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  1. I think she looks great from the photos that I have seen
  2. Out of interest, what do you see those constraints as being? I get that more space is given over to freight but within the space remaining, so long as the passenger to space ratio is right, would there be any other constraints?
  3. Won't they be too busy with Bretagne?
  4. You can have chaos at the ports and a massive hit to the economy at the same time! that's the beauty of brexit
  5. I guess it shows that we all have different tastes. I find it quite cohesive. Whether I still think that once real world bits and bobs have been added in is anyone's guess!
  6. You might be right. I have an uncouth mind!
  7. Personally, I think that comment is misplaced. It's a brave, modern design. In terms of their market - well the freight customers don't care what it looks like - they are looking for quick turnarounds and an efficient design that keeps prices down. The paying public will be influenced primarily by price and secondarily by on board experience. I think how they look is less important but, by going for something that is very different, they at least will offer people the chance to feel they are trying something new, now that the tunnel is old-hat. Most people look at a ferry and just see a ferry, it has to be very different to have much impact at all.
  8. Pride of Burgundy was a bit of a test bed - her design was changed while she was still in the yard so she never appeared as a freighter. She's quite a bit smaller in terms of passenger space as a result.
  9. Hull. Personally, I think the pair are in reasonably good nick (I don't really think their age puts people off the route at all) but there have been a few technical issues. I just hope the route can carry on as a cruise ferry option.
  10. Can't see it myself. I think they will both go to the beach. They are older and have had quite a hard life, after all. There might be an argument for keeping Burgundy as the dedicated relief ship in lieu of European Seaway as she is more flexible and selling on the Seaway might actually be an easier proposition (if she is repaired first) . Still three years until the new arrivals are here, so a lot could happen. You would hope that the Zeebrugge route would have some news in that period - lets hope it's not going to be downgraded to freight only...
  11. I wonder what their respective mileages are and how much they each cost. Looking at the deck plans, the Darwins do seem to have retained cabins on their upper decks
  12. Genius! Makes the Stena Europe job sound overly complicated. My 200 beds comes from Ferrysite - I know not where they are hidden (or even if they exist)
  13. 200 beds each apparently (no idea where). You have to think big though - they'd need a bit of a rejig and a few bits of art picked up from a flea market in Deauville. 🙄
  14. It's ok though, BF could acquire the Canterbury and Kent for Caen / Le Havre and the Burgundy to replace Bretagne
  15. Is that smoke damage on the hull, forward of the P&O lettering?
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