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  1. Ah I see, another fault... no comment.
  2. I've been a bit busy lately so haven't kept up to date so could someone explain something please. As far as I'm aware the only difference is that Pont Aven is sailing from Plymouth? Is she still fulfilling her Plymouth/Roscoff/Cork rotation? If so, why are passengers being transferred to Armorique? If the Pont is unable to fulfil all of her duties and continue to give booked passengers the service they're expecting would it not be prudent to secure the charter of similarly endowed vessel in the short term... they'll need one next spring when BDS leaves anyway? Irish Ferries had an agreement with Minoan in case WBY was delayed further.
  3. The bit about the European Zebra mussel in the Great Lakes and how they multiply is a bit of a torrid chapter, pictures too, very lusty... so yep I think you're being wise.😁
  4. Double mini-cruise? Er, I had to go back and look at that one. I'd not really come across Wessex until I searched on BF's site for mini-cruises to see what the fuss was about and found the link. Prior to a quick return crossing I made as a footie on Cap Finistere not long after she arrived and during the Iceland volcano issue when BF packed everyone on I've not looked at mini-cruises since the '90's. As for leaving from Plymouth and returning to Portsmouth... I think the person who thought of that needs to have a chat to themselves. It's no wonder those who post from the West Country feel a bit hard done by considering Millbay was originally PA's home UK port.
  5. I've a copy of Controlling Introductions of Nonindigenous Species by Ship Ballast Water if you want a copy too?
  6. Eh, if I'm spending money I read everything! Judging by the times I'd say it's post incident. I take it then that PA didn't return her Plymouth mini cruise passengers back to Millbay but sailed on to Portsmouth. Dunno why I'd never cottoned on before... bit daft isn't it? Now I can see what all the excitement is about. If I lived down there I'd be in the queue like it was for a cup final ticket.
  7. Interesting this is on their website? The “Pont Aven” sails from Plymouth on Sundays at 1745. We reach Santander at 1615 (Spanish time) on Monday and you may leave your belongings in your cabin when you go ashore. The ship berths in the heart of this charming city and the main square is an easy 10-minute stroll. Just a few steps away from the Terminal there are various bars and shops which will give you the authentic feel of real Spain.The ship begins its return crossing at 1945 and once again, the amenities are there for you to enjoy. The award-winning Le Flora silver service restaurant offers a unique and very attractive opportunity to dine in style and watch the ocean glide by. The cruise continues next day as we enter the English Channel and sail back to Plymouth arriving at 1545. I could have sworn she sailed at around 1500 on a Sunday?
  8. I know this is a bit controversial... no tin hat as where's there's no sense there's no feeling...! I wouldn't be surprised if she's going to leave the channel and replace Connemara and sail permanently from Cork to Spain with Cap Finistere moving to Plymouth and performing a triangular Plymouth/Roscoff/Rosslare route. UK passengers are happy with the Sunday visit at Roscoff which extends the sailing into Tuesday, I'm sure they'll be happy with a Roscoff stop and continue sailing to Rosslare. For me the argument about loading is moot as Condor do it happily with their ships and Cats. The accompanied freight from Rosslare to France and back will simply be too good to ignore. It's already busy, busier than Cork in many areas, as much of what heads to Fishguard and Milford is Landbridge heading for the south coast. I also have a feeling that Stena will expand their French link too rather than continue with a heavily laden Landbridge hence why some say it's the reason why they've pulled out of the £5m investment in Fishguard and are giving Stena Europe a five year life extension rather than look at a replacement. Irish Ferries have nothing to cover for Isle of Inishmore during winter maintenance now Oscar Wilde has gone to GNV so there's every chance that there'll be a shut down during those times now.
