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  1. This isn't an industry rumour, the Spanish Foreign Minister has confirmed it after it was finalised during a cabinet meeting yesterday.
  2. The 14 day quarantine for U.K visitors to Spain will end on the 1st July. Jet2 will resume full services to Spain & Italy from the same date. Greece and Croatia will follow later. 40% of Ryanair flights will resume from the U.K on the same day and their other hubs across Europe will also recommence.
  3. This is from a Spanish local newspaper I follow... The 1st link involved Santander port. https://info.vocento.com/optiext/optiextension.dll?ID=GcdGauuMtBU%2BH2IXnR1BTgqB4ME6%2BD86Q_JiK9mqOSS84k7WPrZhAvUfwVqKLoiaspkuxCYtOC8AW5Zabr6ufVIsGnvaG https://www.eldiariomontanes.es/cantabria/gobierno-excluye-puerto-20200525205207-ntvo.html#vca=226805&vso=nw&vmc=20200525091325-0700-100-diaria_manana_0115&vli=re_plant-c-not-1-gde&vus=cf4d65f4e2a94d4ea1067b1f80c57bf1
  4. Shows the last time I travelled on her.
  5. Might be dirty screens, oils in the skin can block them. I'm considering a utility belt to hold hand wipes, alcohol spray, sanitiser, tissues etc. I don't think I need a mask, I have a cowl or do you think the black one I've made in the man (bat) cave is too much? The QR codes sound good, Mrs J has upgraded her phone to the new Ultra 20 and has convinced me to finally bin the Nokia Lumia and put my sim in her outgoing S9.
  6. Must be vintage, my Luis Viuitton Horizon 50 & 70 are made from canvas? I used a leather gloved hand on the DFDS screens last year and the Color Line ones in 2018, the gloves are quite thick as they have Kevlar in them.
  7. Ship size can be an illusion, Honfleur will be bigger than Pont Aven and dwarf MSM but will carry less passengers & Bretagne is a fair bit smaller than Armorique but can carry more passengers and has roughly 50% more berths. In pre COVID SOLAS regulated night configuration Monty can carry 1193 passengers as every passenger must have a berth or a reserved seat, that's only 2 more than Normandie, a ship which is 15 metres shorter, 2 metres narrower & 20% less GT. The reserved seating isn't being offered now plus I'd take her 800 car capacity with a pitch of salt due to the freight needs on the route, which is her raison d'etre. If both of the Ouistreham ships carried anywhere near their advertised passenger capacities the route would handle somewhere close to 1,800,000 a year and it just about see's half that. 50% without cabins on the larger ships will have to work otherwise no ship with passengers would sail from Dover and it would seriously curtail activity at Dublin & Belfast... and that's just in home waters. I doubt we'll see NEX, she's very expensive to run, burns fuel like a 747, and she has a limited season plus access to the vehicle deck can't really be allocated to aid self distancing, deck space is very limited and is usually packed with smokers and vapers... cue more angst if BF make the decision to keep her tied up and switch sailings to Barfy , the 'Tat, Norma or Monty. At the moment all of those passenger ferries built 30 years ago are looking very attractive with their large allocation of cabin/berths, big restaurants and multi deck promenades. I wonder if Irish Ferries are missing Oscar Wilde?
  8. This is the most up to date from the CDC which includes an ITU & general ward study. Note the date, it's for July 2020 https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/7/20-0885_article
  9. Had a quick look at the BF ships. If we look at just using cabin accommodation. Apart from Pont Aven all of the BF ships fall within those limits although PA's can be adjusted easily enough by restricting the Commodore's, Deluxe' and half of her Club cabins to 2 berth only. I also wonder whether the food offering will be the same across all of the onboard restaurants in order to stop greater numbers congregating in one. The link to Forbes is interesting, one thing they didn't mention is baggage handling in the aircraft hold, it's all communal and dependant on destination controlled tilt trays to send it to the appropriate gate and even if you use a self service check in will still be handled by around four ramp agents. COVID can live on plastic for 2-3 days, stainless steel 2-3 days & cardboard for a day. A lot of the northern European ferry terminals have self service touch screen check in, a disposable gloved hand would cope with that, I wouldn't be surprised if the carriers insisted on it, and the tickets/door swipes are all single use, issued per passenger and ultimately disposable.
