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  1. I have never been on a NYE cruise, but these are from a Portsmouth/St Malo BFE day trip in March 2017 - the first one I did on Pont Aven. A Healthy New Year to everyone!
  2. According to Sky News, one of the French govt's scientific advisers has said that the country will not be back to normal until autumn 2021. Not good news for BF's summer bookings next year. Normally I would have booked next year's summer holiday with BF by now, but not even the lure of a 20% discount can persuade me that France will be back to normal and mask-free by then. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-france-wont-return-to-normal-until-autumn-2021-scientific-adviser-warns-12166131
  3. We decided to carry on with our short trip to Caen, booked a few months ago, not least to support BF at this time. We had an early start to arrive at Portsmouth for 6.45 for the 8.15 MSM crossing and made it on time. We checked in, had a pink car sticker (easy to remove later), a short wait in the first lanes, then were stopped near the security shed. The officer said he would look in our car boot, but we didn't need to get out of the car. He opened the boot, said "OK that's fine" and immediately closed it - don't know what he was looking for, empty car boots perhaps? It was a long wait i
  4. Interesting timing! Does this mean that BF are fairly confident that the French govt is not going to apply reciprocal quarantine on travellers arriving from the UK in the near future? We've got a trip booked for 15th Sep and we're still planning to go and support BF. Our crossings are unchanged so far as they are Portsmouth/Caen. We factored in the possibility of quarantine on return when we booked so we're OK with that, we'll only reschedule if the rules change on quarantining when we arrive in France. Fingers crossed........
  5. Yes, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands are included. Seems the worst outbreak is in the Barcelona area.
  6. According to the Guardian, people arriving back from Spain by 11pm tonight will not have to self-isolate - so sighs of relief all round from the CF passengers I imagine. Spain is being removed from the list of "safe" countries from midnight.
  7. 2019's hotel holidays were available to book from August 2018 (that's when I booked mine), but the hotel holidays for 2020 were not available to book until November 2019. I always book asap to get the 20% discount - which I hope will still be on offer. Anyway, we had to wait until November last year, so there's plenty of time yet.
  8. I suspect that in California and Florida more people are staying indoors in sealed environments with the aircon on full blast rather than spend time outside in 35deg heat (current daily temps in LA and Tampa). In very hot weather here, our nearby Sainsbury's Local is the place to be with ferocious aircon as welcome relief in a heatwave 😀
  9. A quick question please to anyone who has sailed with BF since the re-start - was your temperature checked at any point in the proceedings?
  10. In a moment of madness, I recently booked a 2-day BF trip for mid-September as our French supermarket wine stash is looking a bit threadbare these days. We're on an 8.15 Portsmouth-Ouistreham crossing and the return is via the same route overnight. Unlike, I suspect, many people, we always book a cabin and tend to spend a lot of time in it. For example, on the 8.15 we would get some breakfast from the self-service, crash out in the cabin until lunchtime catching up on sleep after the early start, then head for the restaurant and the buffet (happy memories!) then recover from over-eating back i
  11. Presumably any social distancing on BF will be the French 1 metre and not the UK 2 metres? 1m doesn't seem so bad after all the 2m distancing we have had to put up with for 2 months.
  12. A current article on the Daily Mail website is titled "Game Over for the Fabled All-You-Can-Eat Buffet?" with speculation about the future of buffet-style restaurants. A couple of comments suggest customers could wear masks along with disposable gloves supplied by the restaurant when they are actually at the buffet. The food could be screened by plexiglass apart from the bottom part where customers reach in to serve themselves - similar to many cafes. Seems reasonable to me and maybe it's a way forward for BF restaurants?
  13. Another interesting comment from the update is that the requirement to wear masks in public areas will be reviewed as time goes on. Perhaps BF have realised that this will just encourage people to stay in their cabins and not spend any money around the ship. The cabins will need extra cleaning, not just because of the virus, but also because passengers will be bringing their own food and eating in the cabin rather than bothering with queues and social distancing in the restaurants (and there will be no buffet of course!)
  14. BF could easily work out who I am from my user name and my past voyage reports if they chose to do so. Fine by me, I've said nothing on here that I wouldn't say to a member of BF management. In fact I'd be very happy to have a meeting where I tell them what I think of the new website 😀
  15. Pleased to report that I have just received a cancellation invoice from BF, confirming that they will not be taking the final payment. They've also sent a separate email concluding with "We wish you well during this time of uncertainty and trust we may be able to welcome you back on board in happier, more settled times in the not too distant future". So that all worked out, and I certainly hope to book something once BF is operating again.
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