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  1. They will have no choice under EU law we will be an unlisted 3rd county at the moment we leave with no deal.
  2. Disembarkation was the complete opposite of Plymouth bow door open, three lines of traffic zippered into two for the link span, 2 or 300m of three lane queue for passport control, 3 out 4 booths open! On our way before we could set the sat about. Bang on the ETD OF 19.40. Arrived in Gijón 23.10 ES. Well done BF. 👍
  3. The first 4G signal was a UK network with 2bars and thence moved onto a French network with 4bars. Bridge just announced ETA 19.40 so he has definitely got the pedal to the metal. Might be in our bunks in Gijón by 23.59 if we disembark quickly.
  4. I have not yet logged onto marine traffic to check but the TV in our cabin seemed to show we were between the Channel Islands and France.
  5. Pont arrived in Plymouth last night at 19.30 probably 3.5 hrs late. Disembarkation was very slow probably due to passport control. We departed at 23.00 and made rapid progress away from port, by 04.30 we were off Jersey and getting a good 4G signal for about 30 mins. No ETA announced yet but my guess would be 22.30 (23.30). We have a hotel booked in Gijón 2.5 hrs drive after disembarking so we may be there by say 02.00-02.30 Thursday. Would I get compensation?
  6. Take a bit longer to fill this baby! Gibraltar One of the world's biggest floating cranes, the Panamanian Semi Submersible Crane Vessel (SSCV) “Sleipnir” took on a total of almost 3200 metric tonnes of LNG in its eight bunker tanks. According to Titan LNG, it is the largest LNG bunker supply in Europe to date.
  7. I have never in 14yrs been asked if I have small “pointy” objects about my person! I always have a tiny Swiss knife with scissors, 2inch blade, screw driver, tweezer, toothpick and nail file in my pocket for a multitude of purposes. Maybe I should declare it as an offensive weapon and hope they won’t ban me!!!
  8. Gijon is well used for freight and cars recently improved just waiting fo be reused regularly as a RoRo cruise ferry terminal. Reinstate the highway of the sea Gijon/St Nazaire route as a starter.
  9. From where to Vigo. Why Vigo, Porto or A’ Coruna are much better known places
  10. We are CV members and booked Portsmouth - Santander with 6 nights in Spanish paradors just received final notice of changes. No hint of compensation or 40% refund for sailing element!
  11. My Tesco visa works every time! We must be the other 50%.
  12. I’m blowed it has! Lots of care needed to get it off without scratching the paint work. It is there and does lock and unlock the doors but does not disable alarm. Just spent a good hour re-reading the manuals for both cars and cracked it a quick double click does the job for the Alhambra still not sure about the Fabia.
  13. As I said 2014 has no key hole to use the key in!
  14. Same on our 2014 plate LHD Skoda Fabia always put them in here (see above) and no button on the B pillar.
  15. 2014 Alhambra has twist button on drivers armrest to bring mirrors in and put them. Always do that here in Spain and Portugal they cost several hundred £ to replace and the no of cars you see with a mirrors hanging by a cable makes me very nervious.
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