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  1. Interesting. Maersk Nijmegan depicted in your opening post has a draft of 10m which is greater than at least 4 vessels on the list above. If AJQ has a length of 290m surely there's enough anti collision space in order for a 225m vessel to swing and If the FHQ berths need to be clear for the 2550 TEU, 210m ships, having the same for the Feedermax is business as usual rather than an added risk? Consider the ferries, there's a big difference between a 200m Superfast and a 215m E-Flexer swinging in Fountain Lake without banging into HMS Bristol.
  2. Shippax are reporting that P&O have discontinued this route due to low numbers and also state that crossings were ceased before Christmas
  3. The three of them will be cruise ferries with restaurants, cafe's, club lounge, shops and pet friendly cabins.
  4. I've been looking forward to these Steve, been following your site closely and have enjoyed watching it expand. Thanks for sharing on BFE. There's loads of internal space for a vessel with a sub 1000 pax capacity. Even visually she looks a bit classier than WBY, even the loo's for the Plus Lounge, which, again for me, overlooking the bow is a fine idea on such a short sea route. My hunch is that this will be a self service or A la Carte aboard Galicia. I'm also hoping the sky bar is retained too. I'm also now wondering if BAI will be adding balconies to their added deck 7 cabins in a similar way to those stern facing on Estrid's deck 8. Looks like "Mission Holyhead" is a go... better tell the missus!
  5. The only restriction I can think of is beam width which for the Maersk Feedermax vessels is about 37m. The Albert Johnson Quay has the maintained depth and quay length for them - about 220m long with a draft of 9m. A 2500 Feedermax has a beam of around 32m.
  6. BF as a whole never say anything unless they really have to and when they do on many occasions it's only a very brief grey response such as their fondness for the term "technical issue". It was only through forum members having a bit of dig that we discovered both Galicia and Salamanca would actually be later than originally announced, no one at BF Towers said a word. They're certainly not about to say anything concrete regarding Honfleur or Normandie this early in the year. I doubt they'll be selling Normandie though as SOMANOR was created to include Le Havre and the financial input of Seine-Maritime and apart from the Chartered Etretat they don't have another vessel unless they build, buy or charter one.
  7. Well noted...If I recall we once had a chat regarding the very thing. I thought BF fitted them to VDL as part of her bow strengthening.
  8. There's an excellent set of photos in the gallery.
  9. Deck 5 just behind the dog kennels.
  10. I assume she is too, there was no mention of the term when Armorique appeared. It's associated with Honfleur as it's being used on the dedicated website.
  11. Possibly not, SOMANOR will need to use the staff aboard Etretat when they send her back to Stena.
  12. Yes she's number 3 of the 4 built. Olau Hollandia - Pride of Le Havre - SNAV Sardegna - GNV Cristal, the image is stock available on ShipSpotting.com. She's only had two owners though, TT LIne & MSC. Potted history for this rainy Tuesday... No1, Peter Pan - Spirit of Tasmania - Fjord Norway - Princess of Norway - Princess Seaways. No2, Nils Holgersson - Val de Loire - King of Scandinavia - King Seaways. No4, Olau Britannia - Pride of Portsmouth - SNAV Lazio - GNV Atlas. The four are enlarged versions of the 1981 built Olau Hollandia & Olau Britannia which still sail today. The former is the Almariya on a route between Spain & Morocco. The latter is more well known having been Julia sailing from Swansea to Cork then Wind Perfection and is now Moby Zaza.
  13. You mean in case the gears seize up or rust?
  14. Colin is right, the stern ramp is fully closed, it's shaped a bit like this:
  15. Color Hybrid switches to battery power when entering ports giving her an hours worth of power. Her batteries weigh 65 tonnes. She can carry 2000 pax & 500+ cars. She's been in service since last August. https://ulstein.com/color-hybrid
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