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  1. Yes they are hospital admissions of confirmed cases only. You're theory in reference to larger university age populations is an interesting one and think should be investigated more.
  2. No you're not being thick, if there are no admissions in the particular week there'll be no notification on the list. Next week there maybe 10 so week 42 will show that figure, it's up to you to do the maths and add it the previous weeks gone by.
  3. That's right. There were 14 but 2 have been discharged home. You're area can have 10,000 cases it doesn't mean their life is threatened and they need hospital care, on average an infection rate totalling this would yield 200 hospital cases and again that doesn't mean they need any type of mechanical ventilation. Let's look at the only Tier 3 area. There are currently around 6000 cases out of the near 1 million people who live in the Liverpool Metro area, the City Region. HMG give them an infection rate equivalent to 600 per 100,000 The city is served by 3 very large hospitals.
  4. Because A/ they're not hospitalised cases they're community cases & B/ Harrogate doesn't have 400 beds even if they were! We have to remember that for around 95% of those infected Covid will be a heavy cold treated in the same way with over the counter remedies.
  5. As an example zoom in on Harrogate, it says 200-400. There are currently 12 Covid patients in hospital beds receiving normal ward based medicine and the 2 in ITU who are recovering have been sent across from Bradford. Current bed uptake is 59%. This town has an aging vulnerable population, it has more people between the ages of 54 -85 than anywhere else in the U.K.
  6. That time again... https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/926795/NOIDS-weekly-report-week41-2020.pdf
  7. Are Sayers still going? Loved their strawberry charlottes and the pink iced 6 inch long fresh cream slices. We used to have Cousins Cakes too, think they went in the early '80's. In some of the renovated shops you can still see the tiled 'C' in the doorway floor. Cousins Corner in Liverpool city centre was a traditional meeting place for a date a bit like under the statue at Lewis's. We'd then head along North John St to the clubs along Victoria St or start in the back streets around the Cavern. I was a busy 16 year old back in '84!
  8. Excellent! Exactly the bow shot I was wanting to see! Thank you sir.
  9. Just for interest, Galicia is travelling at just over 23kts at the moment, anyone know what she managed on her speed tests? Service speed is supposed to be 22kts.
  10. It was supposed to be completed this year but with Covid who knows? The announcement was made back in 2018 so there should be something on here about it somewhere.
  11. More than happy to be wrong Chris... If she can physically get on the berth at Plymouth there's no reason why she won't fit Roscoff. I'd like to see them have a go at least.
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