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  1. Chef

    BF Refit Season 2019-20

    I believe there are removeable sections of the deck on the car deck for access to the engine spaces . She's back in the water now so not a good time for cutting holes in the hull for something below the waterline .
  2. Chef

    BF Refit Season 2019-20

    Many years ago I was being instructed on how to use a lift raft and we were shown the contents of the survival container , which contained tinned water amongst other things , the instructor explained that the small amount of water was sufficient to maintain the occupants of the life raft for a considerable number of days . The fella next to me had some doubt about the water lasting for such an amount of time so I told him the water was " concentrated water " just like concentrated juice , and you just had to add three tins of water to it and hey presto . He believed me . Needless to say he was not around for the rest of the course .
  3. Chef

    BF Refit Season 2019-20

    Maybe the survival pack in the Pont's life rafts have gourmet French goodies , Perrier water instead of the tinned stuff .
  4. Two days should just about cover it, one day for a visit to the Guinness Store House and the other day for the Jameson Distillery on Bow Street .
  5. A fire suppression system maybe ? .
  6. Dublin Port departure schedule covers up to the 27th of Dec , no mention of her departing during that time , hence my question as to whether she will be do a berthing trial at Holyhead on her way from Spain before heading to Dublin .
  7. The Northern Ireland Ferries Site are saying she is to arrive in Holyhead first , would this be for berthing trials before heading to Dublin for Sunday evening .She is due to be laid up in Dublin until entering service in early January .
  8. Weather buoy M6 off the west coast of Ireland recorded a 14.1m wave earlier today , the surfer dudes in Sligo will be delighted .
  9. Not to worry , that part of the ship with the cabins came from Poland , and it was the right size this time .
  10. I was on scene during the aftermath off the Irish South Coast , we had located several upturned yachts which were sunk by ramming after our divers had checked them out . Even though it was the following day the seas were pretty nasty .
  11. That ships bridge looks a bit of a mess , some contractors working maybe .
  12. I don't see a service to Waterford ever happening with Rosslare just an hour drive from it , plus it has no infrastructure to handle a ferry service .It's about one and a half to two hours travel time upriver to Waterford docks from Dunmore East . It is a very scenic journey though , a bit like transiting the Kiel Canal . I've had numerous transits to Waterford in the past .
  13. Are there restrictions on the vehicle carrying Eurotunnel trains operating further afield from the terminal in Folkestone .
  14. Reports now that the trailer arrived at the port unaccompanied and then picked up by the Bulgarian registered truck/tractor unit .
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