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  1. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/uk/windsor-castle-restorers-to-offer-support-to-notre-dame-38021293.html
  2. And of course Windsor Castle fire.....
  3. More likely just another extension - probably a long one.....
  4. Think a Bill to be passed imminently to rule out "No Deal" -
  5. The uncertainty has also made us think about this years trips. We have decided not to take any sea crossings from UK to France and Spain but will book flights instead. When things become clearer after Brexit we may have a rethink.
  6. Great question - my experiences are those similar to the Brexit crisis - nobody wants to take charge and enforce regulations ( a bit like the lifts on BF - Policy is "dogs must wear a muzzle but nobody is there to enforce this?") We have pre booked a restaurant time well before travel but...... hey ho..... we are not on their system.... again similar to Easyjet "speedy boarding" we are in this queue BUT have actually boarded behind the "others" queue.... its a sort of hit and miss scenario ….
  7. Exactly - saves the queuing hassle……..
  8. Yes... of course it was....
  9. Jonno said...…….. " It would appear that BF are looking into giving Club Voyage members the opportunity to pre book the restaurant prior to sailing"...….hence this is something we have been familiar with over the years...…...
  10. Yes - on our Spanish bookings - we have been asked whether we wish to book a table in the restaurant - which we have done on occasion although on one occasion despite booking we found the restaurant had no reservation details for us.... they fitted us in anyway....
  11. Been getting these prior to sailing for some years now
  12. Yep - I posted this information on 11th February
  13. Strange one this. IDP for Manx driving licence holders are now for one year only as we have both mentioned. I am not sure whether refunds are given but a one year IDP is now £11. Strange that the application form still asks the applicant whether it is a one year or three year permit and still also quotes £24 for the 3 year one although no longer issued. The IOM advises Manx residents to always obtain an IDP for driving outside the IOM and UK as many countries do not recognise an Isle of Man driving licence.
  14. I think you are slightly confused here. No its not the same as the uk - eg. we don't have the EHIC cards for health - we have to have private health Insurance when travelling through Europe (except the UK) where we have a reciprocal agreement -ie if a UK tourist falls ill in IOM or if an IOM resident falls ill in UK the same benefits exist. Our driving Licences are different - an our IDP is accepted throughout Europe - Its nothing to do with UK.
  15. I hope this link helps answer your questions. The IOM has a very limited legal relationship with the EU - I think I have previously provided information on this in another topic - Protocol 3 applies therefore UK legislation (and the UK Post Office) is not relative to the IOM legislation or IOM Post Office. https://www.gov.im/media/624101/protocol3relationshipwiththeeu.pdf
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