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  1. The Government Website is the most reliable source of information on all aspects of travel to the EU in the event of a "no deal". This link points to an "index" of various topics including, driving, pets, health care, insurance and so on, which are dealt with in greater detail. You can sign up for updates on your "favourite" topics. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/important-eu-exit-information-for-uk-nationals-if-theres-no-deal#paying-for-healthcare-in-eu-countries
  2. Ian McEwan knows a bit about the dangers of "borrowing" pebbles: https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2007/apr/06/books.booksnews
  3. auchmill

    CF vs PA

    Thanks. A "sticky" might be useful as I fear many, perhaps not those on here, are confused or unaware. Perhaps a sticky of links to the Government website which at least has the definitive information and not just opinions.
  4. auchmill

    CF vs PA

    You may already know this, but if we leave the EU without a deal France will require all UK drivers to have an International Driving Permit immediately. Spain from next year, and the two IDP's are different. Pet owners also need to be aware of possible changes.
  5. auchmill

    CF vs PA

    Some negative comments about the Cap. If you're going for a "cruise" then probably you would prefer the Pont Aven. If you're going on a ferry, as we do, to get to Spain, then I don't think it matters. (unless you really want the buffet - but no pet friendly cabins, whoops that'll put me in the dog house) We go straight to bed (it's late Sunday night for goodness sake), wake up, shower, have a good free breakfast, walk the dog, read our kindles, have a coffee, avoid the "entertainment", walk the dog, watch the live tracking, wait for the wifi to move to the next page, talk to some fellow travellers, have another coffee and some croissants borrowed from breakfast, walk the dog again, read the kindle, visit the shop, have dinner, give the dog a final walk, go to bed, up at 5:30, have a shower, down for free breakfast, borrow some more croissants, rolls, juice and triangular rolls (did I read somewhere they'd stopped making them?🤣), get the dog down to the van when called, drive off around 8:15 and head south.
  6. auchmill

    CF vs PA

    We travel in winter so the ships aren't too busy. I don't know what it's like in July. We're usually on the CF and have found the restaurant to be excellent. We pre-book on the way out. We've also been on the PA and the buffet, starters and sweets, is astonishing. The mains is good too. The only downside is that unless you are disciplined you tend to overeat, as you can go round the buffet as often as you like, and then feel absolutely plogged for the rest of the evening. We tend to choose the Cap Finistere for the early start on a Tuesday morning and the pet friendly cabin, but if it was just for the food then it's really no contest. Also, I find the Pont Aven slightly more spacious. Others may have different views.
  7. humour? (how do I delete this error?)
  8. Well, yes, but trains are so 19thC, and ships so pre CE and so on. I was suggesting investment in an integrated transport system rather than the non-policy mess we have at the moment, where government kneels down before the car lobby and worships the tarmac they run on. Eurotunnel looks a bit like Motorail to me, though I've never used it.
  9. I'd like to see Motorail resurrected with some massive public investment as part of an actual joined-up transport strategy that shifted the focus away from travel by private car, ever more lorries and onto more environmentally sustainable forms, such as rail (including motorail which could take my camper down to Portsmouth) and high-speed coaches. And let's make public transport so cheap, or even free, convenient, comfortable and regular that you would have to be insane to want to make the typical short journeys by private car. And invest in the hydrogen economy. Could it power ferries as well as buses and trains? Well, there's no harm in dreaming that we might eventually have a government that puts ordinary people first.
  10. Sorry if this has been explained somewhere, but why does Stena order a new build and then lease it to a third party, and why does BF not order the build itself?
  11. Another for Port Solent. We sometimes stop there overnight as well. It's ok to find a space in a motorhome but if you're towing a caravan then you need two spaces, a bit trickier as there are obstacles such as trees in the way. If you drive up towards the MOD compound it's possible to park up there and I've seem people do it if the car parks are full.
  12. Exactly so. Nothing against France, lovely country, lovely people (as most are everywhere) and they know what food and wine is for. But we like to sail direct to Spain rather than trail down or up through France, especially in December when the days are short and the weather unreliable. Our first trip was cancelled due to weather so they took us to St Malo instead. A couple of years later our ferry home (Etretat I think) was indisposed so we drove to Caen. This year (late Feb/early Mar) there were no return ferries from Spain that could take both our motorhome and our dog, so we booked via St Malo. It was ok apart from the gridlock round Bordeaux and we found a nice little campsite in the small village of Surgeres and the weather was very warm. We had a good meal on Pont Aven, some nice triangular rolls for breakfast (do they still do them?) and "borrowed" some croissants for lunch while the dog slept happily in the van downstairs.
  13. We don't go to France, if we can help it. We go to Spain. Ok, so I'm being a "pain", but we prefer to buy in the local bakery rather than the supermarket. In fact, we prefer to buy local whenever possible, even if it means paying as much as €4 for a 6 kilo bag of oranges. In a small village in the Sierra Espuna of about 100 inhabitants there are 2 superb bakeries, five minutes from the campsite. Heaven. Pan ecologico!!
  14. Can I book the hind legs for winter and front legs for summer?
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