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  1. This is the problem - the cafe is not doing business in a safe way so keep clear!! The science indicates that school children are more unlikely to succumb to the virus. There is no apparent reason for this other than the biology of young bodies and lungs. There is still a lot to learn about this virus.
  2. Absolutely correct and I fully agree with your remarks...... however it's very clear that those individuals who are happy to disregard the guidelines are a serious threat to those who follow them....
  3. The lack of understanding this virus and the blatant disregard of social distancing kills people. You may want to go down the pub and hug your drunken mates and the consequences are clearly catastrophic. I would not contemplate another cruise anytime soon and i am sure this type of holiday will suffer for many years to come.
  4. Not missing the point at all - and its not a tiny amount of people going on holiday..... pubs and other social gatherings have a part to play as well....just ignoring the advice is the major problem...
  5. You can't be sure of that either..... cvabishop is correct... cramming people into coaches/busses at the airport or port and the like.... so many reasons why this virus is succeeding in countrywide spikes.
  6. Exactly - you won't hear it..... unless they are high profile individuals
  7. You misunderstood my comment - the fact that five or six high profile Scottish footballers decided to meet in a pub and two or three of them end up with Covid19 and due to there profile the media report this highlights that hundreds of other (not high profile individuals) are not detected and that is the reason for the spike
  8. If high profile individuals (Aberdeen and Celtic players) act this way then just imagine how many ordinary individuals disregard the rules ? There is trouble ahead.......
  9. Unfortunately it appears Covid19 has again struck New Zealand after 102 days being clear of the virus ☹️
  10. Unfortunately if its a choice between complaining or dying I am sure those locals would eventually see sense....🤕
  11. That trip back up through northern Portugal into Spain is a nice drive. We did it a few years ago now from our hideaway in Fuengirola, Costa del Sol through to the Algarve (Villamora and points west) and up though Lisbon, Porto and across to Santander. Took a few stop overs and a necessary one in Leon to have our dog's passport sorted. Enjoy your trip and stay safe..
  12. Well the air corridor between Guernsey and Isle of Man is going down well... Guernsey have much better weather at present and both Islands are avoiding any new cases of covid19. The IOM has 68 days without a single case so far - and life is back to normal..... we are so lucky.....
  13. I also received a Easyjet email advising our outward flight at the end of August to Malaga is now a different plane so our seats no longer apply.... they have done this before to me but no compensation for paid and reserved seating.
  14. Wow - that's a very reasonable price and a nice menu
  15. Crown dependencies are not part of UK or EU (like Gibraltar .... and IOM) -
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