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  1. You need a VE 103 form which the AA, BVRLA or the RAC can supply.
  2. Arrr... arrre... arrrera... Oh sod it, I sound like a bulldog chewin' a wasp!
  3. Used it last night without any problems. It's also one of the few sites which recognised the reg plate as a motorhome, height & length spot on too.
  4. Simply put? 2 berth cabins are a waste of space and lower cabin sales to families which is their core business. They are penalised by having to book 2 cabins at greater cost and separating the family unit. Club Voyage offers significant savings which to be fair more than compensate for the average £20 difference between a 2 or a 4 berth cabin. Travelling on a day sailing from France would mean a standard 2+2 cabin would be free of charge anyway.
  5. Oh I dunno, most of the ferries only have 2 or 3 cabins suitable for wheelchair users anyway. Running with them empty wont break the bank.
  6. MY mum has a radiogram the size of a sideboard my grandad give her as a wedding present, still works and gives off more heat than her back room radiator. Nice bit of furniture. There's a bloke with a shop on West Derby Road in Liverpool which is an Aladdin's cave of weird and wonderful radio/wireless/TV stuff dating back to '50's, he continued to run it after he dad died. The place is always full of enthusiasts searching for an elusive part. I could spend hours in there.
  7. If it's got the carbon footprint of a yeti, then sadly yes. They're trying to push through legislation limiting generator use at fairgrounds too. You can't beat the heady scent of diesel, doughnuts, candyfloss & hotdogs sitting on the dodgems with Van Halen bursting yer lug 'oles.
  8. As me old dad use to say. don't be shy... if you've got it, get it out!
  9. Sitting here with the French doors open it's currently 22c... thinking of slathering on the beef dripping and getting out there in me trolleys and knotted hankie.
  10. I think so, mains voltage halogens have been banned from sale since 2018. Some suggest that it's cheaper to replace halogens for LEDS before they need to as the ongoing energy cost of a halogen is far greater than the price of a new LED.
  11. Right so it's a personal choice then? Personally I find they get grubby anyway regardless of which country I'm travelling in but come up nice & sparkly when I can be bothered to wash the cars or van. For me life's too short to worry about whether my car stickers are mucky or not. Number plates with U.K. on them are readily available. I'd also argue that les than 1% of those abroad are actually bothered until they return home. No one will stop anyone from travelling because their country vehicle sticker or plate isn't politically correct just at they don't stop U.K. drivers with headlights which require beam converters on older vehicles. Anyone out there know that their halogen bulbs at home, in their vans & wobble boxes are now illegal and have been since Sept 1st? Florescent lighting will be illegal in 2023. Might not seem important but I bet there's more owners of those than there are those currently worrying about whether they can travel abroad or not. How's that one for a lack of publicity?
  12. Why would I remove them, I'll be in the U.K.? A bit of heat from a hair drier will remove an acrylic sticker easy enough. Only needed bit of heat & dental floss to remove the chrome GB letters which have been there that long I thought they'd be chemically bonded. Mind you I'll probably get bored with the vehicles before any U.K. sticker attached.
  13. Don't know what the big deal is. Oval U.K. vehicle stickers are readily available on Amazon for £1.79, ordered 3 yesterday.
  14. It's this damned new sat nav... honest! What! Nothing like soaking in the tub with yer Maccy D's brekkie after sitting in a traffic jam, I'm off Topics... got a taste on orange Twirls though. I ply my mouth with them regularly.
  15. Very true. The other week (7th Aug) it took us 10 hours to travel from Skye to Harrogate in the car not the moho... Did stop at Cairn Lodge though as we'd lost the will to live sitting on the M74 next to Strathclyde Country Park for 40 mins in terrible weather and hadn't eaten since a well earned Maccy D's breakfast at Fort William. I think the A66 is resurfaced now.
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