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  1. ‘Rule Bretagne, Bretagne rules the waves ..... etc, etc
  2. I’m a bit baffled. I thought that it was the same hurricane which hit southern Brittany and then ended up in the Nice area, but that can’t be right ! We’re in southern France, but a good 300kms from the Var / Alpes Maritime. We had some heavy rain Thursday & Friday, but nothing approaching what they had over there. The weather is very erratic just now - only on Wednesday, we were in the terraced garden of a local restaurant having our lunch with temperatures of 23C. There are a number of people missing in that area, but happily the gendarme who was feared lost was found “safe
  3. We were on an overnight crossing a year or two ago and needed to leave Mrs G’s medication somewhere refrigerated. The Information Desk didn’t bat an eyelid - I seem to remember that it was a form on which name & cabin number had to be recorded. We received one part of the form, the other bit was attached to the medication. Obviously a frequent request (unsurprisingly really) with a sensible and established procedure.
  4. We don’t have a LIDL close to us and even if we did, I doubt that the price would be anything like that. Anyway, this isn’t really anything to do with Sailing Updates - it’s all Cabin-boy’s fault, moaning continually about not being able to get his daily kilo of Cheddar!
  5. Unless C-b’s UK driving licence is about to expire, he has no need to exchange it for a French one. At least, that has been the case hitherto, and I have no reason to believe that Brexit changes that. Just as well, because the procedure takes ages! The French DVLA (which also undertakes a number of other official document procedures) have had a decidedly dodgy last couple of years. When I had to exchange mine a few years ago, it took 9 months and by all accounts that was quick - it was over a year for some! However ....... returning to the Cheddar problem. Have you tried large In
  6. Just some input from those of us who are resident over here. These are the things that the Gardian household always gets when in the UK ( or when friends are visiting). Bacon (of course, & freezes well) Naan bread (peshwari) Salad Cream (yes I know, not everybody’s taste, but in some things ......) Branston Pickle Teabags Amontillado Sherry (essential for Mrs G) There are other things, like Cheddar and Baked Beans, but both are obtainable around here, albeit quite expensively.
  7. Maybe you should re-name yourself ‘Bristol City’ in order to proclaim the benefits of the aforementioned. 😀
  8. The last thing I’d want to be is a killjoy, but if the infection rate continues to rise I think that movement restrictions are definitely on the cards. Quarantine requirements have been rumoured for weeks, but haven’t come to anything. Makes no sense to introduce it when France’s infection rate is (apart from Spain) as high or higher than anywhere in Europe. We’ve decided to ‘lay low’ for the next couple of weeks. No weekly market visit, cancellation of a couple of non-essential hospital appointments, etc, etc. No plans being even contemplated for a return to the UK at Christm
  9. Gardian

    2021 Timetables

    Something that I ‘ve wanted to say for a while. This EHIC isn’t and has never been, an open sesame to healthcare whilst abroad. From experience with friends who have needed treatment when staying with us, the acceptance / recognition of that card is, to say the least, iffy. I could go in to more detail, but it would be too boring. Suffice to say that if anybody thinks that with an EHIC, they’re ‘alright’, then they’re mistaken. Emergency treatment will always be taken care of, but pretty soon afterwards, any hospital (down here anyway) will want your card details. Our
  10. Yes Colin, that’s £38 (or €42-ish) before you start on drinks / coffee. No wonder it’s called The Fleece ! UK restaurant prices always bring tears to my eyes ........... as do BF’s restaurant prices.
  11. Those views cheer us up every day! Both will have gone over in the next couple of weeks, but enjoy while we can.
  12. Just some recent pics which some of you folk might like.
  13. That’s a ferocious-looking Lab there at the shop front. Glad I wouldn’t have to negotiate him / her. Danger of being licked to death.
  14. Well, our son & family have just booked Pompey - Caen for mid -Aug. We’re trying to do our bit as a family !
  15. A picture of their ‘crowded’ crossing.
  16. In my experience, both ‘sides’ of the M25 were horrible, but of course it always depended on the time of day & day of the week. However .......... important to say that my experience and knowledge is 16 yrs out of date, so things will have undoubtedly improved !
  17. Not sure whether this should be here, but anyway ....... Friends of ours, who have a 2nd home down this way in the Herault, haven’t for obvious reasons been able to travel out as they would normally do. They did however make their crossing as above last Thursday. It’s their normal routing. Will be down here for 2 months-ish. Told us this afternoon that there were just 19 cars and 9 lorries on the sailing ......... so barely 50 passengers on the crossing. They said that it was actually very nice. Good weather, picnic lunch on the poop, nobody to disturb them ! You’d
  18. I’m probably missing something here, but with the collapse of SMM, aren’t the stevedores effectively unemployed? Accordingly, they aren’t actually on strike. If they worked, they wouldn’t get paid and they’d be uninsured. Colin will know - maybe it’s a different group of employees.
  19. I really do wish that CB hadn’t introduced this subject at this time of night. Was just beginning to think in terms of some nice after dinner cheese. Instead ....... what do we get ???
  20. Around here, it varies quite a bit so it’s a good idea to always have one with you or to always wear one when out if that’s your choice. Mrs G goes to a physio once a week and it’s a requirement there and similarly the dentist or GP, but these are understandable and sensible rules. With most other shops, there’s no requirement. However, just about every shop will have a restriction of (say) two or three people in the shop at a time and there are perspex screens between you and the cashier. The supermarkets are fine - not had to queue to get in since the lockdown started and there are n
  21. Just thought that some of you who are now ‘free’ to travel to France might find things here. Actually, this could be quite a short post. Down here at least (the Gard) things are pretty much back to normal. Precautions obviously, but not over the top. Went in to a shoe shop today with Mrs G and it was the first place where a mask was obligatory. In the supermarkets, its pretty much as it would normally be. People do respect the ‘social distancing’ thing. The level of infection and (as a result) mortality, has been happily really quite low. I understand that the autoroute s
  22. Worth mentioning too that autoroute service stations have now re-opened their restaurants. Up till now, they have only been able to provide fuel and (I think) packaged food like sandwich packs. Mark you, the catering on the motorways is nothing to write home about these days. It’s probably the thing that I’ve seen the biggest decline in quality and value for money in the last ten years.
  23. I reckon that all the post-op lark is worse than the actual procedure. Well, I suppose it would be because you’re fasto when under the knife. Good that you’re OK, but rehab will be the trickiest part.
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