  10. @AltranterIn July you won't be confined to your cabin,hence why the shops and most of the eateries will be open on board. you'll be allowed on deck too. Airlines can offer any price they like and might as well not bother with any measures on board as the damage will be done in the queues for security and all the open plan shops air side. Airports are designed to bunch everyone together and keep them penned in hours before their flight, that's the biggest obstacle they have to deal with and travellers know this. You won't be able to board an aircraft with a liquid bottle of hand sanitiser and you'll have to take your mask off too. Forget quarantining, with any type of self distancing air travel is knackered. Ferries will only be catering for travellers in their own vehicles, no footies, no cyclists, no coach parties. Unless Intelligence dictates I doubt there'll be any searches and once on board again due to limited numbers there will be a surprisingly large amount of space. You don't need to be wearing a mask at check in or passport control as you don't get out your car... It'll be no worse than visiting a supermarket. I'll bet a box of surgical masks and 6 hand sanitisers that the 14 day quarantine will be lifted for European ferry & shuttle travel on June 30th.
  11. The likes of MSM and Normandie will probably be running with only a third of their pax capacity, they'll just fill the cabins. There's a big difference between loading 775 or 2000+. The comment also suggests that footies and cyclists are not part of the equation either. Normandie has two stern staircases which could be used more for self distancing to and from the car decks too. It'll be more difficult for the others, CF only tends to run to her berth capacity anyway, same for the Visentini's so their port times could increase. This could be were Bretagne's dreaded deck 5 comes into it's own, you're isolated up there anyway and there's always scope in the schedule for Pont Aven to increase or lower her speed when at sea. With you mentioning touring I wonder if the municipal camping car Aires in the French towns and cities will be closed by order meaning that for those who do wish to travel in the cmaper vans or motorhomes they must choose a campsite. Personally I'm quite happy to sit under the wind out awning on a French site and not really do anything, just move to fill the water tank and empty the loo... Yep, I could do that professionally. I'd be quite happy doing that on a site in Devon or Dorset too... I have a feeling that the 14 day quarantining will only last three weeks for EU travel. It'll all change again July 1st. Masks, hand washing & sanitiser will be the future, that's as good as it'll get in any community until a decent vaccine is made. It's not too long ago when hospital visitors moaned about having to use hand sanitiser due to MRSA and C Diff now we do it without batting an eyelid. we'll get used to it.
  12. DFDS have said that the Newcastle ships will remain in Amsterdam until the 17th June, same goes for Pearl & Crown Seaways in Copenhagen. This from SHIPPAX. BU Short Routes & Passenger have extended the suspension of our Amsterdam – Newcastle and Copenhagen – Oslo services until 17 June. “Our ability to resume sailings is, as you know, very dependent on the national measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. “If our passengers can’t cross borders, we can’t sail and therefore have no alternative but to extend the suspension,” says Kasper Moos, Head of BU Short Routes & Passenger. “Our customer service colleagues are now working hard to inform our customers about this, rebook travel and handle requests. “We are all very eager to start sailing again, and we are even receiving requests from passengers who can’t wait to get out to sea with us. However, there is little we can do until the relevant nations have reopened borders for travellers and tourists. Even though some governments have indicated they will make a decision about this before mid-June, patience is still required as we don’t know what they will decide. We also need both Denmark and Norway to open their borders before we can start sailing on the Copenhagen – Oslo route. The same goes for the Netherlands and the UK for the Amsterdam – Newcastle route.” “As we informed earlier, working groups are already looking into which changes a post-Covid-19 operation will require in the market and on board. However, one thing is certain: When the borders reopen, we can offer one of the safest means of travel. There is plenty of space for social distancing on those large ferries, and passengers have their own cabins. We will of course continue to comply with all recommendations for using public areas and restaurants, including extra cleaning and disinfecting touchpoints to protect the health of both passengers and colleagues.”
