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  1. Thanks again Gareth! You are the font of all knowledge. Matt
  2. Regarding Santurzi, I believe BF moved to Zierbena because of better road access, particularly for freight.
  3. All, Thanks so much for your interesting and informative responses. Gareth's point about the Cap's bow having height restrictions is interesting. Superfast VII VIII and X all use theirs, albeit over two levels, and they're essentially the same design as the Cap. As for Plymouth, why ABP don't spend some money on the terminal, the linkspan and a covered gangway is a mystery. I was unimpressed with the whole set up when I went on the PA to Santander a few years ago as a foot passenger. Why is there an unused linkspan so close to the main one and was it ever intended to be u
  4. Hi all, I had great trip on the Cap last Sunday and my first. Back on her next week. Please could somebody enlighten me as to the reason why she is operated as a stern loader only? It seems to be a very inefficient way to operate a drive through and double deck loader. I appreciate that Bilbao and Santander are without upper level ramps and that Bilbao has no gangways. Will Portsmouth, Plymouth, Bilbao and Santander get double deck ramps for the forthcoming e-flexers? Will BF keep the Cap once the new ships arrive? Thanks Matt
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