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  1. Maybe BF need to rapidly reconsider seeing as BBC are reporting the need to quarantine travellers going to France : although no period of quarantine has been announced.
  2. Hi Colin you have this the wrong way round. lateral flow tests are free : these are the ones schools and public services workers have been doing upto three times a week for some time and are now free to the whole population. PCR tests are only available if you have symptoms, and are £140 otherwise at your local private test centre Unfortunately everywhere I look they seem to want a PCR to travel
  3. I would have thought so ; 48 hours too long for most (Non BFE ) people... maybe the pont would be a better ship for this route.. does anyone know how long it takes to set up a non existent route.
  4. Now with the lifting of the Travel restrictions to Portugal it’s now time for BF to start their new sailing to Lisbon.... using the Cap? Unlikely to happen. As an avid user of google earth am assuming that Lisbon is the closest port in Portugal with a link-span ....
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