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  1. This has probably been covered elsewhere, so forgive me .......... but where’s the facility to book (as it were) via this site?
  2. I have to say that all my (our) BF travel is out of season, so availability is never a problem.
  3. Gardian

    Short Break

    Its sad I know, but we have always awarded points out of 10 for loos visited over here. Having become resident, we’re a little more ‘savvy’ now - however you can still get caught out. When spending a pleasant morning at a local Marche de Fleurs, we stopped by the local bar for a refreshing drink. I thought that I ‘d avail myself of the facilities prior to our return home. The ‘place’ got -2, and that was generous !
  4. Colin ......... On our way from the south to St Malo, we usually overnight in the CF region (half day to there, then a full day to St M). Can’t really offer much advice about the area because we are always just overnighting rather than holidaymaking. What I would say is that your instinct about avoiding Clermont Ferrand itself is IMO spot on. Its an industrial city, with few redeeming features.
  5. That’s a bit chilly ! It hit 39C here in the Gard this afternoon - the forecast is for 40C+ tomorrow & Friday. Basically, its do anything that you need to do before 10.00, otherwise forget it until 21.00. The rest of the day, lay low.
  6. Tumnus2010 ........... Mrs G uses a wheelchair - she can walk reasonably well, but tires quickly and finds supermarkets and places where there are people 'milling around' a bit hazardous. Accordingly, we have now done several trips where we have got the wheelchair out of the car and used it around the ship. Firstly, contact BF customer service and ask for 'disabled status'. From the sound of it, you'll need 'P' (priority) as opposed to 'C' (comfort). A large sticker is put on your windscreen at check-in. The difference between the two is basically whether you'll be using a wheelchair onboard and absolutely need to be really close to a lift, or whether you're 'walking wounded' and want to be close to a lift but a few car lengths away is OK. Getting a wheelchair out of your car and getting yourself in to it when there are other cars driving around you is not to be recommended, so make sure that its registered as a 'P' - the crew are very good at giving you the space and time to sort yourself out. At the risk of stating the obvious, try to ensure that unloading the chair is as slick a process as you can make it - having to unload most of the car's contents to unearth it would be somewhat stressful ! In our experience, movement from the garage to the lift vestibule is OK - no impassable 'ridges'. We have found that wheelchair access to cabins on the PA was OK, but not on the Bretagne (just a few cms too tight), but it may well depend on your wheelchair and the cabin door size on the Armorique. In truth, you're going to have to find out on the day and be prepared to 'bale out' in order to get through the door. Presumably you are able to take a few steps? If not, mention this to customer service and I don't doubt that they'll be able to sort out a crew member to assist. Movement around the ship is fine, but we have fitted a bicycle bell to the wheelchair handles, not just for on the ship but also busy places like markets. People don't mean any harm, but often lack any spatial awareness and start walking backwards or (worst of all) walk straight towards you whilst on their phone !! Re-joining your vehicle is rarely a problem - it always takes ages before you're able to move off as you are certainly aware. You'll note that our experience relates to PA & Bretagne out of Portsmouth and St Malo, but BF procedures over all this are almost certainly common throughout the fleet. Hope that helps & all the best.
  7. B t B ........ IMO, your other half’s reticence about (effectively) jumping the queue was laudable, but you were perfectly in order. You’d paid a premium price for your cabin and that was one of the advantages. Anyway ....... life is too short to worry too much about the occasional ‘upside’. They come too infrequently.
  8. Just going back to Lofty’s original post re the ability to make restaurant reservations. I think ........ and I emphasise think, that you can’t make make restaurant bookings in advance. If however, you’re in a ‘premium’ cabin, they do allow the steward /esse to make a table booking for you. Imagine somebody paying for a premium cabin and then ranting because he / she / they couldn’t get a table in the restaurant. Most of the time, this isn’t a problem, but getting towards high season ............
  9. Croissant Beurre ? Covers all the dough / butter connotations. 😀
  10. You should be beurre-ated for that one.
  11. Gardian


    Barack Obama & family have come down here to southern France for a weeks holiday. Let me first of all say that I have always been an admirer of him as a President - time will prove how effective he was. Anyway ........ they arrived by private jet at the small local airport at Avignon on Friday evening. Helicopter transfer for the 10kms to their accommodation. This is a 7 bedroomed ‘villa’ close by, fully staffed with chefs, and all the other staff that you would expect for a cost of ..... €55,000 for the week. If anybody on here fancies a week or two this Summer, forget it. Sold out until the end of September. Bookings available for next Summer though, but the price has increased to €60k / wk.
  12. Shark ......... I’d be interested to hear your view on the ‘mood’ of the crew after 7 weeks off, as far as you would have been able to judge it in such a short time. p.s. I do understand that more than a few may well have been re-deployed on to other services.
  13. As most on here will know, Pont Aven is about to resume service with the (normally) weekly crossing to Cork. Shark will be happy !! I reckon they should ‘push the boat out’ (so to speak) and offer a complimentary drink or two for this evening’s passengers. Chances of that happening? Zero, but Shark will no doubt be on presently. Whilst posting, what do we reckon this has cost BF? Set aside the inevitable loss of goodwill, it must be £20M at least for the 47 days out of action.
  14. I’ve absolutely no idea, but you don’t seriously think that the bus service is going to respond to an altered ferry timetable, do you? Sorry - daft answer, I know.
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