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  1. I don't know the answer but, is P&O the main operator when you consider the tonnage that DFDS, CLdN and Stena are running into Purfleet, Harwich, Felixstowe, Immingham and Killingholme?
  2. Especially as DFDS and CLdN are increasing capacity with larger ships. DFDS are about to take delivery of their 6th mega freight ferry.
  3. No, the debate about how it could be done in less/more time etc. As you have just said, the times have been published, the ship does the speed it does, all is clear. They have a reason for listing those times, so all is clear!
  4. All this conjecture regarding crossing times is quite amusing really. BF have specifically bought an economical ship for good reason. And they will run it economically. Remember, the Galacia is some 20,000kW less in power than the Cap Finistère.
  5. I don't think there was any doubt about that. The articles make it quite clear.
  6. "A technical malfunction was the immediate cause of the grounding of passenger-car ferry Amorella – investigation by Safety Investigation Authority, Finland, is ongoing. The in­ves­ti­ga­tion of the Safety In­ves­ti­ga­tion Au­thor­ity into the ground­ing of Viking Line Oyj’s pas­sen­ger-car ferry Amorella in the Åland arch­i­pel­ago on 20 Sep­tem­ber 2020 has pro­gressed, and the course of events and the im­me­di­ate cause of the ground­ing have been dis­cov­ered. As a result of a technical malfunction of Amorella’s power control equipment, the pitch of th
  7. Karlshamn prepares for the new ferry – DFDS News (dfds-news.com) According to the spec they have external loading ramps and internal ramps.
  8. As a pilot boat (no bow thrusters) coxswain of many years, working through most weather conditions, at a company that serves around 10,000 vessels a year, I understand your point. I just don't think she lost total power. If you watch this clip, you can see the Baltic Princess in a similar position whilst waiting for the Galaxy to turn. I am positive that, had they lost any form of power during that maneuver in those conditions, they would have thrown out the anchors. This is standard practice and compulsory to have crew on the anchors in most ports. Silja Line In Hard Wind 2.11.2020
  9. I'm not sure I agree. You can see prop wash prior to 1:45, it definitely looks like she is going astern on her port prop. If she had lost power they would have dropped one, if not both anchors, especially that close to shore. If you watch some of the posters other videos you can see other vessels manoeuvring in that location. They may have had some issues but I doubt they lost power all together. I'm afraid human error may be involved here.
  10. Did she loose engines to start with? It seems odd that she never deployed either of the anchors!
  11. MS Viking Grace Run Aground in Mariehamn, just minutes after leaving port. [5K Video] - Bing video It seems the weather probably played a part with wind speeds up to 27mps.
  12. And there is the issue..... A BMW 5 series is over 2m wide including door mirrors and I imagine so are an awful lot of larger SUV's. My Mercedes Vito was under 2m without mirrors, just like a BMW 5 series and no longer. My Mercedes Sprinter is only 200mm wider than said BMW although much taller.
  13. The pricing system has always been a massive con. I once owned a van, of which its footprint was no larger than a large car, yet I was always charge more, a lot more. It was not a commercial vehicle. The van I have now is a high top so I accept it can't go on dedicated car decks or mezzanine decks, but the pricing system is terrible. I haven't travelled on Brittany ferries for a long time now because they have priced themselves out, especially as I live so near to Dover. Admittedly, I have not travelled to Spain yet but would drive through France if I did. Competition without price f
  14. Danim24

    St Faith

    Either way, all three docks are occupied! So she won't be going anywhere until one becomes free. Not sure how relevant that is..... if it is, then the latter point of this thread has become pointless.
  15. Danim24

    St Faith

    According to AIS, she is not due in Falmouth until tomorrow anyhow. Maybe she is waiting for Red Eagle to vacate the dock first. From what I can see, there is only 20 knots of wind from the SW, which isn't too bad at all.
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