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  1. For information, GALICIA will be in Le Havre on Monday July 26 for docking tests at the Terminal de Grande Bretagne (Citadelle). The tests were to take place in early July but canceled due to bad weather. I don't know if this has to do with today's announcement ?
  2. History of the reconstruction of Southampton Wharf in Le Havre (after the WW2), with the development of cross-Channel traffic. Le Grand Quai (4-4) - HAVRAIS-DIRE, le blog de Dan, Nicéphore et Goé (canalblog.com)
  3. Yes, there is normally a Monoprix in all the major cities of France. The one in Le Havre (behind the DEPARTMENT store PRINTEMPS) is very large, and has a "British" department
  4. Is that a guess or an assertion ?
  5. We're selling family jewelry. It smells bad. In the meantime DFDS is developing...
  6. Sorry, but, What is MGO ? 🙂
  7. If CAP FINISTERE was not authorized to sail in Ireland, why did he do so a few weeks ago? It seems to me that Ireland applies European legislation applicable to all European territorial waters ? I also think that Barfleur could have a future in Le Havre ... or a transformed Cotentin for passengers.
  8. I think rather that it is made to keep the Cherbourg / Portsmouth route open, in the absence of Normandie Express
  9. Cap Finistère, which measures 205 meters, had no problem docking
  10. Does this mean that Santonna could serve Spain during the week and Le Havre on the Week End (like BDS) ? Also note that Cap Finistère is no longer scheduled on any route for the time being after the end of October. I wouldn't be surprised to see him on Ireland. It seems that the schedule reshuffle is far from over. What's the point of programming Armorique in Le Havre only for 1 week?
  11. It's been almost a year since there was only one passenger boat in Ouistreham. Anything is possible. What do you think is planned for Cherbourg Poole?
  12. I hypothesize: Transfer of NORMANDIE to Le Havre / Portsmouth in Winter, time to send the COTENTIN to the shipyard to accommodate passengers ?
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