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Found 17 results

  1. I’ve just returned from a Brittany Ferries holiday just outside St Malo, where we stayed in a very pleasant Apartment overlooking the beach. We had originally planned to stay in Les Sables d’or Les Pins, but due to various factors this had to be changed and so therefore did our crossings. I hadn’t sailed on Bretagne since 2010 and so I thought a crossing during her thirtieth year was a must, but we also wanted to visit the D-Day beaches since we had never done so before. In addition to this, I also wanted to try out a new route, as well as the much talked about ‘Visentini’ vessel, so we electe
  2. Bretagne has been a familiar sight in Portsmouth for over 25 years, and this weekend she is celebrating her 30th birthday. She was the first fully commissioned cruise-ship for Brittany Ferries and a great achievement for a company that was relatively new. Since being launched from the Chantiers de L’Atlantique in St Nazaire, she has become a moving tribute to the hard work and determination of the Breton farming cooperative that started the company, bearing the same name as the region in which the company began and their headquarters still remain. Bretagne is one-of-a-kind, thanks to
  3. Whilst waiting to depart Portsmouth today. And view of one bed!
  4. Managed to get up early enough to get some shots of Bretagne departing this morning, interestingly she had a drone following her all the way out of St Malo past the small islands was a perfect day for it. It’s MS Europa in the background of the first shot thankfully no big cruise ships docking.
  5. Back in October, we had the phone call that all parents fear: "Your daughter is in our Critical Care Unit and her condition could change at any moment. You may want to consider coming to see her". And so the phone was hot, amongst other things for booking crossings. Outbound we had to settle for Dieppe to Newhaven, and the little Transmanche ferry coped valiantly in the wild seas that night. But as our daughter's condition improved over the following weeks, we granted ourselves a ten-day return home, sailing in each direction aboard Bretagne - our first crossing on board this vessel.
  6. I just wanted to share some photos from my new vantage point in Gosport since I started working for the National Coastwatch (NCI) based in Fort Blockhouse. 'Pont-Aven' departing Portsmouth for Santander (21/03/17) 'Baie de Seine' departing Portsmouth for Le Havre (21/03/17) 'Mont St Michel' departing Portsmouth for Ouistreham (06/03/17) 'Amorique' arriving in Portsmouth from Ouistreham (05/02/17) More to follow as I get them....................!
  7. Just returned from a weekend trip in St Malo. Outbound Outbound, we travelled Friday overnight on the Mont St Michel to Caen, departing at 22:00. We wanted to try a new ship and dad was happy to drive down the following morning. We arrived in Portsmouth relatively early, and had to wait for check in. It was funny seeing the number of cars for the Pont-Aven to St Malo turning up last minute. By the time we had gone through security, Pont-Aven had departed. The crossing was as expected, rather busy being a Friday night and Etretat delayed from dry dock. Thus, there was a go
  8. Andy

    Bretagne dressed overall

    Bretagne dressed overall on the occasion of 40th anniversary of Portsmouth International Port and 30 years of Portsmouth/Caen route.
  9. Andy

    Bretagne dressed overall

    Bretagne dressed overall on the occasion of 40th anniversary of Portsmouth International Port and 30 years of Portsmouth/Caen route.
  10. Came across this on the interweb, dating form 2010. A great shot taken from Bretagne's helipad (Cantabrian mountains in background). https://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/page/pic/?o=1fs&pic_id=822542&size=large&v=3
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