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  1. auchmill

    Fuel Prices in Santander?

    Here's another website with all the prices. Click on Welcome at top for English. http://geoportalgasolineras.es/?l=sl#/Inicio Cheapest diesel we found was at the port of Bilbao, Zierbena - PortuOil.
  2. auchmill

    Complaint handling _BF

    We travel on the Spain crossing and have used both kennels and PF cabins. Yes, the cabin is preferable, but she's never had a problem in the kennel. And half the time it's night. Is there a tendency to anthropomorphise? I don't know. Ours doesn't like loud bangs. At one place in Spain they re-enacted the Moors vs the Christians which seemed to consist of firing projectiles into the air which exploded so loudly it could be heard several miles away. She was very upset and we had to leave the campsite where we were staying. Re complaints and whether they are justified. I agree with a lot of the sensible points about dealing with it immediately and not "nursing your wrath to keep it warm". But some are fairly trivial - you should read some of the complaints on the BF Twitter feed and the way some customers slag them off. Here's one right now: "Unfortunately last off the boat upstairs ramp. As you said before 'someone has to be last off' but why is it me so often? How do I insist I am loaded with the other 4WD/AWDs where that the vehicle booked?" Bless them.
  3. auchmill

    Complaint handling _BF

    We've only been on Cap Finistere and Pont Aven and I don't recall our dog mixing with other passengers either on the way up to the exercise deck from the pf cabin or when getting her out of the kennel for same. It's usually just other dog owners up there, while the rest of the passengers are sitting/drinking somewhere warm.
  4. auchmill

    Deposit increase from £35 to £40

    Passengers who take dogs down to their ordinary cabins are highly irresponsible. (Nodwad had a genuine reason, so I'm not talking about that) Apart from the possibility of the dog fouling the cabin, which will probably go undetected as they are unlikely to report it, there is the possibility of other passengers who will use the cabin a few hours later being allergic to dogs and suffering a bad reaction - even to just a few hairs. A few years ago we had to get towed home and the dog had to stay in the motorhome and not the cab of the pick-up truck, for this very reason. Too many owners anthropomorphise their pets which does neither of them any good. Animals are very good at sensing when humans are anxious, nervous, afraid etc, picking up signs we are hardly aware of, (anyone who's kept cattle will know this) so their anxiety is often a reflection of the owner's anxiety. Bad behaviour by owners - not picking up excrement, taking them into disallowed areas whether on a ship or a beach or playing field - only gives ammunition to the anti-dog lobby which is alive and well.
  5. auchmill

    Deposit increase from £35 to £40

    That would seem reasonable - for everyone. The C&CC club I mentioned earlier takes a 25% deposit.
  6. auchmill

    Deposit increase from £35 to £40

    As a pet owner I would like to see the stats for the vitriol being thrown at "time wasters" and "so called pet lovers" booking pf cabins and not completing. If there are no stats which can be made public then it's just hearsay. I imagine there are time wasters who book ordinary cabins too. But let's see the evidence. The Caravan Club, which doesn't charge a deposit on bookings, brought in regulations to try and stop members making multiple bookings and not showing up. The C&CC club charges a minimum deposit or a fixed percentage, whichever is greater. If there is a problem then a fixed percentage would be fair to everyone. Re the "pet lounge" - there are exercise areas which can be visited at any time of the day or night whether the dog is in a kennel or cabin. On the Pont Aven I seem to remember there is even seating. Seems fine to me. We walk our dog at least 5 miles every day, often more - many dogs I see and know hardly get walked at all and spend the rest of the day alone in the house, so 24 hours in a kennel should be manageable.
  7. auchmill

    Cap Finistere

    We have sailed several times on the Cap Finistere in a pet friendly cabin with our Border Terrier. You are parked on a particular deck convenient for a lift in which you take your dog up to the pf cabins on Deck 9. It's a typical 4 berth outside cabin but with a hard floor instead of carpet. There's an exercise area one deck up which is available at any time and is covered from the elements. As with the kennels the dogs aren't allowed in any other part of the ship. Just take their beds & food, leads etc as normal. BF usually supply rubber collapsible food/water bowls and a couple of treats. I can't think of any problems with this arrangement and the dog seems to like having our company, although, to be fair, the kennels have never been a problem either. I suppose the ship isn't quite as luxurious (for want of a better term) as the Pont Aven but there's the usual bars, self-service, shop etc and a good restaurant. The passenger and vehicle capacity is much less than the Pont Aven so maybe it doesn't feel too crowded. I like them both and don't have any issues. You'll probably have to drive up a ramp to get to your deck which can look a bit intimidating the first time and at the top you have to do a 180 degree turn. If you've got a car then no problem, if you're towing a caravan you need to be a bit more circumspect. In the latter case, or in a motorhome, leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front (drivers have been known to stall) and make sure you have enough momentum to keep going, but not so hard that you get wheel spin. We have an automatic gearbox motorhome so I put it into manual to get up the ramp. Hope this helps.
  8. auchmill

    2018 Schedules & Prices - Now Available

    I've read similar comments on Motorhome forums. The solution offered is to come out of the website and clear the cache. Out of interest I looked at booking the exact same journeys I booked on Thursday, including pet-friendly cabins. Still available (beginning of Dec and March) and still the same price with my Club Voyage discount.
  9. auchmill

    2018 Schedules & Prices - Now Available

    Pont Aven doesn't seem to be doing much on the Spain run during the main winter months - at least we won't over-indulge at the buffet
  10. auchmill

    Deposit increase from £35 to £40

    ..and for Club Voyage members there's a 20p bonus on the breakfast allowance. Every little helps!!
  11. auchmill

    2018 Schedules & Prices - Now Available

    Just booked for December return March. Website crashed, tried to phone - engaged, but then website came back online & completed.
  12. auchmill

    2018 Schedules & Prices - Now Available

    Their Twitter guys said mid-week a couple of days ago. Today they say "this week". Website says "Late July". Live Chat today says: "There is no specific day for those however we are expecting them to be released within the next week/ early august" Take your pick.
  13. auchmill

    2018 Schedules & Prices - Now Available

  14. auchmill

    From Scotland to Plymouth

    Doesn't look like we'll be going from Plymouth this December, as an answer in the Discussion forum suggests sailings end beginning of November.