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  1. Welcome Grego, I take a weekly dose of a cytotoxic drug which is used in cancer treatment, It was stopped in March (13th) due to it being an immunosuppressant which took around a month to leave my system... I tested positive for COVID Wed' March 25th. With the knowledge of us hoping to travel to France on July 4th, my consultant was confident in restarting my treatment this week and was told I needed to shield myself until this coming Wednesday. Maybe have a chat with your wife's consultant as you have the best part of 8 weeks until the Friday sailing? Currently Spain & England are ending the 14 day quarantining July 1st, the announcement was made last week, but there's a caveat. At the moment the ports on the list are Vigo & Bilbao...Cantabria are currently negotiating with Madrid to have Santander open too. I'll stick to the three key points, hand washing, sanitiser and a decent mask when appropriate. I'm not worried about the close proximity climbing stairs as it's more face to back not face to face. I won't do gloves as that can spread it worse than skin as you can sanitise your hands regularly in communal areas, you can't clean your gloves. With onboard shopping I'll keep in mind what my dad used to say to me as a kid, 'Oi, yer look with yer eyes not yer hands'. Hope you manage to travel.
  2. Yey 36pts, chuffed with that... took a lot of thinking and help from the missus!
  3. They're by a guy named Nick Webb who's a graphic designer and attends the model shows. His box frame art sells for around £35 - £50 but I tend to buy them in greeting card form for around £4 then stick them in an IKEA box frame, again around £4 to achieve the same look. The difference is there's no signature & no caption. http://www.wallartworx.com/index.html
  4. So far 31pts and lots of question marks... Q3 I put home shopping? Q4 I just put Barbary? Q14 I just put giant tortoise? Q17 didn't put land before crab. Q18 for wideawake I just put birds. Q21, I put Penguin without the word News. Q28 - Ormer I put snail. Q31, Sark I just put invaded.
  5. I don't understand the connection with Watford or Thetford? The porker & Bugatti are Chinese, out of lego's factory in Jiaxing. I had a tour of the factory in Billund last year when we stayed in Hvid Sande and was given a few goodies too!
  6. That was tough Ed, well done matey a lot of work went into that.
  7. One of my ancestors was a guard on St Helena!!
  8. I have have quite a few of the Technic sets, most are now in the loft in plastic boxes as I need the space having seriously increased De Agostini's profits due to full kits of the E Type, Shelby & VW T2.
  9. We know Jet2 are starting a full service at the beginning of July to fly to Spain & Italy which means there will be no self distancing at the airports or on the aircraft. Why should anyone believe the ferries will be any different?
  10. Thanks Ed, strong work there, I lost track quite early on.
  11. Nice! I can just about manage a couple of tomato & strawberry plants, I can eat cherry toms like sweets.
  12. Hey Neil, what's growing under the green netting on the left?
  13. It's behind the water butt on the right.
  14. Make sure yer bike chain is oiled Neil... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-52819189
  15. Fans of the ship will appreciate your sympathetic use of the older livery, you've been thoughtful Ed, no one can deny it.
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