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    AN INVESTIGATION IS continuing after a woman and her 11-year-old daughter went overboard from a ferry as it moved into dock in Belfast yesterday.  They were rescued from Belfast harbour after entering the water from the Stena Horizon vessel, which was arriving from Liverpool. A rescue boat from another Stena Line ferry that was in the harbour at the time, the Stena Superfast VII, was the first to reach them, and crew members managed to pull them to safety.

    Woman and 11-year-old daughter rescued after going overboard from ferry in Belfast harbour

  2. 56 minutes ago, Chef said:

    Drotten has made it's first visit to Rosslare this morning  from France and Neptune Dynamis of Neptune Lines is due to arrive from  Le Havre  today , the Neptune Lines service is usually from Santander to Rosslare ! 

    Couple of pics of Drottens arrival from Rosslare Europort twitter





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  3. Couple of pics from Rosslare Europort twitter of Cap Finistere alongside at Rosslare earlier today

    Rosslare Europort is delighted to welcome the first ever calling of the @BrittanyFerries vessel MV Cap Finistère to our shores. The vessel will take up a new weekly service to Cherbourg in line with serving Bilbao twice a week from Rosslare. #staysafe #sailsafe #saildirect





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  4. I was having a bit of a clear out in the spare room yesterday and I found an old photo album belonging to an aunt of my wifes. She had a holiday home on the cliffs in Crosshaven that had a great view of Cork harbour. The small album had her pics of the Tall Ships departing Cork harbour on Saturday 20th July 1991. Amongst them was this one of Bretagne departing.spacer.png   

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  5. Couple of 1 season wonders at Cork. From 1999 Venus (ex Dana Hafnia) that operated a short lived Cork to St Malo service for Swansea Cork Ferries.


    And from 2001 City of Cork (ex St Patrick II and Aurella) operated on the Cork Swansea route but was replaced in 2002 by the return of Superferry,


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  6. 3 hours ago, Chef said:

    Seeing the word "scrubbers" reminds me of my Irish Navy days when it was used to refer to a certain type of the opposite sex who frequented the local watering holes , ugly comes to mind, which I suppose is appropriate for what we are seeing these days being fitted to ships .

    Reminds me of a story an ex Irish Navy I worked with told me years ago. He was from Dublin and I remember him telling me that when he was being kitted out at the naval base in Haulbowline, Cobh he was asked what size rubber dollies (local Cork name for trainers) he wanted? He was simultaneously shocked and overjoyed as he thought they were referring to another type of "rubbers" 😁

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  7. 6 hours ago, mr.t said:

    etretat has been replaced by connemara for july 2021...on rosslare /bilbao....i have a booking credit from this year and my ticket has just been updated to connemara..

    According to the latest timetable on Irish site Kerrys last sailing from Rosslare to Bilbao is on Friday 30th October with Connemara taking over the route. Her first sailing ex Rosslare is on Wednesday 10th November at 10.15

  8. 53 minutes ago, veryoldbear said:

    We have a booking to France at the end of the month returning mid September. We are obviously keeping an eye on things, but we are not going to cancel or postpone yet. If we have to shutdown for 14 days when we get back so be it. As retired persons it is not a big deal.

    Agreed if we were retired we,d have gone without hesitation and have had no bother doing the quarantine. As it stand we're both working part time and staying home for 14 days after 2 weeks in France isnt an option! So the June 2020 trip that went back to September 2020 has now moved to August 2021!


  9. 3 hours ago, Paully said:

    Thanks for that, one of its sister ships is the Marco Polo built in 1965. Now sadly alongside in Avonmouth facing an uncertain future.

    Marco Polo is a regular visitor to Cork and I love photographing her. Hopefully she manages to survive the current crisis and will sail again, Couple of pics of her arriving and departing on 27th August 2015



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