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  1. Ah but the big ugly ones can't use the Corinth canal which is a must when on a Greek island cruise.
  2. Well yeah... and it's Pont Aven so I'd argue that she doesn't have best side anyway. Mind you Virgin's Scarlet Lady makes her look like a silk purse.
  3. Ah... the old POSH definition. Port Out Starboard Home.
  4. Me too sadly. I'd love be booking a ferry and pootling along the Brittany coastline pitching up at the many coastal camp sites and Aires. We doubt we'll be doing it this summer. I want to see more positive numbers first and foremost but alas 40k+ cases in a single day isn't leaving us feeling hopeful. On the flip side, we did enjoy a fine couple of weeks in Normandy last July visiting the likes of Honfleur, Bayeux etc. All of the shops and their staff were both sensible and responsible in their approach and almost everyone took notice of the rulings. Both BF and DFDS dealt with the obstac
  5. Depends how you look at it. If you don't have the infection the LFT test is 99.68% accurate. If you do and you have a high viral load the LFT test is 95% accurate. There's no such thing as PCR testing being a 'gold standard', that's a commercial outlook, the virus and test hasn't been around long enough and no test for any virus is ever accurate. The false negative results for both are very similar...PCR 2-29% LFT 2-23.2%. Meaning LFT actually performs better. If there were such concerns with LFT, HMG wouldn't have had NHS staff taking 2 tests per week since November and continu
  6. Wonder what they'll do when they get their four ships back from quarantine duties?
  7. Aries and Antares apparently. That reminds me, we've got about 700 MyGNV points floating around somewhere.
  8. Any connection to GNV Bridge and GNV Sealand?
  9. Yes they can, just speed them up to 22kts. I doubt they'll be going back Solo, BF will be back to square one then and looking for other charter vessels. They'll manage 24 hours from Plymouth but with a capacity of 1000 pax that's a big waste of vehicle deck space. To exploit the E-Flexer as nature intended I suppose realistically they have to serve Portsmouth, Cherbourg, Bilbao & Rosslare. Ouistreham with a lengthened quay? I doubt they'd swing in the anti collision area. Where else could BF use a ship with 3000 metres designed to carry freight? Mind you if BF built an a res
  10. Personally I feel the Spanish & Irish crossings should be marketed differently, offer a similar experience to that of the Baltic ships to reflect the longer journey. It's all very well telling the world that the new ships are larger than anything before but, for me, that decision has been made solely on freight provision... which only accounts for 15% of BF's business. First and foremost they are a passenger carrier catering to holiday traffic and the fleet should be configured so especially as the E-Flexers will be slowed considerably to offer a two day sailing. We have man
  11. Yep, I don't understand that decision either. They do offer a a 4 berth Club or Premium Plus but I assume their footprint is no larger than a standard 4 berth, the only difference being that they're on the outside and you get a window.
  12. BDS hasn't been replaced with an LNG powered E-Flexer, the only reason she's environmentally friendly is because she'll burn less oil going slower.
  13. No, but they fit Rosslare which is strategically more important. Armorique can easily serve Cork. Personally, I don't think CF is leaving the company either.
  14. The old Ro Ro berth is still there, it had jack up rigs moored alongside from May last year while Borr Drilling found work for them. They were due to leave last November.
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