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  1. We need a lot of ham sandwiches .
  2. Indeed they did , and it's not exactly brimming with employment opportunities but I'm sure they knew what they were doing .
  3. Will the laid off workers in Holyhead share your sentiment and the loss of income at the various services along the way.
  4. I like the look of that crossing on Wednesday from Rosslare to Bilbao at just 26 hours for the crossing , looks she'll be using that speed of hers ,I could make it to my place in France on the same day as the ferry arrives .
  5. And a free EU approved ham sandwich for every truck driver heading to the continent .
  6. Chef


    Irish Customs are operating a relaxed approach to customs rules for a few months as a form of transition .
  7. Looks like Embla didn't use the double link span , does she have internal ramps ? or was it a case of not needing to use all her lane metres .
  8. Over on the Irish Ferries Enthusiasts site there is an excellent aerial photo of Stena Embla alongside at Rosslare and Stena Europe on the adjacent pier , worth looking at to see the comparison in size of the two ships .
  9. Let's hope that a CLdN navigation officer had no part in drawing up those graphics, brings a new meaning to "direct route"
  10. Any more ferries on Ireland to France and we can walk across on a floating bridge of ferries .
  11. The Rep of Ireland and Northern Ireland are both in the same customs union , there are no shortages or empty shelves in supermarkets in the Republic but there are in Northern Ireland , how come ! my local Tesco ( a UK company) here in Ireland is fully stocked .
  12. I don't recall any of the Stena Irish Sea E Flexers carrying out berthing trials at Rosslare , Irish Ferries had WB Yeats do a berthing trial at Rosslare on her delivery voyage .
  13. So is this a practical example as to why they are called an E Flexer
  14. Chef


    Barry's Tea from Ireland , my UK friends in France described it as gunpowder .
  15. CLDN's service Dublin to Santander , a triangular service which takes in a UK stop as well, plus CLDN's twice weekly from Cork to Zeebrugge and also a twice weekly Dublin to Zeebrugge , as needed an extra sailing on either the Dublin or Cork service or both as required that's potentially 35 crossing per week to the continent with 2 of them to Spain
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