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  1. Vaccine scepticism in France reflects "dissatisfaction with political class" https://www.theguardian.com/global/2021/jan/11/vaccine-scepticism-in-france-reflects-dissatisfaction-with-political-class
  2. I have never been on a NYE cruise, but these are from a Portsmouth/St Malo BFE day trip in March 2017 - the first one I did on Pont Aven. A Healthy New Year to everyone!
  3. According to Sky News, one of the French govt's scientific advisers has said that the country will not be back to normal until autumn 2021. Not good news for BF's summer bookings next year. Normally I would have booked next year's summer holiday with BF by now, but not even the lure of a 20% discount can persuade me that France will be back to normal and mask-free by then. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-france-wont-return-to-normal-until-autumn-2021-scientific-adviser-warns-12166131
  4. I suspect the proof of vaccination will be linked to the NHS app and the default will be that you have it on your phone to show anyone who wants proof. Maybe there will be an option to print it out like the system with the passenger locator forms currently. For sure it will be required for overseas travel ultimately. I think many of the people being branded "anti-vaxxers" are just people with concerns about a vaccine that has been brought out so quickly, seems reasonable to have such concerns. Anyway, I don't think anyone is likely to be upset with your own personal decision about having
  5. Apparently the French Covid app has had only 3 million downloads, compared with the UK's 12 million and Germany's 18 million. Even Jean Castex has not downloaded it, not exactly a vote of confidence 🙄 https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/29/france-struggles-to-push-covid-app-as-neighbours-race-ahead
  6. "Marseille fury at Paris decree to shut its bars as coronavirus soars" - new restrictions in France: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/24/marseille-fury-at-paris-decree-to-shut-its-bars-as-coronavirus-soars
  7. In my "roving eyewitness" role I observed that the French are wearing masks outdoors in busy shopping and tourist areas and this is enforced by the police. In practice it means that people are constantly taking their masks off and putting them back on again when required (as we did too). We saw several people with masks dangling from their wrists and worn on their elbows when they weren't required to wear them on their face, so that didn't seem very hygenic. There are signs everywhere stating that social distancing should be 1 metre, but I saw little evidence that people (or the police) were b
  8. We decided to carry on with our short trip to Caen, booked a few months ago, not least to support BF at this time. We had an early start to arrive at Portsmouth for 6.45 for the 8.15 MSM crossing and made it on time. We checked in, had a pink car sticker (easy to remove later), a short wait in the first lanes, then were stopped near the security shed. The officer said he would look in our car boot, but we didn't need to get out of the car. He opened the boot, said "OK that's fine" and immediately closed it - don't know what he was looking for, empty car boots perhaps? It was a long wait i
  9. My Super U shopping list includes reasonably-priced wine (compared with prices in the UK) Cassis - around 6 euros for 1 litre Mayonnaise with Dijon mustard, much cheaper than the UK Jam - favourites include 4 fruits, Framboise and Cassis Chocolate bars - 2 favourites are Menthe Intense and Ganache Citron Macarons Roscoff onions when in Brittany Plus a look around the kitchenware section, have found some very useful things there in the past.
  10. That's already happened - https://www.lawgazette.co.uk/law/high-court-throws-out-jr-bid-and-rules-lockdown-legal/5104902.article The judicial review was thrown out in July, but the Court of Appeal has since ruled that there should be another hearing at the end of the month to decide if a full appeal should be heard - https://www.bmmagazine.co.uk/news/judicial-review-into-government-lockdown-to-proceed-to-next-stage/
  11. Interesting timing! Does this mean that BF are fairly confident that the French govt is not going to apply reciprocal quarantine on travellers arriving from the UK in the near future? We've got a trip booked for 15th Sep and we're still planning to go and support BF. Our crossings are unchanged so far as they are Portsmouth/Caen. We factored in the possibility of quarantine on return when we booked so we're OK with that, we'll only reschedule if the rules change on quarantining when we arrive in France. Fingers crossed........
  12. Yes, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands are included. Seems the worst outbreak is in the Barcelona area.