  13. Been there loads of times and never seen a single taxi ,taxi stand or anywhere for footies to wait, as said there are no pavements, no pavement markings on the roads and no crossing points. The taxi rank which took passengers only as far as Santurtzi is still there in principle only, there's never a cab there and you had to pay for it to travel to the port hence why it was nearly 15 euros to travel about 3 kms. There is also no dedicated walkways or shuttle bus at the port to allow footies to disembark. Saying the port is in Bilbao is a bit like saying Chichester is in Portsmouth. Do BF sell foot passenger tickets on sailings to Zierbena? No they don't regardless of what either the Spanish or English port guides say.
  14. The use in the pad is for sterilisation, it's the construction of the scourer which keeps the droplets at bay holding them on the outer side for a longer period meaning that any moisture is more slowly absorbed into the inner layer of the bandit mask, It's not fool proof but it's better than a couple of pieces of fabric with kitchen roll in the centre which allows moisture through more or less on contact. Try a few drops of paint on a thin scourer and watch how it irrigates along the plastic web structure, it wants to run down not across. It's job is to slow and hopefully divert any moisture droplets. 90% is too strong, if the pad isn't fully dry you'll get drowsy, I also wouldn't recommend it as a hand sanitiser, 90% is too strong a concentration to absorb into the skin. It's why you only tend to see that strength and the 99% used in a surgical environment.
  15. Colin, being a modeller do you have any thin blown plastic or even thin stuff they make scourers out of? immerse it in Isopropyl alcohol (70%) and let it dry then sandwich it in between two layers of the bandit mask. The inner pad will be washable and usable after another soaking of the the alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is readily available and isn't expensive, make sure you can request the MSDS which will prove it's authenticity. We use a lot of it to remove the bubbles when soap is still in liquid form. It can also be used as a hand sanitiser with a 1.5% solution of Tea Tree or any other essential oil which takes your fancy. Ours passed the Cambridge lab and INCI tests for limited general healthcare use ( you use the 99.9% stuff for specialist healthcare) with higher values than some of the more known brands which only have an alcohol strength of 53%. In your car if you have fabric seats, try a diluted solution of non concentrated bio washing liquid, it breaks down and kills the nasties.
  16. We've got screens but the trolleys are all outside corralled in their bays. We're funnelled through the clothing section to the checkouts then told which one to go to... bit of a nightmare when someone is after socks or undies and kids clothing from supermarkets is very popular too, causes no end of bottlenecks, even more so when your Hagan Daz starts dripping out of the trolley and then they want to section off the spillage. Everyone can nip down the aisles any way they want so why be so selective at the checkouts? Anyone want to get recycling areas off their chest? ( don't all shout ME! at once), I've tried god knows how many times since they opened one in Harrogate two weeks ago, still no joy. Of course the other one in Harrogate is shut, so too are those in Ripon and Knaresborough, queues are about 3 miles long. Still, at least you can have a laugh and a joke with the Highways lads directing the traffic. Nothing like watch burly grown men in hi viz dancing to Whitesnake blasting out of the car windows, all we need are a few coppers and we can have the Village people. You're basically binning rubbish covered in crap after clearing out the garage but the rule is that you must wear gloves to protect others... who are parked outside 100 feet away, what's that about? (and breathe)...
  17. I'm not dismissing the use of masks, i'll wear my own when appropriate but if Germany can sell a quality EN type II mask in vending machines at all of their railway & bus stations and have been doing so for a few weeks now, surely it's possible across Europe. Most of us have steered clear of the questionable hand sanitisers cropping up all over the place which haven't been lab tested, why should we look at masks any differently? Together with good hand washing, they all go together to create a protective barrier. I deliver prescriptions and meals of a morning and haven't been advised once to wear anything, it was my missus who said to me "gloves, mask, sanitiser or else sunshine". Since the lock down I haven't seen one shop worker in a mask or gloves nor do I see them giving a spray or wipe to card readers between customers, has anyone else? Home delivery of any kind, apart from leaving it at the door and ringing the bell, are they handling our goods any differently, especially as they are consistently in and out of cold and ambient temperatures?
