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  1. captjack

    Wightlink - 'Victoria Of Wight'

    Possibly but I can’t see from the few pictures I can find that there are any recesses for fwd anchors, in any case why have anchors fore and aft ? Ah, just seen that she has an anchor fwd starboard side and on port side aft.
  2. captjack

    Wightlink - 'Victoria Of Wight'

    Strangely she doesn’t appear to have any anchors at the bow but there fitted at the stern
  3. captjack

    Plymouth Traffic

    What do mean, once through the lengthy passport control ?, surely your in the port unless you have to so your passport just to get into Plymouth!!!
  4. captjack

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    Yes they did. Built single cabins inside the portacabins.
  5. captjack

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    Nor did the W class have cabins, they built temporary ones on the car deck, and they came to the UK under their own power. Wouldn’t of thought towing would do the Voith’s much good either, they would have to be locked, would put a lot of stress on the blades I would of thought.
  6. captjack

    Newbuild Freight Ferry for Red Funnel

    Don’t see the point of the lay by berth, why not wait outside or even to save fuel, steam over slower to arrive as the Raptor leaves ?,
  7. captjack

    NOVA CRUISES: Nova Star

    Nova Star heading up channel bound for Gdańsk, south of IOW.
  8. captjack

    Cargo ship capsizes in Channel

    She was carrying a cargo of steel, if the hold started to flood quickly and then she started to list the steel moved and over she went and the weight of the steel went through the hatch’s, they were reported to be floating and a hazard to shipping. If that was the case the ship would still have a fair amount of buoyancy.
  9. captjack

    blast from the past

    Many years ago I went out with of the female crew and was lucky enough to go over to Calais in the cockpit, yes very tiny, two up front like a plane and on the starboard side was the radar operator, this was the days before daylight viewing screens and he was surrounded by a blackout curtain, all his job was to plot targets. They had to park the cars carefully so there was room to put the ladder down, very heath robinson. Yes the view was bad, and no cameras anywhere.
  10. captjack

    Scoot Ferries - The End?

    I’m guessing they went back to the wind farm industry.
  11. captjack

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    It’s practical and functional, what did you want, clamshell doors and a proper bow ?, more money, more complex, more to go wrong, longer to fix and if it did have that you wouldn’t be able to open the doors anyway because of the jaws that hold bow/stern when alongside.
  12. captjack

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    But you can’t see the stern prow on the old Saints or either prow on the Clare, only the Clare has cameras and to be honest although their good for a quick look you don’t really use them for berthing, it’s all done by marks on the belting and piles.
  13. captjack

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    First and last time she’ll fly a Turkish flag
  14. Your not trained to jump into freezing cold water on any course you do, it’s all in controlled conditions in a swimming pool, he could of quite easily gone into cold water shock and then you would have two people to rescue. Same as somebody goes into a hold or tank space on a ship and collapses, what you do not do is jump in to rescue them, more than one person has dies as a result of trying to rescue somebody that way.
  15. captjack

    Portsmouth Loss of Geest Contract

    If Serco are doing commercial work again what work are SMS tugs going to do ?