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Found 8 results

  1. The Ferry Man


    Normandie departing Portsmouth
  2. Departing Portsmouth 24/10/19 - 22h45 My flying visit to Portsmouth (on foot) was disrupted by severe muscle spasms – but all well thanks to great work by port staff, BF team and the crew of NORMANDIE. By the time I arrived back at the port shortly after 20h00 my back was in severe spasm and I could hardly walk. After a quick trip to the loo I half sat, half collapsed into one of the balcony seats labelled for pax with limited mobility. No problem, I thought, an hour or so rest and a couple of painkillers will do the trick. In any case, with Assistance pre-booked, boarding would be s
  3. Out on the 0815 Portsmouth to Ouistreham and back on the 2300 to Portsmouth. Quick day trip. First time on Normandie. She's a good ship and the cabin gangways are very reminiscent of Bretagne. (Have included a pic of Bretagne leaving Portsmouth the previous evening, taken at Southsea). Return on Mont St Michel. Great ship and very quiet considering peak summer holidays. Went as a foot passenger. Very well organised and actually disembarked both vessels well ahead of the vehicle drivers.
  4. I just wanted to share some photos from my new vantage point in Gosport since I started working for the National Coastwatch (NCI) based in Fort Blockhouse. 'Pont-Aven' departing Portsmouth for Santander (21/03/17) 'Baie de Seine' departing Portsmouth for Le Havre (21/03/17) 'Mont St Michel' departing Portsmouth for Ouistreham (06/03/17) 'Amorique' arriving in Portsmouth from Ouistreham (05/02/17) More to follow as I get them....................!
  5. The Ferry Man


    Early Doors - Normandie's early arrival ahead of HMS Queen Elizabeth
  6. Today is the 25th anniversary of the Normandie entering service, her maiden voyage being the 08:00 departure from Caen (Ouistreham) to Portsmouth. Just where do the years go?!
  7. Andy

    Normandie Outside Deck

    Normandie Outside Deck
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