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  1. And to think Colin was looking forward to a voyage on this ferry!
  2. Sad to be the one to break the news but these two were scrapped a good while back! None of the Dover vessels are suitable for long crossings
  3. I think Pride of York has had reliability issues since she came back from dry-dock - so it may be a chance to sort those (or just wait and see if she ever returns to service )
  4. Still hoping for Pride of Bruges in August...
  5. A four year old and a seven year old and two full time jobs between us. Not a lot of spare time tbh (though as part of the lost generation when it it comes to grammar, I am learning a fair bit!)
  6. So both the Seaways will be laid-up on mainland Europe. Will that be in Ijmuiden?
  7. My overriding memory of BMC is the smell of fried food. Of Mannanan it's the feeling of nausea and watching many big biker dudes losing their breakfast while a heavily pregnant Mrs VV looked serenely on..
  8. Maybe P&O are worried about the UK kicking off some conflict (Falklands II, dispute with EU fishing fleet) and having their ships requisitioned again!
  9. I was mostly aware of the crew side of the story - though it is interesting as it is kind of saying that if you want a passenger ferry service from Hull it really has to be crewed as cheaply as possible - I can't see people paying any more as they are already about as expensive as BF, another £100 or so on our fare and we'd be either Dover or Portsmouth bound (that's why we don't even entertain DFDS even though Newcastle is the same travel time from our house as Hull). I would add that we like the crews and I don't see foreign crews as providing a worse service - maybe the opposite. However, the bit that I took away from it was the lines about the Zeebrugge route not been profitable. I expect some of that to be spin but it does suggest that things are borderline. To me that says that POY and POB won't be replaced with anything other than a freighter. I hope I'm wrong and, at the very least, they can get another five years out of them if I'm not. Has anyone interrogated their annual report - does it go into detail on routes and profit?
  10. I hope that Tumnus is right but I fear the worst. This article suggests that P&O are struggling with the Zeebrugge route (despite how busy it gets in the summer) https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/po-crew-earn-450-hour-3923380
  11. And they could refit Bretagne's interior with a nice minimalist Scandinavian feel. Maybe jumboize her too, while they are at it so she can fulfil her potential.
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