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  1. What it is with the French is a much harder-nosed attitude towards vaccination, rather than the UK’s “Do it if you want to”. As a result, the infection rates have for some months, been at a fraction of the UK’s, although admittedly currently increasing. If you really think that yesterday’s announcement is about dissuading visitors from the UK, then ......... I’ll say no more.
  2. A pathetic 7/20 for me and several of those were pure luck!
  3. Re BF, sadly the facts as a reality for us as a family. Since Autumn 2019, the loss of (at least) 3 / 4 one way trips by us on the St Malo route, with all the associated hotel revenue. Add to that, a bit for our son & family travelling with BF and taking advantage of our CV membership. We won’t be renewing our CV membership. None of this is BF’s fault - just the way things are now, sadly.
  4. I’m a CV person, but never get any of these emails or Newsletters that everybody else seems to get. BTW, I did check my ‘membership’ and it’s still valid and has been extended to the end of this month. What have they got against me ?
  5. Yes, and we (hopefully) will be returning to the UK for Christmas & NY. We face much greater risks in doing that, than in staying put here ......... but the latter isn’t an option. Suffice to say that, as things currently stand (although they’re forecast to change) we’ll have the cost of testing (d2) in order to return to the UK from a country where the infection rate is a fraction of that of the UK. By the time we travel, we’ll have had a 3rd ‘booster’. Not bomb-proof, but helpful.
  6. A report on the situation at Dover this morning. Our son & family arrived at 07.10 for a sailing at 09.20. Very quiet and no delays whatsoever - straightforward transit through Border controls, but they had everything required. They used Irish Ferries, because their thinking was that in the event of a need to cancel one or both crossings, they could use a credit note for their crossing to Ireland where DIL’s family ‘2nd home’ is. Very quiet sailing - I think that the queue looked like 20 or so cars + some lorries (can’t tell how many from the pic they sent) No French ‘Border Force’ whatsoever - they drove straight off with nobody checking anything. However, it was just after midday, so lunchtime!!!
  7. Meanwhile, we wait with bated breath an announcement tomorrow re France and Amber+ ....... or not.
  8. Bob ...... Be assured that I know about Sunflower Oil. I think that it’s just something that they grow every two or three years in that patch. Whether it’s for silage or just to plough it in, I’ve no idea. In truth, the field isn’t really big enough for it to be a commercial proposition ........ but what do I know? All I’d say is that from the road, it looks great. Yes, get up a bit closer, and it’s maybe a bit sparse. There are worse things around though, eh?
  9. Re the ‘Red Variant’ possibility for France. If the UK declared that, IMO it would be tantamount to a declaration of War!!! Just can’t see it happening, let alone being on the Agenda. As for Spain, it would be even worse. Imagine ......... ten of thousands of British families in Spain on holiday and being told that they had to quarantine in a hotel at a cost of £1750 / person !!! It simply isn’t going to happen (famous last words !) My forecast (but not hard to predict). France will be ‘set back’ to common or garden Amber sometime this week. Hopefully within the next day or so. Warning signals will be sent out re Spain. Make of that what you will. Could be that Sept + might be dodgy for Spain. However ......... this is entirely my personal view and not based on any official info, so whatever you do, don’t anybody act on my ‘forum meanderings’. Sincerely hope that it turns out OK for everybody.
  10. We really don’t know whether the ‘locals’ grow these sunflowers as a ‘catch crop’ (not sure if that’s the right term), or whether they just plough it in afterwards. Others on here will understand things 100x better than me, but knowing the locals around here, more likely the former. All that we know is that the sight is magnificent for about 3 - 4 weeks. At it’s best just now though. Trouble just now is that .......... you can’t come here, and we can’t come to you. (Ability to deal with quarantines accepted).
  11. This is absolutely nothing to do with ‘Voyage Reports’ or things like that. Thought that I ‘d put it on here in order not to interrupt the other (more important) threads. This is the panorama down here in the Gard just now. The lavender has been magnificent for the last 6 weeks, but (as normal) was all cut during the last week. As in “open sesame”, these sunflowers came out immediately. Sorry that so few of you will see them.
  12. The end of next week then, before the UK Govt delivers its possible / or not possible requirement for UK residents returning from France ........ not to have to quarantine !!! It had been flagged up as “early next week”, now “end of next week”. Are we impressed, when we’re desperate to see the family over here? Will they be at risk over here, given that they’ll essentially be confined? Will they present a risk to anybody else here locally given the above and their vaccination status? Will ........... somebody in the UK Govt please make a bloody decision, before we all die of frustration. p.s. As for most, not having to quarantine is important work-wise.
  13. Just an ‘occasional customer’ viewpoint. Our elder son & family booked 5 nights on a campsite on the IOW. Outbound Lymington - Yarmouth last week. No problems whatsoever - nearly got on to the earlier ferry, but they weren’t unhappy. Inbound today, Fishbourne - Pompey. Arrived very early for their 14.00, but very helpful check-in bloke put them on the 12.00. They were v happy and think that Wightlink is the dog’s ......... They can’t understand what all the dire warnings that I gave them were about. 😀
  14. Well, my avatar of the PdG simply relates to where we live ...... well, not far away! In truth, as I’m sure you know, once you’ve seen it, that’s enough ! There’s only so many times you can see it ......... and pay the entrance fee. Best view is from a canoe on the Gardon when you come round the final bend. That’s where my avatar was taken from.
  15. Sorry about the double posting - pilot error!
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