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  1. Thanks for that Colin. We were pretty much aware of that schedule and guess that somebody will be in touch before very long. A week or three / four doesn’t matter very much because we agreed back in October (not me, more her!) that Mrs G would stay put at home. She’s extremely grumpy about it all, but it’s cold too so being out in that wouldn’t suit either! Our GP is excellent and fully aware of Mr’s G’s circumstances, so she’ll take her turn in the queue whenever that is.
  2. It certainly does seem to be rather slow over here in France. Mrs G would certainly be classified as an early candidate (early 70’s + MS and on an immuno-suppressant drug), but we haven’t heard anything. However, we’re certainly not going to bother our GP with ‘when?’ questions. We’re pretty much resigned to not getting back to the UK to see family & friends before the Summer at best and realistically not at all. We just hope that some of them will be able to come down to us. Not out of the question, but it’ll be last minute booking stuff and people will surely have to have be
  3. Best wishes to everybody from down here in southern France. Like many, we’re away from family just now, but hopefully not for long. BF will come through !
  4. Sorry, I’m not sure that I understand this. It’s a wine merchant talking, is it not ?
  5. All that I want to know is whether FW (aka Chris Rea) has made it back for Christmas. He will have - certain (ish)! The problem is whether he’ll get back for the restart of business in 2021.
  6. Sorry I spoke. Is there any method of me being able to make a post which is an attempt to provide legitimate and accurate advice to people who want to “freely travel in Europe again” ......... without involving you ? It’s not off-piste and completely relevant to the thread.
  7. We are pleased to share some updates on driving licences, a topic that we know is causing some frustration and anxiety. It has recently been confirmed that UK driving licences will continue to be recognised in France until 31 December 2021. The rules for exchanging your licence during 2021 or afterwards have not yet been confirmed. Before 31 December 2020, Brits who are resident in France for at least 185 days per year can apply to exchange their UK licence using the ANTS online platform if they wish to do so. For more information, please refer to the Living in France Guide. There is also
  8. This is going to drive me to drink! Yes, it is principally aimed at residents, but also mentions the (potential) IDP issue, which never actually came to pass. I've now cut and pasted the relevant section from the Embassy Newsletter. If you don't believe what has been sent out to umpteen tens of thousands of British citizens, may I suggest you address your concerns to HM Ambassador to the French Republic, Paris. That address should find him alright.
  9. Cabin-boy ........ If you (or for that matter anybody else) ‘message’ me your email address, I’ll forward the whole British Embassy thing to you - it’s too big to cut & paste on to these pages. In the document, it provides an email address in order to get on to the circulation list. Well worth doing, as it provides accurate and authoritative information, as opposed to speculation. I think that I got on to the circulation list from something that the British Embassy started shortly after the EU Referendum in 2016. At that time, there was a lot of panic flying around amongst th
  10. When I read the comment about “the EU getting their knickers in a twist over IDP”, it made me wonder whether some of you had misread my earlier post. I thought that it was pretty clear - it said that visitors to France will not require an IDP. Whether some other countries (such as Spain) will require one, I have no idea. The French knickers are definitely not twisted over this matter !
  11. I’m not sure whether this is the right thread for this, but it is a subject which has come up before, so here’s a bit of good news! I’ve just received a lengthy and very informative email from the British Embassy in Paris which has been sent to all British nationals who are known to be resident in France. As said, an excellent communication which basically spells out what you need to do after Brexit. I’ve already carried out or started the necessary actions, but I did notice two things: There will be no requirement for International Driving Licences for visitors to Fran
  12. Quite frankly, as a resident in France, I applaud the (effective) continuation of the lockdown. If it was my decision, I’d keep it in place until at least the end of Feb, maybe longer if necessary. And yes, I understand the financial implications for bars / restaurants. That’s for Government to deal with by way of recompense. (Although, where’s the money going to come from?)
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