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  1. Looking at the "All Activities" heading there seems to be a duplication of "Corona Virus" and "Ferry Nostalgia" threads ?
  2. well.... I have visited all of them..... some good and some not so good....
  3. This is really interesting but I hope this quiz doesn't open up controversary again on the British overseas low tax areas ......
  4. and hopefully, with a bit of luck, it might be a bit easier to book the dog friendly cabins
  5. I buy a lot of things from Amazon and I have found the advance guidance dates they show are normally wrong - My hair clippers arrived last week but had a delivery date of mid July
  6. On the "shortages" issue I see that Yeast can be purchased from Amazon although rather expensive
  7. Think the 3 I have in the glove box expired a long time ago - but I have a supply of toilet rolls in my defence.....
  8. Also I read that flour has become difficult to find in the supermarkets as only 4% is supplied to them and the rest goes to the bread makers. We only have one Tesco and a few Shoprites but the lockdown has encouraged people to do home baking - Maybe have to approach the flour mills for a large supply !
  9. That's good news - Isle of Man similar with no new cases recently and similarly opening up hairdressers and others but no intentions of opening up borders for the foreseeable future.
  10. Nice idea but no doubt at your own expense unfortunately ?
  11. We found the Ibis Bilbao Central adequate for all attractions - the red bus tour is really good.
  12. Lockdown here seems to have been fairly successful with very few new covid19 cases - shops opening on Monday with social distancing in force. No new passenger arrivals by air or sea and if one leaves the Island you cannot return. Seems a logical step.
  13. Yep - I agree with that - maybe it is but as I have said before - time will tell 😎
  14. I see the problem here on reporting is simply that it is assumed (by many) you believe all the different worlds/countries reports and statistics. It is Political - we know that - I don't believe half of what I read.... but hey - it will all come out in the wash ......
  15. Unless your cleaner is a family member 😎
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