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  1. Count your self lucky we’ve got Faslane in Scotland.
  2. I wonder now that Pentland Ferries have “Alfred” in operation they might have a suitable spare ferry.
  3. That link doesn’t work 😳 but it does when I quote you , very strange
  4. I wouldn’t be so sure hopefully it will but the authorities can be super strict when it comes to mergers/service providers and monopolies.
  5. So it still might not go ahead if the authorities don’t allow it and BF don’t own that much of it.
  6. I wonder how much BF own , or if it’s mainly for there business knowledge that they are involved.
  7. I was on Pont Aven when there was plenty room it all depends on how busy the sailing is.
  8. Had one at the B&Q near me it served tinned mystery meat burgers and rehydrated onions , it shut down shortly after McDs opened directly opposite it .
  9. I could do that but it would be 7pm 😂
  10. It’s not a surprise though I suppose an economie chartered ship so minimal spend on everything.
  11. It’s not a surprise though I suppose an economie chartered ship so minimal spend on everything.
  12. I wouldn’t know about that I haven’t flown in about 20 years. Although Plymouth just seems to be constantly understaffed .
  13. Deck 5 cabins can be noisy on Pont Aven so I tend to avoid them , I try to get a cabin on deck 8 if I can, early boarding is great I’m getting it on both legs of my journey next year (fingers crossed) , I suspect Border control is ok at Portsmouth when they are dealing with one ship at a time and ok at Plymouth if it’s quiet or you’re lucky to get of quickly.
  14. I wouldn’t like to be the courier that lost that amount of the marching powder.
  15. @jonno what do her sister ships do? Do they have similar issues?
  16. neilcvx


    I doubt they have done much of anything at all to the interior.
  17. neilcvx


    Nice unusual photo of her.
  18. neilcvx


    I think the post and pre BF photos will be very similar.
  19. I was referring to stand alone Leclerc service stations on motorway aires similar to the service stations on uk motorways and not to actual Leclerc stores.
  20. The E Leclerc service stations are usually quite good for a quick snack , but probably not any up north right enough.
  21. You’ve totally dismissed @Le Quiberon pedalo grounding that’s very remiss of you 😉
  22. I’ve noticed that on most websites and apps that I sign in on my iPhone it comes up asking for my thumbprint to log in with the password but on the BF site it just comes up filled in automatically.
  23. Connemara being reflagged will be one less reason for any strikes at Xmas if nothing else.
  24. I’ve driven around Rennes a few times it’s ok if you avoid peak time , I’ve not driven around Paris so can’t compare it to their but I’ve done Bordeaux ring road a few times and it wasn’t as bad/eventful as that.
  25. Yep leaves Biarritz about 9am Paris about 2 then to Morlaix Monday night at the Mercure in Roscoff then a leisurely drive to StMalo. There’s a bar to lean against if all else fails 😉
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