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  1. Also interesting to see how far up the Clyde the Azamara ships are.
  2. It certainly doesn’t bode well for the companies future if their staffing level doesn’t provide the level of service that the price they are charging demands , then you have the constant stream of unhappy customers on social media which doesn’t seem to be being handled as well as it used but I suppose that’s down to staffing as well.
  3. They wouldn’t get that off a English government if they were an English company that’s for sure.
  4. I won’t get into the politics of Bo Jo and co , but you’re a very optimistic person.
  5. You’re a very optimistic person.
  6. neilcvx

    Drakes Island

    I’ve always wanted to visit there.
  7. So if I sail to Rosslare then get the Belfast Cairnryan ferry I will be ok .
  8. It’s not the end of the world but it’s just another thing to add to the hassle of customs , I wonder how it will work at the NI - Eire border?
  9. The plans for Cotentin have been “shelved” according to BF sources .
  10. “Trying is the first step towards failure “ H.Simpson
  11. I suggest @LHCity writes a strongly worded letter to Jean Marc Roue telling him he’s made a strategic mistake and see how that goes.
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