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  1. Yes, me too, wouldn’t like to do a watch up there !!
  2. Is this one hasn’t got a bridge up front has it ?, or am I missing something?
  3. Thanks for that. Not sure I’d want to be navigating that, even in the small bridge ontop of the main one !
  4. Was this one of the ships that replaced the Super Vikings at Felixstowe?
  5. They might think their treated like cannon fodder but they’ll be shooting themselves in the foot if they go on strike
  6. Yes, not really the sort you’d want to be in a typhoon in, believe it had been converted into a cattle carrier. Used to go onboard around mid 70’s for a few beers, knew the C/Off
  7. I wonder if they have scrapped the mezz decks or kept them for when the Italians take her away ? I wonder who the Captain is, seemed to stay out in the weather longer than they should, it was never going to get any better
  8. Looking at the forecast, don’t think it’ll be very nice on there, no proper cabins, air beds in the main lounge. Not really a ideal time to be going there this week.
  9. Thought they weren’t running the shed because she was due for docking ?. Sure I read that somewhere
  10. There used to be a Master at Wightlink that when he did his shift the red was taken down and blue put up, the company loved it.
  11. Many years ago when up at Portsdown they were testing the new radars for the type 45’s and other stuff no doubt, our GPS went off, no signal. Did make dredging off the Nab awkward, the Crown gave us dispensation, had to log position brg and distance, not as accurate as the GPS by a long way.
  12. Go to the foreshore at Neyland, you’ll be very close as the ferry comes in.
  13. That’ll be a investigation for sure, suppose to be positive call to the bridge before moving, sounds like the bridge officers moved before they got the call from the deck..
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