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  1. I disagree. I'd rather have a vessel fit for purpose rather than one which is shabby, a bag of spanners and has reliability issues. When it comes to customer offer in terms of wines and food, the decisions made will be fleet wide they won't be targeted to individual vessels. I agree with your observations regarding Cap Finistere but the simple fact is that she is expensive to run, has limited passenger space and doesn't offer the cabin variety you find in the other Spanish sailing ships. Her lack of commodores is a very real reason why some won't even contemplate sailing on her. If you're of the opinion that the E-Flexer should be branded Economie what about Armorique?
  2. You need to get the inflammation down. I swear by Voltarol gel when I have a flare, 2.32% liberally slathered on the hot spots. Ask your GP for a script of Diclofenac or get the pink Cuprofen 400mg from your pharmacy. Take a max of 2 tabs 3x daily for a few days. Take a couple of fizzy Solpadol too, they disperse faster than pills. Something for the inflammation & something for the pain. Try and stay in one place as you don't want to start jangling your sciatic nerves... trust me, that's not fun at all. This from a bloke who until 2 years ago could only walk 300 metres before being in agony, proper head spinning pain, and was told that if I refused medication I'd be in a wheelchair at 60 (I was 51 at the time) but is now on the highest dose allowed of self injecting Methotrexate which has been an absolute game changer. I can now do 4 mile walks around Fountains Abbey. Ok I'm now severely immunosuppressed as it's a nasty cytotoxic drug also given as part of Chemotherapy and kills skin cells if you don't wipe any drip off your legs but hey, if I catch Covid again at least I can walk to A&E!
  3. Eh Ian, you carry on mate. It's not rambling it's more of a diversion due to technical difficulties.
  4. 386 compared to Bretagne's 356. I bet there'll be a lot more fake oak vinyl panel tiled flooring rather than carpet. P&O did it when they refitted their captain's suites and very nice it was too. Many of the Scandi ships have gone the same way. Again another point well made Ed, it's the bits you don't see which seem to be ignored. Granted it's been over a year but there was a more rigorous approach aboard Normandie July 2020, hopefully this will continue. Normandie II will also see an increase plus a further 30 commodores.
  5. Yer see? Now you're speakin' my language fella!
  6. I'm interested to see what they do with the new St Malo E-Flexer. Having nearly 100 commodores, which is over a quarter of all her cabins, BF clearly have a particular demographic they're looking to attract. There's onboard car charging too.
  7. 'ang on we'll be back to separate priority boarding lanes and a trouser press next... OOH can I have a valet, I struggle with my socks now as I've morphed from Bodie to Bulgy.
  8. I missed a punctuation mark out after 'maybe not' which makes the sentence read opposite to what I meant to say. With Bretagne II have a further 79 commodores there maybe more justification in having a waiter service especially on the evening sailing to St Malo. What disappoints me is the lack of choice. On board many other ferries you'll find a pizzeria, Italian restaurant or a steakhouse/grill for example as well as an a la carte & a self service. Ok it's still formulaic but it's a choice nevertheless plus they'll have a gluten free option-ask for a gluten free bread roll on a BF ship and it takes them 10 minutes to hunt one down-they don't tend to cater to dietary requirements. They're French ships, even the Upper Crust in your local railway station does better sandwiches and baguettes and M&S do a better croque monsieur. The restaurant food has been bog standard for a couple of decades now, it's certainly not on a par with how it was in the '90's. Fills a hole I suppose. Take Galicia for example, they're basically giving the food away with your ticket now. Personally I don't know what all the Le Flora or Les Abers fuss is about. Maybe it's because my lifestyle changed, been all over the place and sampled authentic food in an authentic atmosphere going where the locals go regardless of how chic the place looks... I dunno? Maybe I'm just hard to please or have become even more of a cantankerous sod as I've got fatter, balder and need to sit closer to the gents!
