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  1. neilcvx

    Village hotel

    The club room was very small but ok for a night and a lot smaller than the Aberdeen club room, the toilet is very strange and your correct @Jim the toilet door doesn’t smoke up as you can see in my photos , I personally wouldn’t spend anymore than a night there but it’s ideal for pre or post ferry stays, it’s aimed at the business market I presume going by the amount of sad single dinners that I saw.
  2. neilcvx

    Village hotel

    We’ve stayed in the Aberdeen one as well which has a proper bathroom!!! I would always go for a club room though the standard rooms have a chance of being above the gym which is popular and noisy from 6 am, plus you get the full sky package, water , coffee machine and a rather useless Dyson fan thing oh and an iPhone to use no idea what for though. ( They send you an email offering to bid for an upgrade a couple of days before if you haven’t booked a club room.) We are staying at the Solihull one on our journey gone from this holiday.
  3. neilcvx

    Village hotel

    Had a decent stay at the fairly new village hotel easy access to the port, loads of free parking, super king size bed plus lots more . They do loads of deals for example we got a club room plus 2 course meal and a glass of Prosecco each for £65 and the food is a lot better than your Premier inn offering the only slight quirkinesses is that the bathroom is separated from the room by a glass screen which smokes up with the touch of a button and the room is compact.
  4. They were sitting on a trolley next to the rest of the bread and pastries, the Mrs makes her own spelt bread which isn’t gluten free but is low fodmap which is another kettle of fish .
  5. Had them on MSM on Friday a vast improvement on the tough triangles, also noticed they had gluten free rolls but according to the Mrs they were as hard as rocks, she didn’t have one they are individuals wrapped so no cross contamination.
  6. BF couldn’t afford the money in fuel to run either of them at top speed , Cap also has the longest in terms of time crossing to Spain so speed can’t be all that important to BF.
  7. Probably this years Britain’s got talent winner 😉
  8. In what way has Cap outperformed Pont? They are both very different ships and Pont certainly outperforms cap on cabins and onboard facilities.
  9. Will have an open mind I always aim to enjoy every sailing as much as I can.
  10. I much prefer Pont to MSM but we’re all different , on MSM on Friday I’m sure it will be a pleasant crossing.
  11. I think Normandie had a decent makeover a couple of years ago , usb points carpets and such like are about all I remember though and Barfluer has her snazzy new executive lounge.
  12. I wonder if the scrubbers have affected Ponts reliability?
  13. Anyway you all have another voyage report about Bretagne to look forward to at the end of June unfortunately for some of you it will be me writing it 😉
  14. There’s also the fact that Bretagne doesn’t have the Bay of Biscay to contend with.
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