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  1. Faro de Vigo newspaper shows sale initiative from Bai although in my poor opinion creating facilities, parking áreas, sanitary permits, customs areas...before Brexit It could be done quickly but nowadays... Too many things for a couple of months
  2. Outside Bilbao port you will find strongest electric recharge point all over Spain; at Ugaldebieta petrol station please find link in spanish https://www.elindependiente.com/economia/2019/10/03/una-gasolinera-vasca-tiene-el-mayor-enchufe-de-europa-para-cargar-coches-electricos/
  3. Media confirmed Rosslare-Bilbao connection twice a week with mv Kerry from March. There are several articles including few showing words by CO. it talks about a more secure facilities in view of increasing stows problem. https://www.britanea.com/rutas/desde-espana/irlanda-santander-https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.elcorreo.com/bizkaia/santander-arrebata-bizkaia-20180116221533-nt_amp.html
  4. She had an hidraulic trouble closing basement hatch. Finally spares arrived from Astander shipyard, although is not fully fixed. Cap left leaving abt 50 moto on quai that were duly diverted through Santander. 5 or 6 artics were left too.
  5. Spanish report is quite confusing; sailing 3 times a week for a 24-48 hrs crossing VIgo- Cork – Plymouth. It’s said 200 trucks capacity vessel but 100 trucks per week…3 sailing says 30 trucks per call. Doesn’t look any sense.
  6. Vigo is heavily industrialised port with huge shipyards and most important PSA (peugeot- citroen) factory at Spain. It could be entry gate to seafood loaded artics and portuguese cargo. Aluminium, stone/marble/ slate, portman yachts, ...in addition to car parts and seafood. no idea about benefits related to fuel consumption/distance.
  7. gd day, Sorry for late reply, i was experimenting login problems. I risked to book copule of weeks ago. Terrible pitching (it was bit rough) + really bad service/meals even running at half pax capacity. I hate flying but next time i'll do it
  8. gd day u all, planning to visit Toscana from Barcelona using Grimaldi lines someone has travelled on mv Roma? any references?
  9. might be some cargo displacement due to wrong/unfortunate lashing?? or just bad weather 10 metres swell and 40 knots is quite rough In my poor opinion she returned "home" in view of weather forecast, to be re-loaded and get back to spain almost full, although i heard that no cargo on weather deck as is not possible to open portside stern door on Poole. Berth defenses are good for Barfleur and no good at all for Pelican stern doors At present time scheduled to call Bilbao sunday 8 to 12; needs to hurry up as Baie d Seine is arriving at 14:00 lt
  10. Bilbao call has been cancelled due to bad weather and strong winds ushant waypoint. Today would be better although 35-40 knots wind expected tomorrow in biscaye. We expect her to remain anchoraged today/tomorrow to load at Poole on Saturday and maintain schedule
  11. French Master, Chief officer on deck French Chief ingenier, 1st ingenier + 14 philippines
  12. As she present independent/separated access to weather deck/top deck they were not really sure that Poole ramp configuration allows safe ramp conection. in my opinion BAI did not want to get risk related to top deck loading and no chance too discharge. main deck and basement were fully loaded lets see how she goes when there were no cancellations
  13. somewhere it was said that fleet mates were developed to carry spare parts for spaceshuttles at French Guyana. It was also longterm chartered by french defense ministry; there are few photo loading tanks and aircrafts
  14. Re: BF Captains here we have two more: Le Josne Pierre last year on Cotentin Thomas Patrick on Cf cheers
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