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  1. Well for what it’s worth I suspect BF are doing everything they can to get her back up and running ASAP, including using their plane to fly parts up and hopefully now they know exactly what is required , so hopefully it will be fixed by then .
  2. “Source replacement parts” sounds a bit ominous, it could be a while.
  3. A slip of the keypad , presumably they will still need parts for the steering to be fixed unless they just tape it up.
  4. So many reasons that it could be further delayed until they get into the depths of the engine and see what needs done they won’t be sure and then there’s the availability of parts I would presume that’s not as simple as picking them off the shelf thank goodness my parents are away for almost a month they are due to return on her.
  5. They are putting on extra sailings Plymouth to Roscoff and cancelling Irish sailings, you could still accommodate a large percentage of the Irish customers on Armorique does anyone actually know what Pont Avens bookings were like for the cancelled sailings ? I presumed that would be commercially sensitive material.
  6. The ones that BF are promoting on the sailings update page. ” As a result of the interruptions to our services on 30/05/19, the following new sailings are available which will be operated by Armorique. 30/05/19 Plymouth to Roscoff 15:00 - This new sailing will be operated by Armorique and will arrive in Roscoff at 21:30. 30/05/19 Roscoff to Plymouth 23:00 - This new sailing will be operated by Armorique and will arrive in Plymouth at 06:30 Friday morning.”
  7. The extra Plymouth Roscoff sailings on Armorique shows their priorities.
  8. My parents got very well compensated when their sailing was cancelled due to strike action in Ouistreham last year, I wouldn’t compare them to Ryanair in fact I can’t really see any comparison.
  9. St Peter line has a visa free travel arrangement for st Petersburg https://stpeterline.com/visa-free-rule
  10. @jonno mentioned a GNV one on another thread.
  11. There’s been others mentioned too.
  12. I think it’s the volume of calls that’s affecting the customer service quality more than scheduling updates at the present lots of engaged phone lines and long waits to get through.
  13. As Queen Liz would say it’s been an “ anus horrible “ or something like that 😉
  14. Yes the guy in the call centre said he wished everybody was as nice as my Dad, it’s certainly a year to forget ship wise with Honfluer and Pont but better days are ahead hopefully 😉
  15. Indeed , my parents are now on the Wednesday sailing arriving on a bank holiday as well as being up early less than chuffed but no long drive at least.
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