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  1. Le Havre Rosslare is better than Le Havre Dublin. Indeed, with 2 boats, it is possible to offer 1 departure per day. Le Havre / Rosslare lasts less than 24 hours.
  2. What makes you say the opposite? You have information
  3. Lol. Copy Paste from Google Traduction !!! I'm French 😉
  4. So where Cap Finistère will be going ? Le Havre Rosslare ? Why Not ?
  5. Because there are two kinds of ports in France: National ports (Le Havre, Marseille ...) and regional ports (Cherbourg, Dieppe, Toulon ...). The very powerful CGT union in national ports is at war with the government against pension reform. The French Prime Minister is Edouard Philippe, Mayor of Le Havre. These strikes were very political at the expense of the French economy. Le Havre is the 1st port in France, 5th port in Europe by volume.
  6. Any news on the Le Havre / Rosslare route project? https://afloat.ie/port-news/ferry-news/item/44317-new-rosslare-to-le-havre-shipping-route-could-benefit-waterford Ireland 2 hours drive from Paris !!!
  7. No, Ouistreham would not have had such a development without the departure of P&O from Le Havre. The replacement of P&O was not up to par.The ideal would have been for BF to take over the two Prides to reduce Ouistreham and make Le Havre its main line. The advantage would have been to be at the center of the Freight traffic generated by the largest French port.
  8. Le Havre generates its own Freight traffic, which justifies the connection. It would not be imaginable otherwise
  9. Unlike Ouistreham, Le Havre is controlled by the National Police: PAF = "Border Police" because Le Havre is the largest French port and has the regional customs headquarters. Le Havre has had a scanner and veterinary services for a long time, very useful with Brexit. P&O Le Havre / Portsmouth was excellent service. Besides, the quality of the boats and the frequencies contributed to the attractiveness of the route. 800,000 passengers / year just before replacement by LD Lines. NORMAND VOYAGER (ETRETAT) has considerably reduced the attractiveness of the route. Let us hope that NORMANDIE again contributes to its appeal. Ouistreham took advantage of the departure of P&O to develop.
  10. All major French ports are blocked by professional unions (CGT !!!) because of the pension reform:Le Havre, the first and largest port in FranceMarseille, the second port in France for containersDunkirkBordeaux,Nantes-St-Nazaire,RouenThese are the major national seaports of interest. The other secondary ports are not affected by blockages.Professional unions fight the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, former mayor of Le Havre ... and likely future candidate for mayor of Le Havre
  11. LHCity

    Le Havre => NYC

    French documentary on board QM2, on Le Havre / New York Route. https://www.france.tv/documentaires/voyages/1133789-l-age-d-or-des-croisieres.html
  12. Cotentin to Cherbourg <> Poole... Barfleur to Le Havre <> Portsmouth (instead of Etretat) Normandie to Le Havre <> Rosslare ? (New Route in project) > https://www.waterfordlive.ie/news/home/485178/new-rosslare-to-le-havre-shipping-route-could-benefit-waterford.html Etretat return to Stena ?
  13. New Le Havre / Rosslare Route opening soon... https://www.waterfordlive.ie/news/home/485178/new-rosslare-to-le-havre-shipping-route-could-benefit-waterford.html
  14. "Etretat" is not a attractive ferry to cross the chanel especially during the day. "Normandie" can change the attractivity of shorter route than Ouistreham. So, the new schedules of the Portsmouth / Le Havre route are really perfect. All that's missing is good ferry, with Normandie.
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