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  1. But their not having problems now, because some money was spent on them
  2. Yes, that was me on the Yorkshireman,
  3. Captain, two Mates, C/Eng, two Engineers, probably 4 AB’s as she’s hand steering. Maybe a cook but as there’s not a proper galley, just microwave meals. Z beds in the passenger lounge for most.
  4. Obviously all depends on the weather on the day I guess. The weather doesn’t look great for the next few days.
  5. Can still pick a pilot up at the East Lepe, I don’t see why on a shortened tow she couldn’t come in via the Needles.
  6. I believe in France you can only drive a boat up to 9hp without any training, above that power you have to have been on courses.
  7. Believe they have 3 but one was out of service
  8. Not sure that’s a rudder, doesn’t seem to be much of a gap between the bottom of the hull and the top of it, I think it’s just a skeg. Thinking about It, why would you go to the expense of having rudders, pumps, maintenance etc when the units would steer the ship perfectly well. The Saints have skegs fore and aft.
  9. Don’t see why it should be a problem, winds less than 35kts, berthing in the river, hasn’t got to try and get in the locks, plenty of tugs to assist.
  10. Why didn’t you ask when you were on there ?
  11. Ah thanks, that’s a lot clearer now !!
  12. What time and where is that happening tomorrow then !
  13. Ah, didn’t realise they used the Epsilon, they had the OC a while ago when the Inishmore covered the Ulysses. Not heard about any plans for PDFT. Your right about the Haven, it’s so run down, I hate going up there every two weeks and working there for two weeks, a joy to leave and drive home.
  14. The berth is quite away from the bridge, probably run aground before it got near the bridge and Neyland marina is tucked away from the main channel so ferries wouldn’t get near that. If the WBY’s wouldn’t fit Pembroke and they sell the OW what would cover the Isle of Inishmore’s dockings ?
  15. Yes, and we know from the loss of the Riverdance that the trailers were chained down on there and were still in place when the ship was on its side on the beach.
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