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  1. Looks like she popped into Cherbourg on her way to Rosslare .
  2. During their delivery voyage the previous E Flexers had a warning on their Marine Traffic AIS that there were armed guards on board .
  3. This is starting to look like a Wallace and Gromit adventure .
  4. Freedom of the Sea or Liberty of the Sea , Saoirse is an Irish female name meaning liberty or freedom and farraige is the ocean /sea
  5. There is another new passenger ferry on a delivery voyage close to Galicia at the moment and heading for Galway Bay , the 40 metre 400 passanger Saoirse na Farraige going via South Africa as deck cargo aboard the heavy lift ship Svenja .
  6. I got it removed from my bill , told them I was only there for a limited time each year and had no need for a TV .
  7. Is this when peasant shooting , oops I mean pheasant shooting became popular .
  8. Which means they diehards will start an hour earlier to maintain their daily quota .
  9. It'll be a soggy one if they do, Galicia will be at anchor , unless someone knows differently which might set off another hot debate .
  10. CruiseMapper appear to show her as doubling back and resuming her course a few times so either a mechanical kink to work out or killing time due to congestion at Singapore .
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