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  1. yess all the fleet operate to calais dover seem to be register at le havre, and the others ships operate in dunkerque seem to be register at dover exept dieppe seaway
  2. sorry dfds france is at dieppe
  3. Certainly because DFDS France is at le Havre to
  4. crossing with fog and ship horn
  5. its impossible berlioz inst ready to go they have to remplace all the furnitures inside safety slides and some computer nessessary to navigaite are missing and why they spend money to take the vessels in dunkerque insted of lets them in calais for the minimal paint job they have done at this time ...
  6. Or mat ne arno is too busy for this year.... They have Just to paint funnel and red line in blue dfds and put a blue logo on each side of the ship and well done the ships are not in bad condition outside full paint job not necessary i think
  7. dfds have a lot of boats but they re are all différents now with berlioz and rodin it's better, P&o have spirit class et pride class only on the channel
  8. yes but have they buses and facility to dover to do that ??? the docks at dover are so far to the terminal its impossible and not allowed to cross on foot the harbor , now with p&o foot passenger crossing is only at 20 euros go and back difficult to do more cheaper i think, i often go to dover like foot passenger and there is not a lot of people may be 10 persons like me And why MFL don't do that For the livery if they choise withe with blue letters they will not have to repaint all the ships
  9. may be interior work for the moment they could choose to use white livery juste erase MFL logos and line and put dfds logo only waiting refit dry dock why not and yf you look pictures safety slides are not repareid
  10. today picture of the berlioz laid up at dunkerque so far than arno in front of arcelor mital factory, i dont see the rodin because it was laid up at dfds car ferry port
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