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  1. Trademarks and brand names ? Not the slightest off topic !
  2. And the inevitable question........., how do you know ? !!!
  3. Some more photos of departure, escorted by Svitzer tug. Photos courtesy of Shaun.
  4. She due in next Monday at 0600 and sailing at 0900
  5. I wonder if it was just the anchor or was it the cable as well, that noise in the video sounds like the cable running out. If it was and it’s all lost meant that the “bitter” end wasn’t secured. See that done few times.
  6. I was wondering how IF would cover the Isle of Inishmore after selling the OW, well some news, at 0600 on 13th Oct the WB Yates will berth at Pembroke Ferry Terminal (PDFT) and sail at 0900, this is presumably for berthing trials. For the last couple of weeks there has been a Master from Dublin onboard the Isle or Inishmore doing trips to the berth.
  7. I can’t see that the dockers would be allowed to unload a LNG road tanker, the driver would of have to had taken a few courses to pass his dangerous goods licence.
  8. Can’t the yard in Dunkerque repair her ?, long tow to Poland.
  9. What’s IF going to do in Pembroke when the Inishmore is due for docking now the Oscar Wilde has gone, there is nothing else to cover her in the IF fleet.
  10. I worked out of Eemshaven for the best part of a year, what a soul less, miserable, bleak place it is, and that’s during the summer, you don’t want to be going there in the winter.
  11. But their not having problems now, because some money was spent on them
  12. Yes, that was me on the Yorkshireman,
  13. Captain, two Mates, C/Eng, two Engineers, probably 4 AB’s as she’s hand steering. Maybe a cook but as there’s not a proper galley, just microwave meals. Z beds in the passenger lounge for most.
  14. Obviously all depends on the weather on the day I guess. The weather doesn’t look great for the next few days.
  15. Can still pick a pilot up at the East Lepe, I don’t see why on a shortened tow she couldn’t come in via the Needles.
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