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  1. Possibly to schedule a not too early arrival at Roscoff - overnight sailings are quite often time extended to allow passengers a decent arrival time
  2. It all depends on how long you are prepared to wait to get access yourself. Certainly a Spanish Advocate could complete the Escritura for you by Power of Attorney which should be specific in allowing them to act only for the purchase. A reputable Estate Agent could be appointed to act in the "rental" of the apartment provided it is furnished to a basic standard. This will allow some income to come your way in the meantime which may assist in covering Community Fees, water, electricity charges. The alternative is to wait, which could be many months. Maybe there is an algorithym to help you
  3. Also micro chip is compulsory in Isle of Man for identification purpose of owner/address etc..... prior to 2018 a dog licence was required (at cost) and a metal identification number size of a ten pence piece to be attached on the pets collar...
  4. Latest News..... Diesel engine chosen for new Steam Packet vessel - Manx Radio
  5. Before the introduction of Pet Passports we followed the rules back in the day - i,e a health Certificate from a Vet and proof of Rabies vaccination. When we were travelling back to the UK through Germany we visited a Vet who completed a German (EU) Passport for our dog. Eventually this Passport ran out of pages for the Frontline and worming tablet stamps so we then had a Spanish (EU) Passport completed by the Spanish Vet. There was no problem obtaining an EU Passport for our pet.
  6. Celtic mythology - and not a really gender neutral name for her
  7. I may have missed something here regarding travel to Spain. Normally we would do Portsmouth/Santander or Bilbao however on many occasions we have done Portsmouth to Northern France then a nice drive down to Southern Spain over two or three days. I wonder if any checks will be done at the France/Spain border ?
  8. I am sure the majority of passengers look for a speedy crossing and not a mini cruise hence the popular Mannanan's two and a half hour crossing
  9. BenMyChree in dry dock Awaiting repairs to propeller
  10. The same as many underground parking in Spain. Car valeting underground while you go shopping is common - maybe due to the high temperatures outside during the day.
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