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  1. A good friend of our elder son was the helicopter pilot of ‘117’ Irish Coastguard and his crew took those pics. They’re based at Waterford, not far away.
  2. Blimey - just a smidge claustrophobic eh?
  3. However, I totally agree with Wortley. Will somebody in BF Towers be reading this and see a bit of sense ?
  4. Precisely - sums up the point of my original post.
  5. How many hours work to produce a model of that quality. I don’t know really, 20 probably and that’s almost certainly under calling it. So .......... £9 / hr for work of that quality !!! I couldn’t get somebody to sweep my drive for 2x that. Looks lovely.
  6. I’m pretty sure that this is going to be a contentious thread, but I feel pretty strongly about it, so here goes. Shortly before Christmas, my wife and I travelled on the overnight St Malo - Portsmouth crossing. We always eat in the main restaurant, but have been increasingly unhappy in recent times (we make the journey 2 - 3 times p.a.). Mrs G will almost always take the fish as a main, but it has frequently been overcooked - by that I mean cooked and left on the ‘pass’. My mains have varied in quality, but rarely memorable. On this occasion, I ordered the ‘Pulled Lamb’ dish (anything ‘pulled’ seems to be the current fad). Mrs G took the vegetarian dish, which was a pulse dish of some sort. Mine was totally average, my wife’s was really poor. Her dish had zero ‘eye appeal’ and tasted completely bland. Now, en route to Brittany, we always stop in a Campanile hotel. Yes, I know, not everybody’s idea of a perfect hotel, but they’re clean and very reasonably priced. The evening before, she had a vegetarian dish which was undoubtedly ‘out of a bag’, but which was absolutely delicious. Cost was €9.90. I rather feel that BF has lost the plot over its waiter service restaurants. We’re not looking for ‘steak / frites’ (although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that). But what about a nice Rack of Lamb with a Gratin? The research chefs seem to be trying to go too far in producing something different and ‘off the wall’. The ambiance and service in the restaurants remain excellent - the food much less so IMO. Did we complain at the time? The half- finished plates said it all and our waiter offered to get us something else - we politely declined. I read a restaurant report in a magazine while we were in the UK. One of the lines was “It’s for people who don’t mind paying for mediocrity if it comes in a nice outfit”. Sums up my view entirely.
  7. Best wishes to all from the Gard. Well, it would be the Gard if we hadn’t made the trip up to the Thames Valley via St Malo. Trip report on that to follow at some stage.
  8. There are indeed a number of service stations closed or pretty close to running dry. It is however worth saying that normally (and I stress normally - no guarantees of course) motorway service stations will continue to operate. This is for the obvious reason that you can’t have dozens of vehicles running out of fuel on the motorway network.
  9. Someone must have painted a picture of the Battle of Salamanca. That would be fitting and go down well with the crew ! 😜
  10. How’s about a lengthier report in the section above (reports)?
  11. Gardian

    ibis Plymouth

    But apart from all that Neil .......... OK-ish?
  12. Yes, resident over here for 15 years and had my 1st ‘controle’ very close to home at 10.30 in the morning (on the way to the tip). It was no problem & I’d wish that they did it more often. There are more than a few vehicules around here with the ass hanging out of them. French MOT? Bureaucracy to be avoided as far as they’re concerned.
  13. That’s incorrect as regards UK licence holders driving in France. Up until now, there was no requirement to exchange to a French licence until the UK licence became expired. Of course, all this may well change after Brexit. Furthermore, I can’t speak authoritatively as regards other countries.
  14. Yes, but why ? We were in a local restaurant recently and there was a couple (40yo-ish) who were both on their phones for most of the service. Presumably they were talking to somebody else and not each other ! Call me old fashioned, but I think that what I’ve just described is worrying / sad.
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