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  1. I'm not convinced that this is the case though. If they needed the capacity they could have decided last week to bring them back into service and had them ready for August. As it is, the fact that we have been able to transfer to the Pride of Hull suggests to me that they have decided that they have space for Zeebrugge passengers on the Europoort ships (at least those that are willing to transfer). I believe that they currently have Norstream, Norsky and Elisabeth covering freight on the Hull - Zee route. The fact that I had to contact them could suggest that they are still playing it by ear or, more likely, just very much behind the curve. Of course, what it says for the prospects of them coming back into service, especially if they are alienating current customers, does not feel particularly good.
  2. That looks to be spot on. We must have been on our way to get the ferry. I think this was 1994.
  3. It's now looking like the Zeebrugge service may not start until late August (if ever). Our early August booking has been moved to Europoort after I chased P&O. They have not announced anything yet but the rumours about the time taken to recall the crew are apparently right. Once they make a decision it's still 2 - 3 weeks before they can get the service going.
  4. The Nordica does seem to be the perpetual Supply Teacher of the ferry world
  5. And in a similar vein (suspect this will be even easier). I clearly thought that photography from a moving car was a great idea back in 1990
  6. Great find. Of course, I wasn't there for either the Film Festival or the Dwight. Mostly what I remember is getting in trouble as you had to literally pay to spend a penny, and it being that part of France it wasn't cheap!
  7. Given that I think(***) the date would have been May 1990, I believe it will be the Dwight D Eisenhower - from the wiki article: "In 1990, Dwight D. Eisenhower completed her seventh Mediterranean deployment. The deployment became a commemorative event in the worldwide "Dwight D. Eisenhower Centennial", celebrating the 100th anniversary of the late president's birth. During D-Day anniversary ceremonies off the coast of Normandy, President Eisenhower's son John Eisenhower and D-Day veterans embarked in the ship, while Carrier Air Wing Seven conducted a memorial flyover of the American cemetery at Omaha Beach in Normandy, France." She was probably en-route to Normandy?
  8. I'm thinking it might be one of these:
  9. I had a look at Foch and the profile does not seem right - particularly the second mast (though that could be a smaller ship behind the carrier)
  10. This rather blurry picture was taken in 1989 or 1990 off the French Mediterranean coast, likely between Nice and St Tropez. To my untrained eye, it seems to show and aircraft carrier and an escort vessel. Any ideas? Bonus points for the motorbike!
  11. I was told earlier in the week that they are definitely cancelled until 31st July and are reviewing weekly - I took that to mean that at some point next week they would make a decision about August, though they did not explicitly say that. They also suggested that we could be transferred to Europoort if they decided not to restart (we are booked for Aug 1st!) but, again, I didn't get the impression this was concrete and was asked to email. I have emailed and received the auto-response that they are still dealing with emails from June at the moment! BF is really not an option for us as I'm not sure how we would stand with the campsite booking (it was booked together) though Le Havre, Dieppe, Caen or Calais work equally well for our first destination. We don't really fancy the drive south at all so if P&O offered us DO-Cal there would have to be a hefty refund.
  12. Sorry, I wasn't being entirely serious
  13. Would she fit St. Malo? I bet she carries almost as many cars as the current vessel....!
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