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  1. It's £52. They've never quite managed to offer the same deals for their motorhome members... even though they've changed their name to include said machine in the clubs title... plus if you want something a little more elaborate, like a cabin for instance, the price rises a bit disproportionately. Over the years we and many others with MoHo's have found that CV membership offers far more of a saving on the overall cost of passage, cabin & meals. As an example Ed, last December we toured a few Xmas markets in Holland, Germany & Belgium, it was a tour tailored for Caravan & Motorhome Club members. Their ferry price was higher than P&O's and didn't include breakfast which P&O offer as standard from Hull.
  2. No your right G4rth, new ships doesn't necessarily equate to expansion...however It does when their capacities far outstrip the not very old tonnage they are replacing. There aren't enough hours in the day for both Stena & I.F to rotate their Irish sea fleets to the U.K. such is the demand. Neither can they add ships due to the ports and crossing times. Also Visentini's are modern and very fuel efficient, the latter being a major selling point and the reason they are so popular, not to mention that the Irish Sea has no MARPOL/SECA restrictions to tug on your purse strings. Consider Irish Ferries conventional crossings to Holyhead, there are four a day. Currently you have Ulysses & Epsilon a total of 2338 passengers and around 6930 lane metres., next year when Epsilon is replaced that will jump to a total of 3738 passengers and 9680 lane metres. That's expansion. Then there's Stena from Belfast, again the Visentini's are modern, efficient and have had a lot of money invested in them raising their standard to a far higher level than that of Etretat & Connemara. Currently 4480 lane metres and 1450 passengers, this will jump to 6100 lane metres for HGV's and further capacity for 600 cars, pax wise there's a combined jump to 2000. Again, that's expansion. It's the same for BF, they are actually replacing a modern ship with one nearly 30 years old in order to increase capacity at Le Havre and the Spanish expansion needs no further discussion as informed opinion is that both Cap Finistere and Pont Aven will remain.
  3. Again though none of the Irish Sea carriers are looking at any issues with the land bridge, just like the channel they are in the process of securing larger ships to transport more goods to the U.K west coast ports and beyond. Not one carrier effected by the referendum result has said "let's wait and see" if anything they've gone in completely the opposite direction. Stena have now purchased both Superfasts and will of course have the first three E-Flexers, Irish Ferries will have an even larger stablemate for Ulysses. They are expecting and gearing up for a greater demand for freight and passengers. The same can be said for DFDS on the eastern channel plus P&O who are building larger RoPax' to partner the Spirits. BF have increased crossings in the short term but the move to shift Normandie to Le Havre is about route expansion not U.K freight congestion and the introduction of Honfleur and the E-Flexer triplets for Spain is due to the same expectation. We also have the positive news coming out of Rosyth which hopefully will give Scotland a dedicated European link and another option for us to enjoy. It's not just the RoPax market either. RoRo's & ConRo's based at Felixstowe, Immingham, Teesport and Tilbury are getting busier with ongoing expansions to deal with larger numbers, Immingham for example is seeing a large amount of goods historically destined for the Dover crossings heading their way. This is an indication not only of the Brexit effect on BF but the effect on all of the major players in sea borne freight which either transits the U.K or has it's origins there.
  4. It's not a problem... If there are those commenting who are of the belief that a forum designed and constructed for ferry enthusiasts is irrelevant then they have no place here. In fact I'll go as far to say that there are many members who will only engage with others on the condition of central government & the referendum, no doubt attracted to the forums ease in allowing such posts... No other non political forum created for transport or recreation enthusiasts has the subject discussed to such a high profile. Every hint of ferry travel negativity reported is instantly an excuse for it to be turned into a Brexit debate. There are thousands of sites both in the U.K and Europe dedicated to more mainstream Brexit topics wherein a more informed and knowledgeable discussion can and does invariably take place. So... does anyone want to bother discussing the topic? Holiday bookings are down over Easter, fine. Everyone has ignored the simple fact that no one, least of all the schools, have much time off over the period... 4 days max, most are already back at their desks having returned yesterday from having a fortnight at home. Many have enjoyed trips & holidays but of course BF won't count those even though they are relevant as this year they have replaced the traditional Easter getaways. If BF want to use this as some form of Brexit bashing to suit their agenda, again that's fine too - the same can be said for the summer, holiday bookings are down but bookings for crossings aren't. Anyone can check the figures, the DFT publish them quarterly. BF can cry all they want but for me they lost the argument the day they signed on the dotted line in Flensburg and with Stena. You simply can't publicly moan about the state of your business then invest over half a billion euros to increase capacities on 50% of your UK routes. The financial hit to French ferry travel has actually come from a company who's routes south aren't effected by any decision the U.K makes. Irish Ferries, how many crossings to Roscoff have they cancelled?
  5. Galicia is No4. Her keel was only laid in January and the Chinese build 'em a bit slower hence why there's still a 2 year wait for her. Now Stena's no2 is heading to the fitting out quay they'll begin No5 for DFDS, when their No3 is floated they'll begin Salamanca... and so on.
  6. Just like Gareth I'm staying out of this one. Ed both Pride of Hull & Pride of Rotterdam are stern only, about the same width as the Pont and about the same length as an e-Flexer with the advantage of having a shallower draft. You drive on and U turn at the bow through a space in the centre casing. both Etretat and BDS are stern only loaders too.
  7. I don't think Epsilon has covered winter maintenance for Isle of Inishmore at Pembs either, certainly not when I lived there. If I remember the draft is only 7.5m on the berth... too shallow for a ship needing over 6.5m, the Haven is rocky and filled with WWII Sunderland flying boat debris... not to mention that the Visentini is going back next year even if MHPA planned anything. I wonder if there's something going on there too. Are ICG planning to close their remaining Rosslare link over winter?
  8. So, ICG finally make the announcement. Worth noting the price too considering that there are those who believe ferries such as Bretagne only have scrap value.
  9. Historically a late Easter always effects bookings as school holidays are very mixed, for many the school "Easter Break" runs from March 29th - April 15th followed by just a long weekend at Easter, ergo less Easter holiday bookings...
  10. I wish my schedules were so important that a half an hour delay at a booth was so life changingly inconvenient. You travel by one of the slowest forms of transport then complain about passport control and customs slowing you down?
  11. A departure change of three hours either way is such a gamer changer, there's more wiggle room than that planned into your itinerary surely? I'd see leaving the UK 3 hours earlier as an advantage when heading south, you'll be arriving more or less still in daylight and you have more breathing space if there's onward travel disruption. @almosthere I thought you preferred an overnight to Caen wouldn't the later sailing from Poole offer something similar?
  12. jonno

    BF Refits 2018-19

    BF will maintain the vessel in keeping with the charter contract nothing more, originally painting the wavy navy on her was cheap and easy to match Etretat who already wore it from her days with LD. Why should BF spend the time and money re measuring and re stencilling the livery of a ship which in 12 months will be painted all white again? I very much doubt Etretat will see the new livery either.
  13. It's Irish Ferries 2nd build on the blocks next isn't it?
  14. I don't know why they said that. Superfast's are as economical as any other if the not clogging along at 28kts which if they want to target the mini cruise market they won't be.
  15. jonno

    BF Refits 2018-19

    MGO, same as Bretagne... Scrubbers, don't get me started on that white elephant.
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