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  1. I've been trying to think of a word to describe them as well , they are a kind of 'bumper' for berthing but just on the starboard side on Inishmore .
  2. All Armorique sailings from Ireland are showing as "sailing full " until Sept 15th but all Pont Aven sailings showing as available to book .
  3. I notice on the Ireland timetable that both Pont Aven and Armorique are showing as being available to book from the 19th of June as opposed to showing as being fully booked ? the Irish Government" advice" is to avoid international travel and is expected to allow international from the 19th of July when Ireland will be operating the digital passport , so if you are fully vaccinated and had a compelling reason to head to France at the moment and not be returning till after the 19July then maybe !
  4. Most of them have Irish Passports anyway.
  5. Ireland is not part of the Union , but I,m sure you meant Northern Ireland .
  6. Would "for the purpose of paying taxes" be considered an exceptional reason to travel !
  7. The full fry up can be very versatile , just add chips and it's a lunch or dinner item .
  8. For me the aroma of freshly baked breakfast patisserie and a café au lait on board the Pont two hours before arrival in Roscoff on a Sunday morning beats the full cooked any day , and it's even more special after my winter hiatus .
  9. Maybe they consider English Breakfast tea bags as sufficient .
  10. But herself had her jab the following day and had every side effect listed, plus some not listed .
  11. Ok my turn , had the Astra Zeneca two weeks ago and zero side effects , I've had better mosquito bites .
  12. Some of us will, and plenty of room in a Berlingo as well .
  13. Well we can rule out the pints so it must be the Number 530 bus to Craggy Island via Termonfeckin .
  14. That should be bus number 53 not 530 my mistake , Transport for Ireland web site will give you all you need to know .
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