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  1. JohnMustow

    French road blockades

    In order to travel legally in Spain, Portugal and France I carry in each of our cars sufficient yellow jackets for each passenger to have one if we break down. That’s six in the Alhambra and four in the Fabia.
  2. My vote is. C no other options are worth consideration.
  3. JohnMustow

    BF survey

    The IF TESCO card scheme is a real rip off. In order to use your Tescocard points you have to pay a fee of £20. So the effective fare is £20 more before you can use your points. Also I think buried deep in the clubcard site there is already a way to use points to part pay BF fares.
  4. JohnMustow

    We need to talk about speed...

    And slow steaming is cheaper.
  5. JohnMustow

    We need to talk about speed...

    Because she is Economie!
  6. JohnMustow

    We need to talk about speed...

    If you look at Cap or Pont on AIS they rarely seem to be above 22/24knts for most of the Spanish crossing.
  7. That’s an interesting move and others may join the Russia blockade. So we leave the EU can’t revert to WTO rules and we become ?....... a pariah state bit like Iran perhaps we can trade with them.
  8. JohnMustow

    New BF Fleet Tracker

    Where do I find the BFE tracker?
  9. JohnMustow

    New BF Fleet Tracker

    But still no Connemara!
  10. JohnMustow

    Poole and Brexit

    Your clearly not a “Unionist”. It would save a lot of tax, as would Scottish independence but the politicians would find something else to squander it on so you would be no better off!
  11. JohnMustow

    Poole and Brexit

    “Thirty per cent of our agricultural product is exported but we import much more from France. If they’re more difficult with us, then we’ll be more difficult for them.” this is the Poole MP. YOU WOULD THINK WE (UK) are self sufficient in food but we are not by a long way. We need them more than they need us. A proper Empire reaction send in the gun boats except ours has no aircraft and theirs has several squadrons. I don’t know where we dig these people up from but give them a Knighthood and they will be OK.
  12. That smarmy Hunt just amazes me it is just a bit serious at the moment and all he thinks of is a silly photo opp!
  13. Saw that some time ago and demographics will win in the end under the current rules. Will the DUP SEEK TO CHANGE THE RULES IF BREXIT HAPPENS? If they cannot then the troubles will return since the hard liners will not accept it. Will it then be the RoI’s problem?
  14. I certainly do not want U.K. to leave and voted remain and have strongly held to that since the referendum. I believed then and continue to do so that the fundamental change to our unwritten constitution should only apply if a 66.67% threshold is reached and that all citizens should be able to vote. Cameron has more to answer for than his abandonment of the result he should answer for his total ineptitude in setting up the referendum just to keep the tories in power.
  15. You forget Jeremy Hunt he never completely raises his head above the parapet but he will definitely be in the mix. I think all of your above comments apply to him sly, sneaky, back stabber a throughly nasty man. Just what the tories need at this stage.