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  1. jonno

    Preparing for no deal!

    A bit more on the IDP's. The new 1968 convention IDP will be available from 2500 post offices from February 1st. This is required for 23 of the remaining 27 EU member states plus Norway & Switzerland. The current 1949 convention IDP will no longer be available from the AA & RAC from February 1st, only from the above mentioned 2500 post offices. This will be required for the remaining 4 EU member states. Spain, Cyprus, Malta & Ireland. So as far as direct BF travel is concerned, the new 1968 IDP is needed for France with the current one needed for Spain & Ireland. Green Cards requested prior to 29th March will still remain valid until their 12 month period expires or your insurance renewal, whichever is sooner. Personally I found that having a Green Card was quickly interpreted by overseas officers and sped up my RTA claim as only the internationally recognised issued numbers were required rather than a translation of an insurance document.
  2. jonno

    Brexit effect on BF

    I notice this week that Dieppe is now part of the same port authority as Cherbourg & Caen. I would assume that they would be able to spread some freight movements accordingly. Three French ferry ports based in Normandie have decided to join forces.In fact, Caen-Ouistreham and Cherbourg were already united in ‘Ports Normands Associés’ (PNA).Dieppe (photo) was added to these two ports, to create ‘Ports de Normandie’. Chairman is Hervé Morin, former chairman of PNA.MD is Philippe Deiss, also former MD of PNA. Together, the three ports have six ro-ro berths, and see some 200,000 freight units per year, ferried across by DFDS (Transmanche Ferries), Brittany Ferries and Irish Ferries.
  3. Yep, bonkers isn't it? They also want to go all electronic and digital too...and you know how clever they are at doing things like that, just ask the NHS who didn't even want or need a new electronic platform useless or not. What's that old joke again? The Tories are the cream of Britain... Rich, thick and full of clots..!
  4. jonno

    Preparing for no deal!

    Thing is G4rth the MIB are producing a new green card for release after March so any issued prior to then won't be valid. I've always opted to buy an IDP, It's habit formed since the days of the green licence, now I use it as another form of I.D and it's kept separate from my wallet and passport in case either is lifted or lost. A fiver well spent as far as I'm concerned.
  5. jonno

    Preparing for no deal!

    Yep, our Post Office 5 mins away has them and so does Knaresborough which is 10 mins away. Most are also open on a Sunday now as well. The AA will stop issuing them from the end of January and won't issue any now for use post March. Oh and regardless of a No Deal scenario you won't need one for Ireland. If you have an EU standard licence there is still a fair chance that an IDP won't be required for Italy Portugal or Spain.
  6. jonno

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    No the third one, out of shot as the dock is a bit further over to the right, already being built is for Stena too. They'll begin laying the keel for Galicia once Estrid's dock is drained later today.
  7. Bretagne's commodore cabins have been dusty with poorly vacuumed carpets (if at all?), fluffed air con and even hairy showers and sinks for a few years now. I raise the issue every time with on board guest services which usually results in a five minute wipe over and a quick hoover. I've never been offered any form of compensation and have never been contacted by any shore based customer service team. I'm mindful that in the first instance my size and shaved head can be intimidating so I back off, maybe I'm being too friendly? I think one of the problems is that cabins which are only used during peak months, as the accommodation is under used at other times, are ignored. They're never cleaned prior to first occupation. Dust and fluff build up as the air con still operates whether they're occupied or not.
  8. jonno

    Booking Document Query

    Yes I knew they were using the database, I just hadn't seen the make or model specifics before although I did notice they were on the 2011 LD examples both @neilcvx& @Cabin-boy posted on the Normandie/Economie thread. I haven't put my car on a BF ship since 2015 and the other four companies I have used since then, or an up and coming late March Fjordline booking aren't as in depth. I wonder if Irish Ferries use it?
  9. Just booked a hotel break for the end of February beginning of March and on receiving the emailed documents I've noticed that the make, model, exact length & height of my car is printed on it. We usually book for the motorhome and it stays as the generic 6.5m x 4m, it's never specific. Is this a new feature of have BF been doing this for while now?
  10. Thanks for message.  Have problems with my eyes.  Don't think outlook at Poole is too optimistic e.g. no "Open Meeting" for 2018 yet, PELICAN possibly going with no replacement, not as many small cruise ships as expected -- but we shall just have to see.

  11. jonno

    Normandie not sailing as economie

    Yes I agree plus there's more than enough time until the end of March... Pelican...Her new parent company have publicly stated that they want her back at the end of the charter. BF were very quick to release a presser stating that she's been secured until February 2018 and even quicker to release another soon after saying it's extended to February/March 2019, that was just over two years ago, there's been nothing since. Her timetable also ends at the end of March.
  12. jonno

    P&O To Reflag Entire Fleet

    According to what P&O said to Shippax it's about "fewer inspections and delays" and "favourable tax tonnage arrangements" due to Cyprus being in the EU.
  13. jonno

    P&O To Reflag Entire Fleet

    Good question, she was originally Dutch owned so maybe there's something in the provenance?
  14. jonno

    Normandie not sailing as economie

    When you consider all of the truckstops around the M27, Southampton, Portsmouth and even out toward Winchester there are well over 200 spaces. The approaches into Dover have nothing, I think the nearest is Maidstone.
  15. jonno

    P&O To Reflag Entire Fleet

    I see you're point and in most circumstances it's probably true but in some instances it does have an advantage. When we travelled to Zeebrugge from Hull all of the guest service staff were Filipino. All of them I spoke to said that the ship is so clean and tidy as for 6 months a year it's their home and is treated as such and that they have little financial outlay allowing them to take 90% of their earnings home with them. We had no problem offering tips either as the often used customer service term 'added value' was true to every member of staff who looked after us.