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  1. They should have time to go round with the vacuum cleaners before she re-opens PIP - St Malo in late June.
  2. Even Bretagne looks better than this Scarlet Lady monstrosity
  3. I heard that, this year, BF were due to test out their new ball-shaped bread (only on vessels with deep plates, due to rolling potential and definitively not on NEX). The marketing team had been very busy and were therefore disappointed to have to shelve their "Brittany Spheres" promotional campaign.
  4. Though, wasn't it highlighted this week on this forum that, with the exception Cap Finistere and NEX, the entire current fleet was built for use with BF? A new situation for BF. I gather that some of the old ships had more character (though we may well be saying the same thing in 20 years time!) but they weren't built for BF. Wasn't Bretagne the first ship that BF actually ordered from new?
  5. If that's the case, then their website is wrong as it shows two round trips for each day of the week. Does anyone know what the pre-Brexit timetable was - 24, 28 or another number of sailings per week?
  6. Me too. Do they have a vessel that can fit in an extra 10 rotations (seems unlikely to be that much demand) or is this just a typo? The Europe seems to only be in port for about 2 hours on most rotations, so not a lot of slack
  7. that's quite a service, they must need at least three vessels to operate it
  8. Does the "flex" bit of their name mean that these changes could be made relatively easily to the Estrid and Embla, also? I'm thinking in terms of the ability to supply enough hot water etc. rather than plumbing for each cabin - that kind of level of pre-planning
  9. Sounds like they missed a trick - what about Newhaven - Portsmouth?
  10. I guess we'll see but I think your own suggestions (Fishguard and Dunkerque) alongside Roscoff, St Malo, are where I'd start. It will be interesting to see how the Irish Ferries landbridge option works out.
  11. The PA changes somewhat from front cover to inside pictures!
  12. I was meaning the principle. Dover obviously has less opportunity for it's route to 'fan out' due to proximity to the mainland but I'm sure we'll see an even quicker rationalisation of routes from Rosslare than we did in Dover.
  13. I think the current livery is good. Like the P&O one too. The current livery looks modern, it suits Bretagne very well, disguising her age and dumpy nature As a kid, I loved the Color Line (navy blue) and Scandinavian Seaways diagonal blue stripes but the ferries I drew were always in Townsend Thoresen colours.
  14. I bet bunkering companies around the coast of Africa are running their hands in glee
  15. It does seem crazy that P&O aren't able to capitalize on this. They have two spare ships doing nothing (maybe IF might yet give the Burg a reprieve!).
  16. Well that is a surprise! The article does say that it will be the Isle of Inishmore to start but a two ship service makes sense. Given that Blue Star 1 has a low freight but high capacity, is there any chance she will end up in Dover, her speed could be useful in providing a frequent service. Meanwhile, which ship will take over from the Inishmore?
  17. I wondered why there were two of him to start with! Masks, you can see why petrol station workers don't like them. Yes, I would take that to mean the whole day, in this context, though I thought that this was more of an English phrase or shorthand. I'd forgotten that leaders could speak rapidly and clearly
  18. Does "noon" not mean "afternoon" in this context? I couldn't find a video of him speaking these words (I'm assuming he did not use English and that this is a translation).
  19. If they had, and the capacity had gone in extra length, she could be a very fine looking ship.
  20. I find them to be a bit of a nuisance on most motorway hills to be honest! Yep, aware of that but I hadn't seen anything from the government that officially says so (I haven't really bothered looking as it makes no difference to us). Spread the wealth, I'm sure your sister will be eternally grateful.
  21. Lol. Some conversions do look like they are asking a lot from the base vehicle. Seems like no one is quite certain about the facilities thing yet? I know a lot of tenters are buying porta-loos though. Doesn't bother us though, we are self contained. Last summer we ended up on 5 pitch sites only (which are the best anyway), some off-grid. But even that was quite tricky to book and no replacement for 30 degrees and a nice pool...
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