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  1. KeynshamKid

    General Discussions on Brexit

    Read a article this week that after Brexit a UK driving licence will not be accepted in the EU and we will all have to apply for a International Driving Permit with the associated costs, seems to me the EU are putting as many speed bumps as they can find to punish the UK for wanting to leave their club. What is next the dreaded Green card as our UK insurance will not apply and I hate to think about the Pet Passport scheme. On personal level it looks like our French adventures will cease and I wonder how it will affect anybody who rents their gites to the Brits
  2. KeynshamKid

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    Looks very interesting added to list
  3. As well as being a wonderful tool for researching things the internet has a lot to answer for, we all build our virtual worlds even to the extent of not even sending greetings cards anymore and I am doing it by posting this reply, not quite got to the stage of e-mailing my beloved to put the kettle on.
  4. If you have paid the going rate for the cabin it is up to you how many use it. The moral is book it early and not wait until you are onboard
  5. KeynshamKid

    Merry Christmas

    Hoping for a peaceful and a very merry Christmas for everybody and for all the forum members in particular
  6. KeynshamKid

    Complaint handling _BF

    Spot on about BF being defensive about any complaints normally accompanied by a shrug of the shoulders does not inspire when you have a genuine complaint
  7. KeynshamKid


    Having recently returned to the UK via Cherbourg would like to point out that on our sailing nobody were being checked by Customs in fact other than a glance at the passports by the Border police there were nobody around took us a lot longer to get through Poole as they were scanning the passports
  8. KeynshamKid

    Boarding Times on the Bretagne

    Question If you have early boarding could you possibly i of the last off at the other end?
  9. KeynshamKid

    SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Hi Trun, We were on the same sailing and I raised the point about having to turn round on the car deck, had a reply from cabin boy who suggested that they might have had a oversize load on the morning run that would not fit through the bow doors and once in Cherbourg could not be bothered to turn the ship. Agree onboard checks were a lot tighter including marking the boarding cards which made up for the total lack of interest by the French Border Force
  10. KeynshamKid

    Unexplained question

    Had a unique experience on Saturdays Barfleur evening crossing, entered via the stern and then had to turn round on the car deck to exit by the stern in Poole which is normal, 1st time I have had to do this and have been traveling this route since 2007 I asked various crew members if there was a problem with the bow doors but they all denied it with the Gallic shrug. My question is were they being economical with the truth? As a aside it was highly amusing watching drivers reactions on having to do a U turn on the car deck and then trying to reverse in a straight line (not many could) Does anybody out there know the real reason
  11. KeynshamKid

    NORMANDIE mini cruise

    Must echo the comments by Paully that your English is superior to our command of French. Happy Birthday and glad you and your family had a good day
  12. Thanks for the report, nice to see areas that we have not been to and add to the bucket list
  13. KeynshamKid

    HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Webcams for me as well what a awesome sight just wish we had some aircraft for her but the piggybank is empty
  14. KeynshamKid

    Passport Chaos Ahead?

    Is there any indication that the increase in Passport checking that is blighting air travel will work it's way down to Ferry travel. Will we need to turn up hours early to get through Passport control on the way back to the U.K.
  15. KeynshamKid

    Photos by Clive Eardley

    Welcome Clive and thank you for the photos look forward to seeing more