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  1. This is one my favourite pictures of her: the best cruise ferry of the 1980s
  2. What vessel is covering Fishguard for Stena?
  3. As always, those are very interesting stats. Thanks! Do we know how they relate to the relative profitability of the routes / ships? It almost seems to me that there will be more pressure to ensure that Barfleur is replaced than Bretagne. If there's an opportunity to improve freight numbers further and add a more flexible ship to the fleet on an already profitable route then you might think that the opportunity would be taken. Meanwhile, many people seem very happy with Bretagne as she is. She seems to keep St Malo ticking over on a route with high prices. Could a new ship increase passenger numbers significantly or justify a hike in fares?
  4. Is that right though? Barfleur spent time on DO CAL for another operator - hardly a relaxing break. Meanwhile Bretagne has been pootling around under the careful administrations of BF with a nice rest over the winter months in recent years.
  5. I've taken the liberty of correcting your post...
  6. We've come close to booking St Malo as we like a relaxed overnight crossing (and I've been curious to experience the Olde World Charme of the Bretagne). The presence or otherwise of a waiter restaurant makes not a jot of difference to us. Each time we've come close to booking it, the crossing has been rejected on price grounds (Plymouth Roscoff on Pont Aven booked instead, twice) and convenience (Hull Zeebrugge booked four times).
  7. How do the crossings compare cost-wise?
  8. But better than a seat? It is after all how many hostels across the world work
  9. Do winter layups factor in to it much?
  10. Anyone care to calculate their relative miles covered / dockings made? I'm sure Bretagne has done more but I wonder how much more?
  11. For us with wobble boxes it's 60mph on both (i thought lorries were the same tbh). They do try and make the A55 out to be a motorway with some of the extra restrictions though the 30 mph bits may give the game away!
  12. We are allowed to pass the slower ones!
  13. That could have been us. Here's a tip though: there's usually at least one more lane which can be used to pass those pesky caravans travelling at 60mph!
  14. Apologies as this is surely old news, but what sort of speed is required through the Bay to maintain a 24 hr crossing (taking account of harbour and channel speeds etc)?
  15. True - Halfords didn't list Pont Aven when I was last in
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