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  1. There are charging points in Roscoff but the ones nearest to the port are at the far end of the town just up from the ibis hotel.
  2. @Khaines if you sign up to the free Accor loyalty program you get 10 or 5 % off stats at Mercure hotels it’s worth it.
  3. They could and easily put it down to a “technical issue “ and you would never know , not for a minute am I suggesting BF have done this.
  4. neilcvx

    ibis Plymouth

    I forgot to mention the car park was full so I had to double park on the pavement but apart from that ,,,
  5. Ahh the Rosyth route that’s already being delayed before it’s even started.
  6. neilcvx

    ibis Plymouth

    @nottingham we’ve stayed there before and it was ok pretty standard premier inn fair does the job, we had previously stayed at the ibis in Gloucester which is excellent value for money a great little hotel , I booked that as I’m saving my Accor points to get a discount so the only bonus now is that I get £40 off my next Accor stay which will come in handy.
  7. We had 8311 it was near the middle of the ship and away from the scrubbers , we had a good nights sleep.
  8. neilcvx

    ibis Plymouth

    Never seen blood stained staircases on the Bretagne 😉
  9. neilcvx

    ibis Plymouth

    Could say a lot about this hotel but will leave it to avoid it like the plague, see my soon to be published Tripadvisor review for more details.
  10. Home sitting with my feet up thanks @Paully I forgot to mention they were using one machine to scan the passports as one was broken not sure if that was all night or not, obviously only one booth open 2 folk working.
  11. Not an entire voyage report as such but just a wee musing on Armorique . The first point the former “chance planet” used I presume all summer by “Sensation Bretagne” to promote the lovely Breton region they have done this by putting up a wee filling station type flag and lining the wall with some ok pictures of the region, a waste of space imo. Second point the scrubbers I know they are a must have but boy do they spoil the open deck rendering it tiny and the noise! I hadn’t noticed that it was so loud before. Third point the “reading lounge” definitely not a waste of space as it was full 5 minutes after setting sail, why not expand it? Fourth point the stage there was a great Scottish (obviously) singer but the stage is so small and the acoustics are terrible. Just my opinions , was a good sailing had a great meal pigs cheeks in Armagnac ,cabin was good clean and comfy and a nice temperature, she’s still a good ship just could be improved.
  12. The ibis in Plymouth was more of a wasteland, hasn’t been touched since the 70’s but more on that later.
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