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  1. Off on another adventure at the end of September. A flight to Billund from Manchester. We usually drive but the roadworks around Bremen & Hamburg are a killer and took ten hours from the Hoek back in March '18 when we visited Flensburg before heading to Kiel for Color Magic. This time we're renting a house in Hvide Sande in Denmark. Trips will include the train from Holstebro direct to Copenhagen crossing the Storebaelt Bridge... having previously done it by ferry and motorhome it would be remiss of me not to try the train. There's a mini cruise to Oslo booked aboard Pearl Seaways and the purchase of the excellent Oslo Pass will get us across the fjord and into the Fram and Viking museums we plan to visit on our whistlestop visit. Later in the week we'll head to Hirtshals for Color Speed heading across the Skagerrak to Kristiansand for another day exploring before finishing off my 10 day unleashing on the poor unsuspecting Danes with a must see visit to Legoland. We haven't told them yet but they'll need to board up their windows again next year when we return for Fjordline's offering to Bergen. Hopefully if the mifi can handle it they'll be pics a plenty... Huzzah!
  2. Or pull them behind on pedalo's...?
  3. They were a bit aggrieved to lose Irish Ferries which I suppose wasn't such direct competition but you're probably right plus I doubt the business is there for another Roscoff-Plymouth service, certainly not freight as the figures are the lowest across all of BF's full time routes, down by over 10% (10.3) last year, and the pax numbers are also steadily falling too. On the U.K services the only routes which saw pax improvements were Poole-Cherbourg, over 5%, Portsmouth-St Malo,1.5% & Portsmouth-Caen,1%. The rest have fallen. Freight wise again only Poole-Cherbourg saw a rise (4%), every other BF channel route dropped... the Brittany routes by a combined 17.5%, Caen 6% & Le Havre 2%. Considering NEX has limited freight capacity her route to Cherbourg saw a rise of over 47%.
  4. No, you don't get off that easy... She'd fit into Rosslare no problem which has a lot more going for it freight wise and her speed would make her most attractive. How about, day 1&2, Rosslare-Roscoff-Plymouth. Day 2&3, Plymouth-Roscoff-Rosslare. Days 3-5, Rosslare-Vigo. Days 5-7, Vigo-Rosslare. Days 7&8 Rosslare-Roscoff-Plymouth? I bet Gareth can sort a timetable out for that.
  5. I've got a lot more time on my hands now so I can get up to even more mischief! Keep replying to my gibberish and you'll pass 2000 in no time!😉
  6. I will type this because I am sad, predictable and it's expected... She's too long for Cork.
  7. Any Idea where Moby's two GSI new builds will go?
  8. She's Cap Finistere's sister isn't she, the only other SF with the larger stern facing superstructure and glass windows?
  9. Oh aye...! You're right. Dover cancelled Terminal two over ten years ago, it's where the western docks revival is taking place. I think the plan now is to give the existing berths more manoeuvring room within the harbour. POD reckon that freight will be their overriding activity and are expecting a 40% increase over the next ten years. They've built a freight segregation zone capable of handling 220 HGV's at any one time and there's more planned for the A20. It's interesting that the EU are still happy to foot the £85m bill for it regardless of what happens.
  10. Yep I've looked at their 2045 master plans on several occasions... I agree that the term huge wasn't the right adjective, I was referring more to the tonnage totals the port handles now and what they forecast in the future. When we consider the size of Felixstowe and see that in 2018 it handled 28 million tonnes compared to Dover's 25 million I suppose size isn't everything.
  11. For Portsmouth Port the park & ride on the M275 is the closest followed by the Tesco extra in Cosham. Coming from the A3 side there's a retail park by Southsea golf course which has a few.
  12. Do you know whether they're waiting for European Endeavour to leave Lairds before Stena send her across to finish the work?
  13. No, not even my multi dimensional imagination can see this one... as mentioned the ship is Chinese owned and has a busy schedule. She's also too long for the linkspan. I'd find it more plausible if it was a Spanish carrier as seeing Grimaldi's name up there is akin to BF announcing they're planning a route from Genoa-Malta-Tunisia and back... Mind you as GNV are being linked with Rosyth maybe it's not so far fetched.
  14. I wonder if removing the Cap's winglets has made a difference? The longer less broad arrangement on Galicia still gives the boat boffins ample space to add all of the emission regs stuff but it also looks quite sleek and aerodynamic. Aesthetically I think it tops her off nicely.
  15. Yes I agree, again it's the same at all of the ports but what has any Plymouth port delay got to do with "the brexit effect on BF" which is the title of the thread? At the moment the border is no different to what it was a decade ago or even 20 years ago, all passports were scanned then as they are now. The big difference for me is that the ships were smaller. Quiberon carried nearly half as many cars as Armorique and nearly a third of what Pont Aven can carry but the port exit footprint has remained the same... you could have 20 border officers there and the process would be just as slow as there's nowhere to house them and nowhere else to put the traffic heading home. It's one of the reasons why PA spends most of her time sailing to Portsmouth when she's fully fit, Millbay is too small to cope with her full time. It's the same with Poole which has just as many customs kiosks. It's all well and good having threads & posts saying Plymouth or even Poole should have more sailings and can handle larger ships but where is the disembarking traffic volume going or the steady build up of the larger numbers of UK departure traffic if there's no room to make the the marshalling lanes & exits bigger? Blame border officers as much as you like, I get that they are the easy target especially now but it's a logistics issue to a political one.
