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  1. standrewac

    Immigrants at Ouistreham

    The above post bemoans the lack of canine facilities. I have written to BF and as we live near Portsmouth I even visited the palatial civic offices to raise the issue. The results from both sources were not at all encouraging. Pompey blame BF and other port users, BF blame Pompey. As you pointed out - dogs pay as well! If Folkestone/Calais can make provisions which are OK, then why not the others?
  2. standrewac

    Ouistreham Disruption 11/12 March 2018

    Well sais Cabin-boy and Gareth. Vote for both!
  3. standrewac

    Ouistreham Disruption 11/12 March 2018

    No matter, the dockers have, again, achieved their objective (?) which was ?
  4. standrewac

    Pet Travel on the rise

    All of which is a "nice little earner" for Brittany!
  5. standrewac

    HMS Queen Elizabeth

    I think you'd be in good company on the beaches. Round and square towers are already filling up, as is the front of Southsea castle. We're going to do an overnighter towards Eastney - in company of the night beach fishers. It's a one off, so we don't want to miss it.
  6. standrewac

    Photos by Clive Eardley

    Super photos! Thank you!
  7. standrewac

    2018 Schedules & Prices - Now Available

    I read this on a Caravan Talk forum this morning. Seems a bit odd? "Just booked return trip Sun 10.30 am prices went up twice while we did price comparison " Surely the poster made an error?
  8. standrewac

    Baie de Seine/Etretat

    OMG, this has to be the most informed site on the 'net. Thanks for all the info!
  9. standrewac

    Cherbourg and Guernsey

    Yup, I too like a full report like this! Helps enormously with future planning! Thank yo!
  10. standrewac

    New Opportunities

    nodwad - I couldn't agree more! There is the usual plethora of mis-information, all based on conjecture. I too have not got a clue what's going on (really!) but like yourself, I may find out in two years or so - but then, maybe not.....
  11. standrewac

    Kennel v car overnight

    Hi John, I have raised this point before. If you count the number of dogs on a busy crossing, the extra income generated by even a small additional fee for a pet friendly cabin would be considerable. The marketing opportunity would surely entice those who take a long trip and use the "Drain"!
  12. standrewac

    Cap Finistere Pont Aven or Baie De Seine

    I took the opportunity to check out the kennels on Pont Aven during the NY cruise. Not for us - as written in previous posts. The logistics of pet friendly cabins could,I'm sure be addressed, but surely the added income would make ti worthwhile? Pet-friendly cabins are always the first to be booked. A marketing opportunity? Given the popularity of the Spanish routes....
  13. standrewac

    2016/17 New Year's Cruise

    Loads of interesting comments! I think it is a bit disingenuous to compare cabin sizes in the hotels on barges (mega -cruise vessels) which we see regularly in the solent, with a Brittany ferry. (Emphasis on the word Ferry) I'm pretty sure the vast majority of the 1300 pax on this particular cruise had a pretty good idea what to expect. If one wanted vast cabins and climbing walls and artificial surfing runs and many other facilities, then look elsewhere. Whilst on board, we didn't hear many grumbles, except concerning the queue times in the cold whilst waiting for coaches. "It was what it was" - we'll certainly be back!
  14. standrewac

    2016/17 New Year's Cruise

    The "Shuttle" coaches took about 10-15 mins, running very frequently. It is about a 20 min walk along the river side. A novelty was the driverless GPS controlled electric powered vehicle running along the riverbank at about 12mph with 8/10 passengers - so we had to have a free ride in it! Apparently the first test, running until Mid. January. The future of urban transport?