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  1. Well - Good luck with that 🤣 .........….........
  2. Belts and Braces for me... always have print copies for Hotels, flights, cruise, ferries and all..... a flat iPhone battery is a worst nightmare....
  3. The transition period runs to the end of this year - The UK wont leave without a deal before this date.... Gareths link will explain
  4. Seems to be a hit and miss - so since that one time I always use my printed ticket and never have a problem.
  5. You are correct in your thinking if you are referring to 31st January 2020 - there is a calculator on the Gov website - in any event the UK is still in the EU until 31st December 2020 so
  6. At breakfast we have always had to present our printed booking slip which shows the amount of discount - I forgot it one morning so showed my cabin key which wasn't accepted so had to return to the cabin to retrieve the ticket.....
  7. Each to their own I guess..... I much prefer the Spanish way of life and friendliness to that of the French.... hey ho....
  8. Actually never experienced problems in Spain... a basic knowledge of the language helps... but generally very helpful and friendly medical staff.
  9. Usually vehicles with dogs loaded near last..... my experience to both Bilbao and Santander
  10. Manxscorpio

    Pont Cabins

    We have always been on deck 5 or deck 6 on PA (with our dog in a kennel) and never experienced any undue noise - on CF we are always on deck 9
  11. Still can't see Ben being used for a mini cruise - limited number of cabins - limited outside deck area. She is fine for an A to B sailing with a vehicle and passengers but night crossings are uncomfortable to be sat in the lounge with little or no sleep.
  12. Exactly - this would cause serious problems for return sailing schedules and I honestly don't think marketing a "mini Cruise" would attract more passengers. As for a good nights sleep ????
  13. Interesting times ahead - there is talk of the Ben-my-Chree being a third back up vessel to help cover IOM TT passengers in May/Juneas passenger numbers are increasing.
  14. I have never had pre loaded anti virus software on any laptop or notebook - I reviewed different software protection and McAfee seemed to cover my requirements so have stuck with them over the years. I have thought about trying Norton but cant see the point while McAfee suits my needs. Also it seems to me it is a bit like changing your Bankers or credit cards on a regular basis which many people do but I don't - A generation thing perhaps.
  15. I have always used McAfee Total Protection and covers 5 devices - one year cost £12.50.
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