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  1. That’s odd on Pont and cap I always show my club voyage card and they always ask for the cabin key which SWMBO keeps in case I loose it so she has to delve into the bottomless bag to find it!
  2. A video of this repair would be very good and give a clear picture of how they did it.
  3. When we left Plymouth in September we discovered the mobile canteen as we queued in the car park. We were ravenous so left the car just long enough to get food and it was well worth it. Very good quality sandwiches and coffee kept us going until we boarded and got into la Flora.
  4. I’ll second that, not used the ferries that stick to the French routes but all the Spanish route and the Vincentis are not as good seakeepers as the Cap on the Biscay.
  5. That would be good we do the Santander/Cork route once every three years it should be July 2021 we would miss Kerry but we both like Cap and a proper restaurant as well. Bonus!
  6. Does that mean the Cap will be sold and move on?
  7. Every year we make the journey from our home in Ayamonte (on the Spanish/Algarve border) in July to Santander. We make the trip via Sevilla over two days with a stop over in Salamanca 5hrs first day 4hrs second day. We reverse the rout in September. There are no tolls on the route Ayamonte, Sevilla, Caceres, Salamanca, Valladolid, Palencia and Santander. We cross the border into Portugal most days for lunch, the east west A22motorway is a toll road but there are no tolls for the first two junctions. When we go to collect visitors at Faro it is necessary to get a toll ticket at the toll station just over the international bridge. This is very easy to do following the instructions on the ATM style box in the toll plaza. The ticket lasts one month and your credit card is debited for each segment of motorway after the second junction. It cost us about €9 for each trip to Faro 50km. This system operates all the way to the Atlantic west coast. The north/south Portuguese motorways are much more complicated as we found this September on our return via that route and a via Verde transponder is most useful and I understand works for all types of motorway.
  8. They will have no choice under EU law we will be an unlisted 3rd county at the moment we leave with no deal.
  9. Disembarkation was the complete opposite of Plymouth bow door open, three lines of traffic zippered into two for the link span, 2 or 300m of three lane queue for passport control, 3 out 4 booths open! On our way before we could set the sat about. Bang on the ETD OF 19.40. Arrived in Gijón 23.10 ES. Well done BF. 👍
  10. The first 4G signal was a UK network with 2bars and thence moved onto a French network with 4bars. Bridge just announced ETA 19.40 so he has definitely got the pedal to the metal. Might be in our bunks in Gijón by 23.59 if we disembark quickly.
  11. I have not yet logged onto marine traffic to check but the TV in our cabin seemed to show we were between the Channel Islands and France.
  12. Pont arrived in Plymouth last night at 19.30 probably 3.5 hrs late. Disembarkation was very slow probably due to passport control. We departed at 23.00 and made rapid progress away from port, by 04.30 we were off Jersey and getting a good 4G signal for about 30 mins. No ETA announced yet but my guess would be 22.30 (23.30). We have a hotel booked in Gijón 2.5 hrs drive after disembarking so we may be there by say 02.00-02.30 Thursday. Would I get compensation?
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