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  1. Has anyone managed to book Cherbourg to Portsmouth on the Connemara? The booking system still shows the Normandie Express, which we all now know will not be running. Do I just book and expect to be transferred to the Connemara?
  2. When travelling St Malo to Poole the Rapide sometimes calls into Jersey on the way to Guernsey. Recently this has been a pain as every passenger has to leave the ship to go through passport control, although the car (and dogs) can stay on board. It’s a bit of a trek and no fun in the rain, or if you’re travelling with children or anyone with impaired mobility. The stop over used to be only where we changed vessel.
  3. We have often chosen this route. We travel with 2 dogs and the break in the Channel Islands works well for us. Yes, it takes most of the day, but so does St. Malo to Portsmouth on a day crossing (which is not really an option for the dogs) - and the duty free on Condor is a bonus! We live in France and travel to the U.K. about 6 times a year, we always check prices and Condor is usually cheaper. The only down side is the weather in winter!
  4. The booking ref on a post it note has worked well for us every time we travel.
  5. Unfortunately departure time was scheduled at 23:15, which is rather late for us. Yes, Scarlton, I did check spam - but in fairness to BF there were problems all day yesterday with BTinternet mail. Bretagne was very busy last night, but we’re now home and relaxing in the sun🌞
  6. Quick update. I called BF and they have moved us to the Portsmouth - St Malo crossing. It’s slightly more expensive, but we know that at this late stage we’ll be paying top prices. Cabin Boy, thank you for your suggestion but we’re travelling from south of Bath to Morbihan so unfortunately Newhaven - Dieppe would mean a lot of driving☹️
  7. Hi Scarlton. I booked on the BF web site and received our tickets by email in the usual way. I only discovered the delayed timings when I looked at this web site to see whether there was any information about the Liberation’s problems. Their web site now shows availability for Portsmouth. - St Malo so I’ll call them later to see whether we can change crossings. When I spoke to them yesterday there were no cabins available so Plymouth to Roscoff was the best option available to us.
  8. I’m sure we’re jinxed! We were originally booked to travel Poole to St Malo via Guernsey on Condor Liberation tomorrow. Very civilised timings, leaving Poole at 09:15 with a couple of hours on Guernsey to walk the dogs, travelling on to St Malo to arrive at 16:55. Due to problems with the Liberation the schedules have been changed, and we would not arrive in St Malo until 23:10 so we chose to cancel and rebook with BF. We booked today to travel Plymouth to Roscoff tomorrow evening and have been told nothing about the revised times. Our ticket, received at 14:13 states that departure
  9. Thank you Ed. Unfortunately a night in Jersey is not really feasible since we are travelling with our two dogs, we also need to be at home in France first thing Thursday morning as we have family arriving. I’ve checked the Bretagne but there are no overnight cabins available, next best alternative is Plymouth to Roscoff but at this late stage it’s at least £70 more expensive than the Condor crossing (even with our BF discount) It seems unfair that we should lose out financially, in addition to the inconvenience factor, as a result of a Condor problem. I’ll have a look at our holiday
  10. Anyone else is the same situation? We’re booked to travel Poole to St Malo via Jersey next week but unfortunately the Liberation is out of action. Passengers to the Channel Islands have been transferred to Commodore Clipper but unfortunately the new timings mean that she won’t make the connection with the Rapide in Jersey for onward travel to St Malo. Under similar circumstances in the past Condor have transferred us to Brittany Ferries but it would appear that it’s not an option this time, the call centre suggested that we should stay the night on Jersey and travel to St Malo the f
  11. Thank you for all the suggestions, hopefully the problem has been resolved.
  12. Posting this appeal from a Facebook page just in case anyone could help this lady, hope this is allowed. If anyone could help, please reply to me and I’ll pass on your details. Help needed please! Is anyone coming into Roscoff from Plymouth this week? We very urgently need someone to bring our dog passports over which were inadvertently packed in luggage that went back to the uk last week. We are supposed to be on the ferry back to the uk tomorrow & unless we get the green light from the port authorities in Roscoff that they will accept email copies, we are stuck here until the pas
  13. I can think of just one bench - on the right just before the entrance to the bar, usually occupied by the time we board!
  14. Forgive me if I've missed something, but what about my poor dogs in the car trying to sleep through the crossing? We do sometimes leave the car unlocked, which I believe is noted by the crew - we have been asked by customs on docking whether we locked the vehicle during the crossing!
  15. Just boarded the Liberation and looking forward to breakfast.
  16. Nick - may I ask which fb page you're looking at please? We've been transferred to tomorrow's sailing and Condor have not answered my questions today about whether the Liberation has passed the inspection, they simply refer me to the sailing updates page on the web site. Travel to the port means an 02:30 start tomorrow morning, I won't be happy if the Liberation doesn't sail!
  17. We were originally booked to travel on the Liberation 07:30 Poole to St Malo tomorrow (Fri 18th), luckily we heard about the situation on a Radio 2 news bulletin yesterday afternoon but we've had no direct contact from Condor. I'm still waiting for a call/text/email to confirm our options! Having travelled on the Liberation several times, I do like her and hope that her problems can be sorted so that she's back in service asap.
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