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  1. Hopefully not using the same time saving techniques they use on Wight Sky 🤣
  2. I’m sure I read an article sometime in 2017 where the M.D of RF stated they were going to have three ‘Jets on the run.
  3. And RJ4: https://www.maatsuyker.com/redjet4
  4. Maybe old news, but: https://www.maatsuyker.com/redjet3
  5. Wightlink are hoping to get things going at 1500 today. Wight Sun is on its way over from Portsmouth as we speak.
  6. Looks like it's being prepped for a tow somewhere.
  7. Looks like there's a few boats waiting to get into PIP, currently sat in the Solent... http://www.islandecho.co.uk/news/unexploded-wwii-bomb-found-pompey-harbour
  8. The yard that made the catamarans is no longer in business and there's probably a queue for the lift at Trafalgar Wharf. Suspect it may be a while until it's back.
  9. Has it blown another engine? It's been oos for a week or so now.
  10. There can't be long left on their life span. Those MTU's were notoriously awful too. Similar vintage catamarans are being sent to the beaches. Not in the same league, but HSS Discovery is currently on the beach at Aliaga in Turkey for recycling.
  11. Just found this on the internet regarding the old Fastcat Ryde and Shanklin. They were used during th Sochi Olympics and then for a while in early 2014 on a service between Russia and Crimea. Th article is old so may be irrelevant but one would imagine they are both probably nearing the end of their lives being aluminium. http://www.rosmorport.com/news.html?id=3056
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