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  1. Also our old friend Barfleur only allows pets that have to stay in your car so same as NEX dog free passenger space
  2. Couple years ago a vet in Brittany got his knickers in a right knot as our dogs routine annual boosters where not listed on the Pet Passport luckily I had the Vaccination record card with me and was able to prove she was up to date with her jabs. We were staying in the depths of the countryside and I think he was more at home with larger animals.
  3. Quick question, did they scan the dog or give the scanner to you? only asking as they have never scanned our dog in over 10 years at Cherbourg but always given me the scanner in fact they hardly look over the desk to check we have a dog at all.
  4. That's another destination crossed off the holiday list, what a shame
  5. Being disabled and put in the queue that has hazards flashing we know we will be loaded on deck 5 (Barfleur) so just sit and wait never known the ferry leave until the loading is complete
  6. Would not be Summer without the French Transport Unions trying to put a spanner in the works for the traveling public
  7. Back in the days when we had a proper Navy Union st was pubs and brothels right from the dockyard gates, was told if you had a half in every watering hole you would not make it to the end, though many have tried including my late Father in law.
  8. You should be proud Roger that sums up France in a picture 2 icons in the same frame
  9. Best not to remind the French it is where in 1812 Wellington won a battle against a French army
  10. Spring edition not available online yet
  11. As well as being a wonderful tool for researching things the internet has a lot to answer for, we all build our virtual worlds even to the extent of not even sending greetings cards anymore and I am doing it by posting this reply, not quite got to the stage of e-mailing my beloved to put the kettle on.
  12. If you have paid the going rate for the cabin it is up to you how many use it. The moral is book it early and not wait until you are onboard
  13. Spot on about BF being defensive about any complaints normally accompanied by a shrug of the shoulders does not inspire when you have a genuine complaint
  14. Having recently returned to the UK via Cherbourg would like to point out that on our sailing nobody were being checked by Customs in fact other than a glance at the passports by the Border police there were nobody around took us a lot longer to get through Poole as they were scanning the passports
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