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  1. That's how they manage to berth WBY in Milford.
  2. The quay levelling also has to be done.
  3. Thanks Colin, in laws have travelled with C&M and have found them good value too. I noticed the plastic door entry card in the photo, I've got a few of those rattling around in a draw.
  4. jonno


    Yes, please do Colin.
  5. I believe a bit of restrained finesse is being attempted... there are lady's present afterall.
  6. jonno

    BF Refit Season 2019-20

    Na, too realistic that one Ed. Maybe if you mention the Condor pink stripe all the BF ships are getting?
  7. Yes Tony I got it... I was being daft... prefer giggleberries myself.
  8. Er, what's a badoohdah, is it from an ancient text picked up on your worldy travels... papyrus scroll perhaps?
  9. Best day of the year 11th March...!
  10. Just wait, this time next year Cap Finistere will be sailing her timetable. I'll put money on it. Economie to and from Le Havre will be a thing of the past.
  11. I get what you mean but Brittany Ferries is the group name which comprises of the bank, SOMABRET, SOMANOR & BAI. The first three get the lions share concerning their ships and BAI get all of the money from theirs. The charter fees are low hence why there was an investigation triggered by P&O stating that the financial arrangements gave BAI an unfair advantage but ultimately it was decided that the bank and Societies would never have an intention to charter them to anyone else on routes they serve so the point was moot. The Societé chartered vessels are paid for from the income they generate some of which is given back to BAI to cover maintenance. All four within the group earn a profit from them. Bretagne cost £55m, in today's money that's around £136m. I think they've all done well out of her and the arrangement has meant that BAI still exist and have gone on to bigger and better things.
  12. Yep I was being general, my fault. The bank who originally invested in her would get their percentage too.
  13. All of the tonnage is drawn down over a 20 year term. The charter cost is fixed at the outset so what BAI pay now is probably what they still pay. SOMABRET pay for all the maintenance etc from the return on their investment. The beauty about amortising is that when she's sold, whether it be €5m or €35m it's all put on the books as profit. BF would probably get €30m for her. Oscar Wilde was sold to GNV for €29m and she's a little older.
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