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  1. Personally my gut is saying that DFDS will in time continue with a 2 ship operation, Drotten & Visby, then begin to exploit their 29kt capability.
  2. I believe Stena have announced that freight through Holyhead has increased by 20% since last week when they announced a 70% drop off. It's now currently down 50% on last year.
  3. Rick, you'll be the one for this question, Is there a possibility that Calais Seaways may continue serving DFDS from Dunkerque to Rosslare if the route is sustainable or is her bow design unsuitable for the deeper open water of the Celtic Sea?
  4. All it said was that there was a 500% increase in freight volume. Previously Rosslare to France had a capacity of 1 ship & 95 trailers a 500% increase in freight volume equates to 475 trailers. There are currently 5 ships and a trailer capacity far exceeding 616.
  5. Rosslare had one ship sailing to France - circa 100 trailers. Today they have five ships serving France - circa 500 trailers.
  6. The number and analysis is direct from the horses mouth although I have no idea how they've reached their figures. The port manager has been speaking to the shipping press.
  7. Currently there's a 500% freight volume increase at Rosslare. The port's market analysis suggests that this volume uptake is NOT temporary.
  8. I discovered that as a Sky Q customer you can get the Discovery+ app free for 12 months. It can also be viewed on multiple platforms. I'm currently up to episode 2.
  9. Our hospitals are remaining full as during the first lockdown all elective procedures were cancelled, since July the NHS have been attempting to raise the service back to a level which resembles something more normal. They are also remaining full as we are now more successful recovering Covid patients. At the height of the pandemic during April & May 2020 if a Covid patient entered hospital under blue lights with SATS of 92 or lower then 63% would either be in ICU or dead within 30 days... only 37% would recover. Now in January 2021 it's the complete opposite we now have a 6
  10. I'd agree to a point but most of the country is occupied by those of us in the 18-64 & 65-84 age groups which has always represented the bulk of those in hospital suffering from anything. Currently there are 4751 patients in ventilated beds in England, 2654 are Covid patients. 958 between 18-64 and 1126 between 65-84, the bulk of the rest are 85+. We can see by this that nearly 50% of our ventilated beds are occupied by none Covid sufferers There have been 986 discharges between 18-64 and 937 between 65-84. what is very encouraging is that there have been 427 discharged in the ag
  11. The new pearl of wisdom doing the rounds: No antibodies in previous sufferers means no immunity. AAAAHHHH...! Dear Lord save me from these brain dead imbecilic morons...!!! There's no such thing as immunity from coronaviruses, your body simply produces antibodies to fight them when they appear. T & B Cell memory lasts for years, they're dormant until the specific virus tries to infect the subject again. The base DNA of Covid is no different to the common cold, if it was it wouldn't be a coronavirus. The reason it's bad is because it's a new variant the body has nev
  12. We need Charles Bronson & Johnny Leighton!
  13. 2010, I know she did berthing trials there but can't remember if she did any schedules sailings? (don't want to look it up as that's defeats the spirit of the question)
  14. Gareth keep a wary eye on any extended maintenance period for Cap Finistere over the next 12 months or so, it may well indicate which way BF are leaning. CF has seven open loop scrubbers, Barfy & Normandie too, which are banned in and around the Irish ports of interest, I have a feeling that BF won't want to keep her burning MGO for too long if Ireland is her ultimate destination, not powering the guzzlers she has at at rate.
  15. Looking a bit busy around Rosslare & Waterford at the moment, Stena Embla is in the bay, Stena Europe crossing the Irish Sea, Optima Seaways, Cap Finistere & Isle of Inishmore on the berths, Visby on the way up and finally W.B. Yeats soon to pass. Looking like the Dover Strait. We need a tunnel!!!😁
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