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  1. It is but the winter timetable runs until March which doesn't leave a lot of breathing space especially with BDS returning to her owners less than a month later and before Easter.
  2. I think there's a little confusion in the article with regard to her original planned start this year. The quoted January tweet talks about the 2nd officer stating on the 9th July, that's the 2019 schedule. The guy I speak to at FSG still maintains that they want her handed over during March 2020 and having her in place for the Easter weekend build up. Ah yes, the all important PEC... forgot about that.
  3. I've been told that for the moment Honfleur's maiden voyage has been earmarked for Monday April 6th, the bloke doesn't know anything about berthing trials, you'd know better Tony... the week before perhaps plus is it usual to opt for berth 3, 4 or both?
  4. I can certainly go along with that. You and I are blessed with decent tap water, the filtered stuff stands out a mile. I can't drink the chilled stuff our fridge makes as I can taste the charcoal filter.
  5. So does most of the tap water in France.
  6. Nothing wrong with tap water on a ferry. All modern ships constantly produce their own through desalination and then it goes through about three different types of purification, it's never in the pipes and tanks long enough. There's more chance of you catching something from poorly cooked or poorly reheated food or even chilled stuff left too long out of the cold chain not to mention poorly flushed pipes with beer running through them.
  7. I wonder whether the direct link to Ireland has had a fair bit to do with it. Companies can save a fair bit on fuel and ferries if they no longer need to transit the U.K. I took a close look at the HGV's aboard Normandie on Monday, most had Spanish & Portuguese plates. I have a feeling that'll change when the E Flexers appear. I'd really like to see BF serve Gijon with their LNG facilities too especially with a ship named Galicia... BF could always opt for a 4th E Flexer to supplement Bilbao.
  8. With all the rumour and discussion surrounding the future needs of various carriers such as a Bretagne replacement for BF at St Malo, Condor's lack of conventional overnight berths between the U.K & Channel Islands and DFDS' future at Newcastle, Damen's recent announcement could prove instrumental. I found this interesting. https://magazine.damen.com/markets/dredging-and-marine-contracting/damen-scales-up/?fbclid=IwAR2D5HRhqqcmk8jramduH-x3PvgYiu7DhvNm-ZNTgAnsH8FPz472x8eCp30
  9. During the first 6 months of 2019 the port of Santander has announced an overall freight traffic increase of 9.6% equalling 6.2 million tonnes of cargo. Ro ro cargo transported by Brittany ferries has shown an overall increase of 8.8% across their routes from Cork, Portsmouth & Plymouth. Info is courtesy of Ferry Shipping News.
  10. Seriously though John by campsite I take it you mean a pre built tent, static or holiday home rather than your own gear? Your travel insurance should stump up something toward the French hotel.
  11. How about likes and dislikes, long walks in the rain, cry at Lassie movies? Just want to know how compatible we are, now that I've stumbled onto the BFE dating site. Me, I'm 51, pisces, basically retired, over 6ft tall & 3ft wide, 21 stone too (yey), 13 in shoes, and one tattoo, voted most likely to succeed as a budgie. I think I've been seen on ferries too ( another yey). I enjoy ferry forums, writing and visiting France, Spain & Ireland. I don't have an apricot poodle but I'm willing to adapt to any type of fruity canine for the right person.
  12. Worse the other way, we got off Normandie at 1508, by the time we passed the ferryport car park it was 1600.
  13. The 600 pax ships are being built for the Baltic ready for 2021, they have no connection with Newcastle. There's information on the DFDS press centre website.
  14. DFDS mentioned in 2017 that they were seeking a yard to build new ships for the route, everything else is of a similar vintage. I wonder if GSI will get the nod after they complete the two 600 pax 4500 lane metre ferries they're half way through building.
  15. DFDS don't compete with Stena nor P&O, they don't sail to the same city and their customer base is poles apart compared to four Rotterdam ships. DFDS at Newcastle are about passengers. The route will never see ships similar to the Harwich twins and certainly won't see an E Flexer, Ijmuiden is too small to handle a 186m long Visentini far less a 240m Stena Britannica or a 215m E flexer. It doesn't have anywhere near the space required for freight either. Remember that the Stena's have 8 vehicle decks all capable of handling freight and shoehorn passengers, the Prides are similar but have a slightly more even balance but are still freight focused being able to carry 400 trailers at any one time. At 160 odd metres the two Peter Pan class they use now are the biggest they'll get in and that's touch and go on a very windy day.
  16. There's no market for it. All of the auto industry movements by PSA and Sevel are all sewn up by specialised carriers and there is no ferry infrastructure, a bit like Caruna. The added time at sea would also be far greater than say a sailing to Gijon or even Santander then driving. Why not go the whole way and sail to Porto and use the linkspan in Leixoes?
  17. Sorry this isn't very good but gives an indication of what is actual and what is proposed. The red is visiting cruise ships, charcoal MSC and the green is what they're after.
  18. They're trying to. There's already a ban on cruise ships over 96'000 tonnes but now they want to ban all cruise ships from sailing down the Giudecca Canal to the San Marco Basin. Their transport minister wants to have a wide, deep channel dredged on the other side of Giudecca between La Grazia & San Clemente and having them all moor off Tronchetto by MSC's terminal. MSC's Opera crashed into the canal wall in June.
  19. Before we all start flapping our wings, does anyone know how many EU pharmaceutical companies there are which actually sells drugs to the U.K. Drugs which aren't time sensitive? Does anyone know how many of these are made under licences from U.K. manufacturers as it seems to me that nearly 35% of the EU's drug manufacture and distribution will halt if there's a no deal exit. There's a reason why we send 42 million medicinal packages to mainland Europe every month and don't even receive a tenth of what they produce. None of our imports from the EEA countries will be effected nor will those from Israel or India. The only medicine we rely on is radioisotopes from France, Belgium and Holland and since 2015 that's all flown in to Coventry airport as the U.K cannot rely on the French ports.
  20. NEX does but it's very little, around 600 units during the seasons she covers. Looking at her specs she can carry 7 HGV's at any one time. 057-bayferries-ga.pdf Rapide looks like just 4 max... "Vehicle Capacity - 200 cars at 4.5m length x 2.3m wide or combination of cars and up to 4 buses."
  21. As they do with 90% of medicines anyway. Air couriers have invested millions in specialised medicinal transportation. On the flipside of this the EMA are really worried as the near on 700 medicines solely made in the U.K. are still not licensed to be made in the EU. They are worried about the 42 million medicinal and veterinarian packs which the U.K send to mainland Europe every month.
  22. https://bfenthusiasts.com/bfe/topic/10577-st-nazaire-to-gijon/page/8/
  23. Regarding BF's press release, anyone else noticed the steadily increasing level of investment? When both E Flexers and Honfleur were announced it stood at €450m now it's €550m.
  24. 270 & 271 are the 240m E Flexers, all of the 7700 ships are 214m.
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