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  1. Was the OP feeling a little horse when this topic was started?
  2. Where's my invite? I can bring a maggoty bin lid for your entrée, so long as you don't give me any turkey
  3. And yet, miraculously, is not yet a lame duck!
  4. But isn't Cherbourg going to become a lot more freight orientated when the rail link gets going? If that is successful, then I suppose the question will be, can Poole supply enough freight or will other Cherbourg routes become the priority?
  5. that's one weird addiction! I hate the damn things.
  6. Though it is relevant to the forum and very indicative of so much more of Government "policy". I believe viewing and commenting is still optional though
  7. First change: Euro GB on your actual plate no longer acceptable - must have GB sticker / badge Second change: GB changes to UK Third change: UK changes to E&W* *not for at least 5 years
  8. Backwards planning would be an improvement!
  9. Sometimes the two conflict. E.g. The English Channel is not called La Manche Anglaise
  10. Which is kind of ironic, given their other actions...!
  11. Good to see we're focusing on the real political problems here
  12. there's this one, still operating, but I don't think they take caravans. https://westcoasttours.co.uk/tours/kintyre-express/ This article from 1996 seems to talk about the introduction of the service you mention: https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/12079394.new-life-ahoy-for-calmac-ferry-claymore/ And it's closure in 2000 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/652866.stm
  13. An animated version appears on the main credits too (it appears to be docked by the Tyne Bridge!
  14. And fans of ferries from Swinoujscie in Plan should check out the Nordic Murders series - set just over the border in Germany and available on Walther Presents, All4 (Channel 4). It's a kind darker "Murder She Wrote" (just imagine that Jessica Fletcher murders her husband in episode 1 and you'll get the idea). I think the German name for the series is "Der Usedom-Krimi"
  15. I believe this is Superfast X at Rosyth or Riverseafingal as it is known in the CBeebies programme, Me Too. The programme confusingly mixes North Berwick, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Newcastle upon Tyne and Manchester into one city.
  16. Free Enterprise I features in the Italian Job
  17. "Scream if you want to go faster!" That could describe a post by @IanN about the E Flexer service to Spain!
  18. 'Ark at 'im. "Beef dripping"! Fancy. It's sheep dung or peat bog over here at the Lancashire Frontier.
  19. Very true. In fact, switching the lights on at all (unless it's to pick rhubarb) is considered a bit of a southern extravagance
  20. Definitely worth factoring in running costs. I think we have a few halogens in the home, but in very rarely used positions.
  21. Already got one (though not in French). It's important that those who brought us Brexit take all the credit (though they seem strangely reluctant, of late)
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