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  1. That would be tonight, but in Belfast .
  2. Looks like the view I had from my flat when I lived in Cobh .
  3. Might even make a face mask or two out of them .
  4. Should be a Zafira at that .
  5. Agreed , it's like bragging about not getting caught driving home drunk from the pub .
  6. And Kerry arriving tomorrow afternoon from Rosslare for the first arrival of the year from Ireland .
  7. Does this replace or is it in conjunction with the morning wake up music .
  8. The simplest way to resolve your dilemma would be to take the tunnel , your dog will be with you in your car at all times ,your departure and arrival point may not be perfect but it's pretty much guaranteed you will get to where you are going dog and all , on the dates you require .
  9. I know someone named Rodney who got the email but the sender insists on addressing him as Dave , you have to wonder who's on the other end .
  10. That's the Syncrolift , around 100 metres in length , the deck of the lift submerges to allow a vessel to come in over it and then up she goes .Same principle used by heavy lift ships that can submerge .
  11. The centre of the Evancy Hotel is 140mt to the left of the centre line from the Syncrolift at the shipyard .
  12. Using distance measuring on Google Earth it draws a line from the Syncrolift to the Evancy Hotel , the line is at an angle just like the angle from ships bridge . Dead ahead from the ship would be in line to the right of the Casino .
  13. Well we know it's not a submarine , so that that narrows down the options as to it's identity
  14. The Socarenam shipyard is at the entrance to the inner harbour and has a large Syncrolif, which is why the vessel in the photo appears higher than it actually is and makes it seem like it is in the inner harbour .
  15. It's Boulogne , the building showing in the centre window is the Evancy Hotel , it's a building site in the Google aerial image but from the Google street view it's built and it matches .
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