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  1. Well the Ponant cruises are running and Hurtigurten just had a cruise stopped due to an outbreak. As I’ve said it’s far more of an issue having lack of social distancing at home rather than holiday makers, but having a scapegoat is an easy out.
  2. Folk going on holiday aren’t ignoring the advice if they are going to a holiday destination on the airbridge scheme , I would feel safer going via ferry or safer still euro tunnel to a small French resort than I would staying at a busier hotel in London or Edinburgh, sweeping generalisation is a problem and folk being idiots and ignoring the advice , I’ve no doubt I could sit in my car for a bit longer on the ferry to miss a crowd going up the stairs , I don’t fly so can’t comment on that but it seems social distancing is obviously ignored , as for cruises well,,
  3. But you’re missing the point of scale far more people are likely to go to pubs and not care wether they are badly run or not far more people queueing outside pubs drunk hugging their mates than the tiny amount that are going on holiday.
  4. The outbreaks that have caused local lockdowns weren’t caused by people returning from holiday was my point, and the outbreak in NZ certainly wasn’t it’s more likely most are caused by poor practice when it comes to social distancing,hygiene etc https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-undercover-team-finds-pubs-and-bars-ignoring-covid-19-guidance-in-area-where-cases-are-rising-12047160
  5. I think the virus is being prolonged far more by badly run businesses not following correct procedures and pubs not making sure their customers observe social distancing, I haven’t yet heard of an outbreak in Scotland caused by a returning holidaymaker.
  6. They were part of a massive non socially distanced queue outside of a nightclub , thankfully the local lockdown was enforced quickly and hopefully most people will stick to it. It’s obviously easy to disregard it as it is the governments ( Welsh, Scottish,NI and UK ) quarantine.
  7. I doubt the Aberdeen players were the sole reason for the size of the outbreak in Aberdeen, but no doubt the quarantine and social distancing are being widely ignored.
  8. Was only a matter of time , imo.
  9. https://news.stv.tv/sport/scottish-government-may-halt-football-over-bolingoli-breach Why would you break the rules? Then think you could get away with it whilst playing in a televised top league football match?
  10. Probably not as you are still legally allowed to travel it’s only advice to not travel.
  11. Apparently the Aberdeen outbreak was started by a oil rig worker who tested positive and was refused permission to go on the rig and self isolated at the pub instead, which if true highlights how it’s up to us all to act responsibly.
  12. You can watch more on your own devices, hopefully that would include proper streaming sites.
  13. Quite impressed that the WiFi will be good enough to stream Netflix.
  14. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/brittany-ferries-freight_galicia-activity-6697172846030008321-Ub1r
  15. neilcvx

    Feline Stowaways

    Who caught them? The pussy patrol?
  16. Yep a lot more cities and towns in France now making mask wearing compulsory.
  17. The news from Aberdeen shows how easily the virus can flare up when people don’t obey the rules.
  18. London to Paris £1 Megabus
  19. Personally speaking I would rather not be an accessory to mass murder but hey that’s just me.
  20. They most certainly did not all come legally, as for foreign aid the UK causes more harm to a lot of countries that the immigrants come from by selling weapons to most countries that ask allowing the countries to become war zones and proper war zones not a traffic jam on the M25 war zone.
  21. Certainly different than the artist impression released by BF , might just be cover for a stairwell or dog walking area. https://www.niferry.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Brittany-Ferries-invests-in-two-new-cruise-ferries-to-serve-Spain-1.jpg?_gl=1*gbjfdd*_ga*TERfMUd3b21PaXEwR2JDZnYzUWhFQ2phWUE1YzRCUTZ2UTdfZVYycGdxWHI3NmRnM0RIMUVhLTA2OVFhQzFpSA..
  22. Dr who done my colonoscopy at the hospital immigrant , nurse who took my vitals immigrant , family who run my favourite shop in Edinburgh family of immigrants, guy who for free took my sons running club immigrant, my MSP immigrant all tax payers and all would probably like the Home Secretary’s parents be denied entry to this country under the current Westminster government.
  23. “ I’m pleased to confirm we will resume carrying both from September 1st. “
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