  16. Yes they do, but the ships still only arrive one at a time.
  17. Go from Portsmouth then, I wouldn't go anywhere near Plymouth because of the border delays.
  18. Tony I heard they were scrapping her anyway due to the damage. My cousin lives in Spain and she says the weather there is atrocious, her ground floor apartment has been badly flooded and her husband is struggling to get home as their car has been washed away!
  19. The smaller they are the more they effect the aerodynamics as it's about air flow over the superstructure. It's been an issue since the 1940's when smaller more raked stacks were first used due to a switch to oil fired power-the need to keep soot of passengers diminished. The older cylindrical type seen on the liners of the early 20th century were actually less of a problem. Have another look at the images of Moby Wonder and Aki then at their sister Tallinks ex Superstar now Corsica's Pascal Lota. The funnel on the latter is built the opposite way.
  20. Plymouth has half the amount of booths as Portsmouth which discharges roughly the same amount of passenger vehicles per crossing... The ships still only arrive one at a time. Plymouth also suffers from a having a narrow twisty exit road. Maybe BF should look to promote a balanced approach, a bit of traffic management if you like... Why not release pax vehicles in multiples of 100, they have RT coverage which means they release the next load when those in the booths tell the ship they are down to say 20? Moving at a constant 5-10mph is better than sitting there either staring at a brick wall or the side of a shed. Plymouth has an advantage over Portsmouth, there's no traffic lights 20 metres ahead of a search shed which means vehicles back up if they don't hold a large number of them port side... if traffic builds at the Millbay Road roundabout no one can then blame the port or any of the staff. Me, personally I couldn't care less. Life's too short to get stressed over inconsequential matters I have zero control over. It takes us 5-6 hours to get home anyway, another hour or so makes no difference. We share the driving and I'm more than happy to stuff my face with a further Burger King offering or a king size Costa custard cream. I've never really understood why foot passengers hang around the ship exit about an hour before arrival or why drivers trip over themselves rushing down steps as if they've been told to abandon ship only to sit in the car for an age as the ferry is still bouncing on her bow thrusters. Another head scratcher is that for all the teddy throwing which has been going on for a few years now I note that many of the more vociferous objectors to the Plymouth delays are still using the port to sail to Brittany which for me kind of negates their argument.
  21. They'll be running them on low sulphur diesel which is already emission compliant and is cleaner than petrol due to the DPF's.
  22. That's a very smart looking ship. There's a rumour I can't get confirmed just yet regarding Le Havre, maybe others will have better luck? Apparently the port is enhancing their anti collision turning area with greater dredging, more advanced RADAR chains and improved radio position fixing which has something to do with fairway axis? I wonder whether this will allow the E Flexer to visit.
  23. News is courtesy of Shippax... Stena Line has decided to go ahead with the 36-metre lengthening of the 2005-built Visentini Class STENA LAGAN and STENA MERSEY, bringing the capacities of the pair close to that of its own E-Flexer Class under construction at the AVIC Weihai Shipyard in China. When completed, the lengthened STENA MERSEY and STENA LAGAN will not return to the Birkenhead (Liverpool)-Belfast route as Stena Line will meanwhile have introduced the E-Flexer Class STENA EDDA and STENA EMBLA on the route. Stena Line has not made any announcement as to the future employment of the lengthened Visentinis. A contract between Stena RoRo, on behalf of Stena Line, and Sedef Shipbuilding was already signed on 29 March this year, but has only been made official now. STENA LAGAN is the first vessel to leave the Birkenhead-Belfast service for her lengthening. Once STENA LAGAN has been re-delivered, STENA MERSEY will enter the yard. The project will be completed during 2020. The ships' lengths will be increased to 222.6 metres and the primary aim is to lift the freight and car intakes. The freight lanemetre capacity will be increased from 2,238 to 2,875 lanemetres and the number of cars on the dedicated car decks from 170 to 280. The maximum passenger capacity of 970 will remain unchanged, yet 74 cabins will be added, bringing the total to 194. This compares to 3,100 lanemetres, 120 cars (on a separate car deck), 1,000 passengers and crew, and 175 cabins for a standard E-Flexer. The pair is currently stern-only loading and there were some concerns whether or not the 'Flex Bow' would allow for a conversion to drive-through mode, but thanks to Stena RoRo's 'can-do' philosophy the ships will emerge as double-deck drive-through vessels post lengthening with the stern ramp to be modified from wire to hydraulic lifting. To comply with the global 0.5% sulphur cap, Stena Line's vessels in the Irish Sea will switch to low sulphur content fuel as of 1 January next year and Stena decided to not install scrubbers on STENA LAGAN and STENA MERSEY when they are in Turkey for their rebuild.
  24. Steve, the other vessel in the image appears to have a different stern facing superstructure, do you know if this is due to the differing specs between the needs of Stena compared to BF?
  25. I'd most certainly agree. If she's being floated out now she's took less time than Stena's Estrid to reach this stage, she was 11 months, Galicia has been barely 8 months. Exciting times!
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