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  1. And an eight to ten hour drive to the Spanish border , throw in a few rest stops and more like twelve to thirteen hours, but considering how frustrating things seem to be it might be a better option .
  2. Hotel B&B are dog friendly, we use them all the time with our two little pooches plus pretty much all the budget motel chain's are dog friendly .
  3. Let's hope that the two big screws below the waterline are nice and tight .
  4. Indeed , I was hoping to find an actual timetable instead of this .
  5. In Europe it's pretty much unique to the UK , for the rest of us it's pretty straight forward no tests outbound or inbound .
  6. Is there an actual timetable buried somewhere in the web site other than checking off a date and route and seeing what's available .
  7. You could get a bumper sticker to say you voted to remain ,maybe two of them, one in English and one in French.
  8. Someone has undertaken a class in creative writing , if your steak turns out to be tough you will be told that it clearly states "firmer texture" on the menu .
  9. And not even a mention about Randox ( yet )
  10. As President Mary McAleese said to to the Queen at the State Banquet in Dublin Castle , we do do formal, but informally .
  11. Not to mention the Full English Breakfast which is pretty much the same as the Irish one .
  12. That should should cause some headaches on the island of Ireland .
  13. Will the Olympic squad be now known as Team UK instead of Team GB .
  14. Guess where the" three large dogs " in the back of the car came from .
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