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  1. Still can't see Ben being used for a mini cruise - limited number of cabins - limited outside deck area. She is fine for an A to B sailing with a vehicle and passengers but night crossings are uncomfortable to be sat in the lounge with little or no sleep.
  2. Exactly - this would cause serious problems for return sailing schedules and I honestly don't think marketing a "mini Cruise" would attract more passengers. As for a good nights sleep ????
  3. Interesting times ahead - there is talk of the Ben-my-Chree being a third back up vessel to help cover IOM TT passengers in May/Juneas passenger numbers are increasing.
  4. I have never had pre loaded anti virus software on any laptop or notebook - I reviewed different software protection and McAfee seemed to cover my requirements so have stuck with them over the years. I have thought about trying Norton but cant see the point while McAfee suits my needs. Also it seems to me it is a bit like changing your Bankers or credit cards on a regular basis which many people do but I don't - A generation thing perhaps.
  5. I have always used McAfee Total Protection and covers 5 devices - one year cost £12.50.
  6. Was this import duty VAT?? I know I imported a car from USA to France and upon arrival French VAT was charged based on the French valuation of the vehicle which was actually higher than the real cost of the vehicle.
  7. as a tourist spending less than six months in Spain my car registration and licence are fine - although I was informed by the Spanish local police that I should change my vehicle registration every time I enter Spain - and then change it back again in my home country - obviously fake information !!!
  8. Exactly - I always thought the rule was simply if you spend more than six months in a different EU country to your own countries licence then you must exchange it? So on the same principal any French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish etc.. drivers holding licences other than UK Licence should also be banned from driving in UK
  9. UK should apply same principal for all EU countries licences after Brexit.
  10. I am quite sure that low taxation plays an important part in deciding where a ship is flagged. British flag is fairly well respected the world over hence Cunard flagging however the currency used on board most lines is of course US Dollars...
  11. Its worth stating here - drinks on a cruise ship can be expensive but P&O seem to charge about the same as a local pub would. If tripping to the Fjords and taking shore leave in Norway then prices rocket - £11 for a beer and £14 for a sandwich - thank goodness Cruises are all inclusive !!!!!
  12. Typo error …… Drinks package was £150 not £250 …. Doh….
  13. Exactly - we have always found it more economical to pre-book drinks packages as it doesn't take many drinks to be on the winning side. Our last MSC cruise charged approx. £250 per passenger per week however if you choose to pay when you drink the basic cost is high with additional 20 to 30% added Wine deals are also a must if you fancy a nice bottle at lunch or dinner. I do hope P&O rectify the problems as we are booked on IONA for its inaugural sailing next year.
  14. Yes - quite a few and all with high ratings - take a look
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