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  1. Isle of Man slightly different - here is the info: Landing Card Details (gov.im)
  2. The unofficial code for Brittany =
  3. ๐Ÿ˜„ Well think you will see present designations E=Spain S=Sweden and A-Austria ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. That would definately cause confusion in Europe !!
  5. No not even part of GB - but is part of British Isles - but the designated country sticker is GBM
  6. Thought I replied to this but seems to have disappeared - Isle of Man has GBM stickers or is shown on the licence plate. This will not be changed as IOM is not part of UK.
  7. either google "Pet Friendly Hotels" or in Booking.com and similar enter dates and destination and on the left hand side under "facilities" check the box "pets allowed" and a list of pet friendly hotels will appear !!!
  8. Welcome - sorry about the rain.... !!!!
  9. Crown dependencies are in discussions to keep their national identifying designations. However the Isle of Man has decided to keep its GBM designation
  10. To be honest its not a big deal - The Spanish really don't seem that concerned. We have been travelling to and from Spain over the last eighteen years and only been stopped a couple of times in Southern Spain where our GBM (Isle of Man) number plate has been questioned. They are very familiar with the Gibraltar number plates GBZ.
  11. Current situation - not helpful Travellers reminded to check if proof of vaccination letters will be accepted (gov.im)
  12. Hi - Unfortunately not - just a letter on IOM Government headed paper
  13. Hi - No it doesn't have a Q Code - it's just a letter.
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