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  1. Seems to be only small local stores and clothing shops like Next doing any sort of restrictions etc down here , Asda was a disgrace this morning and I only went in for chestnuts .
  2. Looking like we will all go into some type of lockdown apparently there’s a COBR meeting on Monday (hopefully all will attend) and some decision then , if no meeting then the individual nations will go into a different lockdown.
  3. Also interesting to see how far up the Clyde the Azamara ships are.
  4. The ability to get a test is important to all figures.
  5. The “Car play” feature has improved a bit as well .
  6. Apple seem to class the “Home Screen” as the one that you get if you swipe left if that makes sense whereas I would class the Home Screen as the first one I see. The back tap feature is a nice touch and sound recognition for hard of hearing people.
  7. You can’t teach stupid https://www.scotsman.com/health/coronavirus/edinburgh-college-student-went-class-after-positive-covid-test-2977006
  8. Seems to be running smoothly for me .
  9. Scotrail getting a bit creative with their announcements.
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