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  1. Major works at the Transmanche terminal of Le Havre in anticipation of BREXIT.The port authority of Le Havre expects a large transfer from Calais to Le HavreReportage of French television: https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/normandie/seine-maritime/havre/havre-terminal-ferries-fait-travaux-brexit-1637740.html
  2. MV Bretagne in Le Havre, today (Normandy Bridge and City Hall Tower > UNESCO Heritage)
  3. New Time table on Le Havre / Portsmouth route is good for french customers… why there are no amendments after May 13?
  4. There is a twin-level loader in Portsmouth and Le Havre.
  5. If BRETAGNE leaves St Malo for Le Havre / Portsmouth / Cherbourg, which vessel in St Malo ?
  6. reinforcements are mainly for freight, so it would have been better not to strengthen Cherbourg but to make 3 round trips a day Le Havre / Portsmouth?
  7. yes it's 9:00 from Le Havre, I was wrong 7:00 / 9:00
  8. Oscar Wilde on Le Havre / Portsmouth / Cherbourg ???
  9. Information from Le Havre Port Autority
  10. 133/5000 Night crossings are more convenient compared to departing 1715 (Le Havre) which often require a hotel stay in Portsmouth for French customers
  11. I Have information about the new schedules of the Portsmouth / Le Havre route: From the End of March : 2 rounds trips every day. Schedules in Le Havre : Arrival 7:30 am / Departure 9:30 am Arrival 9:30 pm / Departure 11:30 pm I Don't have schedules in Portsmouth but probably the same. Possible 3 rounds trips on Friday so there will certainly be a 2nd ship? These round trips will be open to passengers. It will not be the MN Pelican
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