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  1. Renewed mine at the end of May should have been end of March so just 2 months for for us. Why are they offering different period of extensions s it due to length of membership?
  2. Hope she makes it I am hoping to sail Dublin/Holyhead on her around the end July. My first trip on an eFlexer.
  3. It could be because the various parts of BF operate like separate companies. The most distinct and separate is .ie, you cannot transfer a booking from .uk (maybe they cannot cope with £-€ exchange) it is not part of CV, DOES NOT GIVE ANY DISCOUNTS and is eyewateringly expensive. .fr and .es whIlst both being part of CV there is no crossover you join one or the other and get different benefits. Never having looked much at .de or freight I do not know how they operate across the piece but if freight is not totally comprehensive across all countries BF are missing something.
  4. One of the accepted reason for allowing crossing of the border is for work they often ask for proof of a work contract.
  5. But not the other way according to the Portuguese foreign minister who says 1st July to travel from Spain to Portugal. So you could fly in to Faro travel to Spain on the 22nd June have a fortnight on the Costa de la Luz then fly home after the border is open on the 1st July. Tens of thousands do that every summer starting withe the Irish and Scottish who have their summer school break earlier than England. Also if you intended to drive in from Santander if there is no change you would be stuck in Spain until the 1st.
  6. It has been published today that the proposed 15 June opening of the Spain-Portugal border is put back to 1 July this was a report of the Portuguese Foreign Minister.
  7. Another possibility is Vigo which is also hoping for a ferry connection to Northern Europe and is actually in Galicia whereas Gijon is in Asturias.
  8. 4 U.K.? Are you including the 2 from the Republic of Ireland. Gijon has been mentioned in the past as a possibility but where the northern port would be is anyone’s guess. The port of Gijon has carried out improvements since the motorway of the sea route to St Nazaire closed and money is available to revive a service from various sources including Europe.
  9. Yes very safe here in Ayamonte, just one case in 4 months, no deaths. Huelva Province is so low that they are ready to unlock on the 21st June.
  10. After 4 months locked down 26 hrs should be a walk on the deck.
  11. If as we are told almost every day on Hancocks half hour it is between 0.75 and 0.9 so it only needs someone to sneeze and its above 1.0. They also don’t seem certain that those figures are as accurate as partial points of one should suggest.
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