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  1. There's something going on as Glenn Carr Irish Rails port manager there has publicly said that they're talking to companies about direct links to Belgium, Holland, France & Spain with an injection of cash from the EU for the first 18-24 months. I'd suggest that the former two will be RoRo and the latter two RoPax. You're right though, It's clearly a case of wait and see but BF being seduced into relocating in the next couple of years wouldn't be a big surprise everything considered.
  2. Steve I think you'll be surprised what the BF E-Flexers look like internally. They certainly won't be as utilitarian as any Stena vessel which they deem luxury, I'm including the Kiel ships too. MSM is a prime example of what BF do to twin loading RoPax. They are notorious for not relying solely on maritime internal designers, she'll have luxury cabins, A la Carte, café's and boutiques similar to Pont Aven. I have a feeling that if BF were left to their own devices with a Visentini it would look pretty stylish too. BF use them now as a means to an end, nothing more. If lesser appointed ships was their new focus Bretagne would have been replaced by now and there would be no motivation to relocate Normandie to lose the Économie tag at Le Havré.
  3. Personally I'm not so worried, BF will be there tomorrow.
  4. I've given up having tried for over 2 hours, even the BF phone lines now have BT recorded messages on them. Seems to me that it makes a bit of a mockery of BF press releases telling us all how they're struggling for business as bookings are down.
  5. Yes I've been looking at it but the timetable for Cherbourg isn't on yet and I'm after a 25/4 return. Both Caen & Le Havre are too late in arriving at PIP, I'm hoping Barfy is earlier or we'll need to dash across to St Malo... again. Edit: managed to get on the UK site and there's no summer Cherbourg - Poole there yet either.
  6. I can't even get on the site and the link from BFE seems to have melted...
  7. No it was every flight leaving Billund from BA to SAS. We went with Sun Air. The problems occurred when groups tried to check their baggage more than 2 hours before departure... cue vacant heads on swivels looking for help... funny how regardless of where we're from we all have the same facial expression when in need of assistance. Nice little airport though, cracking shop upstairs stocking lots of Jonno's much desired body pong!
  8. It's actually quite a derogatory term (don't tell Neil!) which has, er, stuck so to speak.
  9. Have you noticed that everything is becoming the responsibility of the traveller? I recently struggled to find any staff member at an airport, it was all self scanning for passports, app based boarding card, weighing and then printing your own luggage tags... they'll be getting us to fuel the jet next and canvas all 170 odd to find a pilot. Everything boils down to money.
  10. If we're on the subject of pedantry, it's not a Public Address system either. It's A Media Network System of which public address is one component together with ambient music and pre recordings, an example being the multi lingual safety announcements. Any pre recording can be added such as informing travellers not to leave luggage unattended etc. It can even be linked to an EMDS allowing it to bark pre recorded alert messages when you wander into restricted areas. In Yorkshire of course it means something else... tannoy or in the correct vernacular - t'annoy is the occupation of getting on the nerves of fellow citizens, something many of you have patiently grew accustomed to from me...! I think in this case @Chef's use of the word is highly suitable as the address system in the cabins is antisocial and on occasion downright rude blasting me from my slumbers... why not go the hole way and pipe the soddin' Reveille...! (My boredom, does it show?)
  11. Is it the cognac mixed stuff, couldn't tell you what the official name of it is though?
  12. There's no difference in the cost of the fare regardless of which level of booking you choose to make. The difference is in what you get back if you cancel... if your genuine, i:e medical emergency, breakdown, bereavement or birth etc then you'll get your money back through your travel insurance... It's what we buy it for and the more we pay for it the older we get. I think a few travellers want their cake and eat it by booking multiple crossings then 2 or 3 months prior to travel finally commit to whichever crossing takes their fancy. If they are are Club Voyage members the 30% saving more than covers the current cancellation fee so they lose nothing whilst lessening the choice for other would be passengers. It's been a BF problem for a few years. In real terms this skews bookings and now due to the modernised system BF began to use 2 or 3 years ago which is very similar to the airlines, raises prices for everyone else the closer you get to sailing day as the booking engine thinks the ships are more full than they actually are. Do you, for example, jump on SAS, BA or Ryanair's website book multiple seats then choose which one you want closer to check in day... No you don't, so why should ferry travel be any different? The railways are cursed by it. Companies block book seats which invariably are never filled leaving hundreds on the platform, standing in aisles or paying through the nose.
  13. jonno

    BF Refit Season 2019-20

    The Astander website has a few decent images BF ships, Bretagne plus Cap & Barfy berthed either side of the quay.
  14. Yarn bombers, I love it!
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