  9. Maybe so but it's not translating into hospital admissions, France has just over 1200 in ICU beds, the 4 nations of the U.K. has 780. Both have a similar number overall in hospital, around 7100. It's not getting any worse, it's not getting any better either and its probably as good as it'd going to get anyway. If other nations tested in the same volume as the U.K. we may just find that the numbers aren't that much different. The U.K. has done how many tests, 320 million? that's the equivalent of nearly 5 tests for every adult. France is next with about 146 million, equivalent of 2 tests per countryman or woman. Spain? 1.5 tests. Germany which has more patients in critical condition than any of the other larger nations of Europe hasn't really bothered testing. Their equivalent is less than 1 per man woman or child.
  10. Maybe not on the ordered smaller E-Flexer, Bretagne II for instance will have a further 79 commodore cabins.
  11. You can have mine, I hate turkey. Rather lick the underside of a maggoty bin lid. What are the options? Well, there'll be 10 of us this year, 8 in the house and 2 in the motorhome. Salmon mouse to start. Probably a nice topside this year, two of them as I like mine cooked, not raw. Use the juices in the dish for the gravy with cornflour and few splashes of Sarsons browning. Now... the sprouts, I like to give 'em a quick whizz in the blender then shallow fry in butter with a handful of chopped onion & smoked lardons. Couple of caulies quartered and something else green... maybe a savoy cabbage oh and roasted parsnips, just shave the carrots, chop their heads and feet off and throw them in a big pan. Par boil the 5kg of spuds give them a shake then bung them in both bigger ovens with a jar of goose fat... lovely. Christmas pud hidden under extra thick cream. Then I'll sit in the corner with my quality street and fizzy water and go to sleep. Pork on Boxing Day with an apple jelly glaze (not too early as it can caramelise). My big sis makes the best apple jelly... served with mash, the rest of the lardons fried with chopped up black pudding, boiled whole carrots with coriander and probably the last of the 'snips, roasted with the spuds and a bit of honey and sesame seeds. We've got great farm shops up here, orders are in already. Missus puts her feet up and I get on with it but hopefully I'll have a bit of help this year. Howzat for off topic! it's like a sunny Sunday afternoon stroll into another dimension. Frightening isn't it?
  12. Local hospital here is very, very busy with only 8 empty beds - 15 Covid, the latter being a broad cross section of already unwell elderly care, those in their 30's/40's 2x vaxxed but in general lifestyle induced poor health and young unvaxxed. A fair bit Norovirus which closes wards compounding the problem and an upscale of severe none Covid respiratory infections. H went to work at 8 am came home around 1900 and was back in at 2100, rang at around 2230 to say she's staying there for a bit yet.
  13. What...! What's that you say...! Chocolate orange Toblerone...! I've done Yorkie, Twirl & Galaxy orange so now I must find the Toblerone...! Nurse? NUURRRSSE!!!!!
  14. BF have already stated that Poole will be their destination port for the rail freight heading into the U.K. There's no real comparison to make. Cotentin came along during a global economic meltdown, the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930's, she then spent nearly 8 years at Stena before returning during the grip of a pandemic. A huge amount has changed during this period. Both Transmanche & LD have gone, their numbers needed to go somewhere... and Cherbourg has become an increasingly popular departure and arrival point for both passengers and freight... pre Covid the the volume of traffic on the combination of sailings from Poole & Portsmouth were 2nd only to Caen. Poole-Cherbourg needs the freight space, with a little fettling Cotentin gives them this and the ability to continue to carry an equal number of passengers without a huge outlay on new tonnage.
  15. Poole-Cherbourg is more about freight than passengers, it's why Barfy runs with a reduced capacity of 450. A revised Cotentin could easily be increased to match. I doubt BF would want to decrease her freight capacity, it's her raison d'etre. Of all of the BF full time channel ferries she has the highest freight capacity. As she is now she already has more cabins than Barfy, albeit 2 berth en suites, but she only has around 30 less beds. P.S. Poole might just get Normandie?
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