us. I’d much prefer an other few hours lie in 😁and a later arrival in France. Because of this our preferred route had been out of Rosslare with IF and back to Cork with BF but with the end of both BFs and IFs Roscoff services and not fancying the long drive from Cherbourg we decided to book both legs with BF. We checked in at Ringaskiddy just before 2 for our 4pm sailing. Our Covid vaccine certs were examined as were the French sworn statements. We were directed to deck 4 and were in our deluxe cabin on deck 8 by 2.50pm. Loading was still going on at 4 so it was almost 430 before we sailed. Although the sailing seemed to be busy the fact that people were boarding over a long period of time meant that that the stairs and lift were never crowded. The shops and restaurants were busy and the swimming pool was open. As I said we hadn't sailed out of Cork since 2013 and had forgotten what a joy it is to sail through Cork harbour on a sunny afternoon. We spent a lot of time on the outside decks as did many other passengers enjoying the views and the sunshine. We were booked for the early sitting in La Flora and enjoyed a very good relaxed 3 course meal. As I mentioned in another thread the main course of lamb was excellent It worked out at approx €35 a head and I think is good value. Especially as a similar meal on IF WB Yeats would cost nearer to €60 each. It was a beautiful night and the sea was very calm. So calm in fact my other half asked a couple of times if we were moving at all.😁 We arrived in Roscoff on time just before 7am and were off by 7.25am . The queue for immigration was long but moved quickly. The officer who dealt with us scrutinised our passports closely but barely gave our COVID certs and sworn statements a glance. We were delighted to get away and we had a great couple of weeks. First week in Camerat and second week on the coast near Plouescat. Warm and sunny almost every day with temperatures 23/24c. Mask were worn in shops and at the couple of markets we attended. Covid vacine cert was required for all bars and restaurants both inside and outside. Friday 10th September came around all too quickly and we headed to Roscoff for a last quick look around. We caught sight of Pont Aven arriving from Plymouth just after 7.30pm. At check in our Covid certs and our Irish Locator form receipts were examined. There was a big queue and a long wait for boarding. I’d say about 2/3 of vehicles were Irish with the balance made up of other European countries. The bulk of them French registered obviously. Spotted a few GB regs as well. Boarding started at 9.15pm and we were on Deck 4 board at 9.40pm Up to our outside cabin midships on Deck 6. My other half had a quick look around the shop but i hit the sack straight away and nodded off shortly after the on time departure at 10.15pm. We arrived in an overcast Cork harbour early Saturday and were alongside a few minutes before 10am. We were off about 10.20am and after quick passport check, no checking of certs or locator forms we were on the road home. All in all an excellent holiday.
  10. We sailed out of Cork on Pont Aven a couple of Saturdays ago and had the 3 course meal in La Flora. The starters and deserts were ok nothing special but the main course of lamb was fantastic. Beautifully cooked and presented. Add in a window table on a beautiful evening and it was a great start to the holidays. Well worth the price!
  11. did exactly the same a few years ago. Since then we've always booked a 4 berth 😁
  12. Definetly. Got my vaccine certificate today and booked on the 27th August from Cork to Roscoff.
  13. There was a small engine room fire on Stenas Superfast VIII. Thankfully there were no injuries and she made it to Belfast with the aid of tugs. Stena Line: Fire onboard Cairnryan to Belfast ferry
  14. 25% of capacity at most according to this post on boards.ie https://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showpost.php?p=117579460&postcount=8539
  15. Reminds me of what a wise man told me many years ago "Disbelieve half of what you read in the newspapers and doubt the rest" 😁
  16. Same vaccine, same timeline and same reaction for me! My better had a sleepless night after her jab with chills and flu like syntoms but was fine by afternoon next day.
  17. Connemara arriving at Rosslare from Bilbao last Friday evening 14th May
  18. Pic from yesterday evening of Armorique passing Roches Point Lighthouse at the mouth of Cork harbour.
  19. Few pics of Armorique departing Cork for Roscoff earlier this evening
  20. Couldn't agree more. Absolutely stunning coastline. Fingers crossed we'll get back to Val Andre this year!
  21. Few more of Cobh and Cork harbour from a boat trip in August last year.
  22. Article in today's Irish Examiner about the Cork version 😁 https://www.irishexaminer.com/news/munster/arid-40252199.html
  23. Blue Star 1 going to replace Inishmore the Rosslare Pembroke route https://www.rte.ie/news/business/2021/0326/1206241-irish-ferries-new-route/
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