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  1. CAP FINISTERE in Le Havre tonight (from Southampton's quay) :
  2. You play like me with the timetables 🙂 It's a particularly interesting proposition. You must submit the submission to DFDS. If not DFDS, P&O could do the same by alternating between Calais and Le Havre. Unfortunately I am sad to note the lack of responsiveness of Brittany Ferries on this subject.
  3. Or if P&O opens a base in Le Havre they would take the opportunity to serve England?
  4. This requires fast vessels at 28 knots ?
  5. The extreme organisation of the territory is cultural in France. Otherwise, I grant you, we should group down Dieppe and Ouistreham and concentrate everything in the middle;-). End of off topic 🙂
  6. It is a question of distribution between the territories. In France, regional planning is a central subject. Otherwise, the Seine Maritime department would not finance almost entirely the Dieppe Newhaven route 😉
  7. The scenario that I imagine if BF ever had to do it, is to reduce the offer to Ouistreham (or 3 departures per day is no longer justified), to transfer NORMANDIE to Le Havre / Portsmouth and consequently to send COTENTIN to Le Havre / Rosslare.
  8. TRADUCTION : Now that it is more complicated for truckers to get to Ireland via Great Britain, they are taking the direct ferry from Cherbourg in large numbers. Le Havre would also like to reopen its connection with Dublin.
  9. As a reminder that among the rumors or press articles, Brittany Ferries plans to assign a dedicated ship (which ship ?) and another company wishes to open a route from Le Havre ti Ireland. According to my local sources, it would be P&O. According to the local press, Brittany Ferries is interested in Rosslare or Cork. The question I ask myself is whether P&O could do a Le Havre / Dublin ? It does not seem equivalent in time / distance to a Dunkirk / Rosslare ? Could Pride Of Bruges and Norsea be suitable vessels for this type of route ?
  10. It is most certainly for Le Havre / Rosslare. I also had this info that P&O wanted to reopen a base in Le Havre for Ireland. Do you have the facebook link?
  11. Can we imagine that eventually all these services will be open to the public?
  12. very good schedules, but never full return trip from or to St Malo?
  13. Note that since today CAP FINISTERE is scheduled on a Portsmouth Le Havre service. Is this a new test ? https://www.brittanyferriesfret.com/traversees/horaires/lehavre-portsmouth
  14. Roscoff is only of interest to serve the western tip of Brittany. It is a niche market.
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