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  1. I wonder who was driving, the Master or the C/O, from my experience with Wightlink you are guilty till proved innocent. One of them would be suspended. Years ago a friend of mine who was Master on one of the Wightriders, when leaving the harbour when he had both engines fail and he ran over 3 bar, got suspended and eventually got the sack even though Caterpillar said there was a control fault.
  2. Voyager will not be like Liberation, she a cat and the other one is a thin hulled mono with outriggers.
  3. Then perhaps you should get a job there and show them how it’s done as you seem to know better than anybody else. Your just assuming that it was booked and maybe told to park in that lane by the road staff and told if possible they would get them on the sailing, just because you’ve been watching the loading for 45 years doesn’t mean you know the whole story.
  4. Yes agree, but the poster wasn’t the one left behind. My point is, other than the crew and road staff nobody knows why the car was left behind.
  5. Maybe a reason for loading like that, trim of the boat, a new deck mate, and old deck mate who got it wrong, other reasons. Unless you were part of the crew, you don’t know why, easy to sit in your chair and hand out criticism. As you you do frequently.
  6. Who’s arguing?, all I’m saying is it’s called the Condor Voyager now, despite the information not yet being updated by certain agencies.
  7. Clearly that’s not what it’s called is it ?, bit slow updating the records
  8. Yes, so Condor Voyager is her name, not NEX, hence why I said about changing the title of this thread.
  9. You cannot just rename a ship then not officially change its name, doesn’t matter who the owners are or weather it will change its name back to its previous name. Whatever name is painted on the side that is it’s official name.
  10. But NEX is not it’s name anymore, it’s had an official name change. It’s not called both
  11. Should this thread be renamed Condor Voyager now ?
  12. Good luck with that, it’s rough before you get outside the harbour. The BS1 isn’t as nice as the Inishmore and lot of the facilities onboard are shut. But then again they have not carried much more than 20 pax’s out of Pembroke since it arrived, they have 60 plus crew as well.
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