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  1. Not only that the fares seem disproportionately expensive cf Plymouth or Portsmouth to Spain!
  2. We decided that the easy way out was to phone. Only on hold about 3-4mins. All booked up for next July in no time. Pont Aven Santander-Plymouth deluxe Cabin. Discount shown on receipt.
  3. You are correct you can register early then complete later, two days before travel. That way and trying to register for a family certificate would not work for us. We did individual certificates about 36hr before travel.
  4. We tried to get ahead of things and thought we would register about a week before our Plymouth/Santander ferry. We were trying as couple so used the family version. No matter how we tried even starting from scratch a couple of times no way would it take the second passenger details. So 24hr before our sailing we each did an individual form straight through registered no probs. Printed and presented at Santander having been randomly selected from hundreds of cars coming off Pont. Quick look at Spanish Covac certs and passenger located and we were on our way to Salamanca.
  5. I seem to recall that some time ago someone posted about the breakfast served in the club cabins. I believe that it is a continental style with croissants and coffee. How does this compare with the £8.50 spent in La Flora?
  6. Wow just spotted that same for me Nov 2021. I thought my updated booking was to tell me I had a table booked in La Flora so missed the new date. I also read somewhere that you can slip renewal by 3 months and not loose continuity. I have gone over by a couple of weeks but never months so that would give me all of 22!
  7. We have very willingly accepted both jabs and have got our Spanish VacPass so on that front all OK. We wear masks whenever we think there might be any need but I defer to your greater knowledge on masks. I thought that up to FFP2 they protected others not you, FFP3 protects us and you but so far not been able to find any in pharmacies or online!
  8. If you have the usual plastic number plate with the EU logo on the LH side you can buy two overstickers on eBay for about £3 that covers each of the outdated suffixes. Simples!
  9. Thanks for the link. We will be here next summer so one for the diary.👍
  10. I understand before her major refit she used to visit the south coast and you could take a trip from Ilfracoombe. Is she going to do that this year?
  11. We did not have a flight so no number when we did we just sent form off and when we got there told the technician we. We’re on Pont from Santander he used that and that was on our result email. Things may have changed now they are busier but I think you will stil get one.
  12. We worried about that but it turned out to be very easy. At about 07.30 we entered the multi story car opposite the terminal and found the floor with direct entrance to the departure level was almost full but we found a bay and walked into the terminal turned right and signs pointed us to the clinic just before the security lanes. Reported in and were told to sit in socially distanced chairs until they called us foreword. The technician spoke excellent English explained everything to us took the throat and nose swabs packaged them up and we left about 10 mins start to finish and a couple of euro for the car park. They must fly the early swabs to Madrid that’s where our tests were done. Results in about 6 hrs on our phones to show at embarkation.
  13. Border control at Plymouth showed absolutely no interest in our Spanish Covid certificate but were very keen to look at my TIE it was the first they had seen.
  14. PS we also had to account for the weekend in our 72hr calculation and that became a non problem with the speed of the result.
  15. When we came over to U.K. 3 weeks ago we researched very carefully how best to deal with the “tests”. We start from Ayamonte on the Portuguese border so several test centres in eastern Algarve and Huelva Province were investigated. Our final choice was the test centre at Sevilla airport appointments at 08.00 and 08.05 booked online and paid for. We normally do the trip spread over two days with an overnight break in Salamanca. Before we had dinner the results were on our phones so we were ready to go. However at Santander and Plymouth border control no one asked to see either our Covid Certificate or our PCR tests results so a lot of money was spent with no VISIBLE use!
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