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  1. Manxscorpio

    New deposit price on bookings?

    As mentioned most airlines and ferry companies charge the full value of travel at time of booking. It could be many months before the travel date but you are settled knowing there will be nothing more to pay and you will be more confident of booking the cabin of choice.
  2. Manxscorpio

    Canine Cabin Companions

    That's reserved for telephone boxes and doorways methinks......
  3. Manxscorpio

    Practical preparations for a no-deal exit from the EU

    My understanding from Post Office here for Isle of Man is that we will need a IDP - Cost used to be £24 for three years however it was pointed out that this did not comply with the Geneva Convention being one year maximum and as a result it was revamped to £11 for 12 month permit... The form is very straight forward and has to be produced with a current IOM driving Licence.
  4. But surely the future is for vehicle manufacturers to produce electric, not petrol or diesel hence the downturn in diesel vehicle sales and in UK a litre of diesel is now much more expensive than a litre of petrol
  5. Reported this morning that Italy are now in recession and results soon from both France and Germany will no doubt be the same whereas the UK results show it is in a much stronger position than the EU
  6. That's really interesting but what is the situation for tourists who don't have a UK licence (like an IOM licence). I can drive in any country of the world on my IOM licence so maybe an International driving licence will be applicable which is fine.... UK should impose the same legislation on French licences...
  7. Ha ha... Well I didn't spot that in the post from eddies.....
  8. How ridiculous - must be fake news and scaremongering again. Does this mean all vehicle drivers including Heavy Goods drivers, TIR Trailer drivers taking loads into the EU from UK with a UK driving licence must take driving lessons when they arrive at EU border port.....
  9. Manxscorpio

    Brexit effect on BF

    More "Iffs and buts" here... however IF the Euro crashes …….. (they need the 39 Billion)…...
  10. Manxscorpio

    Brexit effect on BF

    There are two sides to this - UK and EU - which cant be "done and dusted " where no satisfactory agreements can be reached ?
  11. Manxscorpio

    Brexit effect on BF

    Oh dear - more doom and gloom …… It's all an unknown quantity which could actually turn out better for the UK - why not wait and see what transpires
  12. Manxscorpio

    Brexit effect on BF

    Unemployment is and will always be a factor built into government budgets - as technology advances less employees are required - isn't that a good thing?
  13. Manxscorpio

    Brexit effect on BF

    of course….?
  14. Manxscorpio

    Brexit effect on BF

    Yes I agree - but that's life after UK departure - they have to bite the bullet and do the best they can on both sides of the channel... no doubt will create a lot more jobs which cant be a bad thing....
  15. Manxscorpio

    Brexit effect on BF

    I am sure manufacturing/businesses in UK and Europe have already done a lot of homework and preparation on the effects their businesses would face for importing/exporting to/from EU and I would therefore assume that placing orders for key essentials would just have to be done earlier than they do at present.