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  1. Le Havre : Normandy Ferries Terminal / Irish Terminal in 70', with SS FRANCE (Le Havre / New York route) and SS ANTILLES (Le Havre / West French Indies route)
  2. Waiting for NORMANDIE and MONT ST MICHEL to join ARMORIQUE 😞
  3. We'll see in a few months. The post-Brexit rounding up of the cards as much as the arrival of the tunnel under the sleeve in 1994.
  4. If you don't try, you have a chance to lose. If you don't try, you've already lost
  5. I'll write it to Stena Line 😉 Imagine Stena Line on Cherbourg / Portsmouth / Le Havre. It wouldn't be good for BF in Ouistreham. BF Playing with fire, it could happen to them, especially with the echoes that I have via the port authorities of Le Havre on the Irish side.
  6. I think it's a strategic mistake of Brittany Ferries, to want to focus everything on one port. People will find other solutions (Ouistreham / Portsmouth is only a partial solution). BF would do better to keep only one boat at Ouistreham and maintain a minimum service with CONNEMARA between Cherbourg, Portsmouth and Le Havre. For the time being, the temporary closure of the Le Havre/Portsmouth route is benefiting from the subsidized competition from Dieppe/Newhaven and Calais. As for Cherbourg, it made more sense to maintain a shorter and more northerly link than Ouistreham.
  7. They would have been better off keeping only the Connemara to carry so few passengers and cargo!
  8. I don't see the point. There are already container ships 3 to 4 times a day between Le Havre and Southampton. The passenger link is essential from the two main ports of Normandy.
  9. having attractive lines for freight does not prevent you from making Ropax. On the contrary! I fear that Brexit will not make life easier for passengers, either.
  10. It depends on the type of ship and the frequencies. Simply. Apart from the night, travelling on ETRETAT or CONNEMARA does not bring any attraction. LD Lines made 400,000 ropax per year with only one start per day on NORMAN SPIRIT (CALAIS SEAWAYS). With the replacement by NORMAN VOYAGER (ETRETAT), traffic has decreased.
  11. Le Havre is the largest port in France. It is normal that even with very poor BF frequencies, this route is very popular for freight. Normally, Le Havre / Portsmouth carries as much Freight as all Spanish BF routes. Last year, the port of Le Havre was heavily impacted by French social movements (blockades by yellow vests and pension reform). With only one start a day in 2018, Le Havre accounted for half of Ouistreham's Freight. This is why Le Havre / Portsmouth lives without a subsidy from the French state (unlike other routes) In my opinion, Brexit will bring down a lot of cards on
  12. Le Havre - "TGB3" can accommodate a ship of 215 meters. it was not a problem with Cap Finistère. There is an additional mooring never used until now. All moorings were recently renovated at the same time as the terminal facilities. You can see BDS on Google Map and compare.
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