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  1. So, she doesn't want foreigner's coming to the UK but is ok with her children being foreigner's in Greece .
  2. Two men wearing black suits will be arriving at you home shortly , just answer their questions and when they put on their sunglasses they will ask you to focus on a shiney flashing pen thing . You will then remember nothing of the incident , you saw nothing , it never happened .
  3. I can see an anti competitive / state subsidy type law suit on the horizon .
  4. Your UK license will be valid in Ireland , so that's one less for country for you to be upset with .
  5. But with strong Eastern European accents .
  6. I must have been considered a cheapskate , i got a black T Shirt branded for some Vodka maker depicting a person sucking on a toe . Now i can say i have been there done that and got the T Shirt .
  7. It was a toss of a coin between the two .
  8. Pont Aven's funnel sponsored by Lego ,
  9. Then you should bring a dog to work.
  10. It's an absolute disgrace to to subject animals to that wake up music .
  11. That was a Woof Woof crossing last night .
  12. Must of been scrumpy happy hour down at the Spoons again .
  13. Or Epsilon which is on charter to Irish Ferries .
  14. That's up there with Jacob Rees Mogg's recent Tweet hinting that the Irish Government might have put pressure on Arklow Shipping to pull out so as to cause a problem for the UK . Mr Mogg seems to be picking up the DUP's bad habit of making incendiary comments .
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