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  1. Would they consider laying minefields or would that be a bit over the top ?
  2. Maybe a change of name is needed , Majestic just doesn't cut it .
  3. We have a similar situation in Ireland in that we have the highest fully vaccinated rate in the EU/EEA (adults) and third highest rate for total population (12 years and above ) yet we still have a high infection rate due to the latest variant being so infectious, but not the same level of hospital admissions as before with similar numbers, vaccinated people are still getting infected but not suffering the effects as much as before . The wave we are experiencing in Ireland is now starting to show in other European countries , so now on to the booster shot which started a few weeks ago and it is expected we will be over the present hump by the end of November.
  4. The double 'n' spelling is an anglicized version .
  5. I got 12, Brest included and I've sailed from there on the Pont .
  6. You can forget about using the excuse of a citizen's arrest then .
  7. Several years ago my wife and myself were flying out from Montpellier to Ireland , I had purchased a few bars of high quality dark chocolate and had them in my carry on and my wife had a fondue set that she had purchased in her carry on ( instead of her checked bag for some reason ?) needless to say both items showed up on the security x ray, the discussion that followed with the French security crew was not about the dangers of the long forks in the fondue set being in the cabin of the plane but about the quality of the chocolate and it's suitability for use with the fondue set, gave it their approval and sent us onwards to the departure area , the chocolate wasn't for fondue but for Black Forest Gateau along with the bottle of Kirsch .
  8. More attractive next year when imports to Britain from the EU will be subject to checks (suspended at the moment) and with Northern Ireland still in the EU customs can we expect to see a service from Northern Ireland to the continent on the cards ?
  9. If they are a crew of MacAlpines Fusiliers the crew change would take place in London at The Crown in Cricklewood, or maybe not , as the intro to the song MacAlpines Fusiliers goes 'The craic was good in Cricklewood and they wouldn't leave The Crown with glasses flying and Biddies crying sure Paddy was going to town'
  10. Freight only according to the press release .
  11. Apparently if they all know each other there's nothing to worry about !
  12. Boarding of the Commodore life rafts .
  13. And priority boarding and launching of Commodore Class life rafts.
  14. A dollop of Branston Pickle maybe and call it fusion style .
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