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  1. I note there are a few complaining about not receiving any compensation due to PA's incident(s). I'm sure a BFE member posted something as to why this is... only to be informed that the information given was completely inaccurate... Still no payout, funny that?
  2. Ed, I think this is the most recent from HMG. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/driving-in-the-eu-after-brexit-international-driving-permits
  3. When we've arrived on BDS from Le Havre or Spain, she's always berthed on No 3. The only ships I can remember which used it was the P&O's back in the '90's. There's a good image on PIP's port plan info of one of them on it... It's a later one as the hull is all white.
  4. As of the 2012 EU directive, the oil trade is becoming a "decreasing environment". The oil is still a strategic part of the port but now they're concentrating on bio diesel, LNG and other bio fuels. They're also building specific bunkering terminals along the Seine and around the bay. This is being funded by the EU through the TEN-T initiative, SAFE-SECA. French oil needs are falling... Interestingly, off topic I know but for the first 5 months of 2019 the UK produced more power for the country from renewables than it did from fossil fuels.
  5. I don't believe I typed that the port was Europe's busiest... Also, I either read or I don't, there's no supposition involved. Having re-read the HAROPA press releases, you're right their plan is to overtake both Antwerp & Hamburg, the two which are seeing a downturn since 2014, Hamburg especially due to the environmental issues they face. According to the European Sea Ports Organisation, HAROPA-Port of Le Havre is Europe's 5th largest port complex and is ranked third for traffic between Asia & Europe. This was back in 2014.
  6. Personally I think BF having a foothold on Le Havre early doors is an advantage. The port has huge expansion plans and is already France' busiest and largest, I think I read somewhere that it's also overtaken the likes of Antwerp & Hamburg too. Would be unfair to assume that Le Havre would also favour a French carrier? Could berth 2 also be earmarked for BF's E-Flexer use. At 214m being able to turn on to the berth further away from HMS Bristol maybe sensible?
  7. Very true, whether you like the hull liveries or not Moby have certainly breathed new life in to ferries which were once iconic on the Baltic & North Sea routes.
  8. Email today to say they've dispatched it, apparently I ordered it 5th May last year.
  9. Whatever you say Rick I've read all of that too and every other EU piece of legalese but it's why BF use the term "technical problem" even when a delay is caused by ship searches due to alleged immigrant stowaways and all manner of other problems. The EU states that the rules may apply, there is no definitive. The 2016 travel amendment to the UK Consumer Rights Act states : Fire, mechanical or electrical failure, defect (except when caused by the company). It is unlikely that you will be able to make a successful claim if the issue which caused your delay was not a failure on the companies part to provide the service with reasonable care and skill. If the ship's crew training, surveys and inspections are up to date and valid then they are deemed to be providing the service with reasonable care and skill. This also relates to rail travel. What's more interesting is that if you approach the carrier for compensation and they say no or you feel the offer is not commensurate and you lose any appeal you can no longer approach your alternatives such as your travel insurance provider or claim from credit card protection under section 75 as only one claim, successful or otherwise can be made. The 2nd link you posted is pre the 2016 amendment.
  10. Did they paint her bridge structure and fo'c'sle for the journey? there's a hell of a lot more fire damage and rust visible in the picture above.
  11. My missus bought two, a front basket type for her and a road bike for me. They were the last of those produced with a throttle for a max speed of 28 km/h. They've lived in the garage since delivery and never ridden, now looking for a new home. Me on bike is like a hippo on a high wire.
  12. My missus bought two, a front basket type for her and a road bike for me. They were the last of those produced with a throttle for a max speed of 28 km/h. They've lived in the garage since delivery and never ridden, now looking for a new home. Me on bike is like a hippo on a high wire.
  13. First time I've read all of this Ed, nicely done mate.
  14. I ordered mine when announced last year and I think the printing was delayed twice. Received an email on Monday to say copies were due in yesterday (Tues) so hopefully it'll be arriving this week.
  15. Don't our doggie friends get a Club Voyage breakfast discount then?
  16. Hey Ed, don't travel on the Stena's from Harwich, Britannica is on U.K. time and Hollandica is on European time regardless of direction of travel.
  17. I'm impressed with the finger nails... any tips to add to our new lifestyle thread, you know, moisturisers emery boards that type of thing? Mine look like I've been at them with a sanding block then coated in humbrol varnish... acrylic of course, I don't use enamels.
  18. Come on Ed, couldn't you could pack a little fresh bread and maybe cheese & ham... a robust paté perhaps, a review would be good and I'm sure there are those who'd appreciate your take on the wine you wash it down with. You'll stop for lunch? Personally I think we get enough ferries, a lifestyle post or two would go down a treat. Maybe both you and @neilcvx could start a club called Breton buns of steel - boulangerie biking for the beginner, the bold and the brazen...?
  19. Found by accident as our butter was solid so was melted as bit too well. Croissants dipped in re solidifying butter is a very tasty, neat and tidy way to eat them. I also do what Ed does and turn them over and butter the bottom side and maybe a little jam if the mood takes. From the self service I've also been known to squish two together with a slice of ham & cheese between them, wrap them in a napkin then head out on deck if the weather is fine on a morning departure.
  20. I agree, the 0745 arrival is anti social even if you're not a pet owner. Last time we did the early Tuesday arrival we were heading to Portugal, I was knackered by dinner time.
  21. The allowance means that the full buffet breakfast in the Restaurant Du Port is complimentary with just a €2 addition if you add the Vitalité (cooked) option. It's academic on the Cap I know but recently we've found that we haven't been charged the extra when used in conjunction with a commodore cabin.
  22. Yes to the tune of about £62 million over four years. It runs out in 2020. I think the route subsidy is found by a group similar to how BF's ships are funded and has proven to be successful in it's current guise. Dieppe is now controlled by the same port authority as Caen/Ouistreham & Cherbourg. I wonder if there can be some leverage there when the re negotiations begin again? Ed, how does the travel cost to Dieppe compare with the more expensive crossings with regard to tolls & fuel etc?
  23. So bookings aren't too bad then? There's a surprise...
  24. The only thing that confuses me is why they'll have her for 12 months, she'll be surplus to requirements come April and after the refit/maintenance program. Are BF finally losing Pelican which would see Etretat move over and why they need Connemara running BDS' timetable until Galicia arrives November 2020? Then the Cap can take over that timetable and Connemara can return to Cork. Personally I've never thought Etretat was a charter but rather a straight swap for Cotentin. I know the Visentini's aren't what BF travellers are used to but Etretat can go everywhere and fit everywhere. Give her a decent refit and she'd be popular. An A la Carte & good cabins would see her consolidate a Spanish offering from Poole very nicely.
  25. It is but the winter timetable runs until March which doesn't leave a lot of breathing space especially with BDS returning to her owners less than a month later and before Easter.
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