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  1. I wonder what type of cruise ferry experience we will get to see after this Pandemic passes. I do not mean the immediate post lockdown restart. But in the media comments are being made of social distancing being maintained etc for a very long time. BF crossings have always been more than just a way of crossing to France. The restaurants and shops on board, the relative spaciousness and pretty good cabins are why I think people pay a premium for for using BF cruise ferries. If this is watered down by health requirements what will the cruise ferry experience look like and will it co
  2. Not sure if its been covered elsewhere. After 2 years of not being able to slip over to France for a break or holiday, a window of opportunity is opening to us. My wife is concerned about the refugee issue, because the last time we crossed "Ouistreham" was full of migrants and she was to put it mildly worried! Can anyone update us on the current position regarding the terminal and approaches what the position is for Cars etc Finally i know I asked this 2 years ago but can any of you regular travellers recommend a restaurant for dinner before an overnight crossing from Ouistre
  3. Thank you all for such detailed and thoughtful comments. I suspect the full impact will not become clear until after the event whenever that is. I guess we as a couple are scuppered now and its too late to move, which is a shame as we feel more European than English these days and thats with me not being political at all. Its the way of life and how people live and interact that appeals
  4. The site was French property guide. I am sure them mean fully relocate to France but I was just hoping we could have a foot in 2 camps for I suspect the outcome of whatever is agreed will not suit me who likes the current freedom of movement allowed
  5. Hello I am asking a question of you hardened franco/spaino/files (not the right phrase but hey ho) I have just seen an article from an estate agent, that as long as one buys a french (EU) property in the EU before the dreaded March date next year then your EU rights may be protected. This seems too good to be true hence my question to all you more experienced french property owners. Can this be holiday home or do you actually have to move to to france? Whilst the latter would be my preferred option, we cannot achieve this in the deadline unless one of us decided that was our p
  6. The one comment that resonates with me is the "customs " issue. I remember the hassle of entering the uk before the EU membership. Ignore the duty free issues; it was the inquisition of every car, what have you bought? where from? etc. etc. Not that I am worried about hiding stuff; its the time it takes; bearing in mind border control at Portsmouth is never more than 50% manned in the kiosks. I then extend that to every lorry. They will need searching as I am sure that post a hardish brexit our friends in France will not be opening nearly every lorry to look inside it will be the resp
  7. I appreciate this may well have been discussed before but as it seems we are drifting (I am trying to be non political here) towards a hard border between the EU and the UK I wonder if our more knowledgeable members have any ideas on what our ferry ports will be like to transit post brexit. We are frustrated now with uk border and their ponderous processing of cars at Portsmouth. What happens with no free movement? Lorries parked everywhere waiting to clear the port customs ship turnarounds taking hours longer as they cannot get vehicles off the ferries unless the ports expand?
  8. We are planning a short break in Normandy in November returning overnight from Ouistreham. I was hoping to get some ideas of where we can eat before the crossing as we have rather fallen out with LeGoeland as they try to turn the tables too quickly. We like fairly relaxed dining and I know in the past there have seen some other restaurants mentioned. One final point is given the issues of the illegal migrants is it better to look to eat elsewhere and move to Ouistreham later but it would need to be fairly close. Has anyone got any suggestions please.
  9. Came back Staurday evening 23rd. Ouistreham/Portsmouth. Beautiful day in France. On arriving in Ouistreham early we went to the bar and then to go and get dinner. We were interested to see up to 12 odd looking chaps hanging around and every now and then they were chased off by the Gendarmes. Later that evening they were all congregated by the Car park in a bus shelter and the gendarmes seemed to have gone home. The ferry terminal security has been tightened up since we last went through in June. So much so that without the security man letting anyone through we would not have got into th
  10. Just a suggestion if you dont mind country lanes, Leave the A84 short of Caen at the Villars Bocage junction. Go through that heading for Bayeux. At Bayeux take the D12 heading for Reviers then head for Colleville-Montgomery. Its all small villages speed bumps but the traffic always moves albeit slowly. We nearly always head back to the ferry port this way. It slows me down after the main roads, and quite frankly I dont enjoy the Caen ring road after a long drive. Went this way to Ouistreham from Bayeux last Thursday pm was lovely run through the countryside. got to Ouistreham in t
  11. In April we crossed Portsmouth Caen, overnight. We were sitting in the bar having nightcap just before sailing and were rather surprised to see 4 or 5 armed maritime police/marines wander through with guns at the ready so to speak. They were also wandering about in the morning. The purpose of the post is to ask if this a normal sight on the ferries now, or were we just crossing at a highly sensitive time. I cannot say it bothered me apart from to reflect how sad things are that we were not that surprised to see them. The security at either end did not seem any more noticeable.
  12. Great report thank you We went to Benodet in Nov last year, the weather looked similar stayed at same hotel and fell in love with the area. We had been to Vannes and Carnac before and further North but not Benodet. We enjoyed our run back and like you turned off at Villars Bocage but headed for Bayeaux and it seemed ok. Likewise seemed great value and fun for us
  13. If you ever get the chance I recommend Oban to Barra or South Uist from memory the short crossing (whichever they land at first is about 5 hours) We went a few years ago Tuesday afternoon from Oban it was a very rough crossing as a hurricane was just working itself out after crossing the Atlantic and after we had traversed the sound of Mull the swell was "significant" The boat was Lord of the Isles, my all time favourite Calmac vessel having been on her many times. A great sea keeping boat and I have to say a truly fascinating crossing, despite a fair amount of pitch and roll I saw no one
  14. Redwards

    prices 2017

    Hello all. Thanks for your input. I have revisited, I think I may be clashing partly with Bank holiday. I have re looked at going Caen both ways and the price drops over £120. The issue of day crossing does not really work for us due to our location and travel issues. The other big impact is a Friday night crossing outwards. I guess BF will charge more for that. Unfortunately most holiday accommodation is Saturday to Saturday. BF dont have any inclusive self catering where we want to go which is another great way of saving money. So the best I have it got it down to is about £480 If
  15. Redwards

    prices 2017

    Just come back from a wonderful short BF hotel break in SW Brittany. Loved the area so looked at booking a Gite/cottage late May 2017 to go back for a week. However looking at ferry ticket prices they seem to be around £700 return for overnight plus a cabin out to St Malo back from Ouistreham. If we add a cottage to this its just to much its nearly double what we would pay for accommodation. I have to say I am a little shocked, maybe our BF days are coming to an end. Do BF enthusisasts know of better ways to get the best ferry prices? Most accommodation is Sat to Sat so mid weekntrave
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