  9. What has Plymouth got to do with a BF mini cruise? You could sail and return on PA from Portsmouth as a footie if you wanted to... Courtesy of Wessex Continental Travel. In that scenario surely Plymouth offers less value as your time at sea... you know, the actual cruise bit of said mini cruise... is somewhat shorter and I doubt the price would change. I love the excitement PA sailing from Plymouth for a month has stirred. I hope she never passes Brownsea Island and parks next to Libby... BF will probably need to offer oxygen at the check in!
  10. They need her back at Portsmouth for freight. This time of year there's usually 70+ trucks - over 2000 tonnes of the stuff - on her Tuesday midweek Santander sailing from PIP and there's usually an average of 50+ coming back. Both the Cap & BDS are over the weekend.
  11. Costing a bit more than 6 million dollars too!
  12. jonno

    BF Refits 2018-19

    So too is Barfleur, always has been able to. Etretat is capable of covering 99% of all BF ports and this will be 100% when the quay extension at Ouistreham is completed. In fact the only vessels which won't fit the port will be the Cap' and BDS. Also many if not all routes see a downturn during the winter months which is not a reflection of vulnerability. Let's be frank here, again the only company which has seen any French connection as said vulnerability to the extreme point of cancelling the route(s) is Irish Ferries.
  13. jonno

    BF Refits 2018-19

    interesting views regarding Honfleur and Le Havre. I don't see how her arrival helps the situation... Etretat will leave the fleet meaning there's no extra tonnage. Nor do I see Le Havre as vulnerable during quiet times... I mean, which quiet times are they and have BF previously curtailed the sailings of either Etretat or BDS during the few years they've ran the route? The numbers were healthy when DFDS pulled out and BF are improving them year on year. Le Havre has huge scope for expansion whilst Ouistreham is pushing saturation... being only an hour apart it makes sense for BF to offer parity in terms of ship standards and similar freight and pax numbers per sailing. Worth noting that Honfleur lowers pax capacity by 20% at Ouistreham and regardless of what the press releases want us to read, her mix of car & freight is also lower as actual lane meter totals are a bit of a misnomer... I know a guy who works for Fjordline and he says width is more important. His ship has lanes ranging from 1.9m wide upto 3.6m.
  14. I think that sums them up very nicely... Or PEGASIS without the wings.
  15. Below is a copy of the Shippax article highlighting the investment being made in order to allow Their E-Flexer to sail. Belfast Harbour to invest GBP 15 million on new terminal facilities for Stena’s new E-Flexers PORTBelfast Harbour is to invest GBP 15 million in the redevelopment of Victoria Terminal 2 (VT2) in the port to meet the requirements of Stena Line’s two new E-Flexer ro-pax ferries which will enter service on the company’s Belfast-Birkenhead (Liverpool) route in 2020 and 2021. The contract for the re-development has been awarded to County Down-based contractor GRAHAM and includes the design and construction of a new double-deck linkspan to accommodate STENA EDDA and its sister ship, believed to be named STENA EMBLA. Work will begin in June this year and is expected to be completed in early 2020. The project is part of Belfast Harbour's long-term investment strategy in port infrastructure. It follows a recent GBP 1.5 million investment that increased VT2's landside capacity and improved its entrance and accessibility in preparation for the arrival of the first of the two new E-Flexers. Belfast Harbour's VT2 currently handles more than 200,000 freight units annually on the Belfast-Birkenhead route alone. With a freight capacity of 3,100 lanemetres, as well as being able to carry 120 cars and 1,000 passengers and crew, the two new E-Flexers designated for the Belfast-Birkenhead service are considerable larger than the two vessels they will replace – the Visentini Class STENA LAGAN and STENA MERSEY which each have a capacity of 2,238 lanemetres of freight, as well as 170 cars and 970 passengers. © Shippax / MH / PR
  16. To be honest I think it's what Bilbao wanted too as part of their port regeneration. There's a lot of piling and dock building going on. There's also a few new terminal building concepts floating around... very Zaha Hadid.
