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  1. JohnMustow

    Dover-France with DFDS

    However IF charge a fee for using Tesco vouchers so it is not the good deal it appears to be
  2. JohnMustow

    Brexit effect on BF

  3. JohnMustow

    Government charter

    In a word Dover, congestion in Kent due to delays at the Chunnel and Dover.
  4. JohnMustow

    Le Havre full of BF

    Surely Connemara from Cork on the first was the first BF sailing of 2019.
  5. JohnMustow

    SAILING UPDATES: 2019 Latest News

    Or Cork to quite a few destinations in Spain and Portugal.
  6. JohnMustow

    LATEST: £46,6m BF charter for no-deal Brexit

    Yes! it is nothing short of corruption to award a company that has no ships has not carried any freight and has no definite plan £14m to increase its non existent schedules. Even when we stay in the EU they get to keep about £4m.
  7. JohnMustow

    Club Voyage

    Not looked at that one. Used both BF & IF from Roscoff. Destination in the Republic is 20km north of Cork so that is target destination. Rosslare is well to the east and the roads are not good full of French motor caravans and German Harly’s
  8. JohnMustow

    Club Voyage

    I raised this some time ago on the Gijon thread and more recently on the Connemara thread. I have a CV Spain card and have tried to use it on the Roscoff / Cork route and the Santander / Cork route to no avail. At first on the shorter crossing I was told that it was because Ireland uses the euro but when I pointed out France and Spain also use the euro it changed to BF IRELAND is a separate company. I was interviewed on Radio Cork together with the Cork Port Commander when the Connemara route was introduced and I raised the issue of the rip off level of fares (as much for a single Santander / Cork Economie ticket as a return Portsmouth / Santander on Pont) but no one came back from BF to explain why the fares were so high or why there is no Club Voyage Ireland. It seems to me Ireland is truly an island and to France BF compete with IF and their fares are much the same. For Spain the only alternative is to travel via U.K. so 24hrs longer and IF to pay for as well.
  9. JohnMustow

    Club Voyage

    The punishment for transgressing BF rules is quite severe. If they catch the maincardholder advertising his card number openly on forums he looses all his accumulated rewards for that year, he is not allowed any bookings other than one in which he is travelling and the purchasers loose their 10% discount on the fare they have booked with that number in the year.
  10. JohnMustow

    French Road Blockades - Gilets Jaunes

    In order to travel legally in Spain, Portugal and France I carry in each of our cars sufficient yellow jackets for each passenger to have one if we break down. That’s six in the Alhambra and four in the Fabia.
  11. My vote is. C no other options are worth consideration.
  12. JohnMustow

    BF survey

    The IF TESCO card scheme is a real rip off. In order to use your Tescocard points you have to pay a fee of £20. So the effective fare is £20 more before you can use your points. Also I think buried deep in the clubcard site there is already a way to use points to part pay BF fares.
  13. JohnMustow

    We need to talk about speed...

    And slow steaming is cheaper.
  14. JohnMustow

    We need to talk about speed...

    Because she is Economie!
  15. JohnMustow

    We need to talk about speed...

    If you look at Cap or Pont on AIS they rarely seem to be above 22/24knts for most of the Spanish crossing.