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  1. Well saw my parents and my sister today strange as no hugs but total garden envy must get a garden like hers sometime (didn’t want to derail the Corona thread)
  2. Cabbages, radishes ,carrots , and something else that will be a surprise as I’ve forgotten (a lot of weeds currently) also got King Edwards potatoes and raspberries and blackberries.
  3. I’ve got the garden ready spot prize of a free entry to Barnard Castle for spotting the mother in laws chair.
  4. That’s a rather unfortunate iPhone typo but if you’ve been to Ayr not entirely inappropriate.
  5. They could always use Ayr to bypass the English restrictions which would make people pong for the great roads to Plymouth.
  6. Going a bit further back , I like this photo as it captures a moment in time as well as a ferry of that age. ( Captain Squeaky Robertson pictured)
  7. Well there probably won’t be any foot passengers to transport back to Portsmouth.
  8. It will be interesting if the UK government go ahead with regional lockdowns if one of those regions affected is a region that involves a BF port , presumably there would be exemptions if necessary.
  9. Well I’m 461.5 points ahead of you 😂
  10. Thank god I’m married to an accountant I could never work that out on my own 😂
  11. I googled “British overseas low tax areas “ @Cabin-boy maybe the result could be a question, 😂😂😂
  12. I will actually get to take part this time looking forward to it
  13. If you think Scotland is an overseas territory then you don’t know your St Helena from you Cayman Islands.
  14. BF have just given away a lot of the onboard “refreshments and food “ to homeless charities in Cherbourg and Portsmouth, be interesting to know whether the ships engines are still running or whether they are switched off for a longer lay up.
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