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  1. Instead of Le Havre/Portsmouth, makes sense.
  2. It does seem odd using a ship with particularly low freight capacity on the route at a time when freight is the primary source of income. Even Barfleur would be better suited surely? Then put the Armorique into Poole. But I suppose they know what they are doing.
  3. Not that I know of. Optima Seaways is due back in the Baltic at the end of the month.
  4. Only if it is commercially viable at that speed. Drotten is well on her way from the Baltic. Expected 0600/25th in Dunkerque.
  5. She is one of my favourites, a lovely ship and the last one on the Dover Straits still with a quiet aircraft style seating area. Well worth a trip if you can fit one in before she makes a one way trip.
  6. She is known to roll and pitch, even in the Dover Straits. So I would suggest she would be quite uncomfortable round Lands End into the Celtic Sea. Although she can carry the 120 trucks (as DFDS advertised) she is of less Lane metres compared to the three current ships, at around 1700m.
  7. Port expansion on the seaward side, on reclaimed land.
  8. Don't forget Calais Port 2015 should be coming online this year. Although the Cote D'opale will have to turn around it may decrease the turn around time of the ships using it. Of course P&O's double enders will benefit the most.
  9. I can't see any reason it would be different to P&O's spirits or DFDS's own D class other than the passengers will have to be patient in allowing the upper freight deck to be cleared first.
  10. That's why they are the experts, and we are the enthusiasts. I would never second guess what decisions successful company makes only that of the failed ones. 😉
  11. A nice shot of a vessel from each company, all bound for France from Rosslare.
  12. Deleted post after realising my error 🙄
  13. I agree. Side by side comparison does make it easier for me to prefer the modern design. And to be honest, I don't think there is much less white than on the older photos at all. My preference will always be for a solid hull colour and white super structure. Older P&O is far better than new.
  14. Away from BF, Medway Port Authority (Peel) add the extra minute for arrivals and departures up until it becomes a 'confirmed' time. From our pilotage point of view it helps a lot to easily identify when a job had 'firmed' up. Port of London do a similar thing, but in their case, they add an Asterix once it becomes firm.
  15. DFDS are not trying to compete with Cherbourg or Le Havre because a huge amount of their traffic does not need France. As I've said before, why pay tolls if you don't need to? My point is, if you are France bound why go to Le Havre when you can go Cherbourg (if arriving from Eire)?
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