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  1. Clearly I'm missing your logic on both counts. Not sure why you need to sign up to an app that is there to assist in the control of a virus to be able to check what benefits you may be entitled to or have received or may want to claim. Unless you think people who are self isolating have so much time on their hands that it would be something to keep them occupied/entertained over 14 days. I can think of more fun things to do over 14 days that monitor my social security account. And we've been talking about covid and Brittany Ferries for months - not covid and its abilityto aid the claiming
  2. Sorry am I missing something. What has the claiming and monitored of benefit claims got to do with Covid virus or bfe?
  3. Car had no problem with it - we’d upgraded from a Mazda 2 to 6 for just this reason. Bought the last 60 bottles in Haro then a short drive to Santander. Let the boat take the strain.
  4. It’s good and generous for duty free but will hit those of us who bring back duty paid. Last time we brought back 120 bottles of wine and 48 bottles of fizz and vermouth that is not available in the U.K. and that we tasted before we bought. Come January we’ll be limited to 48 bottles of wine and 24 of fizz/vermouth. Hardly enough to last a year.
  5. You seem to want perfection from experts on every subject from day on And that was never going to be likely. The experts gave us their best Consensus view based on the evidence at the time. They have then updated it as time went on. The other option is ignoring all experts like trump and bolsonaro do and we see where that got them. Give me science based conclusions, however flawed, to reactionary fools.
  6. The CEO seems more positive in his latest letter on the web site (17 Aug at 15.40) where he says "We've secured a substantial financial recovery package for our long term future" This would suggest BF are now worried about shorter term cash flow rather than long term viability.
  7. But what you say is not applying logic. It turning supposition into facts. You said a prime source of transmission was travel but without evidence. You seem to be saying that the increased transmission is due to overseas travel. It’s more likely due to relaxation in the regulations generally and from major domestic holiday times across Europe. I’m not sure you’ve produced any evidence for UK travellers being the cause of an increase in the rate of infections. but then again I may be “nuts” or “out of my right mind” or other terms that try to belittle a different viewpoint.
  8. If £3.5 is the cost of one footbridge, surly £5.4m would get you 1.54 footbridges?
  9. I think I’ll lay off reading any more of this part of the forum until people get back on topic.
  10. mattofe7

    2021 Timetables

    We had a safety briefing on our Poole to Gijon crossing a few years back. We sat in the bar watching a crew member put on a life vest while the evacuation procedure was explained over the tannoy. Bit like the airline safety briefing on a plane.
  11. Looking forward to a lovely trip home on the Cap Fin after a three week driving holiday. We start with a Newhaven - Dieppe crossing on 30 August.
  12. If BF want to enter the Newhaven - Dieppe market why not just wait for the contact between DFDS and Syndicat Mixte de Promotion de L'Activité Transmanche to come up for renewal and bid. You get a monopoly o route and two ships thrown in.
  13. Regular trip back from our driving holiday on the lovely Cap Fin
  14. Regular 3 week holiday round some of the Spanish and Southern French wine producing regions. Trying out the Economie service on the BDS but have booked an upgraded cabin
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