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  1. ...and a ticket price probably 3 times the price of a ferry.
  2. All of the houses on our small estate had 6 fitted during the build stage as standard, all part of the house price and eco standard they had to build them to. These houses don't lose heat and all have an 'A' EPC cert with around 95 SAP points. If we'd had a EV they'd even fit a wall mounted charger as a cost option. It's why we chose it, oh and the huge driveway we can fit 4 cars and two motorhomes on so we can even it out with our petrol head carbon footprint! Thinking on... the motorhome is quite green too with two 200Ah lithium batteries, two 160w very thin solar panels & a Victron
  3. Had a chat with Ed Alsford. The prototype is a scaled down product. First flight of a full size - yes full size - 12 seater is planned for 2023. These will hopefully, or dare I say, theoretically go into production during 2024/25. A 50 seater is 'a long term plan'. That's as much as he'd commit to say. They're a great idea but having the chat I think they're more about limited capacity Caribbean island hopping and short connections to the Keys for the rich and shameless. Let's not get excited about nipping to Cherbourg just yet. We need improved woven composites as the airframes need
  4. What, 12 degrees! You're from Yorkshire and a bloke, you should be walking around in yer trolleys n flip flops in that kind of heatwave, what's as bit of rain? Nothing wrong with vertical swimming. It's really nice and warm in Yorkshire... apart from the smell mind, farmer is doing the fields over the road and his missus' horse has left a nice gift for someone with roses about 10 feet from the front door. Stay where you are and learn them a new language!
  5. They'll need to perfect lithium sulphur batteries first.
  6. It doesn't matter how many cases there are as long as they're not getting admitted to hospital (and then to ITU). You can't just use a countries case rate per 100,000 for one example and a localised area for another. U.K. case per 100,000 is currently 55.2.
  7. Fair enough but have a look at dashboard.covid19.data.gouv.fr rather than a media outlet. Let's just take the areas of France BF sail to for yesterday. Brittany, New hospitalisations, 8. A total of 425. New ITU patients, 0. A remaining total of 45. Normandy, New hospitalisations, 19. A total of 866. New ITU patients, 0. A remaining total of 110. Combined that's new admissions 27, a total of 1291. ITU patients 155. that's for a population of 6.7 million. Across the 4 U.K. nations. New hospitalisations 7. A total of 1058. New ITU patients 0. A remaining t
  8. @Shipping Forecast Good man, top post fella!
  9. Well that's nonsense. There's over 13,500 in hospital and over 2,300 in ITU. French figures yesterday were equal to the U.K's at the end of February. It's taken a month for England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales to see a further 18 ITU cases. France had a further 26 yesterday, 12 in Paris alone. We've had Delta over here since April, officially the 21st, (VOC-21APR) when we had 276 patients in ITU across the four nations, today a full 7 weeks later, we have 154. On the same day in April we had 1,892 Covid patients in hospital again across the four nations, today we have 1,024.
  10. I think I'll start getting the missus to do PCR tests during her private clinics, they're a licence to print money. Processing costs are around £20.50 each, that's how much the labs charge. 200 PCR core systems cost £122 from the likes of Promega, 61p each. The swab & tube packages suitable for Covid work out at 84p each from Alpha Laboratories. £21.95 for the whole procedure. Talk about profiting from disaster, Spivs were arrested for less during WWII.
  11. I do. I buy vehicles I like, I'm not interested in Mpg. for me it has to start everytime, stop rapidly when I brake hard and protect me. I want a car that's not made of tin foil or carbon fibre and is going to stop on a motorway not melt the brakes at the back of dinner plate sized wheels. I was in an 11 car pile up in France back in 2014. My Skoda Fabia Vrs was hit in the rear at 110 k/ph ripping out the nearside rear suspension and pushed me over 3 metres up the road into the outboard motor of a boat, I opened the door an stepped out, the cabin hadn't sustained any damage. Further up th
  12. It's BAI alone not BF as a whole plus if the powers that be want pax capacity for Le Havre they can easily stoke Barfy's boilers. This is about Condor revamping their conventional ferry offer it's not about BF.
  13. Said that when they got her especially at the price they paid for something no one else wanted leaving her tied to the quayside for over 4 years. They were that desperate they even entered into negotiations with none existent Euroferries.
  14. No the numbers won't be the same but the risk is still there for all individuals as no vaccine is universally effective. We'll still see fully vaccinated people admitted to hospital and we'll still see some of those die. It's the same with all viruses and bacteria we just learn to live with it and accept the risk.
  15. The only way they can stop infection is if everyone around you is vaccinated... until a mutation comes along that needs something else. The symptoms are same for all coronaviruses, not everyone losses smell or taste and they tend to be a later onset which could be brought on by all manner of ENT ailments associated with congestive build up. It's a mutating virus with a vast reservoir of carriers, infections will never be stopped. Everyone bangs on about Smallpox but that never changed, never mutated so never went on to produce variants. Don't know what you mean by reduced symptoms? I
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