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  1. We always seem to end up with a couple of those in our bag when we leave the Pont heading home.
  2. We are also booked on the 15th July sailing and fully expect to arrive in Plymouth which will be a new experience for us, we just hope that disembarkation will be smooth with minimal delays (previous posts suggest not). We have changed our onward destination from our son in Bedford to our daughter in Woolacombe to make it easier for us.
  3. I recall it was in order to keep to the 24hr passage time that they moved PA Plymouth. 3 engines was said to limit the speed to 20knts although she was seen up to 22knts on AIS.
  4. There’s a big difference between bed bugs and fleas! Awful to be bitten whilst asleep but fleas could be from almost anywhere or pets. Bed bugs are a different kettle of fish and cabin plus others around would need to be sealed an fumigated to clear an infestation.
  5. Do you mean round in plan or round in section? If it’s plan they’re bap’s!
  6. We travelled up from Santander to Cork last year and to watch the berthing at Ringiskiddy was amazing for such a long ship to be turned around and then manovered into what seemed a tiny berth with the bow overhanging to be tied up on a pontoon was awesome. Hats of to the pilot and all the berthing crew! 👍
  7. Don’t know your route but we always travel north from Spain into PIP in early July and back again in early September. By early July the Spanish schools have been on holiday for a couple of weeks so whichever ship we take it is comfortably full and most cabins pre-booked. Our homeward trip south is usually rammed with the snowbirds heading south for the winter sun again all cabins are pre-booked. The restaurant is usually full and the atmosphere is very relaxed and comfortable. We always book as soon as the sailings are released and we pre-book an early table for dinner to make sure we eat with time for the food to go down before bed.
  8. We always pre-book our evening meal on the Pont or Cap on our return trips to Spain each year. We like to eat early on the first sitting so it avoids the race to join the queue from the car deck. Gives us chance to find the cabin, dump the bags and use the loo and wash up before a stroll down to supper.
  9. Clearly operated by an ardent Brexshiteer but it is not finished till the fat lady sings. I have got my little stickers but will hold out till the instructions comes from the Guarda Civil that they will be taking action on this!
  10. However IF charge a fee for using Tesco vouchers so it is not the good deal it appears to be
  11. In a word Dover, congestion in Kent due to delays at the Chunnel and Dover.
  12. Surely Connemara from Cork on the first was the first BF sailing of 2019.
  13. Or Cork to quite a few destinations in Spain and Portugal.
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