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  1. Chef

    1 April

    Well 2020 is a leap year .
  2. Chef

    1 April

    I heard it's to be rescheduled to a later date .
  3. Plenty of them knocking around .
  4. The pier webcam at FSG has now been shutdown .
  5. Aragh be goragh , tis St Patrick's Day sir .
  6. I see it as a divide and conquer approach .
  7. Depends on who you mean by we . But if you are a EU citizen at the moment you would be included , Schengen area and EU Countries not in Schengen also included .
  8. Maybe the French Government will do BF a favour and requisition her as a prison hulk . And yes I know it's in a German shipyard , but a French prison hulk sounds better .
  9. To that it would have to sail to Spain .
  10. And when visiting the kennels in the early hours of the morning there's a fabulous aroma coming from the galley extraction fans of freshly baked breakfast pastries , nothing wrong with that type of air .
  11. You could also Ring Arthur, his number is posted as well .
  12. Arriving in Bilbao this evening at 21.00hrs instead of the scheduled 08.00 tomorrow . I thought they were going to use all those extra hours at see to play hide and seek .
  13. Delete my last , arrival is on Sunday .
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