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  1. jonno

    Brittany Ferries BETA site

    If you change them all at the same time, the page only reloads once rather than 4 times and to be fair most holiday sites whether they're for hotels, gites, boats etc all do the same. If you're getting the grey square, click on it then scroll using your mouse wheel, works for me every time. Current view count is around 17 and after clicking the "about" sub heading if they allow pets it's mentioned and the price for them is in the "Extra services" box. Essentially if pets aren't mentioned then they're not allowed. A couple of examples. https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/holidays/search/france/brittany/dinard/gites-cottages/QB3077?a=06/07/2019&got=3 https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/holidays/search/france/normandy/bernay/gites-cottages/NE3069?a=06/07/2019&got=3 https://www.holidayfrancedirect.co.uk/?&gclid=EAIaIQobChMImeyZx5HF4AIVaLvtCh3uSQT3EAAYASAAEgLemPD_BwE This is also BF.
  2. They remind me of the old 12 month passport you could get from the PO.
  3. jonno

    New deposit price on bookings?

    The email also said that the 10% deposit is for a limited time only. It's easy to jump on a BF headline but a bit of care needs to taken as the volume of ferry bookings has, so far, been as strong as last year with many sailings to France & Spain for the peak 4 month period showing limited availability... Just because a family hasn't opted for a package holiday from one of the Brittany Ferries brochures you see on board around the reception area doesn't necessarily mean they're not using one of the ferries to travel elsewhere or opting for another company which includes a BF crossing. As an example Holiday France Direct is wholly owned by Brittany Ferries and also offers Spain too.
  4. jonno

    Brittany Ferries BETA site

    Ed, the cabins were fitted to the accommodation blocks in Poland during construction. It was the same for all the bridge steering, navigation electronics and hardware. It's why WBY was so expensive to put right, everything was pre installed which led to the ceiling & floor voids being too shallow when they began connecting everything together. Honfleur was never having commodore cabins, 4 berth deluxe are her highest grade.
  5. jonno

    Sponsored Ferries

    This is what GNV are up to... advertising a concert.
  6. That it does and the Hindhead tunnel was a game changer. I've spent a fair bit of time in the past stuck in a jam coming down the hill around the Devils Punchbowl. Yeah you're right, the business isn't there no matter how positive a spin a try to put on it and move the goalposts.
  7. On the outside is does look that way but further delving shows there's hardly any difference in the nautical mileage between starting at Poole or Portsmouth, both are roughly a 5-6 hour crossings. Further, a possible obstacle found in where traffic originates in the UK or where it's going in France doesn't seem to hold much value when we consider HMG's urge to grant BF near on £50m to increase sailings to support a freight backlog in Dover as far west as Plymouth. The main lucrative road freight lines by sea into France from the UK surround four injection points, Calais, Le Havre. Dieppe & Caen. Most of this is headed for Rouen, Rennes & Orléans. Routes into the UK are also seeing fundamental changes. There's a new chilled distribution hub in Kent which handles over 25% of temperature controlled food entering the UK regardless of which port of entry is used along the east and central coastlines and formed much of the reasoning why Portsmouth saw an established fruiterer relocate a couple of years ago... In the future Tilbury has been earmarked as becoming a new major dedicated hub too. The latter of these does add weight to your argument as sea borne freight heading north across the channel which is popular with date sensitive transport could very quickly become more locally focused. This of course would have a negative effect on BF in the long term but would surely make any newcomer stop and think prior to investing in any of the routes. Again though looking at them all and having spent a fair bit of time mooching around the planned expansions and specialisations all of the UK ports have in the pipeline, some of which I've tried to highlight in the past on the forum, for me the only southern UK port which could offer reasonable space logistically would be Poole which in turn would only offer realistic routes time wise to Cherbourg or Caen. In this new regulated world we live in I think one of the main obstacles for Poole is port location due to the crackdown on land based fossil fuel emissions and noise pollution which is the cause of most of the speed restrictions which flash on the numerous overhead gantries which cover our motorway network. It also the reason why BF are investing in Spain as these new emission regulations will effect much of the freight which transits through France which will effect the profitability of all of the carriers using the French channel coast. In all probability your 2nd post hits the nail on the head.
  8. The linkspan on the Ichen is owned by a freight company now. Is there another area in Southampton which could accommodate a new berth and the associated structures needed? If Poole stepped up it's ideally placed to offer a St Malo, possibly Cherbourg or even a Caen crossing. None of these are exclusive to BF and the area around the new quay in Poole harbour has been extensively worked on to increase hard standing. St Malo... very light on freight, I doubt another carrier would find this attractive outside of May, June & July and would possibly lose money if the tonnage increased. Cherbourg... is a bit of weird one. The group that own them want this port to focus on renewable energy and they receive gvt subsidies to do it. With I.F pulling out of the alternate summer sailings to Roscoff and wanting to off load a dedicated French bound ship, maybe the need isn't there. My choice would be Poole-Caen. From the outside, for me, this seems to be the most realistic as it's the more viable freight route and linkspan time is good due to the quick turnarounds of MSM & Normandie. The port are increasing their hardstanding footprint and increasing berth size to accommodate Honfleur - which will also mean less pax capacity giving a further opportunity for another carrier to gain a foothold. Stena Lagan or Mersey would be easily accommodated at Poole and would also be able to use the extended berth at Caen once finished. Stena could also utilise Etretat once returned. Le Havre? I don't know. BF have pulled NEX from there and will be reducing freight capacity when Normandie relocates. I doubt an E-flexer would fit once the one supposedly replacing BDS and her timetable finally arrives in 2 years.
  9. jonno

