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  1. Agree with Ryan, although it was 9 yeas ago that I travelled from Stockholm to Helsinki on her. She's rounding Skagen this evening on her way into the North Sea and on to the Med
  2. And going back a few years, the "Mighty Ships" series covered the introduction of the current Stena Britannica. Well made, I thought, and the cameras weren't turned away when things went a bit awry, as I suppose they do with most new vessels. Still gets repeated from time to time.
  3. You're doing my head in, Jonno. For Dover, the only 5 I can name are Calais, Boulogne, Zeebrugge, Ostend and Dunkirk. Does the Boulogne hoverport count as a separate one or is there another esoteric one from the dim and distant past ? I guess the short-lived service from the beach at Bray in 1940 doesn't count !
  4. Coming back to Cobh/Ringaskiddy, I did it once ten years ago on the RORO freighter Grande Scandinavia (paying guest for a week). Left from Bristol Portbury Dock (industrial estate) and thence to Ireland, passing the beguiling twinkling lights of Cobh's many pubs at 22.30, so by the time we'd docked and customs formalities concluded it was gone midnight and everything was shut and I stayed on board. And then we were out again at 08.00 the following morning, so nary a drop of the black stuff for me. We did pass the Julia on our way out - anyone remember Fastnet Line ? (photo attached).Julia is
  5. Fair point. But DFDS certainly followed the path of least political resistance when they took on the Berlioz and the Rodin from the Seafrance/MyFerryLink/Eurotunnel wreckage. Guess we'll just have to see what happens ......
  6. So the hydrodynamic effect described by Shipping Forecast sounds to me like the Bernoullie/Venturi effect ? As a gliding instructor, I teach my students that it's a good thing inasmuch as it creates a lift force. But flip it upside down and you have "sink". And dredging up my theory knowledge, the "lift" (or sink) is proportional to the square of the relative fluid flow through the venturi, which I suppose if you have very little clearance under the hull will be quite fast. Tell me if I'm barking up the wrong tree, but I do find the parallels quite fascinating.
  7. Any potential issues with the French unions if it's exotically flagged or crewed ? Don't IF already have eastern European crews on their Irish Sea services ?
  8. En route from the Red to the Med A vessel conspired to embed Its bow in the mud with an almighty thud So we're off to Cape Town instead Sorry. (But at what point do operators start to think about the long way round if there's no end in sight ?)
  9. Thanks for confirming what I'd read regarding the "tariff" - suppose they insist on Camel cigarettes ? But this incident gets even more bizarre - Ever Given's AIS track replay whilst idling waiting for its Suez slot has been posted on Youtube, and it does appear that the officers decided it would be a good idea to draw what can only be described as a Gentleman's Appendage Rampant in the otherwise tranquil waters of the Gulf.
  10. I sphinx someone screwed up. But seriously, what was the canal pilot doing at the time, and who carries responsibility for this faux-pas ? Read a fascinating book many years ago that described how many vessels carry a ring-fenced supply of booze and fags as an "incentive" to the Suez crew that they're obliged to board for the transit, most of whom head straight for the the spare bunks for some shut-eye for the duration of the transit. Not sure how much has changed, or indeed whether this characterisation of a typical transit was a true picture.
  11. Same concept for me in Holland. I much prefer Utrecht to Amsterdam. Less crowded, cleaner, still got the canals and some nice little restaurants in the arches along the canal bank.
  12. No, Ryan, the bus trips aren't compulsory. I'd recommend the outbound bus trip on the Faroes - you get to see the most interesting bits of Torshavn as well as an historic old village of Kirkjubor a few miles away. On the way back, the bus tour is longer and visits a picturesque little village on the North East side of the islands. The two trips from Seydisfjordur are pretty long days (8 hours plus) but you do get to see some stunning scenery. But last time I went, I spent a day in Seydisfjordur and had a hike up the hillside, saw the memorial to the oil tanker Grillo sunk by the Germans in
  13. But back to the topic, here's a couple of photos from my two trips on Norroena. Two for the pro's amongst you showing the bridge and the power management display screen (a bridge visit is part of the tour package) and one showing Norroena alongside in Seydisfjordur - needed my walking boots for that shot.
  14. Cue bouts of manic hysterical laughter on my part, Ed. Driving through one the older inter-island tunnels (to Vidoy) there was one the most frightening experiences of my life. They're gloomy and badly lit, single carriageway with priority in one direction. If you see oncoming headlights you have to dive in to the next passing point you reach, and hope that it's not already full. And the locals take no prisoners if they spot you dithering. And in the dark you have no real idea how close those oncoming headlights actually are. And if you have a UK right hand drive vehicle (I had a LH drive hi
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