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  1. http://www.eveningecho.ie/corknews/New-Cork-to-Spain-ferry-completes-its-first-sailing-f2236239-c06a-485b-989a-da1cf2d053a8-ds
  2. No firm figures but anecdotal evidence suggest that the fact that Leinster are playing in the 2018 European Rugby Champions Cup Final in Bilbao at the weekend has led to an increase in the amount of passengers carried.
  3. Tonights sailing was due to be from Roscoff. Now its from Brest. The Cork Santander route doesn't begin til tomorrow ex Cork
  4. Short video clip of Connemara arriving https://flic.kr/p/26VaQeM
  5. I've added 30+ pics to my Brittany Ferries album here https://flic.kr/s/aHsk8PJNE2 Here's a few
  6. Showing on the Port of Cork website as arriving ex Santander on 07.00 on Monday 7th May
  7. Completely agree though I can see that the early arrival is a big advantage to those driving to the south of France. In recent years we haven't stayed more than 2 hours drive from Roscoff so the early arrival is of no real advantage.
  8. Didn't look like there were that many on board s you might have an easy (but early) start to the day tomorrow
  9. Some pics of Pont Aven departing Cork this afternoon on the first Cork-Roscoff sailing of the year
  10. I always found the once a week Cork/Roscoff sailings restrictive. Ok the Connemara won't compare well facility wise to the Pont or even to Oscar Wilde but I'm happy to put up this to get the benefit of the extra sailing. Plus of course there's the saving of the 3 hour trip to Rosslare compare with 25 minutes to Ringaskiddy. I did a quick check and based on leaving Cork on 27/8 and returning ex Roscoff on Friday 7/9 comes in at €432. Compared with Oscar Wilde leaving Rosslare on 30/8 and returning ex Roscoff on 8/9 is €423.60 (Both based on 2 adults and car with outside cabin both ways).
  11. The Duc De Normandie only made her one and only visit to Cork on Saturday 28th March 1992. Few pics below and a bit of background on how she ended up in Cork here https://afloat.ie/port-news/cork-harbour-news/item/35357-25-years-since-french-duc-made-one-only-call-to-cork
  12. Few pics of the Duchess Anne arriving in Cork from St Malo in Summer 1994
  13. There are scheduled flights from Cork airport to both Gdansk and Wroclaw.
  14. According to todays Irish Examiner the departure times ex Cork for Spain are Wednesdays 11am and Fridays at 1030pm
  15. Stena announce revised schedule on Rosslare Fishguard route
  16. France is the 3rd most visited country behind the Uk and Spain for Irish people. 2014 figures below BF need to up their game on the Cork-Roscoff route. The one sailing a week is very restricitive. I live in Cork and we holiday in France almost every year and it must 15 years since we used them on both legs of the journey. Although we live 20 mins from Ringaskiddy the lack of departures means we drive to Rosslare 2.5 hours away where eirther Stena or IF have a daily departure. In those 15 years I reckon I've used BF 5 times to travel back to Cork.
  17. Some pics of the Pont Aven arrived in Cork a couple of hours ago. More pics https://flic.kr/s/aHsk8PJNE2
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