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  1. Connemara's Fri 24th sailing from Cork to Santander has been cancelled for "operational" reasons , her sailing from Santander to Cork this afternoon is still scheduled to operate .Does this look like Connemara is being used to sub for Pont Aven for the Sat sailing from Cork to Roscoff .Or would it be for freight only .
  2. Jasus Father Ted the bread rolls have risen again .
  3. Maybe they should try a submarine style hot bunk system .
  4. How long will it take to get the scent of Guinness out of the carpet .
  5. In rough weather you can expect some heavy rolls .
  6. Looks like this thread has gone stale .
  7. A few years back on the Pont we had arrived in Roscoff from Cork but disembarkation was delayed due to a bow door problem , we were parked main deck aft ( dog owners ) with lots of empty area around us and had noticed large plates in the deck that were bolted flush to the deck . . My immediate thought was that they were to allow access to the machinery spaces for the removal of large items .
  8. Chef

    Armorique Making History

    Scheduled for 21: 30 hrs departure, that's an hour and a half turn around time , is that realistic .
  9. Their have been deliveries by barge of hull sections from Poland coming trough the building hall lately and i suspect more to come , hence the caisson not back in position to drain the dock .
  10. A pity that Armorique is scheduled in Cork for 20.00hrs on Sat instead of the usual earlier am time , Celebrity Reflection will be alongside the deep water berth in Ringaskiddy until 14.00 hrs on Sat . Would have made for a great photo . You could throw a heaving line from one to the other they would have been that close .
  11. Enough time to pop across the road to Fowley's Pub for a pint .
  12. So not leaving without a deal is another backstop ( on the UK side of things only ) .
  13. Cutting off the branch of the tree that you happen to be sitting on comes to mind .
  14. Whereas the EU has not backed itself into a corner as regards a no deal situation just the UK .
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