  18. She knows her stuff does Dr Ammon and in line with other experts says the virus will be here a very long time and won't go away until we have a vaccine. All of the EU countries are bracing for a potential 2nd wave, it's why private healthcare across Europe is still under gvt control and why the U.K still retains the Nightingales and it take roughly two weeks after some measures are lifted to see how the virus reacts. It's interesting how other European media outlets are reporting this, unlike the U.K where the Guardian are saying Should and the daily Mail say Will, the Baltic States, Germans & Scandinavians are reporting more uncertainty in their headlines. Truth is they don't know, they've never been in this position before so they need to watch and wait. So far, after countries have lifted components of their specific lockdown there has been no real increase and Dr Ammon herself mentions that it may never come, the measures that remain in place could be sufficient. Dr Ammon is one of the experts who says non surgical masks give people a false sense of security and there's really no evidence to suggest they reduce the risk of infection, she's also cautioned against classifying any governments performance during the pandemic by the national death toll and advocates that testing is key to recording a bigger picture as it's binary, a yes or no outcome. She was one of the authors and main voices behind the onset of population based surveys which have now begun across Europe since the beginning of May. Did a good speech last year at ESCAIDE, we were both due to go Warsaw this year, I'm the bag carrier, but I think it's online now.
  19. I ordered this last year. Including this I have another two on back order, Stena Line Fleet Book & Harwich - Hoek of Holland. Delivery this week of Ferries from the British Isles to Iberia, The North Sea Bridge & Ferries of Scandinavia.
  20. Maybe not as I think it now corresponds to the height of berths 3 & 4.
  21. A quality booth with extraction isn't totally necessary, a sturdy cardboard box with the side cut out works really well if well lit... but if you want to use enamels especially I'd look at an extraction booth. I've just bought the last one of these from Bartsharp but they have a host of others. https://bartsharpairbrush.co.uk/product/large-airbrush-spray-booth-led-lights/ They also do quality airbrush kits which won't break the bank but again they sell out rapidly.
  22. You are as mad as me, I still haven't got around to fitting the spokes into the wheels of the E-Type Jag although the Shelby Mustang went together quickly enough.
  23. Sorry David I don't agree, with a subject as serious a COVID, opinion is dangerous if it's not or can't be backed up by scientifically based evidence from proven and historically responsible sources. Twitter, Facebook, media etc etc are not the places to find facts. They're either click bait or manipulated for political or monetary gain. We all know the damage Whatsapp has caused. There was a supposedly genuine ITV piece on Youtube last night about a second wave of infection which was false and we have the idiot from Ryanair telling thousands over the airways that facemasks cut down infection by 98.5%... even those he's supposedly received the information from have publicly said he's wrong. Believe it or not there are those out there who'll think he's telling the truth and not just wanting to fill aircraft. I'll get my information from PHA, SAGE, Health protection reports and national weekly surveillance reports, data which is factual and based on current evidence. I won't really say much about the R rate as it's usually 3 weeks old when published and can't be collated any quicker due to the sheer volume of numbers. ...and as for being told I'm political, I'm probably one of the least political on here and have never listened to a politician in my life, my ethos is if his or her mouth is moving they're lying. The lockdown has to come to an end, simple fact of life, or what we learn about this virus will be very limited. We need to know why it doesn't effect young school children, we need to know how it behaves during the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere just as now there those keeping a watchful eye on the onset of winter in the southern hemisphere. We won't get a viable, stable, long term vaccine without it and is why successful vaccines take years not months regardless of how much money you throw at it... If we get a vaccine at all. This is the first time in human history a pandemic hasn't run it's natural course, it's been suppressed at every turn and that puts the scientists we are relying on in a very hamstrung position. I have weird and wonderful opinions about lots of things, I've currently spent the last couple of evenings peer reviewing a study on dynamic inversion, why It was sent to me after so long I have no idea, been out of that game a while now. For me and for what it's worth, you're response about BF vouchers wasn't opinion, it was a response borne from a factual experience and valid. As I said, Covid, not me, I won't talk opinions, it's too serious a subject so I'm very,very careful what I post and I make sure it can be backed up first by current scientific data, data which isn't hidden from anyone. My health is my responsibility alone, not the NHS, not HMG and not that of my wife-she has far more important stuff to do- and what time I have left is precious so I'm going to make damn sure that the information I have is factual and not someone's opinion.
  24. Not really, just realised that not many on here are interested in anything factual because it's harder to believe than fiction. Plus I think those who incessantly post negative links in order to affirm they own fears or frustrations have had to work a little harder trolling around Google today.
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