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  1. I think I’ll lay off reading any more of this part of the forum until people get back on topic.
  2. mattofe7

    2021 Timetables

    We had a safety briefing on our Poole to Gijon crossing a few years back. We sat in the bar watching a crew member put on a life vest while the evacuation procedure was explained over the tannoy. Bit like the airline safety briefing on a plane.
  3. Looking forward to a lovely trip home on the Cap Fin after a three week driving holiday. We start with a Newhaven - Dieppe crossing on 30 August.
  4. If BF want to enter the Newhaven - Dieppe market why not just wait for the contact between DFDS and Syndicat Mixte de Promotion de L'Activité Transmanche to come up for renewal and bid. You get a monopoly o route and two ships thrown in.
  5. Regular trip back from our driving holiday on the lovely Cap Fin
  6. Regular 3 week holiday round some of the Spanish and Southern French wine producing regions. Trying out the Economie service on the BDS but have booked an upgraded cabin
  7. Returning to the UK after 3 weeks driving through France and Spain buying wine to restock the cellar. Going out Newhaven - Dieppe 27 May at 10.00am
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