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    I don't know where to put these now as "Other Operations" has gone? The ship which will be used to re launch the route to St Nazaire, Balearia's Visentini Sicilia, will be LNG converted between October & December 2019.
  2. Cwind cats based at Grimsby have a white light on the mast above the wheelhouse and they'll do 30kts... another contender. They also have one of the new Shannon's...with a bright light on the mast.
  3. Not to Dudgeon in the North Sea, ESVAGT don't use them but some of their transfer vessels are very quick and could easily be mistaken for a lifeboat in poor light, their rescue RIB's are no different to the RNLI's.
  4. The tip of Spurn Point is where Humber RNLI station is there's also the RIB's at Withernsea & Cleethorpes. They all have a white light on a mast above the wheelhouse/cockpit. It's more noticeable on the standard & Atlantic Severns, Humber has a standard Severn. It'a busy year for them as all of the Mersey's & Severn's are being replaced with the new Shannon so there's a good chance they'll be seen bombing around at all hours as crews become acclimatised to them. If on a call an all weather lifeboat is travelling twice as fast as a DFDS ferry plodding along at 12/13kts.
  5. I'd suggest that it was the RNLI too. From the Tyne to Southwold ( where DFDS stay close to shore), including around 6 RIB's there must be nearly 20 of them. Trent's, Severn's, Tamar's and the new Shannon's.
  6. I suppose just like many other forum members, a two minute tick box questionnaire arrived in my inbox today. It would appear that BF are looking into giving Club Voyage members the opportunity to pre book the restaurant prior to sailing. Basically BF want to know what percentage of the meal price you're prepared to pay upfront, if a preferred time option is attractive and also the ability to cancel without penalty.
  7. She was listed on Horizon for a grand total of 5 days at the end of February, there are other scraps of info too which would suggest that she's being moved on to warmer waters.
  8. Bow and stern thruster tunnels have armoured casings, are fitted with a type of shock absorbing and the blades are now formed using a slightly different metal composition. It's very interesting stuff, there's a lot of work going on to see about harnessing bow thruster cavitation energy. It's about reducing oxidation and trying to make the process electrolytic by using cathodes and higher concentrations of zinc & copper. A salt bridge isn't required as it's already present in the salinity of the water. A single cathode measuring 5x7cm similar to what is used in non invasive brain stimulation has an Eo of .76v so ok you'd need to build a large array within the tunnel for little return however again it's more about damage limitation by reducing oxidation which in turn lessens cost heavy maintenance and environmental impact ( can you imagine what effect these explosive bubbles are having on sealife?). The shipping companies are under immense pressure from two directions, they must lessen the amount of wasted energy and their carbon footprint and reduce the impact of every vessel they have has on the environment.
  9. Ah Otto Grim, the German Navy during WWII would have been nothing without him. I remember when Vladimir Shigunov was a researcher in Strathclyde Uni' about 15 years ago, I was up there when my missus was doing her MD. He's now at DNV looking at reworking Grim's propeller.
  10. It about reducing energy loss. Blade rotation produces low pressure which creates holes in the water, these then fill with air slowing propulsion. The smaller addition reduces these holes which in turn maintains more of the energy produced by the main prop. There should also be a reduction in the damaging vibration which in time is destructive, it's caused as these air pockets/bubbles explode against the different metals... a reduction in cavitation. Now we know why PA sailed to Astilleros, Wartsila make them in Santander. Flettner rotors are what Viking fitted to Grace and will also be on her Chinese built sister and work in tandem with her LNG plant. If BF are looking into hybrid systems as a way to power Cap Finistere in the future the oft' circulated rumours of her impending sale after the new builds arrive seem a bit off the mark?
  11. My feelings too especially for only €140m... and to think I'm having a week in Denmark including flights & hire car for less than one way in a WBY suite. My cancelled July 2018 crossing now may be a dodged bullet. For me Oscar Wilde was the saving grace of all Irish sea crossings, even the large reception area felt cosy, the rest are all very utilitarian. I won't be surprised if Ulysses' replacement is no better and now she's had her more flamboyant refit, I bet she's in the shop window ready to depart on the QT in 18 months... When you consider that you're only aboard MSM for 90 minutes longer than Isle of Inishmore, two very similar vessels built on the same blocks, there's no contest in terms of onboard quality. You're right, the extra funding in Honfleur isn't just due to the bespoke LNG set up, there's far more going into the quality of the consumer services & public spaces, She's costing near on €200m for a reason. I'm not really expecting much in the cabin dept though, they all seem to buying into the pseudo IKEA modular stuff now as it's a far simpler to maintain and clean. Oh, no joy on the pics on my end either.
  12. Yep, my in laws are still off on their travels in the same way as they were when I met them nearly 28 years ago, they're both 83 this year.
  13. Think is though, Ringaskiddy is 10 miles from Cork and if memory serves there's no special shuttle just a public bus service which doesn't run in the mornings after peak hour.
  14. I like the part which say's that BF can sell their extra sailings back to the market... Really, what market? If it was there, the sailings would already exist. If you subtract the Seaborne money then add the compensation paid to Eurotunnel this little kneejerk operation has already cost the tax payer double. Personally I think there's a few down at Horseferry Road tieing their Windsors a little too tightly...
  15. Ah, yes I see... There's a rumour you're chauffeured so your caviar doesn't fall off the cracker?
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