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  1. Here in Spain the Red Cross is present in every town and I would say nearest equivalent to St John’s Ambulance U.K. it appears to be all volunteers who are present at public events.
  2. Sign up with Embassy in your country and with HM Government to receive Brexit updates.
  3. I have complained on here several times on the disparity in pricing between Ireland/Spain and U.K./Spain and the lack of Club Voyage discounts. We use both routes each year and it seems to me that Cork/Rosslare-Spain on Economie was as dear or dearer than Plymouth/Spain on PA and no CV discounts or breakfasts.
  4. He must have been in the reserve a long time to have collected first Voluntary Reserve medal and then the Reserve Decoration. Minimum 25 yrs.
  5. Have a look at Stena Estrids floor plan I suspect it will not be a lot different.
  6. The Cabin we had on Estrid was exactly the one you have rejected. The door was no problem however it was public space outside but the boat was so lightly loaded that few people were on the walkway. We both sat outside on fixed outside benches and wedged the cabin door open. It would not be secure if you left the cabin door open. But locked and the curtain drawn was very discrete. The double bed was just like being at home but the duvet was too hot so we stripped it out and just used the cover.
  7. We did Dublin to Holyhead on Estrid who is a sister of Galicia and booked one of the two best cabins and visited the club lounge on our walkabout on a near deserted ship. In my view it is not economie just as good as Cap or Pont. We have booked our northbound sailing on Pont next July and SWMBO checked the cost to transfer to Galicia and the cost was higher and we would arrive in Portsmouth when our preferred arrival port next year is Plymouth so no change.
  8. Sayer’s cheese & onion pasty, Greggs real sausage roll and a genuine Cornish Pasty. Them’s real snacks put you on till tea time when you can have your lob scouse or fish and chips!
  9. Friends have booked a dog friendly cabin to return with their dog to UK before we finally cut ties with Europe so I hope that it is sailing and taking passengers!
  10. It must be when being connected kills people. Wait out the worst and re-connect when this is passed. With strong internet connections and emergency only movement such as off Island hospital appointments etc IoM will survive just fine.
  11. Nothing at all however having travelled from Bilbao via Rosslare to Mallow on to Dublin-Holyhead then Welshpool in Wales to Woolacombe Devon. Departing Plymouth 06/09 for Santander. 10 weeks still safe so cannot afford to loose that now. I suspect there might be 1000 passengers and crew onboard so more people in close proximity than we have seen since last September on the same route. We are both well into our 70’s so can’t afford any slip ups.
  12. We are on Pont on the 6th my guess from past experience is it will be rammed with snowbirds now children are back at school. We shall be wearing medical grade masks and visors which is the way it should be done to protect the mouth nose and eyes!
  13. We sailed Ireland to wales on Estrid and nowhere was the signal good enough for downloading except if you purchased an upgrade definitely nothing in the premium cabins. The TV System took some figuring, just got a picture 30 mins from Holyhead.
  14. Thank you we sailed a month ago and I worked out where we would be from a video posted by a previous passenger who dwelt on the deck plan of the cabins on deck six.
  15. I recall that the chairman in one of his encyclicals mentioned this omission and said yes would would need to fill one in and they would be available onboard.
  16. Flexible €144 - Economy €119 seems €25 dearer to me, not a deal breaker in these times I would spend the extra for peace of mind!
  17. JohnMustow

    2021 Timetables

    All our sailings are to Spain either Plymouth or Portsmouth so unless we took the 2nighter that’s not good for us.
  18. JohnMustow

    2021 Timetables

    Looking at the link to the freight website it is only showing sailings up to end October.
  19. Renewed mine at the end of May should have been end of March so just 2 months for for us. Why are they offering different period of extensions s it due to length of membership?
  20. Hope she makes it I am hoping to sail Dublin/Holyhead on her around the end July. My first trip on an eFlexer.
  21. It could be because the various parts of BF operate like separate companies. The most distinct and separate is .ie, you cannot transfer a booking from .uk (maybe they cannot cope with £-€ exchange) it is not part of CV, DOES NOT GIVE ANY DISCOUNTS and is eyewateringly expensive. .fr and .es whIlst both being part of CV there is no crossover you join one or the other and get different benefits. Never having looked much at .de or freight I do not know how they operate across the piece but if freight is not totally comprehensive across all countries BF are missing something.
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