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    Shippax are reporting that the former Duchesse Anne will be sailing between Bari & Bar for Montenegro Lines but still operated as Dubrovnik for Jadrolinija www.shippax.com/en/news/montenegro-lines-has-signed-an-agreement-with-jadrolinija-to-keep-the-bar-bari-route-open.aspx
  2. Just heard that Duc de Normandie is currently laid up & for sale in Almeria. Considering that her owner has just sold the former TEF Oleander for scrap I imagine the Duc will be very lucky to escape the torch. Hope she does though
  3. Tregastel currently operating as Noor in the Red Sea by a company called Baaboud. I believe Coutance & Purbeck are both operated by a Caribean company
  4. Out of the current fleet, has to be Barfleur although i've not yet sampled Cap Finistere or Etretat. I liked Quiberon a lot, sailed to Santander on her in her second season & also have sailed on a few other former BF vessels: Duc de Normandie, Val de Loire, Pont l'abbe, Duchesse Anne, Tregastel, first Armorique, Corbiere, Penn ar bed
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