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  1. I booked a short break in France offer from Portsmouth to Caen and return with 3 nights in a hotel in Arromanches. Worked out as £494 for two which is pretty good I think. Much cheaper than ferry and hotel seperately. Will be great to emerse ourselves in all the Normandy history again being the 75th Anniversary year. We also get Normandie on the way out and Mont St Michel on the way back which is nice.
  2. I love travelling with Brittany Ferries and have done numerous trips with them over the years. The majority of these have been day trips either with a car (more recently), or on foot. I also did a package trip to Santander once, and then hired a car which I loved. As much as I like the day trips (typically to Caen or St Malo and back), unfortunately you have to rush around like a mad thing to see places and always seems a shame to get back on the ferry at the end of the day, rather than extend the trip. So why not extend the trip I hear you ask? Well it just seems to cost so much more, even to extend for a couple of nights. That's what I don't understand and hoping someone can shed some light on. You're still undertaking a round trip to France and back so no more burden on the Ferry operator, with a car and yet a day trip offer is typically £80ish for two people, but extending even for just an additional 24 hours you're suddenly talking £300. I don't get it? Looking forward to hopefully booking a trip to Normandy this summer with my partner to show her the Landing beaches and D-Day heritage spots particularly as the 75th Anniversary, but so much to see and can only cover a small part of it on a day trip.
  3. I'm heart-broken. I hate to say it, but it looks absolutely horrible in my opinion. Not to mention all the deck space which has gone. In the looks department MSM was right up there for me with Bretagne.....now I think it's become the worst looking BF Ferry. Wasn't a huge fan of Normandie's funnel to start with, but at least they managed to make the ferry look slightly more modern which in time I have grown to like. Can't see myself ever liking MSM's scrubber design now.
  4. On the Daily Mail website it said that P&O had rerouted some ferries to Boulogne-Sur-Mer due to the chaos. Surely that's not true? I can't imagine their ships would fit in the harbour and the infrastructure there is completely mothballed. Couldn't find any evidence of it in the ship's tracks on Marrine Traffic.
  5. I bought a book a while ago about the Olau Line from Sheerness, and it obviously had a very brief period of success, but mostly terminally declined to the point where it was no longer viable. The infrastructure at Sheerness just simply isn't good enough (relying on a bridge which occasionally gets knocked out) and the whole 'island' still has an 'out of the way' feel about it despite the fact Ramsgate is obviously further to travel. The infrastructure is there at Ramsgate. The roads were improved just as Sally Line and the Oostende Line operations were ailing and the port infrastructure is probably in fairly decent condition, give or take a bit of a touch up. Thanet Council needs to do more to advertise the benefits of Ramsgate as a port. The days of Sally Line gave the town a real vitality and holiday feel. Looking over the disused port now it's very sad.
  6. A Ramsgate to Belgium/Holland route makes a lot of sense and there is a gap in the market. Harwich, Hull, Newcastle aren't that convenient for those living in the south. Boulogne is completely nonsensical and would never be made into a viable route. Although it would be nice to see direct ferries to Boulogne run once more.
  7. As nice a route as it would be it wouldn't make much sense from an economic point of view. Crossing right across both the Dover-Dunkerque and Dover-Calais routes it would be in the realms of enthusiasts rather than those just wanting to get across the channel to start holidays. Not enough to form the basis of a commercially successful operation sadly. Ramsgate to Ostend is by far the most sensible route, so it was especially sad to see that die a death.
  8. "Massive redevelopment has been completed at Boulogne Port". I was there two weeks ago and didn't see any signs of it. The former ferry terminal at Boulogne is a right depressing place. This just seems all smoke and mirrors again, but is mildly entertaining all the same.
  9. Any news on this bizarre saga? I passed through Boulogne yesterday which reminded of the Euroferries mystery which is without a doubt the strangest and most surreal thing I have ever come across. It's laughable if it were not quite so sad also. As a resident of Kent, it is depressing to see the Port of Ramsgate once again unoccupied after the ceasing of TEF and it needs a new operator to breathe new life into the place. I still have fond memories of the Sally Ferries service which I travelled on as a child. I just don't understand how Euroferries can have a website which talks about timetables and bookings, but no one knows whether they even exist in reality. And the sponsorship of Millwall last season....I was left speechless. The Twitter feed which is something like @Euroferries seemed to be constant updates on Millwall FC last season and contained rather a lot of swearing. Surely it can't be a genuine profile for the 'company'? Any shedding of light on all this nonsense would be great.
  10. I have a booking after 2nd July. Hope I'm able get transferred to DFDS instead, but it will be an anxious wait until I'm able to contact them tomorrow.
  11. I've just won a return trip on MyFerryLink for a car and up to 5 passengers to be used by March 2016. What do you think is the likelihood of the company being around that much longer? Don't want to book accommodation the other side and then the plug gets pulled on the whole MFL operation. Would like to use this in May/June/July/August
  12. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne Was in Boulogne-Sur-Mer at the weekend and I have to say the terminal/linkspan etc. looks in a terrible state. I was really rather shocked that it looked such an eyesore in the middle of the harbour area. So sad to see a ferry terminal that way. Would love a service to start to Bolougne, but I just can't see it. Going from Ramsgate seems non-sensical considering the distance and the fact it will cross the path of the Dover-Calais ferries. Would love to see a service resumed from Folkestone to tie in with the redevelopment and rejuvenation of the harbour front there, but one can dream.
  13. Re: My Ferry Link - Updates Was up on the Dover cliffs today. Saw Berlioz coming in. Counted 15 cars/vans and 11 lorries off and about the same on. The ship must have turned around in about 20-25 mins and was back out way before the P&O crossing which had come in before it. There's something really depressing about watching the poor loadings and quick turnarounds of the MyFerryLink operation. Can't see them lasting very long to be honest which would be a real shame. And the name still isn't growing on me.
  14. Re: Why no foot passengers on MyFerryLink? Interesting responses. Didn't realise that costs of foot passengers in terms of bus links, check-in etc. were so high. I always wonder why Gardenia works Ramsgate - Ostende anyway - it looks tiny. Surely the the laid up Pride of Dover would be ideal for TEF short crossings. It's been in Tilbury for over two years now and still no sign of anything happening with it. Strange to see Moliere sat in Tilbury as well.
  15. Was just wondering why MyFerryLink in particular are not accepting foot passengers on their new Dover-Calais link? This seems very strange to me for a company trying to make a profit where Seafrance failed and compete with P&O. I know you will say that the real money with ferry operations is made with freight etc. but surely it is still an income stream worth having? Dover-Calais in particular has always attracted a lot of day trippers. I was trying to book as I fancied seeing what the new company was like to travel with as I live in Kent and then found I couldn't book as a foot passenger. It also frustrates me that TransEuropa Ferries also don't take foot passengers between Ramsgate-Oostende - surely another route of high potential for day trippers. Recently enjoyed two lovely trips with Brittany Ferries and am devastated and disturbed to see the current strike and forced fleet lay up situation. Really worrying.
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