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  1. Out 1st April on King seaways 2 folk and 2 bikes and then back on 4th April. Taking advantage of DFDS 2 for 1 offer ,£191 return including evening meals in the buffet both ways and a 2 berth sea view cabin, furthering my experience of geriatric ferries.
  2. We need a man on the inside a mole , but definitely not a rabbit.
  3. Yep it’s been mentioned before that it would be done via the car deck , the external photos certainly aren’t showing anything new or work being done.
  4. if they didn’t have so many ships and just concentrated on her it wouldn’t take as long. Lots of ferries.
  5. We need a picture of the great big hole that’s being cut to get the engine out.
  6. I reckon they want to flog her but if they don’t get a decent offer they will keep her and use her on Le Havre , “likely” is just a cover all so no one can say but you said that .
  7. The original article actually says “un des fleurons de la Brittany Ferries” “one of the flagships of Brittany ferries” a subtle but significant difference. Maybe @Cabin-boy or one of the other more fluent French speakers could give us a better interpretation . https://www.ouest-france.fr/normandie/cherbourg-en-cotentin-50100/brittany-ferries-le-mont-saint-michel-en-relache-cherbourg-en-cotentin-6685825
  8. You would think Arran or another of the shorter routes would be a better route.
  9. You truly know your in France when you get the shoulder shrug, numéro 1
  10. I always assumed BF would have to pay for the repair a bit like you would with an out of warranty car.
  11. Well it is to do with the Pont as she’s costing the most to repair , an unexpected extra cost , simply they can’t afford to do her and MSM, so I would presume that Pont is even if it is in a roundabout way taking MSM spot .
  12. Some nice internal photos of her Estrid (the light fixture 😂)
  13. Anyway here’s a photo of Normandie Express looking rather swish .
  14. So Pont Aven is getting a refit when MSM was due to be in refit and Isn’t so Pont Aven is definitely taking up a berth where MSM could be 🤔
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