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  1. We did not have a flight so no number when we did we just sent form off and when we got there told the technician we. We’re on Pont from Santander he used that and that was on our result email. Things may have changed now they are busier but I think you will stil get one.
  2. We worried about that but it turned out to be very easy. At about 07.30 we entered the multi story car opposite the terminal and found the floor with direct entrance to the departure level was almost full but we found a bay and walked into the terminal turned right and signs pointed us to the clinic just before the security lanes. Reported in and were told to sit in socially distanced chairs until they called us foreword. The technician spoke excellent English explained everything to us took the throat and nose swabs packaged them up and we left about 10 mins start to finish and a couple of euro for the car park. They must fly the early swabs to Madrid that’s where our tests were done. Results in about 6 hrs on our phones to show at embarkation.
  3. Border control at Plymouth showed absolutely no interest in our Spanish Covid certificate but were very keen to look at my TIE it was the first they had seen.
  4. PS we also had to account for the weekend in our 72hr calculation and that became a non problem with the speed of the result.
  5. When we came over to U.K. 3 weeks ago we researched very carefully how best to deal with the “tests”. We start from Ayamonte on the Portuguese border so several test centres in eastern Algarve and Huelva Province were investigated. Our final choice was the test centre at Sevilla airport appointments at 08.00 and 08.05 booked online and paid for. We normally do the trip spread over two days with an overnight break in Salamanca. Before we had dinner the results were on our phones so we were ready to go. However at Santander and Plymouth border control no one asked to see either our Covid Certificate or our PCR tests results so a lot of money was spent with no VISIBLE use!
  6. This is what is published on the .gov.U.K. Test & Trace webpage “Type of test You must make sure that the test provider you choose can meet the standards for pre-departure testing. The test must meet performance standards of ≥97% specificity, ≥80% sensitivity at viral loads above 100,000 copies/ml. This could include tests such as: a nucleic acid test, including a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test or derivative technologies, including loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) tests an antigen test, such as a test from a lateral flow device It’s your responsibility to ensure the test meets the minimum standards for sensitivity, specificity and viral load details. You must check with your test provider that it meets those standards. You may not be able to travel if the test does not meet these standards. It’s your responsibility to ensure you get the right test that meets the above requirements.”
  7. We have now found that lateral flow tests are accepted as well as the PCR test for order control in UK however we had booked and paid for the PCR at Sevilla airport so we are going ahead with it. There are links on the embassy website to this change but is not 100% convincing so better safe than denied boarding. We have a box of lateral flow tests which Boots UK are giving away and friends who came over to sell their house gave us. So that is our backstop should anything go amiss.
  8. I don’t think our solution will help you however this is the booked and paid for plan. Leave Ayamonte around 14.00 tomorrow Tuesday stop overnight in Sevilla at the Hilton Garden hotel shop in Costco over the road. Leave at 07.15 for Sevilla airport where we have booked two test 08.00 & 08.05 (you are not supposed to wash, eat, clean your teeth or smoke before the test their rules) back to the hotel around 08.30 (fill the car with cheap diesel at Costco) then a swim check out and on to Santander for overnight and we think fill in our passenger locator forms for day 2 and day 8 tests. Drive to Santander to check in for Pont Aven with time to spare on the now 90mins check in time. Depart for Plymouth and on to our daughters in Woolacombe for 10 day quarantine with our grandson (who we have not seen for 12 months). Extra costs for tests around £230 for the two of us. smoke
  9. We cross the border bridge at Ayamonte - Castro Marim 3 or 4 times a week and there is absolutely no controls and no documentation is required!
  10. I hope the weather improves dramatically we have booked an IF from Pembroke dock to Rosslare.
  11. I have complained on here several times on the disparity in pricing between Ireland/Spain and U.K./Spain and the lack of Club Voyage discounts. We use both routes each year and it seems to me that Cork/Rosslare-Spain on Economie was as dear or dearer than Plymouth/Spain on PA and no CV discounts or breakfasts.
  12. He must have been in the reserve a long time to have collected first Voluntary Reserve medal and then the Reserve Decoration. Minimum 25 yrs.
  13. Have a look at Stena Estrids floor plan I suspect it will not be a lot different.
  14. The Cabin we had on Estrid was exactly the one you have rejected. The door was no problem however it was public space outside but the boat was so lightly loaded that few people were on the walkway. We both sat outside on fixed outside benches and wedged the cabin door open. It would not be secure if you left the cabin door open. But locked and the curtain drawn was very discrete. The double bed was just like being at home but the duvet was too hot so we stripped it out and just used the cover.
  15. We did Dublin to Holyhead on Estrid who is a sister of Galicia and booked one of the two best cabins and visited the club lounge on our walkabout on a near deserted ship. In my view it is not economie just as good as Cap or Pont. We have booked our northbound sailing on Pont next July and SWMBO checked the cost to transfer to Galicia and the cost was higher and we would arrive in Portsmouth when our preferred arrival port next year is Plymouth so no change.
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