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  1. Just ordered this. Ferry Publications title Steam Packet 190 the oldest continually operating passenger shipping company in the world.
  2. This from Wiki regarding the Gosport ferry. The company that currently operates the Gosport ferry was created in 1883 as the Port of Portsmouth Steam Launch & Towing Company, making it one of the longest serving ferry services in the UK.[1] In 1963, it took over the Gosport & Portsea Watermen's Steam Launch Company, founded in 1875 by the Watermen, who had operated ferries on the route for centuries. These Watermen had enjoyed protected rights between 1603 and 1840, limiting operation of ferries on the route to Gosport residents.
  3. Being ran by the same operator does make it far more difficult. The Mersey ferries were run by the local governments of Liverpool & Birkenhead for nearly 100 years, mid 1880's until the late 1960's (I think?). When we had the buses, underground etc deregulated under Maggie the hierarchy remained the same but the name changed from the Merseyside Transport Exec to Mersey Travel. Just thought. Merseyside wasn't created until the early 1970's, we were Lancashire before then... I wonder why the MPTE - Merseyside passenger Transport Executive - was given that name about 5 years earlier?
  4. Stena have announced that they cancelling an offered 2% pay rise and sick pay. They have also drastically reduced sailings on the Irish sea with all currently booked passenger sailings covered with an open voucher, no refunds. I assume N I ferry will report on this too.
  5. I think that would depend a great deal on the level of quarantining in the country with a yard capable of doing the work. China are beginning to lift restrictions but does that include shipyard work from other nations? Germany maybe, I notice today that they're happy to allow 40,000 workers to enter the country for the harvesting?
  6. I've been filling the time this week building cities and transport with Cities Skylines on the PC.
  7. Not after I PM you my address and pay the postage...! Very nice Neil.
  8. The image shows the permanent re gassing expansion tank. The four removable liquid fuel tanks will sit directly behind it. The gantry crane system has yet to be built.
  9. I think the U.K are testing similar volumes to France which is more than Japan.
  10. I think this offers a bit of balance. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-51979654 For me and the missus today has been number 5 and although we both still feel grotty and quite lethargic the chills and sweats seem to have stopped - on Monday I slept a lot, had the heating on full blast, T shirt, thin jumper & fleecy shirt and still shivered - and the cough which was quite constant is now more sporadic. Anyone know how @nick hall and his family are doing?
  11. Hello Iain, our response times at the moment are severely impacted by the scale of disruption and the unprecedented situation we are all in. We've been inundated with worried existing customers and flooded with others seeking a way to repatriate. Coupled to this, our own teams are not immune to the lockdowns in all countries and the wider family impacts of these trying times we’re living through. Please can you reassure your friend he will get an answer but it will take much longer than usual and that all vouchers have been extended so that they are valid for 24 months rather than 12 months. Kind regards, Jane
  12. I suppose the irony of this is that both @nick hall his family and I will all hopefully come through this in a week or so but there's nothing to show for it, nothing to assist the local police officers in identifying those now deemed immune so can in someways help those around us in the more high risk group. We'd be in the group able to safely volunteer in helping those who have the virus get the supplies they need.
  13. They've not offered my wife one, the pragmatic approach of infection being an occupational hazard seems to be the attitude for now... and she is one of only two running all the Covid patients and respiratory medicine. The usual one she brings home and gives to me is Norovirus, has done for years now... she can't catch it as she's blood group B. The last nasty was chicken pox which I didn't catch until I was 48, so far that feels worse than this. I was totally wiped out by it.
  14. Day three... Temp is up a bit and sweating a lot under a 4.5 tog duvet. Fuzzy head like I've had too many painkillers & cough with a really sore throat, shaky and aching a lot, legs feel heavy although feel fine until I begin moving around and get light headed. Don't feel ill as such when sitting on the couch just a bit detached & different? For me it started Saturday but most of this kicked in yesterday, the missus took herself out of work on Friday due to having a persistent cough and no voice. Wife is the same, cough, bit sweaty,fuzzy head etc. No official word on what IT is as no chance of being tested and she has been exposed to all kinds of coronavirus, 229E, HKU1, NL63 & OC43 all in the past week or so. She also has Asthma so keeping a wary eye out. All I'm taking is lemsip for the paracetamol, 1000mg of vit C and a bit of vaporub... lots of porridge, soup, water. Anyone else out there?
  15. I very much doubt BF will do this automatically as they'll want the balance as a cash payment... cash flow or lack thereof is what the voucher scheme is all about, they like all business' will want to grab it where they can. You will need to instruct them. Such is the fluidity of the pandemic that I'm not considering our July sailings until the end of June.
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