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  1. LHCity

    QM2 - Le Havre / New York crossing

    I Don't no why ? If I was born in Le Havre ? If a live near to the sea… ??? but the Transatlantic Crossing is a dream for me. The most beautifull way to travel in my opinion.
  2. Hi, Two new Transatlantic crossing between Le Havre and New York with Queen Mary 2 : September 2019 and June 2020... http://www.cunard-france.fr/les-croisieres/queen-mary-2/transat-le-havre-new-york-m930j-depart-le-vendredi-27-septembre-2019.html I will doing the crossing of September 2019...in memory of the mythic Compagnie-Générale-Transatlantique (The French Lines) http://www.frenchlines.com/ We can do the photography with NORMANDIE (MV Normandie) and QUEEN MARY (2) side by side, like in 1941 !
  3. BREXIT : The French Minister of Transport want a new direct Link Le Havre / Ireland for a new corridor "Méditerranée / Paris / Le Havre / Ireland A new Opportunity for Brittany Ferries (Le Havre <> Rosslare ?) https://www.lemonde.fr/economie/article/2018/08/20/paris-s-inquiete-d-un-projet-europeen-sur-les-echanges-post-brexit-avec-l-irlande_5344175_3234.html
  4. LHCity

    Ship-spotting in Le Havre - any suggestions?

    For Architecture, you can visit the beautifull exhibition about the rebuiding of Le Havre, in the City Hall : https://www.lehavre.fr/agenda/lhotel-de-ville-du-havre-symbole-de-la-reconstruction-1958-2018 Free open *Open on Saturday 9am / 6pm Sunday 10 am / 6pm
  5. LHCity

    Ship-spotting in Le Havre - any suggestions?

    Tomorrow (Saturday) : REGAL PRINCESS in cruise terminal https://www.havre-port.com/fr/liste/2077/escales-croisieres For visiting the port (terminal : 125 Boulevard Clemenceau - Le Havre) : http://www.visiteduport-lehavre.fr/visite-du-port-du-havre-le-circuit.ifrde89
  6. LHCity

    General Discussions on Brexit

    French report on Brexit The increase of the delays in Calais will benefit to the Normandy ports? https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/normandie/seine-maritime/havre/brexit-port-du-havre-s-organise-1501383.html
  7. LHCity

    Le Havre [Liner / ships]

  8. LHCity

    Le Havre [Liner / ships]

    Leaving MSC Magnifica :
  9. LHCity

    Le Havre [Liner / ships]

    Le Havre 1938 NORMANDIE and ILE DE FRANCE (Route "French Line" LH / NYC)
  10. LHCity

    Catch the Tram

    In Le Havre, a tram every 4 minutes. With de tram network there is, a cliff railway, et suburban train et a good bus network. The entire public transport network is managed by the same company with the same pricing : www.transports-lia.fr For information, Brittany Ferries charters LiA (bus) for passenger service.
  11. LHCity


    French TV Report, during the last Storm : https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/normandie/tempete-eleanor-remorqueurs-du-port-du-havre-tres-sollicites-1395025.html
  12. LHCity

    SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Know, MV Armorique is berthed in Le Havre cross channel terminal ? Why ??? Tests ???
  13. To develop the BF traffic France / Ireland, could one imagine a route Roscoff / Rosslare operated jointly with a new route Rosslare / Le Havre. Roscoff > Rosslare > Le Havre > Rosslare > Roscoff ... Le Havre has a strong potential Freight and can capture a Parisian clientele for whom Cherbourg is too far.
  14. LHCity

    BF Refits 2017-18

    Armorique will sail on Le Havre / Portsmouth to replace Etretat ?