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  1. jonno

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    Excellent thanks Andy, this answers a question. I knew they were extending the trailer hard standing but couldn't find any info about the berth and anti collision area. The PNA have said that the linkspan berth is 217 metres and anti collision 250 metres already. This announcement gives us a prime indication into just how much room a vessel only 14 metres longer than MSM needs.
  2. jonno

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    Thanks Andy. For those wishing to follow the journey on A.I.S., the tugs Odys and Wulf 9. are being used.
  3. jonno

    Barfleur Cancellations

    Not a chance... you know me, at least I'm predictable and can eradicate the need for sleeping pills!😁 Chris, firstly controllable pitch props used in a flatter configuration would definitely effect propulsion. The blades are designed to be rotated in order to allow the prop shafts to maintain revolutions rather than disengaging, stopping then rotating in an opposite direction... to enhance manoeuvrability one propeller sits in the opposite configuration to the other, one in reverse one in forward if you like. To stop propulsion the blades are given a flat face although they still rotate. For me though the crucial question is when was she deemed to be so under powered as to effect sailings? The problems you describe have effected her since the day she was extended back in '91/ '92 not as recent as 2 years ago when this saga began to be a frequent occurrence during winter months. Back in 2014 on this very site it was highlighted how she hardly ever suffered any technical problems. You can't blame the scrubber installation there's hardly any extra steel on her stacks to create any substantial wind issues. Blink and you'd miss it. She has 15,600 KW of power and only has a GRT of around 21000. Normandie is nearly a third heavier in terms of gross tonnage and has 17,700KW to play with. Ok, by modern standards you can say she, Normandie and Bretagne are under powered but in terms of size and weight she's not. Depends where she was when you took the photo, anywhere still within territorial waters and she must burn MGO, no scrubbers allowed, them be the EU rules, white smoke. No MGO when in port then ships must cold iron. MDO & IFO, her main fuel, naturally emits a whiter cloud as it's mixed with distillate to naturally lower the sulphur content. It's noticeable more because it's dark rather than temperature. Northern European refineries no longer produce HFO as a singular fuel, it's all mixed with refined distillate to produce the latter fuel mentioned above. Enjoy your trip.
  4. jonno

    Barfleur Cancellations

    Yep she's very popular over spring and summer. I think it was only two years ago that her timetable was extended due to her popularity during the extended warmer months we enjoyed.
  5. jonno

    Barfleur Cancellations

    I'm getting at that year on year the issues of Barfleur are always raised when cancellations ensue due to the forces of nature. Conspiracy theories are raised regarding BF to the point that it's apparently their fault Poole is a quiet port and that Cherbourg could well be extremely popular if not for BF's monopolisation of the western channel, more passengers and freight would swarm to both the ports of Poole and Cherbourg if BF would supply a ship fit for purpose and stop elbowing out much needed competition. The facts that weather, infrastructure, channel approach constraints and Cherbourg's shift in focus toward renewable energy rather than more traditional port occupations are always ignored in favour of a more sensationalist view. Last year was all about a shore side generator as of course Barfleur must have power issues, no one bothered to think that these genny's were for cold ironing test purposes. As for ship specifications, 4 different sources will give four different answers. You hint that Barfleur has a weak BT which would indicate knowledge of one rather than the two she has fitted. Most modern vessels use their gen sets to power their thrusters, Normandie and Barfleur don't, they are powered by their 4 main engines, the power is fed into alternators, so yes regardless of the 2000 KW power difference, they are configured the same. She is fitted with twin 1500 HP BT's which are powerful enough to manoeuvre a vessel with a GRT of up to 30000 in a force 5 with an LOA of 160-170m. Yes she can increase her speed in the channel as she's not restricted but that just adds to the squat effect, there's not much breathing space for that with just 6 feet underneath her keel. What about the issue of canting, screw race or transverse thrust or that BT's tend to be seen and used more as a berthing aid? It's been gone over ad nauseam. Have you considered these problems before saying quite loudly and rather publicly that you believe the vessel isn't fit for purpose as the use of the term inadequate would suggest? I also rather doubt that any passenger vessel's master would consider negotiating the limited sea room of Poole harbour and the swash channel or passing Ile Pelée at Cherbourg in a force 9 gale and in just 10 metres of water. I.F won't do it approaching Milford between St Annes Head and Angle where there's far more room and a lot more water. It's more likely that the reasons for cancellation during the darker months are due to low bookings rather than any mechanical deficiencies assumed by inconvenienced travellers.
  6. jonno

    Ship building welding

    Used phased array on turbines, more extensively for aircraft but later on 5 CCGT during commissioning. @crechbleiz, you're the man... I think you should describe the different types of weld used in shipbuilding and why they are now far stronger and of a higher quality. I for one would find it a most interesting read.
  7. jonno

    Other newbuild/arrivals

    Thanks hhv. Am I right in thinking that Gotland's current ships are quite modern anyway. The only Visby I can remember was the ferry which became Felicity/Stena Felicity. Surely they can't be using her, I think she pre dates Stena Europe?
  8. jonno

    Other newbuild/arrivals

    GSI are building something similar for Algerie Ferries, handsome ships. I'm confused (not hard!) Visborg was launched 2 years ago, the latest incarnation for Gotland is the Thjelvar, launched last year. Are they just getting around to naming her?
  9. jonno

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Possibly why Honfleur in many respects is a longer interpretation of her? Over her first winter she performed berthing trials at Cork, maybe at some point that route was also on the minds of those in BF Towers too?
  10. jonno

    Barfleur Cancellations

    You can tell it's approaching winter, the Barfy has no power and two useless bow thrusters posts have started again... Any more BF conspiracies against Poole notions out there too? She's the same as Normandie, her 4 main engines also power the twin bow thruster alternators. Just out of curiosity, is the chain link ferry back yet? She's been delayed in Falmouth due to the weather.
  11. jonno

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Ah...I thank you sir!
  12. jonno

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    If Honfleur will fit Ouistreham, Pont Aven will too. Same draft, same beam and a few metres shorter than the new build.
  13. jonno

    Sister ships, definition..

    As each other yes and Superfast X but are different to the Cap' and Cruise Olbia which have more superstructure at the stern, the area which houses CF's Planets Bar. Superfast XI & XII are different too.
  14. jonno

    Cap Finistere 2 nighter

    Used in auto mode it selects the most appropriate gears to climb hills of different gradients regardless of sequence-it'll drop from 6th to 4th etc-to stop power drop off, removes the lag and stays in gear longer between shifts. I first tried it stuck on BDS's ramp, it instantly dropped the van from 2nd to 1st and added nearly 500 rpms. Did the same on Cap' back in September... with a fair bit of wheel spin, just be ready to brake hard at the top! In ours it seems to act more like a "sport" mode rather than anything "eco". Yes, we quite like the convenience of nipping in for a sandwich and a cake. We always seem to be on deck 7 so it's a quick visit.
  15. jonno

    New Look Revealed

    Has to burn low sulphur diesel through DPF's when in a EU port and inshore waters.