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  1. For me it's a great feeling onboard Pont Aven before she has even left the berth in Cork , the atmosphere onboard is that the holiday has already started , the food, staff etc, I can imagine the feeling is even better for those with balconies to enjoy the voyage to either France or Spain . For those that have had the balconies maybe you could tell me if there is much noise heard from the kennels above .
  2. Maybe it's because Easter is April 17 next year , the start of the Cork summer service is always dictated by the Easter holiday .
  3. It will be interesting to see if a price war breaks out when passenger services are allowed to return, now that there are so many additional sailings from Ireland to France that did not exist previously and carriers other than Brittany Ferries .
  4. And did they discover what shape bread rolls Brent geese prefer .
  5. Bit of an international armada operating from Ireland with todays arrival of Blue Star 1 at Rosslare , there is now ferries operating under 6 different flags , France, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Cyprus and GB . I'm sure someone will point what flag is missing .
  6. That's the cooling water from Ringsend power station , the outfall from the water treatment plant is about 1 klm away at the decommissioned Poolbeg power station .
  7. You can see the English influence in the architecture of Cobh from it's days as a garrison town and the Royal Navy depot and dockyard across the harbour at Haulbowline , in the first photo top right corner on the hill is what was the Admirals House with a clear view across the harbour to Haulbowline , it had a semaphore station to communicate with Haulbowline and RN ships anchored in Cobh Roads .
  8. Well if it's of any help to you, Ships Monthly had a interview with the Captain of Pont Aven several years ago for it's ' View From The Bridge ' He said that Roscoff was his favourite Port because his home was there but that Cork was the most scenic and popular for him and passengers for the view especially when the ship sailed passed Cobh .
  9. Throw in an early bird special and bring your mobility scooter on the car deck .
  10. Maybe Armorique could make a call at Plymouth on her way to /from Cork .
  11. Probably the only way to get there .
  12. It was always the case before Brexit and it will be after it , the micro chip is for more than just travelling out of the country , you don't have to have you pet chipped just for the passport , in Ireland it's required regardless .
  13. There is , if the animal had been stolen and was being taken out of the country , unlikely that the thief would be in possession of the passport and easier to match the legitimate owner of the pet when they are in possession of it .
  14. So it's a land bridge to the Continent operated by one ferry company from Ireland through the UK via the Common Transit Convention .
  15. That seems like the plan alright , plus she is having her funnel painted green presumably with the Irish Ferries logo .
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