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  1. 2009 and the Anton Berg chocolates were still buy 2 get 1 free back then too.
  2. Got a Calmac one , no French ones though, it’s always worth entering the competitions / ballots I’ve won a BF crossing and a weeks stay at a Yelloh campsite before.
  3. There’s websites to tell you about websites most are run by bots, it’s hardly surprising there’s so many strikes in France just now with the pension changes being put through, what’s the worst that might happen ? For me I drive to a different port or wait a day for another sailing the pros still out weigh the negatives it doesn’t seem to be affecting tourist figures going by the data not individual travel plans. https://www.internetlivestats.com/total-number-of-websites/
  4. If you have extra services you pay for them one way or another whether it’s via onboard spend or ticket price , I’m happy enough with Pont avens or MSM facilities for the amount of time that I’m onboard them.
  5. Obese, dumpy !!! Will the insults for the rusty old Madame of the fleet never stop?
  6. Wee commando raid to “acquire “ the ship if it all goes belly up?
  7. https://actu.fr/normandie/caen_14118/liaison-ouistreham-portsmouth-honfleur-la-brittany-ferries-pret-lautomne-2020_31436802.html Google Translation Ouistreham-Portsmouth link: Brittany Ferries' Honfleur ready for fall 2020 Brittany Ferries' new boat, the Honfleur, which is to connect Ouistreham to Portsmouth, should be ready in the fall of 2020 after a year of delay. Posted on Feb 12, 20 at 6:31 p.m. Brittany Ferries' new ferry, the Honfleur, is scheduled to begin its first crossings in the fall of 2020. Originally expected in the summer of 2019, it will be more than a year behind schedule. We don't want to give an exact date, explains Jean-Marc Roué, chairman of the Brittany Ferries supervisory board. But he will be in our fleet by the fall of 2020. A constantly shifted delivery Initially, delivery was scheduled for winter 2019, then in June 2019, an inaugural crossing was then scheduled for July 9, 2019. This was without counting on further delays, forcing Brittany Ferries to postpone its entry into service. October 2019, then at the beginning of 2020 and finally in the spring. At the start of 2019, the FSG shipyard in Germany, which assembles the Honfleur, faced serious financial concerns. Brittany Ferries clarified last June: The German shipyard, which builds the Honfleur, had to face the payment of significant financial penalties imposed by the delay in delivery (5 months) of the new Irish Ferries ship, WB Yeats. This shifted the workload of the site on the construction of the future ship. It will replace Normandy This new ferry is to operate the Ouistreham-Portsmouth links, instead of the Le Normandie ferry, which will be assigned to the Le Havre - Portsmouth line. The "Honfleur" will be one of the most environmentally friendly, especially since it will be powered by LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) which generates less carbon dioxide than diesel or heavy fuel oil. The Honfleur will be able to transport 1,680 passengers in 257 cabins and will include two cinemas, restaurants and shops.
  8. The Cal MAC ferry debacle is pretty comparable , ironically Loch Seaforth is doing ok now after some issues and it was built at FSG. As for delays what about Boris’s Garden bridge or Northern Ireland to Scotland bridge ? Not delays i suppose 😉
  9. No idea to be honest, but we don’t camp as such anyway it’s more static caravans that we use. The point is there’s going to have to be massive investment in charging points.
  10. That’s quite interesting the nearest one to the campsite we’re staying at in the summer is 6 miles away and the campsite is in a decent sized resort, work to be done on charging points it would seem.
  11. The Breton farming groups who founded the company remain its main shareholders to this day. https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/information/about/brittany-ferries
  12. I wonder how many routes BF could get away with running for the tourist sector , that is routes that require a hotel service on the ferry, you would suspect the ones to go would be Le Havre and Cherbourg which could be freight only and Roscoff could close entirely without too much of a hit on the BF books.
  13. We need more schemes like the A9 one in Scotland, you need to be sure of a charging point when you travel not hopeful. Electric A9
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