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  1. Chef

    Applying for French residency

    Ulster is not British , only part of it is , the rest is in the Republic of Ireland or Eire as some people on here call it ( we stopped using the Eire thing a long time ago )
  2. The yard looks deserted today , Guess why .
  3. Call me old fashioned , but there was always going to be bad karma using a name that was already in use .
  4. Chef

    Plastic cutlery

    The plastic bags used on board in the gift shops are made from potato starch and are biodegradable, the bags have a crisp type feel to them .
  5. Chef

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    Having the 2 berth cabins makes perfect sense if you think about it , you certainly can't expect two pairs of complete strangers to share a 4 berth with each other .
  6. Chef

    EU Plans For Maritime Links Post Brexit

    Sorry about that , it's from the RTE News website . My IT skills are limited .
  7. Chef

    EU Plans For Maritime Links Post Brexit

    Scroll down to read the article .
  8. Something to ponder . EU draws up transport proposals for 'no deal' Brexit.html
  9. Noticed that also , maybe it's pay per view now to make up for lost revenue .
  10. W B Yeats bow now facing the camera
  11. W B Yeats bow now facing the camera
  12. Chef

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    God help the bartenders .
  13. Her former operator Color Line had her in the livery you see her in today except for the IF logo on the funnel
  14. So where did the blue hull livery come from , i seem to remember her arriving from her original owners with the blue hull and she was never painted in the white livery since IF have had her .