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  1. 1kerbut1

    Plymouth - Roscoff disadvantaged again

    Yes, but bear in mind Mesguin from St Pol de Leon have a depot in Cherbourg.
  2. 1kerbut1

    New deposit price on bookings?

    They announced it was going to be 25% last year, its to stop people doing block bookings and not turning up or cancelling at the last minute.
  3. 1kerbut1

    Fruit tarts

    I don't follow here much, but it must be pretty desperate if the topic is Fruit Tarts.
  4. 1kerbut1

    The Cabs

    Or if Scania they have a plant in France so maybe replacement cabs for accident damaged cabs. In my driving days, we used to load Pegasso cabs in Madrid for Seddon Atkinson , Manchester.
  5. 1kerbut1

    Waverley damged in Rothesay

    In tonights Echo , sailings from Weymouth Sept 8th, Round the Island Calling at Swanage, Yarmouth Wed 13 and 20th Isle of Wight and Portsmouth Dockyard Sun Sept ,Jurassic coast
  6. 1kerbut1

    Deposit increase from £35 to £40

    "so 24 hours in a kennel should be manageable. " I don't know how you can refer to a stainless steel box as a kennel , our dog hated it and I spent most of the night sitting in a chair on the kennel deck with her. I was amazed at approx 0600 a number of dogs being put back in the "kennels " by their owners after spending the night with them in their cabin .I have booked 2 crossings for 2018 with pet cabin on Cap Finistere which will be used by us .
  7. 1kerbut1

    2018 Schedules & Prices - Now Available

    Well, I managed to make 2 bookings for April and September next year on Cap Finistere to Bilbao with dog friendly cabin (wife refuses to go on Baie de Seine again ) after listening to music for 49 minutes and was surprised it was only £80 more expensive than Economie , luckily we managed to get the only vacancy for September with dog.
  8. 1kerbut1

    2018 Schedules & Prices - Now Available

    I am not sure if you can book them yet , I received an Email this morning saying 2018 timetable and prices will be available at the end of July
  9. 1kerbut1

    New Opportunities

    I dont know if Operation Stack will happen as after Brexit kicks in all the PL, BG, SL, HU, trucks will need permits to transit the UK and will have to clear customs in Dover /Portsmouth /Newhaven /Plymouth so I think and hope it will cut them all back and give UK haulage contractors a chance again without the Eastern European,s cutting rates . They have decimated the UK road haulage industry.
  10. Cheapest way to take the dog with us without her being shut in a stainless steel shed overnight.
  11. 1kerbut1

    Budget hotels .

    In Spain and France Ibis every time , in UK Premier inn (maybe biased as our daughter is a manager of one )but they dont take pets so next weekend when we go to Eastborne it has to be the Travelodge at Uckfield who do take dogs.
  12. 1kerbut1

    Car heights on baie de seine

    We use Baie de Seine 3 times a year with the dog , there was only a about 12 inches between the roof of my Sportage and the pipework on the roof of the car deck on each crossing.
  13. 1kerbut1

    The Demise of Cherbourg

    Barfleur , Jean -Luc Landais is Nantes based and moves Manitou fork trucks to Ferndown , keeps 4 off 44 registered trucks in the area with UK drivers, LKW use both and when I worked for Dentressangle I sent trucks to Cherbourg from Tours where I was based Edit to add Nolans (Moving on ) also ship unaccompanied to Poole.
  14. 1kerbut1

    The Demise of Cherbourg

    LKW Walters , Jean -Luc Landais and XPO Logistics (formally ND ) certainly ship unaccompanied trailers to Poole.
  15. 1kerbut1

    RMS St Helena going to Alderney?

    This is the first time I have noticed this page , I have a tenant and his family (been a tenant 15 years ) and he said the problem with the first flight in the pilot was South African and didnt have a clue , British Airways put a plane into the airport with a British pilot in November and it was a success, my tenant has said he is going to be flying home for a holiday next Christmas.