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  1. The local press like to do stories like that every now and then it makes a good headline Campbeltown to Ballycastle is another one that appears every few years.
  2. Yep about the same age as Bretagne 😉
  3. Seems to have been removed by the Telegraph as it’s an old story that’s been retold at an event. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/parents-send-rnli-bill-7-18924931
  4. This is unbelievable the couple get saved then send the RNLI a bill for £7 for their burst lilo, what in Scotland we would call an “absolute roaster “ , a great reply from the RNLI saves the day. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/08/13/family-sends-rnli-7-bill-lilo-damaged-7000-helicopter-sea-rescue/
  5. Then you have the BF ship that Stena lease .
  6. If the card machines aren’t working I doubt the cash machine will be.
  7. I understand where folk are coming from with disconnecting from everything but having an ill relative who requires reassurance at any given time it’s sometimes a necessity to be constantly in touch with him , there’s always the vibration feature that does away with that irritating beeping.
  8. Down here in the Borders we get a lot of German tourists usually on buses in general they are the rudest people could meet and they don’t need drink to do that , barging into shops not letting people past on pavements and not saying please or thank you. We avoid big resorts so can’t comment on the lager lout mentality on that side of things.
  9. I was up the back of where I live for a run fairly remote part of Scotland on a fairly obscure path stopped for a quick pee just as I was about to begin a Dutch couple came round the corner, they get everywhere it would seem.
  10. I personally don’t drink at all on the ferry unless it’s an overnight crossing and even then it’s usually just a half bottle of red at most , the drink driving limit in Scotland is a lot lower than Scotland than England so it’s just habit not to drink at all and drive.
  11. A similar thing happened near where I stay on Melrose high street old guy realised he was going the wrong way up a one way street slammed the brakes on car was in reverse but he hit the accelerator by mistake reverses at top speed pinning a young couple to the hotel wall both are now double amputees it was a horrific thing to witness on a busy Saturday. These incidents can be extremely serious.
  12. Port Glasgow or Greenock which are both a bit further out from Glasgow itself might work there’s a train station at Greenock and lots of facilities but it’s a 25 mile journey from Glasgow centre and still well over 2 hours for us , and as @Paully said there’s double the hassle of 2 Ferries, I suppose a Dublin Scotland link might work in its own right and it would still be nice not to drive to deepest darkest Ayrshire , I think realistically the only new Scottish route we will see is Rosyth Zeebrugee.
  13. Glasgow is in central Scotland and the south of Scotland isn’t the main st densely populated part of Scotland by any means, we stay in south east Scotland and it’s a 3 hour drive to Cairnryan on horrendous roads or an hour and a half’s drive to Glasgow and down the 2 hour route then you have all the hassle of catching different Ferries and ending up on peninsula in France it’s not something I would even remotely consider to be honest a direct route from Cairnryan or port Glasgow maybe but realistically it will never happen.
  14. We’re giving ourselves an extra 6 hours, seriously I would rather wander round Plymouth for a few hours than risk being late due to that motorway.
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