    Canine Cabin Companions

    Ok it's not related as such but just take a minute and look at preloved MoHo's adverts which hold their price well ahead of any other motor vehicle. The ones which fly out of the dealers state non smokers & non pet owners. I was smoker for years and yes I'm married to a respiratory/lung cancer consultant. I failed to appreciate the lingering odour I created until I stopped in 2010. My mother has two very well behaved, well trained German Shepherds. They're not allowed upstairs and have their own regularly cleaned bedding. We always notice a bit of an odour when we visit, find dog hair even in areas of the house they've never been in and I think it's fair to say that we spend a lot more time cleaning our own spaces the BF do their ships. I fully support the use of kennels and dedicated exercise areas I'd even endorse an improvement to these facilities but pet friendly cabins in such an enclosed space with recycled air is asking for trouble. Norovirus, Salmonella, Campylobacter and the other biggie Pasteurella are all exclusive to the gut of animals and the first doesn't need direct contact. The biggest one of the last 20 years, Methicillin Resistant Staph' Aureus is borne from companion animals and is passed from healthy humans who own infected pets, pets which show no symptoms as these five listed amongst others don't make pets or livestock ill meaning they don't form any part of any inoculation.
  10. jonno

    HONFLEUR - Arriving in 2019

    I've sent you a personal message with information.
  11. jonno

    HONFLEUR - Arriving in 2019

    Yes and yes...
  12. jonno

    Canine Cabin Companions

    @neilcvx, I cried reading that, nice one!
  13. jonno

    Canine Cabin Companions

    No, just too many Cadbury twirl multi packs... look on the bright side, imagine what it would be like if drank full fat coke too! Coke zero is an amazing invention.
  14. jonno

    HONFLEUR - Arriving in 2019

    I don't agree, Siem caused the mess in the first place treating FSG as a standalone when in all reality they weren't. If you were a standalone within a group you'd still expect to paid for goods and services, it's the whole point. Notice how the value of FSG's order book has now jumped from €650 million to $1 billion without any new orders? Siem don't want the yard and would be more than willing to see the back of it now they've had most of their new tonnage for cost. FSG basically built the previous four RoRo's and the intervention vessel for nothing whilst still having to pay their workforce nor do they see any of the charter fees. That's the root cause. At least when Visentini decided to build a fleet of RoPax specifically to charter it was they who received the money.