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  1. Portsmouth is usually a 6 hour drive with a pit stop if we use the A43 passing Towcester & Silverstone for the M40 rather than use the M42. When we travel to Ouistreham we always opt for the AM sailing. We'll either overnight in one of the check in lanes or leave around midnight. Both options still mean I sleep until dinnertime in the cabin. Problem with that is I'm then awake too late the following night, compounded by the time adjustment. Ideally we opt for the St Malo sailing then drive for 3 hours at most back into Normandy as it doesn't knacker my sleep cycle and we're
  2. If it was Stena or Irish Ferries I'd agree but not DFDS. They carried 400,000 passengers a year to Bergen, the cities biggest tourism market and the route also put over £10 million into the economy of the North East. That's 400,000 using one ship. It didn't stop them culling the route, putting 350 people out of work because they made more money sailing Ro/Ro's from Immingham... a service which they've also stopped selling the limited pax space on. DFDS used to sail to nine ports from Newcastle, now it's one. They'll probably run the two Peter Pans serving Holland into
  3. Regulan bloodworm, Loracus devil mite... T'Pol's Vulcan neuro pressure massage? ...you can only pick one.
  4. Q... Will I ever be bothered it it does or not? A... No. Both P&O & DFDS offer the all you can eat style for a fixed price which is highly popular and attracts 98% of those who travel on board. They don't seem to be worried about how many people will be in their eateries at any one time. All travellers will be heading from a Green country to another Green or at worst Amber country with all of the protocols adhered to having forked out the extra expense of a PCR test. When that time comes I don't really see what the problem is. You'll have more chance of getting f
  5. If passengers are prepared to pay about €1000 return and suitable tonnage can be found then maybe. For me, no. This is about freight, nothing more, nothing less and I wouldn't be surprised to see DFDS switch to a couple of Ro/Ro's instead of the passenger ships they currently charter.
  6. Ken is working on a website mini - guide to Normandy. Maybe we need another thread for Brittany so the two could run hand in hand?
  7. Word is Condor have the Incat for 2 years. Still trying to corroborate the story of a PIP -Cherbourg -CI's rotation.
  8. Yep, been on Bretagne a few times many moons ago crossing in very heavy seas, staircases trying to go over my head as I climbed and corridors disappearing under my feet. T4 AT Cheyenne... a 614 perhaps? (bit of an AT anorak!)right back to the days of Len Funnell and Abbey before he began building Broads cruisers.
  9. Current count I can find is total active 1,032,000, Hospital 30,596 with 6,000 in resuscitation - the Carte des patients en réanimation. Deceased is now 103,256. I read that France was approx ten weeks behind the U.K. in terms of the variant found in Kent so I'd suggest these figures aren't too surprising, they're very similar to what we had in January and the peak 45,000 in hospital with 6,000 of those in ICU. We were pushing 2 million active cases then.
  10. None. France currently has over 1 million active cases.
  11. Welcome to Nutters Anonymous! I think we'll be waiting until 2023 and the arrival of Santona before there's a hope of PA replacing Bretagne. Do you have a T4 A/S Clubman by any chance? Never understood why the monocoque was phased out, that thing could survive a nuclear winter.
  12. Valence, Ed I'd like to add why?...Is that so it could all be classed as a bit transitive?
  13. Heard now from two sources that there's a Portsmouth - Cherbourg - CI's return in the mix.
  14. I agree that Spain has arguably seen a rise, although their Minsterio de Sanidad figures are a two weeks old but Portugal's have been consistently low, averaging just under 500 cases per day and about 5 deaths. I think the numbers are something like 491.7 & 4.88. Any travel regardless of Green Red or Amber will still require a minimum of two PCR tests which for a family of mum, dad & two kids could add nearly £800 if you want same day turnaround so in all reality that will be cost prohibitive. Cheapest 2 day turnaround I've seen, which in effect is 3 days, is £89, that's stil
  15. With Portugal's current figures I'd happily travel there for a week or two, problem is, none of their seaports has any RoPax ferry facilities. Portimao possibly?
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