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  1. @David Williams Firstly I didn't say it would be free and why should it be, you pay for your service at home and on your phone and many hotel chains want an added cost for top end wifi unless you're in the best rooms? No top end maritime wifi is free on any ferry or cruise ship, you pay for it one way or an other whether it be in with the premium cabin price or pre paid voucher. 2018 was a big turning point for maritime consumer tech. They now use high throughput satellites & VSAT hardware with most of the new build ships now using a company called SES Networks. Their up and down latency combined is only 150 milliseconds without packet increase meaning there and back communication speeds are more than 4 times as fast. All of the major cruise ships are moving over to this and many of the new ferries are having it too. What is used aboard BF's current fleets is essentially out of the arc relying of dated technology, that's why even the premium paid for service is still hit and miss, limited and expensive hence why many begrudge paying. VSAT tech was tested aboard MSC's Seaside 18 months ago and the internet speeds reached 2.15 Gpbs, streaming TV such as Netflix is now commonplace and she carries over 5000 passengers. Oceania also offer a service which is guaranteed to be the same as what you have at home, live streaming, Skype, everything. It's free in the top end cabins for everyone else it's about £6 a day. A service which is fast, reliable and very efficient, I doubt there few who would begrudge the cost if it was what they wanted.
  2. jonno

    New Look Revealed

    Not forgetting light blue funnels either, outstanding... literally!
  3. Honfleur will have wifi in all areas of the ship including the cabins. All of the recent newbuilds do. It's very difficult and time consuming to install on older vessels as each cabin needs an individual router connected to mile and miles of ethernet cable due to a ship basically being a Faraday Cage. Even caravans and motorhomes suffer badly without a roof antenna and the modern ones are basically made of two very thin sheets of GRP with Styrofoam sandwiched in the middle.
  4. jonno

    New Look Revealed

    The blue hulls painted on her sisters at Portsmouth seemed to make them less imposing, it's the same now at Newcastle since DFDS changed their livery. The same could be said for P.O.B too, she's huge but her blue hull made her look smaller than her sister. I think BF are wise to keep their hulls white, ships stand out far more when they're painted a contrasting colour to the sea.
  5. Careful Gareth, Ed will read this and his woes concerning the onboard cost differential between the euro and sterling are well documented. I think you pay on average a further 15 - 20 percent premium for paying in euros.
  6. jonno

    New Look Revealed

    Are you sure? BF used this font from 1984 - 2004.
  7. 50% of the loans for both ships comes from the EIB, I think 70% of the funding for Honfleur comes from a collaboration of loans from the EIB and Société Générale so you may very well be right.
  8. There's not much hazard involved with LNG as it's not pressurised like LPG so there's no explosive risk. If there is the potential for a leak it will evaporate instantly, but yes you're spot on Gareth, it's a similar principle to exchanging a camping or BBQ bottle.
  9. Bloke I email at FSG has said that they are continuing with their program as normal as the negotiations continue. Their plan, admittedly in an ideal world, is to have IF2 on the blocks at the beginning of November and they'll continue along this path until informed otherwise. As @Fine Whine highlights prudence dictates that IF continue to look at alternatives again whilst negotiations are ongoing, they have their build, launch & service needs to consider. I assume, rightly or wrongly that offering IF a concrete keel laying date is critical. What is in FSG's favour is that if IF want a European yard to build a ship of such a size within a similar time frame their options are dwindling rapidly, if not now unrealistic and the Chinese yards built far more slowly.
  10. 781 laid in the build hall in May is due to be launched at the end of October replacing Leevston on the dock. FSG will then lay the keel for IF2. Honfleur is continuing as per the revised schedule and Leevston has been completely fitted out for some time now and is half way through commissioning.
  11. Was a international Driving Permit required as well. I Don't know anything about a Carte Carnet G4rth, what were they?
  12. Yes and you can drive indefinitely in France if you're from a fellow member state... Is there no change if say a VLS TS becomes defunct as you'd hopefully have French citizenship by then?
  13. jonno

    CF vs PA

    Who me? Yeah groovy man, there's a very nice lady dressed in light blue who keeps turning up giving me sweets in a plastic cup... and I love these squishy walls by Coloroll.🤣
  14. jonno

    CF vs PA

    You're dead right @Solo the kitchen location is the factor which realistically rules all of it out. When I daydream about stuff which could be moved around CF I tend to forget about the staircase behind reception too... would be nice though especially if she were ten years younger? I know she's quite limited internally but I like her and with the BF rumoured hybrid engines I think she's still going to have an important role to play post 2022. Oh great seer of vision that I am, I foresee her replacing Normandie at Le Havre... I have a cunning plan, Normandie, Bretagne and Viking Amorella will head to Moby Lines and be christened Huey, Dewey & Louie...!
  15. There is I'm sure a few members who have at one time or other received a penalty fine whilst driving in other European countries? In most EU countries these speeding or parking fines are paid at local level this includes tourists who cannot currently pay online using a foreign credit/debit card. Until recently the only way drivers from other countries could pay was by cross border bank transfers or money wires, the fees for which could easily be more expensive than the traffic offence penalty itself. PayTicket is a new digital payment platform allowing motorists to pay international driving fines securely without the added administrative costs with their own debit/credit cards. https://payticket.moneynetint.com/
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