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  1. Things have changed then, never took more than an hour to get the Clare ready, 30mins max and that’s including the engineers going on 15 mins before the rest of the crew.
  2. Don’t think the Captain made that decision, it’ll be the office that would of given the ok.
  3. The old Netley Castle didn’t bother with port or starboard internally they used East side and West side. The St Clare does have a dedicated bow, heading towards Fishbourne, that’s the bow, the anchors are that end and the bulwarks higher than the stern, also there are a couple of extra switch, other mace lights etc, to flick, one is for the heading on the compass and the other is for the AIS, if the AIS wasn’t changed, when looking on MarineTraffic she would appear to be heading backwards across the Solent. An interesting point, when she came from the builders in Poland, halfway her Autopilot stopped working, couldn’t get it to reset so they just stopped, turned around and came backwards the rest of the way home, obviously she had two autopilots. For long time, a few years, it was never fixed and you could only have the pilot on going back to Portsmouth.
  4. That’s the problem painting in the winter, not the best time with low temperatures
  5. Port anchor down and anchor ball up, its right on the very tip of the bow on the short jack stay
  6. My point is, there not bridge wings, Liberation has wings, NEX has docking stations.
  7. But NEX hasn’t got any bridge wings unobtrusive or otherwise.
  8. That’s right, her problem is it’s here instead of being cut up in a scrapyard
  9. Well the Inishmore, Europe and Horizon all all alongside in Rosslare, SW 40kts at the moment.
  10. No, bridge has been open, at least when I’ve been alongside at Carr Jetty, but a lot of the time been down at South Hook on a buoy.
  11. The Inishmore has just missed two days sailings due to the weather, the Europe kept going. There are S’ly 9’s forecast in the next 12 hours see I expect she’ll stop again. The Inishmore never seems to be able to catch up her schedule when the weather has slowed her down and after a day or two she will miss a sailing to get back on time. it has been windy here in the Haven the last few days and expect it’ll be bad from the early hours of the morning.
  12. One of my crew who travels on the Pembroke route every two weeks said that best ship for sea keeping, comfort etc was the OW, the Inishmore is a good sea boat. He used to work on IF and said that is a lot of people’s view, crew and passengers.
  13. Fly and hire a car, you’ll get there for sure, bit like playing roulette going with Condor.
  14. Yes, I spoke to one of the shoreside security guys last week and he said the WBY would be covering the Inishmore, she fitted the linkspan in Pembroke ok, not perfect but surprisingly better than the OW did. If I find out anymore when I’m back up there in a couple of weeks I’ll post it.
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