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  1. The P&O Hull Ferries have shared dorms it’s about £34 for a berth.
  2. @hhvferry blog has an interesting write up on some next level shared accommodation. Super Dorms
  3. My favourite, “ − Donkey Boiler5 days ago Luxon: “She carries hundreds of thousands of people a year”. Missing from quote: “She also strands thousands of people a year, causing expense and inconvenience. She ruins holidays, destroys the islands’ tourism industries, provides ridiculous scheduling, cannot be relied upon, and the backup vessel has insufficient capacity or cabins, runs to a different port, and freight commitments mean limited space for passenger cars”.
  4. https://www.shippax.com/en/news/sneak-peek-of-stena-estrid.aspx
  5. No idea to be honest might be if you hunt it out.
  6. The BF ships have more cabins than the Stena ships.
  7. Stena Estrid video In-depth video of Estrid
  8. Assistance dogs should be allowed in normal cabins by law it should come under the disability discrimination act.
  9. Can you imagine the state of the Bretagne brigade if Cap replaced her it’s bad enough listening to them moan about a properly equipped cruise ferry like Pont Aven when she’s on the route , I think Cap and St Malo should go in the things that will never happen box along with Pegasis and Val returning .
  10. To check they are still as noisy maybe? IMG_3590.MOV
  11. I remember seeing this obnoxious customer in Le Flora complaining to a bemused waiter as her jacket had got dirty when she’d been getting out her car I don’t think she understood they don’t have a dry cleaner on board.
  12. What you said aren’t reductions in benefits they are a reduction in how strict it is to join, I wasn’t aware of an actual reduction in benefits, I think CV offers great value for money and at the end of the day BF have to make a profit.
  13. This is the internal ramp on Normandie for folk who don’t like steep ramps.
  14. I was down in Rosyth last week it’s all ready to go there, hopefully once you know what is sorted it could get up and running.
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