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  1. Thought they weren’t running the shed because she was due for docking ?. Sure I read that somewhere
  2. There used to be a Master at Wightlink that when he did his shift the red was taken down and blue put up, the company loved it.
  3. Many years ago when up at Portsdown they were testing the new radars for the type 45’s and other stuff no doubt, our GPS went off, no signal. Did make dredging off the Nab awkward, the Crown gave us dispensation, had to log position brg and distance, not as accurate as the GPS by a long way.
  4. Go to the foreshore at Neyland, you’ll be very close as the ferry comes in.
  5. That’ll be a investigation for sure, suppose to be positive call to the bridge before moving, sounds like the bridge officers moved before they got the call from the deck..
  6. Apparently the Oceana has been bought by the owner of Seajets
  7. No, after Severnlink failed they went to Sochi, Russia.
  8. Used this all the time for crew changes in Dieppe, great service, got to go up in the wheelhouse a couple of times as well. The only pain was low water in Brighton, the jetfoil had to have its foils up until a couple of miles of the coast before there was enough water, from memory the boats draft was 26ft or so when off the foils. It was a bit lively if there was a bit of a swell, once up on the foils it was a really good ride.
  9. P&O’s Panther, Tiger or and I’m going with this, Lion.
  10. Not really, anchors and associated equipment are at the bow, no need for the higher bulwarks at the stern or a requirement as a ferry in sheltered waters, on the odd times it is rough going to Portsmouth she would just turn round at the beacon and go bow first to Pompey.
  11. It’s not just “checking a big boat”, there are a lot of other factors involved as to why there are cancellations. Besides that’s one person checking a truck, there are a lot more crew to check the ferry before starting service. Do you think that the crew short cut the checks just to try and get the ferry into service and then because of that it cause a brake down ?.
  12. Things have changed then, never took more than an hour to get the Clare ready, 30mins max and that’s including the engineers going on 15 mins before the rest of the crew.
  13. Don’t think the Captain made that decision, it’ll be the office that would of given the ok.
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