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  1. Are there restrictions on the vehicle carrying Eurotunnel trains operating further afield from the terminal in Folkestone .
  2. Reports now that the trailer arrived at the port unaccompanied and then picked up by the Bulgarian registered truck/tractor unit .
  3. I used tannoy in it's generic form with a lower case 't' not Tannoy the brand name . And around here PA can mean Point Aven , but we all know what we are talking about regardless .
  4. Oops sorry about that, my memories of my time spent on a Ton Class Minesweeper creeping back in there .
  5. Do you get the theme music from the movie Titanic playing on the tannoy as you lean out over the bow .
  6. Looks like WBY went for the stern in option .
  7. If Ryanair ran a ferry business this ship would be perfect for them .
  8. I was thinking along the lines of an old fashioned , Irish Man , English Man , Scottish Man walked into a bar type of story .
  9. Would he have been more comfortable if a Scottish or English lorry driver had burst in .
  10. Will this Spanish inspired menu also include Spanish wines .
  11. Being German built does that not make her a frauline .
  12. Level with Rosslare maybe , but on the Eastern side of St Georges Channel.
  13. Plus the due to not having scrubbers installed it narrows down the options of what routes they can service .
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