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  1. Manxscorpio

    The French road myth.

    Not only the South of France - we have experienced zero temperatures in winter in the South of Spain - French motorways are very good and so are Spanish motorways - and normally much less congestion than driving on UK Motorways.
  2. Manxscorpio

    Brittany Ferries Spanish Route

    Prior to 2008 our BF trips to Santander departed from Plymouth only and after 2008 Portsmouth was added to the Santander route which was better for us as it was a shorter drive from the north of England.
  3. Manxscorpio

    France vs UK Fuel Prices

    I remember BF advising all motorists to fill up with fuel before taking ferries to France during the French strikes.
  4. Manxscorpio

    IOM Steam Packet to be sold

    I hope it works out well
  5. Government to buy Steam Packet News Home More from Isle of Man News Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 9:08am Share on Facebook Share on Messenger Share on Twitter £124m deal subject to Tynwald approval It's been confirmed the government has reached an agreement to buy the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. The Chief Minister has described the £124m deal as a 'once-in-a generation opportunity'. The government will not take charge of the day to day running of the services. The deal is subject to Tynwald approval.
  6. Manxscorpio

    IOM Ferry

    The Ben my Chree has arrived on Merseyside for an overhaul. The ferry will spend three weeks at Cammell Laird shipyard in Birkenhead. While the work's taking place, the Steam Packet Company says the MV Arrow will provide freight services. Chief Executive Mark Woodward says the overhaul is a regulatory requirement.
  7. Manxscorpio

    General Discussions on Brexit

    I am with LV at present but despite thinking that I am covered fully comp in Europe (don't actually believe the misleading small print) I take extra Insurance from Direct Line (Linea Directa) in Europe for belts and braces approach and peace of mind... not expensive. Europe's Police know full well that foreign registered vehicles will always have the minimum third party cover
  8. Manxscorpio

    General Discussions on Brexit

    Comprehensive cover in your own country only extends to third party while driving abroad in Europe unless applying for extra European travel cover OR taking Insurance comprehensive cover from a local based Insurance Company in the country you are visiting.
  9. Manxscorpio

    General Discussions on Brexit

    My understanding is where you are insured in UK then you are covered to drive in Europe - but third party cover only applies... unless you take insurance cover in the European country you visit....
  10. Manxscorpio

    Kennels on Bretagne

    My memory of this ships kennel facilities are much the same as Angel describes. We have not used the Bretagne for many years - we generally stick to PA and CF but bookings for Pets gets more and more difficult each year. Our cocker spaniel is now in his seventeenth year so his comfort is a priority.
  11. Manxscorpio


    Here on the Island we are bracing ourselves for "The Beast of the East" - Fuelled up and ready to go,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  12. Manxscorpio

    General Discussions on Brexit

    Brexit for the Crown Dependencies and Protocol 3 - I hope this is in the right place - although I don't like opening up" links" myself I thought this PDF gives a slightly different view of the Crown Dependencies and the work being done by the IOM Government: Some may find it boring...............sorry https://www.gov.im/media/1356455/2017-04-28-council-of-ministers-fourth-interim-report-v2.pdf
  13. Manxscorpio

    Port Border Issues

    Correct - Even travelling fro IOM to UK by ship or aeroplane you need photo ID. This can be in the form of a valid driving licence, A Passport or a valid bus pass !!!
  14. Manxscorpio

    Pet Travel on the rise

    not exactly - those tasks are undertaken by responsible pet owners and BF deck staff in yellow waterproofs !
  15. Manxscorpio

    Club Voyage

    For a very small increase - Its still good value