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  1. I can only speak for the Cap Finistere and the Pont Aven "proper" restaurants. They seem to me reasonably priced for the quality, which I've always found to be excellent. The Pont Aven buffet is truly marvellous, although it is tempting to over-eat.
  2. auchmill

    Euros from BF?

    We bring back Euros from Spain, just enough to get started, so we don't need to buy any. Of course if it's the first ever trip then maybe the BF deal for Club Voyage members is ok. Like others we use the Halifax Clarity card; for ATM withdrawals we use pre-loaded cards from Caxton (no charges or monthly withdrawal limits) and Revolut, (best rate but free withdrawals limited to €200 per month). You can also use these pre-paid cards as normal debit cards for any payments. I load them throughout the year, trying to get good rates, but it's something of a gamble. Sorry if I'm telling you what you already know, but never accept the option to pay in Sterling at the check out - it's a rip-off. Always pay in Euros.
  3. There was a similar discussion on one of the motorhome forums I frequent from time to time. I would make 2 points. The most likely solution is that the UK would be a Part 1 country, in which case things would continue much as before. The worst case would be a Part 2 country, in which case there would be additional hoops to jump through (agility training would be useful). I cannot see how we would become an Unlisted country given our animal health record. Therefore, anyone proposing to travel with a pet after March 29th 2019 would be wise to start making preparations in the event that the UK is a Listed: Part 2 country. The document in the link provided by Halfcrown explains what is likely to be required.
  4. auchmill

    Booking site swamped?

    I hope the new ferries will make a difference for the PF cabin availability for the Spanish routes, although it helps to book an unpopular crossing - there's still PF Cabins available on the 2 nighter I booked yesterday. Last year's voyage wasn't very busy. I suppose first come first served is the only way but I like Cabin-boy's idea of a CV variant. We are their "most regular and loyal customers" after all, as they said in a recent email. But FCFS does lead to an unholy stramash and is unfair on those who can't get to a phone or computer at the right time. Re comparison between Tunnel and BF most who do the sums properly work out there's not much in it cost wise, and how much is avoiding the trail through France worth - though some make it part of the holiday. As mentioned there are those who take a (perverse?) pride in not spending anything on tolls, campsite fees etc if they can help it, so it's the tunnel for them and camping on the beach until they get kicked off by the Guardia Civil.
  5. auchmill

    Booking site swamped?

    When I was trying to book yesterday the sailing to Spain in Feb early March showed only Etretat and all the PF cabins were sold by the time I got through to book a return. Then later last night the Baie de Seine suddenly appeared on the timetable and has PF cabins available. But because of the layout of the ship only vehicles less than 1.83 metres in height and not towing caravans can be accommodated for pets and of course there are no kennels. For most of February and almost half of March it's Economie only. So if you've got a pet and want to travel at that time and haven't already booked, then forget it. (or get it put down) Looks like the anti-pet brigade have scored a victory here as I think many pet owners will travel by the tunnel and BF may have shot themselves in the paw. The topic of the best way to get to Spain is one that comes up from time to time on motorhome/caravan forums and the overwhelming feeling I get from these discussions is that BF to Spain is too dear and the tunnel is the best option.
  6. auchmill

    Booking site swamped?

    Don't know if that would work or not. I got logged out at various stages, from the page before payment to quite early on. Couldn't get through on the phone. Surely this can be sorted, even if it means spending money on new systems, as there will be a lot of people not very gruntled? Plenty of comments on their Twitter page. Me being one of them, mainly because we will have to drive up through France for the return.
  7. auchmill

    Booking site swamped?

    Utter shambles, and yes, I'm a dog owner, but the crossing to Spain I book in early Dec for the motorhome is not very popular, being the Sunday night 2 night crossing - but quick out the blocks Tues morning. Another thing, most of Feb early March only Etretat is running and since they have no kennels only a few Pet Friendly cabins by the time I got on the website the PF Cabins were all gone. So we're stuck in Spain!! No wonder a lot of motorhomers go by the Chunnel.
  8. auchmill

    Immigrants at Ouistreham

    Yes. But I think we have to be sensible when on holiday. If you don't feel comfortable with a situation then go elsewhere. We have a motorhome and sometimes we park up at a nice spot and not in a campsite, but occasionally the nice spot isn't so nice so we move on because we don't feel comfortable. Similarly with some campsites. Occasionally when people are on holiday they forget some of the basic rules of staying safe and get caught out.
  9. auchmill

    New deposit price on bookings?

    Maybe this topic should be renamed? "Pet Hates" perhaps? Mine mostly involve other humans.
  10. auchmill

    New deposit price on bookings?

    I see what you mean. So when booking you could book by specific date as the main criteria , or by a small range of dates and cabin type would be main criteria. Maybe you could suggest it to them.
  11. auchmill

    New deposit price on bookings?

    From BF blog: "Our pet friendly cabins are very popular and Honfleur will have some. We look forward to welcoming you and your dog on board." AFAIK the (15 I think) pet-friendly cabins on CF are only for those with pets. As noted, those with allergies cannot be put in a cabin previously used by a pet. So even if it's true that all cabins on Honfleur will be "pet friendly", which only means a hard floor (some sort of hard composite which turns up the wall a short distance) instead of carpet, I cannot see that all of them will be used as such. I suspect it's not true. We once had to get our motorhome towed home and the recovery driver said the dog had to stay in the van, due to risk of allergies. We only travel to Spain in the winter, with our dog, and I've never had a problem with dogs barking all night in the cabins. More annoying is people stomping about, banging doors etc.
  12. auchmill

    New deposit price on bookings?

    And maybe one for avoiding those who complain loudly that they can't get a table by the window in the restaurant for dinner, even though it's pitch black in December!!
  13. auchmill

    New deposit price on bookings?

    "Perhaps in that case the search engine could be configured not to just offer sailing times and prices as a first level option but allow you (if you so wish) to filter the choice by cabin-type availability. That would offer those who are flexible with their travel dates to see at a glance the best option for them in terms of accommodation." It does. You choose the sailing then move on to choose the cabin type, 2 or 4 berth, inside or outside, etc and on Cap Finistere "Pet Friendly". If any cabin type is sold out it says so. A few years ago we were on the Point Aven going to Spain and I thought I'd look at the return sailings, even though we had one booked, and surprise surprise a pet friendly cabin had become available, so I booked it. The only thing you can do, if you don't get one is to keep checking on the website and see if one turns up.
  14. auchmill

    New deposit price on bookings?

    Likewise, and the C&CC too, who do charge a deposit. The C&MC have a "sanctions" policy for those who abuse the system and cancel without the required notice. And now you can book a site a year ahead. It was said that some members made block bookings at several sites and then cancelled when they had decided which one to go to. I'd rather see a deposit system.
  15. auchmill

    Fuel Prices in Santander?

    Here's another website with all the prices. Click on Welcome at top for English. http://geoportalgasolineras.es/?l=sl#/Inicio Cheapest diesel we found was at the port of Bilbao, Zierbena - PortuOil.