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  1. Level with Rosslare maybe , but on the Eastern side of St Georges Channel.
  2. Plus the due to not having scrubbers installed it narrows down the options of what routes they can service .
  3. She looks lovely in Battleship Grey with the rest of her sisters in the Irish Naval Service .
  4. I've done the military pilgrimage to Lourdes which involved a lot of crawling on knees , but more of the bar type .
  5. Plenty of berthing space at Rosslare, which also happen to be looking for ferry operators to make more use of the port .
  6. The Pont's arrival time is actually 7 am local time and 6 am on board time .
  7. Plus the west coast route is flatter , but you do miss out on some great views mountain tunnels and the Millau viaduct .
  8. I was thinking the same myself , and regardless of which route, how on Earth could you make the Med by late afternoon on the same day .
  9. Gale force all the way to Cork , let's hope the stabilisers hold out and keep the (bread) rolls under control .
  10. A 16.30 or so arrival time might be more realistic.
  11. And Port of Cork have her down for a midday arrival .
  12. Pretty much all European countries except the UK have plates with a white background, could have been an agitated German running a few minutes late .
  13. There's always Holyhead to Dublin and then Dublin to France or Cairnryan to Belfast to Dublin to France .
  14. She never berthed at Cobh Ireland either, her last port of call , she anchored out side the harbour beyond Roches Point and used tenders from the company's own jetty in Cobh
  15. Plus naming a hotel and various other attractions after the Titanic to me is bizarre , I would be inclined to steer clear of anything named Titanic .
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