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  1. To continue exactly as it was. Sorry, it's a bit of an abstract point really as none of us think society is perfect. I suppose that the point that I was making was that as soon as you move a policy away from simply saving as many people as possible (regardless of age, "value", etc.) then it gets very complicated very quickly - and we aren't just talking logistic complications it's ethics and morals. Eek.
  2. I'm not advocating change - for once I agree with (current) policy!
  3. Though it does need everyone.. Obviously, society could be better, worse or just different if certain jobs disappeared but it would not be the same society. You were right earlier when you said this is probably not the place to discuss the value of certain roles - I'm sure we all have our own ideas on who adds value and who doesn't yet, unfortunately in some cases, our society does not always evolve as we wish That's a tricky one. How long are we talking about? Everyone doing my job could cease doing so for a few weeks without much impact but beyond that our absence wou
  4. Yeh, 2.25 hours early is asking a lot! I can see the sense in the regs though. If you went in for morning lectures but then either had the option of skiving off while you travelled home or being out after curfew then it wouldn't make much sense.
  5. probably a bit early for us - we normally go early August
  6. I suppose we also need to factor in that her car deck is much smaller too - so delays in unloading it may not matter much. With 1.5 decks of public space to the Spirits 2 decks but half the passengers (when full) she should also feel spacious, if ultimately not as large
  7. Presumably, society as we know it, depends on all of us to survive - unless we are saying that some of us are paying people to do jobs that have zero value... But I take the point, in terms of preventing short term death, there are a limited (but hard to define) number of jobs that need doing. I still think that you get the biggest bang for your buck in terms of vaccination with the current strategy - which of course includes front line health workers in the first vaccine cohort anyway.
  8. That is a good picture, it certainly looks less practical than the Spirits but you sound infinitely more qualified to comment on the impacts. Overall, it sounds to me like the Spirits are the better passenger shifters while CDO will be better for freight (I'm talking here in efficiency terms, rather than on board experience). I've never been on Calais Seaways, I wonder if I might get chance this summer.
  9. That seems a very low number. The government seem to be saying more like 10m? Though even that looks like an underestimate, given that the report seems to expect school attendance during lockdown to be at around 15% (it's more like 30-50%, anecdotally)
  10. This is from an article published in November: Over the six-week period of data, there were 178,568 COVID-19 deaths from a total population of approximately 2.4 billion people. Age and sex were associated with COVID-19 mortality. Compared with individuals ages 54 years or younger, the incident rate ratio (IRR) was 8.1, indicating that the mortality rate of COVID-19 was 8.1 times higher (95%CI = 7.7, 8.5) among those 55 to 64 years, and more than 62 times higher (IRR = 62.1; 95%CI = 59.7, 64.7) among those ages 65 or older. Mortality rates from COVID-19 were 77% higher in men than in women
  11. She is narrower, carries fewer passengers and has fewer lane metres than the Spirits. She is 1.5m longer though! Still getting my head round the freight capacities and how they will be used but my understanding is that they both have two main freight decks and one dedicated car deck. CDO has a further freight deck beneath the main one (that may not be used much) while the Spirit car deck is full length (which accounts for their greater "lanemetreage" even though they have less freight space. The Spirits, I think, have four dedicated fixed ramps from the car deck to the upper f
  12. yes - if you took the Covid/brexit numbers for the existing routes and compared them to the current surge then 500% might make sense, but it sounds ambitious long term. Though I can see the Dublin UK would only need to loose a few sailings to have a big percentage impact on Rosslare
  13. Aren't there about 8 sailings a day UK - Dublin? How many new sailings a day are there out of Rosslare? I thought there were only about three.
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