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Found 8 results

  1. The Ferry Man


    Normandie departing Portsmouth
  2. Departing Portsmouth 24/10/19 - 22h45 My flying visit to Portsmouth (on foot) was disrupted by severe muscle spasms – but all well thanks to great work by port staff, BF team and the crew of NORMANDIE. By the time I arrived back at the port shortly after 20h00 my back was in severe spasm and I could hardly walk. After a quick trip to the loo I half sat, half collapsed into one of the balcony seats labelled for pax with limited mobility. No problem, I thought, an hour or so rest and a couple of painkillers will do the trick. In any case, with Assistance pre-booked, boarding would be simple, or so I thought. In fact the reverse was true and by the time came to head for the departure gate I couldn't stand up. That was when the port staff came to the rescue. The cleaning supervisor and a colleague – who turned out to be her mother – saw me struggling as I passed and immediately came to help. Turns out they had years of experience as carers and in the emergency services. Without hesitation they used the correct under-arm lift to get me up, then helped me along and carried my bags down to the gate, explaining my situation to BF and port security. A wheelchair was brought to wheel me on to the assistance minibus and thence on board. There were no cabins available (school hols?) and the wait-list at Reception also came up blank. "No problem, we will take you to your overnight seat in the lounge and come back with the wheelchair in the morning" was the response. On arrival in the lounge the helpful crewman realised my seat was inaccessible, in mid-row. Another, almost empty, lounge looked promising – except that the seats were so low we realised that I could not get in and out. So with a smart about turn I was wheeled up to the bar, parked at a table and a barman summoned. Next morning he was back to roll me back down to the car deck, waiting to ensure that I was safely loaded on to the minibus. So a BIG thank you to all concerned, ashore and on board. Demonstrating yet again why BF will always be my favourite way to travel. Although as I agreed with my wife when she met me at Ouistreham this will probably be my last cross-channel quick trip on my own. Thanks again, Brittany Ferries and Portsmouth Port. Ken
  3. Out on the 0815 Portsmouth to Ouistreham and back on the 2300 to Portsmouth. Quick day trip. First time on Normandie. She's a good ship and the cabin gangways are very reminiscent of Bretagne. (Have included a pic of Bretagne leaving Portsmouth the previous evening, taken at Southsea). Return on Mont St Michel. Great ship and very quiet considering peak summer holidays. Went as a foot passenger. Very well organised and actually disembarked both vessels well ahead of the vehicle drivers.
  4. The Ferry Man


    Early Doors - Normandie's early arrival ahead of HMS Queen Elizabeth
  5. Today is the 25th anniversary of the Normandie entering service, her maiden voyage being the 08:00 departure from Caen (Ouistreham) to Portsmouth. Just where do the years go?!
  6. Andy

    Normandie Outside Deck

    Normandie Outside Deck
  7. I just wanted to share some photos from my new vantage point in Gosport since I started working for the National Coastwatch (NCI) based in Fort Blockhouse. 'Pont-Aven' departing Portsmouth for Santander (21/03/17) 'Baie de Seine' departing Portsmouth for Le Havre (21/03/17) 'Mont St Michel' departing Portsmouth for Ouistreham (06/03/17) 'Amorique' arriving in Portsmouth from Ouistreham (05/02/17) More to follow as I get them....................!
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