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  1. He might heel over .
  2. I dough know what to say about it all .
  3. They could always carry a few extra tanks on the car deck , that's the beauty of the system .
  4. Was there an official roll out .
  5. Give us this day our daily bread ( it being a Sunday ) .
  6. Chef

    PA on TV

    I think the person you refer to at Cork Airport is a Customs Officer at Dublin airport , known locally by his workmates as Bruce Almighty .
  7. And imagine it doing 40 kts .
  8. This bread roll thread has now spread to include butter .
  9. Ah sure that's how it circles the world .
  10. I have the utmost faith that they will make up for it .
  11. Chef


    Due to their unique shape, now known as self stabilizing anti roll .
  12. Oh no , a bakers dozen and sailing on a Friday .
  13. And how's the baker going to know how many bread rolls to make or not .
  14. Can't use the bus was late excuse for not getting to work on time .
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