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  1. Had to cancel 2019 sailing owing to my wife being taken seriously ill. Had booked via Caravan Club, no problem got a full Voucher refund from Brittany Ferries via the Club, valid for 2 years. This year ( 2020 ) booked again via Caravan Club and low and behold I got a dose of Covid, had to cancel again on medical advice, again NO problem, got another voucher from BF have booked again for 2021 ( 3rd Time lucky !!!)
  2. What a " journey from hell !!!!". Never having traveled on this vessel before, I got one of a heck of a shock trying to negotiate the sharp turn up to deck 5 on this vessel. Outward bound not a problem, managed to get up there in my own estate car, however, the return was hell. Unfortunately, due to a mechanical breakdown, I had to leave our family estate in a garage in France, and return home in a big 7 seater, left hand drive Opel vehicle. Not a problem travelling along the French Motorways. The problem arose when we commenced to board Etretat. Who in God's name is the idiot who desi
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