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  1. Sorry Khaines. Was in a hurry at the time. Nova Star has been chartered to act as an accommodation vessel during the construction of the Ocean Express LNG pipeline from Florida to the Bahamas. She docked briefly in Freeport, to store up and take on some additional equipment before heading the few miles up the coast to anchor. I believe the charter is initially for three months, but can't confirm that anywhere at the moment. I'll post if I find out any more info.
  2. Accommodation vessel for LNG pipeline construction. Currently anchored off West Grand Bahama. Keep her occupied for next year or so.
  3. Just reading through some recent articles on the Newhaven Dieppe saga, and it is stated that SMPAT, the administrators of the service, wish the route to be rebranded this year. I think a change of livery and the DFDS influence may be more likely than first thought.
  4. I am sure that fleet utilisation would have been a major point in the discussions regarding the future of the route. Freight growth in 2015 was significant, and there is only limited space on the two current passenger ships. Could be a job for Malo Seaways but does she have internal ramps as both Newhaven and Dieppe are single level loading?
  5. Announced on December 11th that DFDS will operate the Newhaven to Dieppe service for a further two years. It will be interesting to see what colour scheme COTE D'ALBATRE comes back from Poland in.
  6. The wait is over and there would appear to be substance in the DFDS rebranding rumours. Rodin is now showing up on AIS as the COTE DES DUNES.
  7. Apologies for delay in replying to you hub. Had a bit of a dig round on this one and come to the following assumptions. The Myferrylink staff who are occupying the Rodin and Berlioz are not employees of Eurotunnel. They are subcontractors who were employed by Scop Seafrance on a fixed term contract. Once that contract expires or is terminated by either party they have no legal right to remain on the property of the owner, in this case Eurotunnel. Eurotunnel has filed a lawsuite against the Scop on this basis, criminal damage and theft. The French authorities have made cancellation of this lawsuite part of the protocol agreement which will hopefully be signed next Monday. The fact that there is evidence of criminal damage onboard the ships make the legality of the occupation pretty clear. It is with no doubt illegal.
  8. This is the link for the above post. http://www.lavoixdunord.fr/region/port-de-calais-a-bord-du-rodin-avec-les-marins-ia33b48581n2952025
  9. There is a really interesting link on the SCOP Seafrance Twitter page. You will have to use google translate or similar, but it is worth a look. The Calais port authority and the press have today been taken aboard the Rodin. There is an account of what they found on board, including several photographs. Needless to say the ships are immaculate, and all regular maintenance is being carried out by the teams on board. I have a slightly higher opinion of these guys now, but they are still acting illegally. Anyway take a look if you can.
  10. Pride of Kent just leaving Dover - destination Boulogne. Anyone down there got a camera.
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