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  1. I would guess you have more chance of winning The National Lottery than getting The Home Secretary to enforce any rules.
  2. Simple, put them back on The Amorique and send them back to France, no iffs or buts.
  3. My secretary of 50 years has made the decision, Cancel and lose the cost at this late stage as Personal travel insurance, car insurance and caravan insurance would be null and void due to FCO advice of non essential travel.
  4. Booked for Plymouth to Santander tomorrow 26/07/20 FCO advising only essential travel which would invalidate insurance. Yet no word from B/F if the sailing is going ahead.
  5. Gareth, do you think this could lead to Plymouth/Portsmouth sailings to Santander/Bilbao being cancelled again?
  6. USS Abraham Lincoln. Pennant Number 72
  7. Tony, enjoy your contribution immensly, but do you really think BF have solid plan for the remainder of the season.Having spent a life time living in HM Submarines i begin to wonder, CEO constant same old waffle for the last month.
  8. The latest FCO advice is that anyone arriving in Spain by Air/Sea have to fill in a FCS form regarding health and you will then be issued with a QR code for travel. Have we any Members who have sailed on Pont Aven or Cap Finestere in the last couple of days who can confirm if this is correct. Also any information of what life on board is like would be welcome, Bars open, shop open, are you free to walk on the open decks, restaurant open.
  9. Lets hope for positive news that it will be lifted by the 29th otherwise the refund/voucher office will go into orbit
  10. Well, listened to todays Downing Street Happy Hour, still no word about FCO lifting All but essential travel for British Nationals. Contacted my insurance company. Unless it is for essential travel your car, caravan and personal insurance will be null and void. Any advice would be apprecated.
  11. Will the FCO have lifted the ban on All but essential travel for British nationals by the 28th June, this still applies for France and Spain.
  12. David, whats the latest on Pont-Aven, Plymouth-Santander sailings. Have a booking for the 19h July.
  13. David, just double checked my CV home page and BINGO, 4 months, result.
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