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  1. Found these few pics on an old hard drive earlier 30th June 2003 24th August 2004 26th August 2004 early morning arrival of Bretagne photographed from Condor10
  2. Thats great thanks. I'd be happy enough with that except that the bit in bold is illegal here in Ireland under legislation brought in last December covering the use of vouchers. The booking condition on brittanyferries.ie state that "These Booking Conditions and any dispute or claim in connection with your booking will be governed by the law of Ireland. You and we both agree that the courts of Ireland will have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with these Booking Conditions and your booking. https://www.citizensinform
  3. We've a return ferry booking in July. and at this stage we're assuming they'll be cancelled. My question is If we go down the voucher route does the full voucher value have to be used in one transaction? Or can it be used over a couple of bookings?
  4. https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/information/coronavirus/ceo-message A message from our CEO I hope you and those closest to you continue to stay safe and well. In recent days we’ve continued working hard with national bodies to understand how the new normal will play out for us and paying particular attention to how the on board experience will change in the immediate term. Of course we all continue to navigate uncharted waters, but this is what I can tell you today. At present our passenger sailings remain cancel
  5. You'd hardly send some to New Zealand so😁 My daughter lives there and in 2017 she brought her partner on a grand tour of Europe. They joined up with us in Plouescat for a few days and travelled home with us from Roscoff. One afternoon we were buying a few bottles in your place. She picked up a bottle of New Zealand Sav and was shocked that it was cheaper there than in New Zealand 😀
  6. BF Rosslare- Bilbao route amongst thoese being supported by Irish Goverment for next 3 months https://www.gov.ie/en/news/fb9743-government-support-measures-for-strategic-maritime-connections/ https://www.rte.ie/news/business/2020/0407/1129111-funds-side-aside-for-ferry-companies/
  7. Kerry will continue to operate Bilbao-Rosslare but in freight only mode according to https://www.niferry.co.uk/pr-brittany-ferries-confirms-immediate-changes-to-ferry-schedules/
  8. Few pics of Brittany Ferries office at Rosslare Ferry Terminal. Some more interior shots of the terminal added to this album https://flic.kr/s/aHsjUZ2Jao
  9. Looks like Mondays arrival pictured above was the final one into Cork from Santandar. According to Marine Traffic ""Kerry"is on her way to Rosslare from Santandar. Shes due to arrive there at 730am tomorrow ahead of beginning the new Rosslare-Bilbao service. .
  10. Few pics of Kerry arriving in Cork yesterday afternoon after her penultimate sailing from Santandar. Port of Cork tug "Gerry O'Sullivan" alongside in the last photo.
  11. Thanks for the report and photos. Looks fantastic. Its a route I've always wanted to travel on and after reading this even more!
  12. Yeah tehre was a bar and observation area upstairs but its been closed for many years. Last time I remember being up tehre was in teh early 2000s.
  13. I'd imagine that artice is a few years old. Theyve tidies and brightened it up a lot since then. No 5star by any means but certianly useable.
  14. Good point. TBH as long as the return leg brings me back to Cork we dont really mind where the outward leg begins. Over the years I reckon we've had used Rosslare for outbound legs 3 or 4 times as much as Cork.
  15. So the plan for the annual trip to France this year was to sail in and out of Cork (for the first time since 2010). Finish work Monday evening at 6pm and after dinner pack the car and make the 25 minute drive to Ringaskiddy. However it looks like its a day off work and a drive to Rosslare
  16. Ger Carthy a councillor in Wexford and candidate in the upcoming Irish general election seems to think its a done deal https://twitter.com/RosslareHbr/status/1221793301151518722/photo/1
  17. Yeah that's Fastnet Lines Julia taken in early January 2010 before entering service in March that year. Pic was taken at Horgans Quay Cork which was where the Cork ferries to Wales ferries departed from up the late 60s.
  18. Happy Christmas to everyone! A special thanks to the admin and mods for all their hard work and making this an enjoyable place to visit 👍
  19. Few pics of Kerry arriving in Cork harbour this afternoon
  20. Some pics of Kerry at Marino Point earlier today. More at https://flic.kr/s/aHsk8PJNE2
  21. Irish site working. Just booked Cork Roscoff outwards on 30th June and back Friiday 10th July. No economy/semi flexible/flexible options as mentioned above. Had to pay 50% of total as a non refundable deposit with balance due 30th April.
  22. Cork to Santander sailings til April 2020 now available to book by phone. Seasonal Cork to Roscoff service recommencing Saturday 21st March with Pont Aven and economie service with Kerry on Monday 23rd March. Online bookings for full 2020 schedule available by mid/late October. https://www.brittanyferries.ie/ferry-routes/2020-sailings-on-sale-now?utm_campaign=506OIRL-4119&utm_source=emailCampaign&utm_content=&utm_medium=email
  23. Few pics from earlier this evening of Connemara alongside at Marino Point
  24. It certainly is. I've asked about it a couple of times in BF Cork. The explanation given was that a large propotion of those travelling were intending on making 6 hour+ journeys south, I can see the rational behind this and I know when the kids were young and we headed south towards Bordeaux the early arrival was a big plus. However now that its just the 2 of us we tend to stay in Finistere and arriving at 7am or earlier is of zero benefit. To be honest I'm inclined to think that the early arrival is to enable the vessel to get in an early morning departure to Plymouth.
  25. I was passing BF's office in Cork yesterday and called into ask when the 2020 timetable would be available. I was told mid October. I also asked if the 2nd Cork-Roscoff sailing would be continuing and it was confirmed that it would be. However I was told that the day of the sailing (currently Monday night ex Cork) might change.
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