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  1. My Border Terrier has been doing some digging into the issue. Apparently, it's not the booking engine (aka the BF Abacus), but all those pampered pooches (described by Cabin-boy earlier) sitting in front of touch screens, refreshing the page with damp noses and drooling over the targeted ads from Google of Bonio dog biscuits as they wait to bark Pavlov-like as the Timetables come online, causing a huge amount of static to be transmitted down-the-line which overheated the twisted pair wiring into the BF K9 servers. On a more positive note, the sales of Bonio have gone through the woof !!
  2. The difference in price between Economy and Flexi for a sailing to Bilbao in May is £20. Could be worth it.
  3. I'm not sure what you mean by that. All will be revealed tomorrow, but how can there be no difference in the cost of Economy, Standard and Flexi and yet have different cancellation terms?
  4. Don't be ridiculous. Our dog has enough trouble worrying her smart phone and getting to nips with the update to her barking app from the Bark of Scotland - apparently it won't accept a muddy paw print to dog-in to the app.
  5. I hope this doesn't sound too flippant or insensitive because I know there are many in this country struggling, really struggling, to feed their kids and so on. It was a long time ago when I was a student and I was down to my last 3 quid. I had to look at what I spent my money on and cut out a lot of unnecessary expenditure.
  6. A little bit of perspective might be in order. Do you know how many people are killed by terrorism incidents compared with other causes of, how can I put this, unplanned death, such as road traffic incidents, pollution, smoking related illnesses, workplace incidents, heatwaves etc? Terrorism accounts for orders of magnitude fewer deaths than most other causes. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2017/06/europes-terror-threat-is-real-but-our-cities-are-much-safer-than-you-think/
  7. Get the Zap-Map App. https://www.zap-map.com It has most of the charge points on their app and there's useful "reviews" from users which will give you an idea of the reliability of individual charge points. It also tells you the price per unit. Some of the providers have their own apps which show availability of the charge points in real time. We made a recent trip from Selkirk to Selby and then on to a campsite at Thirsk in one day with 2 charges. We found the most reliable, available and quick chargers were on the Instavolt network, and were often to be found at the Bannatyne Health Clubs, but elsewhere too, for example at the Waterloo Service Station not too far from Portsmouth. Some networks need a specific card to use them, Instavolt just need a contactless card. Come to Scotland, because many of them are free. We use the ones in Selkirk and Galashiels and charge up while shopping. We also charge at home, especially if it's sunny as the PV panels on the house roof provide the power.
  8. The advice on the Government website about 3rd country status is quite clear. If there is a deal, if there is an extension, if we crash out but the EU allows us a listed status then it might be different. But at the moment if we leave without a deal, or any other arrangement, on the 31st of Oct then we will be an unlisted 3rd country and therefore if you want to take your pet abroad you will have to follow the guidance. We have taken the necessary precautions for the worst case scenario. If you don't and the worst happens, ie 3 rd country unlisted, forget about taking your pet to the EU because your vet will not give you an Animal Health Document. End of.
  9. Happy with HS2 - they're already destroying woodland even though it hasn't been given the go-ahead - or what about Cross Rail, or Hinkley Point? Or maybe Bojo's flower bridge? I'm happy with the SG's stewardship. And it's not "taxpayers' money", it's government money - see 'The Joy of Tax' by Richard Murphy.
  10. I assume they have done risk assessments, taken advice from Police, MIwhatever and so on. Perhaps they think the risk of stuff being smuggled out of the UK via a ferry is low, in which case why employ an expensive operation of your best people?
  11. I said after Brexit if there is no deal and we're an unlisted 3rd country. While we're in the EU nothing has changed. If there is no deal then everything has changed and what I said is correct. If you look at the AHC & the advice for completion, (after Brexit) then the vet has to certify that 3 months has elapsed.
  12. It will get slightly more complex for check-in purposes if there is No Deal and the UK is an Unlisted 3rd Country. Your dog must have had a successful blood test for Rabies antibodies (the blood sample must be taken no less than 30 days after latest vaccination/booster; you must wait 3 calendar months after the blood sample was taken before entering the EU; you need to get an Animal Health Certificate from your vet to enter the EU. The AHC will certify that all that has been done. To enter the UK the Pet Passport or the AHC will be acceptable. So the check-in will check the AHC for going to the EU and the PP or AHC for coming back. So not much difference. The problems are mainly for the pet owner, trying to understand the convoluted advice on the Govt. website.
  13. Sorry, but where would this stop? What about the Processionary Caterpillar for example. We have a dog too, so of course we share your concern. I think all you can expect BF to say is something like "consult with your vet as there are diseases and other hazards to be found in Spain (and France no doubt) which do not exist in the UK." The traveller should also make his/her own enquiries and visit various forums which discuss some of the dangers lurking for dogs and other pets. But the main responsibility must lie with the veterinary profession to be clued up and offer good advice and the necessary medications or vaccinations. When we first went to Spain (albeit in the winter, we don't go any other time) my wife visited our vet who provided a small package of various treatments to be given at regular intervals. We were happy with that and had read about the caterpillars and sand fly. Maybe you would be better taking your concerns to the BVA?
  14. @ Neilcvx - I'm not too hopeful. @TonyMWeaver Thanks. The LNG should make a big difference, but it would be interesting to see how carbon emissions of a ferry compare with other mass transit options such as flying, driving and trains. The other stuff is very welcome, but I seem to remember when I was a lad we didn't have much throw-away stuff. Butter came in a huge barrel and portions were cut off, put in grease proof paper for each customer; veg was loose and maybe put in a paper bag or straight into the shopping bag; no plastic bottles to throw out the car window....and so on. No "best-before-dates", after which food became as lethal as plutonium. A lot of it is catching-up with what we used to do. I don't think we appreciate just how serious global warming is going to be and the chaos and conflict it will likely produce. And with a complete idiot running the world's "most important" country who thinks it's all a hoax and wants to burn more coal..... We do what little we can, we have an eco house, an electric car (and I know they have problems of their own but we can charge it using renewable energy), we don't fly, we grow a lot of vegetables, we don't eat a lot of meat - and only if it's not intensively reared - and so on. So I thought we should look at our carbon emissions for our winter trip and think about off-setting (which I admit is a bit of a feel-good con but every little helps - and some of the projects are problematical). The online calculator for CO2 emissions for 3000 miles to Spain and back (not including the ferry, or @Gareth swimming home) was really quite small. I think what we'll do is just make a reasonable donation to something like Trees for Life which is planting trees in the Highlands, an area which has been denuded of tree cover over the centuries, as has much of the UK. And trees are a great, if long-term, carbon sink, as well as providing many other environmental benefits. More info here: https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2019/aug/02/offsetting-carbon-emissions-how-to-travel-options
  15. BF seem to be taking their environmental and carbon footprint more seriously - with the appointment of an eco-responsibility manager and the use of LNG in new vessels. Does anyone on here consider their carbon footprint when travelling? I've looked at some online calculators which give me an idea of how much carbon our trip to Spain and back emits and how I can offset that. There's nothing on ferries, so I've emailed BF to get a figure for the Cap's voyage to Spain and they are going to look into it, but they admit it's not a simple matter. We shall wait and see.
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