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  1. Can't really get my head around why Germany isn't being talked about, they're seeing more cases than the Netherlands. Last 3 days for Germany... 1030, 1320, 1419. Netherlands, 779, 654, 577. Germany has had twice as many deaths too. No new cases in the U.K reported for the 13th, 18 deaths.
  2. All the best Neil, get well fella!
  3. jonno

    Help needed....

    I have a 500 euro voucher for Tallink which I'll hang on to until next year now.
  4. Drive out of Pembroke through Maidenwells and head for Rhoscrowther. As the road forks toward the refinery or the power station there's a car park which offers superb views across the whole of the Haven. I spent 4 years driving that way to work.
  5. Worth mentioning too that the round coloured stickers are a bit of a nightmare to scrape or peel off your windscreen and as yet I've not noticed any real reason for them.
  6. The new bandwidths are wider so you can have a lot more fun with them and of course suppliers can exploit users more.
  7. There are advantages of just drinking fizzy water (that's my excuse anyway!) I'm down to my last 48 500ml bottles.
  8. This is now EU legislation... it's law. A component of the 2019/1242 emission standards ruling which came into play 14th August 2019. It wouldn't matter who was PM or President. Regardless of whether the appetite is there to use rail motorways or not the only way to reduce the CO2, of which HGV's account for 65-70%, is to get it off the roads together with incentives to invest in LEV & ZEV. It's Brussels not France dictating this change. Hauliers will be fined €4250 per g CO2/tkm for non compliance which will increase to €6800 in 2030.
  9. I do get your meaning and where you're coming from Millsy but I'd end up on my soapbox.
  10. The €6m isn't for a temporary route, it's to upgrade the regional line between Saintes & Niort permanently. It won't be any slower and will offer improved speeds for the regional passenger services. This was a commitment which the winning bidder (BF) had to agree to. The height restriction through the tunnels will be looked at after 2024. They're already expecting around an initial 25000 units a year, a 10% increase in French rail freight, especially after the €30m is spent on the rolling stock and the Central Européen de Fret at Mouguerre. @Millsy I'd argue that the slightly north of €40m overall being spent is serious money and the interest is a given, as it will be with the other lines, due to the EU's enforceable legislation to remove the trailers from the roads to reduce CO2. Brussels estimate that every trailer which is loaded onto the the rail motorway will reduce CO2 emissions by a tonne. Poole is one of three ports which form the Solent W10/12 upgrade.
  11. For the Sete link it's interesting to see that Balearia have announced a new Africa - Sete ferry route. It's not really been talked about but Brittany Ferries will also control a rail motorway link into this port too in a similar partnership with SNCF and again will provide a direct link to Cherbourg. A quarter of all BF freight from Spain is already unaccompanied so too is 20% of the freight BF carry across the channel. Below is the planned rail route from Mouguerre, the descriptions are in French so i'm hoping our resident language expert, @Cabin-boy or @colin can do the honours for us lesser mortals? Trains are planned to arrive in Cherbourg at 0914 hrs with the return planned for 1846 hrs. Another bit of news, PM Jean Castex has announced that freight rail access costs will be waived for the rest of 2020 and will be halved for 2021.
  12. Maybe we should have guessed this earlier. BF will be saving money by sailing slower and spending less time on the linkspans in Portsmouth.
  13. Travelled back on MSM's morning sailing today, she left on time but we were soon told that arrival into Portsmouth would be 1345. I think we were finally secured to the berth at 1350.
  14. That's what has been given the go ahead, mentioned in my post above. Hope fully you'll have more success finding the links or the information.
  15. You ask that question when people build cities on flood plains, earthquake faults, under volcanoes, subject to the havoc of Tsunami's, burn tonnes of fossil fuels, produce mountains of plastic, destroy millions of square miles of forest ,live under the false impression that they are the dominant life form on the planet and are in control and kill to get what they want? ... only to have a microscopic teeny tiny virus knock it on it's backside. Humans have always been thick & selfish, it's what defines the species.
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