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  1. Family off to North Berwick next week for a few days but will have to self isolate on return to the Island for 7 days and be tested (£50) or 14 days isolation - think east of Edinburgh is fairly clear of Covid19.
  2. Maybe they could be dropped off at your house and collected later?😷
  3. Very comfortable accommodation - had a few nights stay on Sunborn in Gibraltar https://www.sunborngibraltar.com/
  4. Wow.... yes ... I remeber those days very well......
  5. It was bound to happen....... https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/iom-records-first-case-of-covid-19-since-may/?fbclid=IwAR0VfEqaS0c-BMY78mi1Rx2FzVcAROeJ5O6rmYq7k45a2L4OuMH0tHV1g2M
  6. BenMyChree in dry dock Awaiting repairs to propeller
  7. The same as many underground parking in Spain. Car valeting underground while you go shopping is common - maybe due to the high temperatures outside during the day.
  8. Yes agreed - I assume those people poled were already working at home.
  9. I personally enjoy the sailing on the Ben more than the faster Manannan crossing. The Ben is presently having repairs done to a rudder so Manannan has become the passenger fill in for passengers who wish to leave the Island.
  10. A news report suggests that nine out of ten people prefer to continue working at home. Guess there are many reasons why this is the case....
  11. I wouldn't say the Island is "shut off from the rest of the world" (we have an air bridge with Guernsey 😄!!!) - normal arrivals of freight and food as usual. I am sure the Island at some stage will succumb to the virus again if as predicted it will still be here for the next four years.
  12. We are now close tom 100 days without any cases of Covid19 and back to normal way of life. Interesting that some folk are still trying to visit the Island though...... https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/couple-detained-by-police-for-entering-island-without-permission/
  13. This makes total sense to most of us but unfortunately it is the ones who refuse to follow the guidelines that will continue to spread this virus.
  14. Our dog had a German Passport followed by a Spanish Passport and I registered his chip at our UK/IOM address... I am sure there is an option to add an alternative address as well and he was born in IOM
  15. Thinking back we used to have bits of paper issued by our Vet then while in Germany we had to obtain a proper Passport with stamps for worming and flea/tick treatment before returning to UK. After many more years travelling with BF to Santander the pages of our dogs Passport were full so we had to get a Spanish Passport in Malaga. Arriving at Santander for the return sailing we had both old and new Passports duly stamped however we were informed we had to attend a local Santander Vet to copy all the dates and details for his Rabies inoculations from the old book to the new one.... and of cours
  16. The continuation of the EHIC cover outside the EU would be welcomed here on the Isle of Man as EHIC cover does not apply to us outside the EU at present.
  17. Mum, Dad, Grandparents, child minder......😷
  18. This is the problem - the cafe is not doing business in a safe way so keep clear!! The science indicates that school children are more unlikely to succumb to the virus. There is no apparent reason for this other than the biology of young bodies and lungs. There is still a lot to learn about this virus.
  19. Absolutely correct and I fully agree with your remarks...... however it's very clear that those individuals who are happy to disregard the guidelines are a serious threat to those who follow them....
  20. The lack of understanding this virus and the blatant disregard of social distancing kills people. You may want to go down the pub and hug your drunken mates and the consequences are clearly catastrophic. I would not contemplate another cruise anytime soon and i am sure this type of holiday will suffer for many years to come.
  21. Not missing the point at all - and its not a tiny amount of people going on holiday..... pubs and other social gatherings have a part to play as well....just ignoring the advice is the major problem...
  22. You can't be sure of that either..... cvabishop is correct... cramming people into coaches/busses at the airport or port and the like.... so many reasons why this virus is succeeding in countrywide spikes.
  23. Exactly - you won't hear it..... unless they are high profile individuals
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