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  1. Did not realise that my comments would lead to such a lively discussion. I am I stress a loyal BF fan ( when they went on strike a few years ago their reaction was admirable as they sorted everything out so well for us to got back) and appreciate the discounts as being far more important, though fares do seem to have gone up quite a bit. Certainly they put the P&O Dover ferries to shame!
  2. Thanks for the replies - interesting to see the differing views which all make valid points. I would just comment - my expectations were raised by the mention of a "nice gift", so would not have expected much otherwise. Re the bridge - it would have been interesting but being totally dark both inside and outside there was virtually nothing to see. In addition no-one was there to explain what was happening. Yes, I was keen to visit it and could not have known this in advance so was not in a position to politely decline. With a career in marketing and PR have seen the negative effect of poorly planned and directed campaigns where it would have been better to do nothing. I do however have the car sticker and lapel badge, so will be curious to see if they have any effect!.
  3. Having completed 20 years membership of Club Voyage I was naturally pleased to be greeted at check-in with a little folder, badge and car sticker to denote my "loyalty". Both the card and check-in staff said that I would have a nice gift at reception. ( Given that seem to recall talking to a couple a while ago that they got a case of wine, was quite keen to see what happened.) A couple of free drinks and a visit to the ship's bridge was all there was. The latter in the dark, early morning, with no explanation of what was happening and asked not to stand where I could actually see the docking process. All in all, pretty disappointed considering probably spent up to £40K over the years. I suggest that BF either makes it something worthwhile or best not to do it at all.
  4. We have used BF crossings for 20 years and have come to the following conclusions about loading. 1. It is frustrating when you have no idea what is going on as some arrivals go straight through while others queue, 2. However I think in calmer moments BF staff do the best they can for our safety. 3. Over the years it all evens out - early arrival, nearly last on board, arrive closer to time and get straight through. 4. Just relax , look forward to getting to BF's excellent bars and restaurants.
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