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  1. JohnMustow

    General Discussions on Brexit

    I did not want to “get out” and have been fighting tooth and nail to stay in, to the extent of getting my wife Irish citizenship and passport since I was ineligible. If the article is read carefully together with the knowledge that onward transport to the more eastern parts of the EU is more varied and direct from Holland and Belgium. They mention MoS which is just about to reinstate the Gijon/St Nazaire route which together with the land bridge to Rosscoff/Cherbourg gives acces to the south and competition for BF. Nowhere does it say passengers have to go to the north just that major freight route to the east should go that way. This shows the joined up thinking the U.K. government seems incapable of. Ireland is vulnerable to cliff edge Brexit, huge amounts of its exports and in particular agriexports go via U.K. east coasts ports direct to Belgium/Holland for onward transshipment these will be safeguarded by cutting out the U.K. links do sailing direct from Dublin, Rosslair and Cork.
  2. JohnMustow

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    Like you I want to book Santander/Cork for July 2019 and again like you I have looked periodically at the Spanish, Irish and Freight websites to no avail. Today I “bit he bullet” and phoned cork. Jane answered and was very pleasant telling me I was ten days to early and that schedules will be released in early September and to call again in the first week to make a booking. If only all customer service departments met such high standards!
  3. Yes would you like to stuck on a mezzanine lift with a stalled electric vehicle underneath whilst the crew rush around trying to get enough charge into it to open the doors to push it out of the way!
  4. JohnMustow

    Ship-spotting in Le Havre - any suggestions?

    We are in the Accor club did not see that trip have you got a link?
  5. I dare not show this thread to my wife. She might refuse to travel with BF ever again she is not good with any sea state above flat calm. We normally do PIP/Santander on Pont or Cap and she insists on an outside cabin but this year our first economie trip was Santander/Ringaskiddy on Connemara. It was a completely uneventful trip very smooth and the food was adequate for our needs. We departed and arrived bang on time. The only slight query was a slight smell when we first entered which I put down to a small spill on the carpet just outside the bathroom. The carpet was old so I thought that was what it was. My mattress looked new and had a topper. I did not check her mattress but there were no complaints so I assume it was OK. We have never needed or been given a PFC one and I don’t think I would accept one even it was the last cabin available.
  6. JohnMustow

    2019 Fleet Deployment

    I spoke to the Irish site and they said that the sailings would be relisheased at the start of September.
  7. JohnMustow

    2019 Fleet Deployment

    That’s a relief this year was just so relaxing after a very hectic spell in Spain to just sit and read or nap for 24hrs was wonderful. Very smooth crossing and bang on time both ends.
  8. JohnMustow

    Spain Timetable

    I think their site may have crashed! I tried booking the Santander/Cork route for July 2019 no joy on U.K., IE, or ES. Went on to my return Portsmouth/Santander Sept 2019 got all through the booking then rejected since my cc expired before the balance due date of July 2019. Different card all the way to the end then the confirmation page would not load. No confirmation email which is usually almost instantaneous so I may have booked then again I may not have!
  9. JohnMustow

    2019 Fleet Deployment

    My keen interest is in the continuation of the Santander/Cork route. Very notable by its absence from the freight timetables after this year. Connemara is shown on the Cork/Roscoff timetable right through 2019 but not the Spanish route.
  10. JohnMustow

    Spain Timetable

    They have just sent Club members an email to say that they will open bookings to members mid July which is tomorrow or more likely Monday. This is normal and gives a few days for club members to get in early and about the same time as last year.
  11. JohnMustow

    New deposit price on bookings?

    Today’s email is a pre-announcement of several points. However it does say that winter and summer 2019 sailings will be released in mid July so I take that to be 15th or 16th July.
  12. JohnMustow

    Plastic cutlery

    That is a start however plastic straws should be replaced and plastic cutlery.
  13. JohnMustow

    Plastic cutlery

    You have to start somewhere look at plastic bags for shopping. If a butterfly flaps its wings in japan a tsunami happens in LA!
  14. JohnMustow

    Discount Travel

    Not sure the address matters too much. We joined when we were based in U.K. we have lived in Spain for 10yrs now and have changed the address to Spain and it does not seem to make any difference. We also have U.K. mobile and Spanish landlines registered. I think there is some form of Spanish Club Voyage but have not explored that side of things. What is a big rip off is the Irish end of things. There is no Irish Club Voyage and no discounts on Irish destinations for the other ”Clubs”. This is despite the Spain/France/Ireland ferry prices being very expensive and the deposit required being a hefty 25% or so compared to the fixed £40 for U.K. sailings. As an example a single journey on the economie Santander/Cork route in July costs as much as a return July North September South Portsmouth/Santander. The only hitch seems to be currency, if your origen is in € then you pay in € and similar for £. Not a problem to us since we have C/cards in both.
  15. JohnMustow

    Centro Botin

    Will check that out in July when we park up waiting for Connemara to Cork. Will be interesting to compare the quantity and price with what we get down here in our little backwater of Ayamonte. The 7second pour on the gin definitely floats the ice, then proper lemon or lime slice or both with a Schweppes tonic. All up €4.50. Two of those in the evening at our little bread shop on the way home and I sleep like the dead!