  13. According to the Guardian, people arriving back from Spain by 11pm tonight will not have to self-isolate - so sighs of relief all round from the CF passengers I imagine. Spain is being removed from the list of "safe" countries from midnight.
  14. 2019's hotel holidays were available to book from August 2018 (that's when I booked mine), but the hotel holidays for 2020 were not available to book until November 2019. I always book asap to get the 20% discount - which I hope will still be on offer. Anyway, we had to wait until November last year, so there's plenty of time yet.
  15. Khaines - these face covering exemption cards may be useful - includes cards for autism: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5e74a4169b3712658a63f54f/t/5eeb87d9e8f478511e292ab8/1592494047048/Mask-Exemption-Cards-V2.pdf
  16. I suspect that in California and Florida more people are staying indoors in sealed environments with the aircon on full blast rather than spend time outside in 35deg heat (current daily temps in LA and Tampa). In very hot weather here, our nearby Sainsbury's Local is the place to be with ferocious aircon as welcome relief in a heatwave 😀
  17. A quick question please to anyone who has sailed with BF since the re-start - was your temperature checked at any point in the proceedings?
  18. Colour treatments in the garden doesn't sound very feasible. Also dependent on the weather. Outdoor haircut in winter? - maybe not. We regularly visit the RHS garden at Wisley which has re-opened, but you have to book in advance so they can restrict numbers. We went on the 30th June and had to abandon the visit after an hour as the rain was so heavy and no indoor areas were open. Ended up having our picnic lunch back home. Hoping for better weather on our next booked visit in a couple of weeks time.
  19. Could be in for an interesting time at the hairdressers then! 😀
  20. I'm guessing two hours is for colour treatment, not just a hair cut. I've got a similar scenario coming up and am not looking forward to it. Anyway, if, as is highly likely, I become boiling hot and start pouring with sweat ** then the mask will be coming off and they'll just have to wait 10-15 minutes until I cool down. Nothing I can do about it apart from having a hand fan with me which will help a bit. ** Sorry to be graphic, chaps, but please understand that mask-wearing of any kind is extremely difficult for some women "d'un certain age".
  21. We're spending 2 days in the Caen area in September and what you've described sounds fine - masks not compulsory outdoors or in supermarkets. Did you see the photos from Bayonne of the widow of the murdered bus driver leading a march in his honour? At least two-thirds of the people, including the immediate family, were not wearing masks.
  22. Agree re non-essential shops, which will potentially have more shoppers in them now. However, footfall in supermarkets and essential shops has not changed, the restrictions on numbers in the shop at any one time are still there, so I don't see any reason to impose masks in those places. They have been open all through the pandemic.
  23. I can't imagine that shop staff are too happy about the proposed face masks in shops as most of them, especially supermarket staff, don't wear them. If they felt unsafe, they would be wearing them already. Totally agree re fast fashion sweatshops, that is an issue that needs to be dealt with, the owners have been getting away with exploiting their employees for too long. Will be interesting to see how the masks-in-shops rule affects footfall in shops in Scotland - maybe Boris is waiting for some data on that before he decrees what the English should do.
  24. When I heard the latest pronouncements from Boris tonight, I remembered you posting this. He's suddenly said that people should "go back into work if you can" - a complete swerve from "work from home if you can". No mention of safety issues with public transport, or how uncomfortable it will be to wear a mask on a long commuter journey. It's all about casual dining as you say - no office workers (as well as no tourists) is leading to the demise of the likes of Pret, Costa et al. For those of you who can bring yourselves to look at the Daily Mail website, the comments on the main article show t
  25. A thermometer used under the tongue measures core body temperature, this does not change during a hot flush or sweating episode such as you've described. The hand-held thermometers aimed at one's forehead measure skin temperature and this does change. I've yet to experience having a thermometer gun aimed at me, and it may prove interesting.... let's just say I will be learning the French for "menopause" and "hot flush" before my next BF trip just in case. My GP claims that there shouldn't be a problem, we shall see.
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