  17. The freight numbers will be there for RoRo & ConRo as the EU initial 5 billion euro investment is designed to get 800,000 TEU's off French roads... That's 800,000 per annum. BF will still have a role to play as we'll still want fresh goods from Spain etc, it's why they're investing in the E flexers ... they want the lane metres and they want frequency. The powers at be also expect pax numbers to jump too as many coastal areas in Spain will become more accessible due to the improved road and rail links. There's a few links to it all on the Gijon thread which covers a fair bit of it... the new railways, auto hubs for GM & VW etc, basically all of the northern coast of Spain. Give it 5/6 years and there'll be an e flexer sailing from Rosslare to Spain, whether it has BF or Stena on the side is another matter. It'll be the likes of Caen and Cherbourg which will suffer, many southern European drivers head there unlike both Roscoff & St Malo where freight figures are poorer as its more localised. Goods through Le Havre & Dieppe tend to head to and from Rouen.
  18. A little skewed I think, there was already a perfectly serviceable linkspan at Santurzi. The freight BF carry now and in the future is small compared to the overall volumes, there's room for everyone. You're thinking passengers... it's all about freight.
  19. Most of the UK & Irish bound freight from Africa, Spain & Portugal will be carried through Spanish ports rather than heading up through France, equally southern bound freight will be "encouraged" to do the same. Logistics companies opting to use new services bound for new facilities in Bilbao, Pasajes & San Sebastian will also be "favoured". Some of the stuff I've read from the EU suggests that as much as 30% will be redirected Cork is focusing on building unaccompanied services tied to their new Tivoli relocation, Rosslare is growing it's accompanied freight. On the eastern side a good deal of freight which historically passed through Dover is now shipped out of Felixstowe & Immingham. Tilbury will lower the dependence on Dover even more.
  20. Both Bilbao & Gijon are earmarked for twin level linkspans, it's part of the regional port improvements although as has been mentioned it's not specifically ferry related, it's more to do with Northern Spain's overall freight resurgence. Balearia will only be using a stern loader at Gijon and the new linkspan at Zierbena is to be fitted on the berth Pelican currently uses. In terms of freight transit there's big, big changes in the pipeline which will effect many of the French western channel ports.
  21. They're all the same engine, M43's, regardless of the head configuration. Stena Baltica has 2 of the 12 cylinder inline variant of the M43 and is ran on MGO, there's a strong indication that Stena are looking to power her on biofuel. Yes I think the issue has been scrubber related, all three have the same bespoke system designed by LAB.
  22. P&O suspect that due to the new emissions regs from January there'll be a need for greater capacity for unaccompanied freight.
  23. MGO has to be kept cooler than ULSHFO due to the difference in viscosity. Switching is usually done through a manual or auto 3 way valve at high power levels over a very short space of time. This can cause gassing in the fuel system if the MGO overheats. SOLAS regs mean that ferry's have separate fuel tanks which is fair enough although this can aggravate the process, boilers and steam production heats HFO, coolers are used to maintain a lower temp for MGO... initial premixing is governed by the viscosity control system which controls the temp of the preheaters in the fuel system, as the MGO levels become purer the temps are reduced to stop the above mentioned gassing. Doing the opposite switching to HFO can cause clogging if the temps are too low, the build up is an explosive risk. Many older vessels only have the one tank and premix the fuels once the HFO falls to around 15/20% so, by the time the switchover needs to occur residual fuels have been suitably diluted with distillate - or by the time it reaches the valves the chance of volatility has been removed. The overriding problem with this process is the time it takes so it's not realistic for short sea ferries. Back to viscosity... if MGO is also overheated it looses it lubricating properties, it's the opposite for HFO, too cold. Engines seize. You then have to consider the emissions. PA has both scrubbers and SCR's. Scrubbers need high temps to remove SOx, and create sulfuric acid, catalytic reduction for NOx needs cold temps. If the scrubber gas is too hot it reacts with the ammonia in the catalysers. That's (NH4) SO4 and that's is exothermic.
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