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  1. Unless I'm missing something, on Saturday 7th August, the 2x Condors appear to be doing the following: Voyager: Poole - Jersey - St Malo (leaving Poole at 2.35 Liberation: - Poole - Guernsey - Portsmouth (Leaving Poole at 2.15) So - 2 questions: 1) Why on the Sunday is Liberation then doing Poole - Guernsey again (having ended up in Portsmouth) - is it doing a Brittany Ferries trip in between because nothing is reported on the BF website (maybe this is a mistake??) 2) Why don't they just make Voyager pop into Guernsey and do it all in a single trip? I don't see the point of Liberation just doing Guernsey and back I'm no expert so thought I'd chuck it out there. Antony
  2. Is the solution (IMHO) not to run the Clipper from Poole during the winter months?? As I see it there would be a number of advantages: 1) Shorter sailing times (thus less cost) 2) Run from the same port so if the fast ferries are cancelled passengers don't have to go as far 3) Its only an hour or so extra by road but saves many hours at sea I agree with comments that its a long journey and although Weymouth is the shortest its also much harder to get too. Poole on the other hand could probably take it quite easily without too much hassle?? I also wonder if (to chuck in a France link as well for if Rapide can't operate) you could run the Clipper: Poole - Cherbourg - Guernsey - Jersey - Guernsey - Cherbourg - Poole. With the shorter sailing times I reckon you could fit it in and provide a really good allround winter service. Just my thoughts.
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