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  1. We know Jet2 are starting a full service at the beginning of July to fly to Spain & Italy which means there will be no self distancing at the airports or on the aircraft. Why should anyone believe the ferries will be any different?
  2. Thanks Ed, strong work there, I lost track quite early on.
  3. Nice! I can just about manage a couple of tomato & strawberry plants, I can eat cherry toms like sweets.
  4. Hey Neil, what's growing under the green netting on the left?
  5. It's behind the water butt on the right.
  6. Make sure yer bike chain is oiled Neil... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-52819189
  7. Fans of the ship will appreciate your sympathetic use of the older livery, you've been thoughtful Ed, no one can deny it.
  8. Has to be done Ed, nothing wrong with a bit of Lego. I take it Cotentin is next on the list, start with something a bit easier before tackling Pont Aven?
  9. Vehicle traffic maybe instructed to only travel to the port directly or BF could switch to using Poole and Cap Finistere to Plymouth?
  10. The Olau's and Pride of Bilbao did the same at Portsmouth. The Captain gave an announcement explaining why the bow visor was raised just prior to arriving and departing the berth. I don't know if it was the same at Cherbourg or Le Havre but PoB always moored stern on at Santurtzi. Great photo's and information, this thread is excellent!
  11. This isn't an industry rumour, the Spanish Foreign Minister has confirmed it after it was finalised during a cabinet meeting yesterday.
  12. The 14 day quarantine for U.K visitors to Spain will end on the 1st July. Jet2 will resume full services to Spain & Italy from the same date. Greece and Croatia will follow later. 40% of Ryanair flights will resume from the U.K on the same day and their other hubs across Europe will also recommence.
  13. This is from a Spanish local newspaper I follow... The 1st link involved Santander port. https://info.vocento.com/optiext/optiextension.dll?ID=GcdGauuMtBU%2BH2IXnR1BTgqB4ME6%2BD86Q_JiK9mqOSS84k7WPrZhAvUfwVqKLoiaspkuxCYtOC8AW5Zabr6ufVIsGnvaG https://www.eldiariomontanes.es/cantabria/gobierno-excluye-puerto-20200525205207-ntvo.html#vca=226805&vso=nw&vmc=20200525091325-0700-100-diaria_manana_0115&vli=re_plant-c-not-1-gde&vus=cf4d65f4e2a94d4ea1067b1f80c57bf1
  14. Shows the last time I travelled on her.
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