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  1. Official passenger figures for 2017 are starting to trickle through from the various carriers and ports. Below are those published in the Spring edition of Ferry & Cruise Review. Official D.O.T figures will be published later in the year. Dover - Calais witnessed a drop of 1.2%, the lowest number of travellers since 1980. Dover -Dunkirk witnessed an even greater drop of 7.3%. A spokesman for P&O has announced that they won't be releasing any financial or volume figures for Dover - Calais this year! The dominant route to France for UK passengers remains the tunnel as their increased volume figures suggest although freight at the port of Dover has enjoyed record handling. With Calais beginning to reach saturation it's hoped that the modern facilities at Boulogne will become attractive again. Newhaven - Dieppe has also seen a drop in passenger numbers in 2017. The route fell by 4.8% The Western Channel. Brittany Ferries passenger traffic fell by 3.65% overall across the four channel routes. The biggest drop was Portsmouth - Le Havre down 7.6% followed by Portsmouth Caen down 6%. Portsmouth - Santander has enjoyed an increase of 5.6%. All of the western channel and Spanish routes have enjoyed rising freight figures with an average of 2.4%. Passenger traffic on the North Sea routes has also fell. Hull - Zeebrugge dropped over 10%, Harwich - Hoek of Holland was down 5.6% which somewhat offsets the 2.2% rise DFDS have enjoyed on their Ijmuiden crossing. Irish Ferries have enjoyed increased volumes in 2017. Car carrying increased by 2.4%, passengers 1.7% and freight 0.5%. Further details have also been released regarding I.F's 2nd new build from FSG due in 2020 which will replace Epsilon. She'll be the largest ferry in the world weighing 67300gt, 5610 lane metres over five full height decks, 1500 cars or 330 freight vehicles and 1800 passengers. Her unique three tier loading through the bow won't require a triple deck linkspan but will copy both DFDS' D-Class and P&O's Spirit Class loading technique ... Not bad for an estimated £145m. Stena Line enjoyed a record year on their Northern Irish routes. Freight rose by 3.0%, cars by 2.5% and passengers by 2.5%. P&O have also experienced their highest volume in 6 years with freight traffic up 1.3% on their Cairnryan - Larne route.
  2. jonno

    Grumps corner

    The only thing which annoys me are those impatient to get on board and those who congest public areas upto an hour before arrival as if there's some kudos in standing at the front of a queue at a locked car deck access door. The only tannoy announcement i'm interested in is the seven short and one long blast variety. I've not been turfed out of a cabin that often and the only parking issue I've had is when the guy in front couldn't tell the time. I've never had an issue getting in or out of any vehicle i've travelled in which includes Bretagne's enigmatic deck 5 and I'm the size of an outside toilet. Also, why do people take so much gear to their cabin with them? I'm not including those families with their children, that's to be expected but the couples or those travelling alone lugging huge suitcases suggesting that they're onboard for a week.
  3. jonno

    Future Ship Powering Options

    http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20150330-where-nuclear-subs-go-to-die I think they should stick to conventional fuels plus there's work going on looking into using the acidic scrubber wash water to maintain batteries.
  4. It's a manipulated Color Line image. Irish Ferries have only had Oscar Wilde with a blue hull. Normandy ( Stena Europe's Sessan Line sister) is also often mistaken for her too.
  5. jonno

    Future Ship Powering Options

  6. Why aren't I.F just leaving Epsilon on the route until WBY arrives? One hopes BF will still have Normandie on her PIP - Caen schedule until Honfleur steams into Pompey harbour.
  7. jonno

    Poole Harbour Developmement

    Cap's too long for Poole. BF aren't planning to reduce their Spanish sailings from four ships to three, they probably want five.
  8. jonno

    Normandie Express - 2018 Season

    Both twin hulls are aluminium. It combines with oxygen making aluminium oxide which is particularly leak proof. In A level chemistry we mixed it with cryolite to melt it... Great fun. It's a shame it's too ductile to make larger hulls out of, it's the 3rd most common element.
  9. jonno

    Ship Orders

    Just for reference, here's a list of ships on order for delivery up to and including 2021. As a shipping fan I think it's pleasing to see the volume and also the amount of vessels to be powered by either LNG or Hybrid technology. 20180404_Ferry-Shipping-News_On-order-On-order.pdf
  10. jonno

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    I dunno many older travellers have quite a young outlook.Viking Grace doesn't have cabin carpets, it doesn't detract from the quality plus you don't notice after a while. They'll save a hell of a lot of money at refit time.
  11. jonno

    NOVA CRUISES: Nova Star

    Eh Ed, a stretch of open water in your frozen Baltic? Pol ynya...
  12. jonno

    NOVA CRUISES: Nova Star

    As she's to be an overnighter probably Pol Dark.
  13. jonno

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    I see Connemara's destination is now Santander. Due on the 19th. Her name keeps fluctuating on A.I.S.
  14. jonno

    Help needed!

    It's a bit like the couple who were apparently relocating to Spain a couple of years ago but couldn't book a pet friendly cabin as foot passengers so was asking if someone would drive them aboard.
  15. jonno

    DFDS SEAWAYS: News & Updates

    This today from Ferry Shipping News... DFDS Expands Into the Med By Acquiring U.N. Ro-Ro In a company announcement, DFDS says it acquires U.N. Ro-Ro, the Turkish operator of freight shipping routes in the Mediterranean, connecting Turkey with Italy and France. This means a geographic expansion of the DFDS route network, with a considerable expansion in the Mediterranean. DFDS is to acquire 98.8% from owners, the Turkish private equity firms Actera Group and Esas Holdings. U.N. Ro-Ro is highly profitable, with an enterprise value of EUR 950 million. "With the acquisition of U.N. Ro-Ro, we are expanding into one of Europe's most attractive freight markets which is operationally similar to northern Europe. This gives us opportunity together with the existing strong management team to leverage our network, fleet, experience and skills to develop the business further while supporting the growth of U.N. Ro-Ro's customers", says Niels Smedegaard, CEO of DFDS. The transaction is subject to approval by the Turkish, Austrian and German competition authorities as well as Italian authorities in relation to the transfer of the Trieste terminal as a strategic asset. Closing of the transaction is expected to take place in June 2018. U.N. Ro-Ro operates five freight shipping routes in the Mediterranean between Turkey and EU: four routes connect to Italy (Trieste) and one to France (Toulon). The routes carried 202,000 freight units in 2017. By the end of 2017, U.N. Ro-Ro deployed 12 ro-ro ferries, all built by the Flensburg shipyard, where also some of DFDS' ships are built.