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  1. Well saw my parents and my sister today strange as no hugs but total garden envy must get a garden like hers sometime (didn’t want to derail the Corona thread)
  2. Cabbages, radishes ,carrots , and something else that will be a surprise as I’ve forgotten (a lot of weeds currently) also got King Edwards potatoes and raspberries and blackberries.
  3. I’ve got the garden ready spot prize of a free entry to Barnard Castle for spotting the mother in laws chair.
  4. That’s a rather unfortunate iPhone typo but if you’ve been to Ayr not entirely inappropriate.
  5. They could always use Ayr to bypass the English restrictions which would make people pong for the great roads to Plymouth.
  6. Going a bit further back , I like this photo as it captures a moment in time as well as a ferry of that age. ( Captain Squeaky Robertson pictured)
  7. Well there probably won’t be any foot passengers to transport back to Portsmouth.
  8. It will be interesting if the UK government go ahead with regional lockdowns if one of those regions affected is a region that involves a BF port , presumably there would be exemptions if necessary.
  9. Well I’m 461.5 points ahead of you 😂
  10. Thank god I’m married to an accountant I could never work that out on my own 😂
  11. I googled “British overseas low tax areas “ @Cabin-boy maybe the result could be a question, 😂😂😂
  12. I will actually get to take part this time looking forward to it
  13. If you think Scotland is an overseas territory then you don’t know your St Helena from you Cayman Islands.
  14. BF have just given away a lot of the onboard “refreshments and food “ to homeless charities in Cherbourg and Portsmouth, be interesting to know whether the ships engines are still running or whether they are switched off for a longer lay up.
  15. Well then we should just go by this then “ message from our CEO As the world continues to negotiate its way through the Coronavirus outbreak, I’m writing to keep you updated with our plans for the immediate and longer-term future. I hope you are all staying safe and well wherever you are. Here in Brittany we’ve been blessed with some outstanding weather over the last few days. The seas are glistening and the sky is blue. In some ways good weather helps counter more challenging aspects of lockdown, but on the other it makes our inability to showcase beautiful destinations to our customers all the more frustrating. For now we must continue to enjoy fine weather at home – and dream of what we hope might come in the next few weeks: clarity on a return to scheduled passenger operations. In recent days we’ve seen an increased divergence in the approach of each of the governments we’re working closely with (France, UK, Ireland and Spain) on matters such as opening borders, easing lockdowns and the use of quarantine. Messages change regularly and it can be tough to keep up. Luckily I have a great team around me, keeping us all as well-informed as we can be in such unparalleled times. As I type there is some uncertainty over specific dates for the resumption of non-essential travel and the re-opening of borders remains unclear. This in turn prevents me from being able to let you know precisely when our sailings will resume. It is enormously frustrating, for my teams and for you. However, I also understand why governments cannot deliver concrete guarantees as they try to mitigate the different impacts of the virus on their countries. So I can’t guarantee when each service will be permitted to resume. However I can reassure you that we are prepared to move swiftly in the coming days and weeks to adapt as best we can to changing dates and easing of lockdowns. We’ve prepared several contingency plans, including a staggered return to service to ensure alignment. Watch this space. It seems likely our timetables will be forced to adapt quickly and probably at reasonably late notice as things develop. I’ll ensure I keep you all updated here and please remember, we’ll contact you if your sailing is affected. A few of you have been getting in touch about quarantine measures. There has been considerable confusion around who needs to quarantine, where and for how long. Going from today’s advice (and this may well change) if you travel from or to the UK, France or Spain, you’ll need to self-isolate for 14 days and provide documentation to the authorities to confirm where that isolation will take place. These temporary measures are subject to ongoing review, but of course they are not helpful for holiday makers yearning for a return to something like normality. We continue to be very busy with incoming contact from concerned customers. If you’re uncertain about your travel plans this year, don’t forget there is an Enhanced Flexibility offer in place which you can access through our contact forms. Please read our Getting in Touch page for the latest turnaround times for your emails. The numbers continue to improve and I hope they will start to come down still further when I next get in touch with you again, on Friday. Until then, please stay safe and well. Christophe Mathieu https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/information/coronavirus/ceo-message
  16. Well as I said these things surely must be subject to change if there’s a massive outbreak near Santander it’s unfeasible that they would still allow hundreds of people to pour into the town of a ferry unchecked.
  17. What may happen. There’s no doubt that’s what the companies want to happen but there’s a lot can change between now and then .
  18. @elaine80 the Edinburgh bike coop have click and collect but limited numbers, I didn’t really need a new bike but it was shiny and red , I’m under pressure to sell one of my other 3 bikes now especially as the Mrs is selling her road bike. Apparently Decathlon make their delivery and click and collect slots available at 11pm and they are gone in ten minutes.
  19. Hopefully all good and no second peak in the virus. Good luck with your journey https://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/fr/conseils-aux-voyageurs/conseils-par-pays-destination/royaume-uni/
  20. There definitely won’t be any significant passenger services that’s almost certain.
  21. It’s B&Q policy to let two people go in together as there is so much heavy stuff for sale and you can’t ask a member of staff for help, as a side you never know why someone might need help shopping or why they are buying so much I saw the lady who shops for the local resilience team getting abuse for the amount she had bought it was for multiple households.
  22. You can order food on the Wetherspoons app from anywhere in the world select the pub then table number , hence my son asking me to order him shots at the Cumbernauld one at 2 am a couple of months ago no reason BF couldn’t used an intranet type system and an app based ordering system , seeing as the website is so popular it shouldn’t be a problem.
  23. I think the NEX would have to run at much more than 50% to make it viable after all there’s a ceiling limit price that people will pay.
  24. If the virus was transmitted through cardboard you would have assumed that we would have a massive sickness rate in Royal Mail.
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